Does My Family Limit My Success

Does My Family Limit My Success? Can that be possible?

When we are on the journey to success we can find ourselves looking at many factors to see how they impact our pursuit; is it me or my past or my fears that have been holding me back all this time? Maybe it’s my background or lack of talent? Not sure why but something seems to keep holding me back from becoming the level of awesomeness I know I am capable of.

Could it be that your family is limiting the success you accomplish? How many times do we fail to look at how those closest to us may be limiting our success? Consider the following;

• Living with a non-supportive spouse – this is by far one of the greatest deterrents to success a person can have. When your spouse does not support what you are doing they have this tendency to talk about it negatively (some call it nagging and yes, men can nag as much as a woman). This constant nagging can be like water dripping in the sink. It comes down slowly, continually, all the time. Can it rattle your nerves? Yes! Does it irrigate you? Yes!

• No supportive family members – just like the spouse who can nag you to insanity so too can family members who are close to you and whose opinions you value. We want to succeed so bad and be a blessing to our family but when they have no faith in you the journey becomes difficult.

• Living with ungrateful children- Parents want to give their children the best money can buy and work very hard to provide a comfortable lifestyle for them. Sadly, many children don’t appreciate the sacrifices and instead complain about what they don’t have or can’t do. This constant irritation can wear on the parent and makes it hard to focus on success when children only focus on personal gain.

• Living alone – being by yourself can limit your ability to encourage yourself on a regular basis. When a single person gets down there is no one there to lift them up. It is very hard to try again after being let down so many times. For those who live alone you must master self-talk. Tell yourself you can succeed and believe that things will change because you are the ultimate instrument of change in your life.

How do you overcome the challenges of having non-supportive people in your life? Through much intentional thinking. Remember; anyone who is not helping you reach your goals typically are standing in the way of your goals.

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