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As the most intense parts of Michael overtook Panama City Beach, Florida winds ripped through a parking garage throwing debris and creating total white out conditions.
- Extremely intense winds rip through a parking garage reducing visibility to near zero.
- Debris flies by the parking garage smacking into a sign and exploding.
- Water pouring through the parking garage like a fire hose as winds continue to pummel the area.
- Water pours down the stair well of the parking garage like a waterfall.
- Various scenes of extremely intense winds from Michael's eye wall.

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11 oct. 2018

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Comentarii 131
Noble Sir Knight
Noble Sir Knight Acum 4 luni
Were those cars really really clean after that?
smoke 14
smoke 14 Acum 4 luni
2:13 was never seen again
Danielle B.
Danielle B. Acum 4 luni
Is that rain or ocean?
carrie white
carrie white Acum 4 luni
Oh man that's wierd there only vehicle
DontAsk Acum 4 luni
From what I’ve seen so far The news haven’t filmed something this epic
BeefOnMyJerky Acum 4 luni
Most traumatic thing I've ever been through
Zach Motherwell
Zach Motherwell Acum 4 luni
Me and my buddy Bill was the guys in the stairwell sipping on beer. I always said I would like to be a storm chaser but not after I seen y'all first hand!
syko lilith
syko lilith Acum 4 luni
22 years of my life is gone with in 3 hours...
diggity0607 Acum 4 luni
I have to share this. Wow
David Dickerson
David Dickerson Acum 4 luni
Wow that's intense. I'm really surprised some of those vehicles didn't get blown over!
David Dickerson
David Dickerson Acum 4 luni
+Marie Ochoa yes perhaps just that amount of cover didn't allow enough updraft.....
Marie Ochoa
Marie Ochoa Acum 4 luni
David Dickerson Maybe for their location. Looks like they were inside a concrete parking
norms gonz
norms gonz Acum 4 luni
Those car got a nice power 🌬wash
Tracy Dee
Tracy Dee Acum 4 luni
I think man messed with the weather ..just as much as they messed with history right down to the man made bible.
Yuki BabaYaga
Yuki BabaYaga Acum 4 luni
no impressed, look like 3 hours before Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico.
Raymond Dick
Raymond Dick Acum 23 Zile
Dude you are everywhere on ROvids talking shit. Shut the fuck up already.
Hoolee Shitto
Hoolee Shitto Acum 4 luni
+I'm actually a phosopholipid bilayer The problem here is elevation son. Puerto Rico is a mountanous island, for each 1,000 feet the wind increases about 10 miles per hour. The Doppler radar was located over 2,000 feet above sea level, and got decimated. Many of the communication towers are also located above 1,000 feet above sea level thus recieved stronger winds and where destroyed. Maria was not bigger than Michael, but it was slower. Michaels intense inner core moved quickly over land while Maria's eye stood swirling over the island from 6:15am to about 1 - 2pm. It is also worth to note that Maria was undergoing an eyewall replacement which lead to it landfalling with a double eyewall and moving inland with an eye third times bigger than its pinhole predecessor which resulted in areas receiving hurricane force winds for much longer time than expected.
Henry Hawkins
Henry Hawkins Acum 4 luni
Maria as well as Irma were both stronger and bigger than Michael at landfall. Irma left a lot of the lower Keys in ruins. And we all know what Maria did to Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin islands. Irma would have been much worse had it not tracked over the Northern Cuban mountains and weakened a bit. Irma was only a weak Cat 3 when it made second U.S. landfall where I live in Southwest Florida. But still it was a deadly and frightening storm.
Yuki BabaYaga
Yuki BabaYaga Acum 4 luni
+I'm actually a phosopholipid bilayer well if all weather stations were destroyed hours before the eye made landfall in the island including all doppler radars in all the airports, stations and bases then I'm sure sustained winds were over 170mph at minimum, 150mph winds don't bend thick cell towers and transmission towers like soft tofu or scrap paint for a concrete wall like a high pressure water compressor. Just pray the mainland never gets hit by something like this or the dead count will be in the thousands.
Yuki BabaYaga
Yuki BabaYaga Acum 4 luni
+I'm actually a phosopholipid bilayer, the last reading of the National Weather Station was 150 mph before Maria made landfall, the station was destroyed within the first few hours, many local weather stations registered sustained winds of over 180mph, in my work we have a weather station and before it was decimated it registered 186 mph winds(sustained) and we're in the north part of the island, the worst winds were in the south and east parts, we mostly built with cement for that reason, if a storm like Maria hit any part of the mainland with the same intensity for so long (more than 12 hours of strong winds) well at least rescue teams won't be necessary with your weak construction.
Arnold Stollar
Arnold Stollar Acum 4 luni
The. Sharks are safe.
Backyardmech1 Acum 4 luni
Now from our weatherman Ollie Williams. *IT’S RAINING SIDEWAYS!*
szqsk8 Acum 4 luni
I've never seen weather like this. I live in Southern California where it's pretty dull weather-wise. 🌴
ITSH Productions
ITSH Productions Acum 4 luni
I can appreciate details that were added, can you add specific locations and names, so we know where this happened in the towns you are in. Example: hotel name or street intersections
TerryPierre1 Acum 4 luni
I've been in hurricanes before, but this one looks way worse! God bless these who had to endure it and are dealing with the aftermath.
Rere West
Rere West Acum 4 luni
Car got a free carwash.
Raymond Dick
Raymond Dick Acum 23 Zile
Yuki BabaYaga look at this dude he talking shit everywhere on ROvids
carrie white
carrie white Acum 4 luni
Yuki BabaYaga
Yuki BabaYaga Acum 4 luni
yeah a car wash mainly with salt water been that close to the coast.
josh womble
josh womble Acum 4 luni
I'm almost positive water got inside it...the AC parts would be soaked at least
Marimilitarybrat Acum 4 luni
Rere West And micro abrasion.
Anniefanny Charles
Anniefanny Charles Acum 4 luni
Ive never seen anything like this. And since I live on the sw coast of Florida, I pray to God I never do.
Noble Sir Knight
Noble Sir Knight Acum 3 luni
Mark Vrahotes and i totally agree with your dislike of people who, tell others not to go out in the storm while they themselves are out in the storm. Like news reporters and storm chasers, they both do it and it reveals them as the worlds scummiest shit bags. Or saying storm chasers can go out but not others, i think it is pathetic. Maybe you can do a cool carpark video (safely with no driving around) next hurricane and not tell people to stay indoors. That i would support you. Your a good guy. I can tell!
Mark Vrahotes
Mark Vrahotes Acum 3 luni
+Noble Sir Knight You too.
Noble Sir Knight
Noble Sir Knight Acum 3 luni
Mark Vrahotes me too buddy, me too. Hey you have a good week.
Mark Vrahotes
Mark Vrahotes Acum 3 luni
+Noble Sir Knight I hooe there are more hurricanes next year. They are good for the environment.
Noble Sir Knight
Noble Sir Knight Acum 3 luni
Mark Vrahotes. I never said i was, of course i am not. Now listen, i think its possible there were a lot of rapes when you were in prison, it was so bad that you have blocked all of it out, possibly due to reasons like anal pain and humiliation etc. your mind thinks you were just sleeping or something. Not many guys ever report them because of many reasons. Its ok. Anyway i guess your not trying to impress anyone with your dui prison story and I trust you have grown out of all that scumbagery, so i will wish you the very best and pray to Jesus for you.
YouTube Watcher With Pickle
If its not for broadcast then why is it here
Megan is a gamer
Megan is a gamer Acum 4 luni
ROvids Watcher With Pickle 😂📺< that. And yeah, some idiot would have totally posted it and scare people worse.
YouTube Watcher With Pickle
ohhhh booo hooo u jus mad u cant get good videos dumb fuck
James Chin
James Chin Acum 4 luni
+ROvids Watcher With Pickle it's a piece of shit inside you!
YouTube Watcher With Pickle
+Sherry Valli whats a tv
Sherry Valli
Sherry Valli Acum 4 luni
Probably not for TV broadcast.
Laverne Johnson
Laverne Johnson Acum 5 luni
Leonardo Cabrera
Leonardo Cabrera Acum 5 luni
cloud machines - cloud machines - cloud machines - tons of water, savage wind speed equal than the machine and same metallic noise - React people.
Leonardo Cabrera
Leonardo Cabrera Acum 5 luni
just react, and do nothing. the earth does nothing, is for something. :D
Sinjin Bin
Sinjin Bin Acum 5 luni
React how? By twitching and twerking???🧐😐
Plants are so happy...🌷🌸🌲🌳🌴🌾🌺🌵🍀🌷
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Acum 4 luni
AWSOMUS LATEST yeah, I adore my plants. I grew up in Alabama but I live in Michigan. I worry about them during the winter when it gets down to -10 or lower (the windchill). Luckily I can just pile snow on them since it’s a good insulator and it’s free. Lol I know they’re just plants, but they’re like my children!
+Jacob Smith _of course.....the uprooted ones...r.i.p.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Acum 4 luni
AWSOMUS LATEST mmmmm pretty sure they’re internally screaming “THIS IS SO FUCKED UP” 😂
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios Acum 5 luni
that was a violent storm !
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios Acum 4 luni
+I'm actually a phosopholipid bilayer living on the coast is a craps shoot every hurricane season.
Pete Kondolios
Pete Kondolios Acum 4 luni
+I'm actually a phosopholipid bilayer it gained strength surprisingly fast.
Pipe Tunes
Pipe Tunes Acum 5 luni
Stairwell nice and clean now.... Cement parking garage was wise choice
Digby Dooright
Digby Dooright Acum 5 luni
That's scary. -,-
The King Of Waffles
These videos are totally epic! It clearly shows just how insane *Hurricane Michael* really was. I really appreciate all that you *pro* storm chasers do bringing *ROvids* these marvelous videos. Professionals like you truly show the raw power that these videos that gives valuable information on hurricanes. Unlike the totally bland *amateurish* wanna be *noobs* that yell in their videos and totally ruin it with their over the top dramatic commentary. Exg: Omg! The Texaco gas station roof is flying off! The storm hit our car window! Transformer! Transformer! The noobs should watch your videos and chill out & STFU!
kyokogodai Acum 4 luni
Couldn't agree more my friend!!!
The King Of Waffles
+kyokogodai It's a shame that in the tornado videos the *noob* commentary is just as *bad* maybe worse.
kyokogodai Acum 4 luni
I should think that just about ever hurricane is as "insane" as this one was. Just less insane or more insane. And I totally agree with you about commentary. I will stop watching a video, when such commentary you point out happens.
Robyn Meech
Robyn Meech Acum 5 luni
Whow we had approximately 2,000 yrs plus to figure it out, prior no one recognized God’s commands. Ummm, this is the end times and things going to be worse. Praise be to Jesus. Pray more rosary if you believe. So sad the USA morality went to the crap box.
Crissy D
Crissy D Acum 5 luni
So I've been hearing this for 20+ years..... Any idea when "end times" will actually end? They said it before 9/11, before Katrina, and you say it now. If you know 100% for sure than you can give me an actual end date. Otherwise you're just another nut spouting religious jargon.
Black Toof
Black Toof Acum 5 luni
Is this part of the reason why over 1,000 people still missing? Too many Reed timmer chasers who do this. This is what gives us professional chasers bad wraps.
Ann Bertoli
Ann Bertoli Acum 5 luni
That vehicle still standing..wow
convex Acum 5 luni
1:37 most effective car wash in history. On half of the car of course
Michael Acum 4 luni
Hopefully after the hurricane eye passed by the winds changed direction and got the other side :)
TOPNotch GamingSquad
I don't know if I would stand in a parking garage imagine if it collapsed with those strong winds
mike Wolfe
mike Wolfe Acum 4 luni
I think i would seek refuge in a parking garage
Jasmin K.
Jasmin K. Acum 4 luni
It would collapse more likely in an earthquake rather than in a hurricane
Mr Ford Shelby
Mr Ford Shelby Acum 4 luni
One of the best place where you can go. It's concrete.
josh womble
josh womble Acum 4 luni
It's all concrete so I think it would be pretty sturdy
Niklas Enblom
Niklas Enblom Acum 5 luni
Oh my God.
Unknown User
Unknown User Acum 5 luni
I hope all pets are safe
ookie dookie
ookie dookie Acum 5 luni
+Unknown User news duh
The King Of Waffles
Peace bros! Let honour our fallen with a humble volcanic sacrifice. I'll sneak into fissure 8 drop a coconut on behalf of all the dead pets from Hurricane Michael.
Unknown User
Unknown User Acum 5 luni
A JACKSON how would you know? If it is real owners should be locked up and do time
ookie dookie
ookie dookie Acum 5 luni
Hundreds died
The King Of Waffles
Sorry but not all pets end up safe when a hurricane hit. During *Katrina* I lost my dog and cat to the storm surge. I had to eat my chickens and pet catfish in the aftermath. It wasn't pretty.
david jones
david jones Acum 5 luni
The structures that are made are not very smart. Talk about wind catchers. Houses should never have an overhanging on the eve of the roof's, or anything for the wind to catch hold of. When will man ever learn? Sidings of buildings should be at a 45 degree angle and if they where made round the wind would go around the building like parting your hair. Car lots in certain parts of the USA should be made inside a building display. All major buildings should be hurricane proof in these parts of the USA...…. If earth is not cooled down and very soon, it's only going to get worse then it is now. Stop using HAARP to heat the stratosphere. Man made weather control is ruining the earth. We need to get rid of all the gas engines that are heating up the planet. Invest in powerplants instead of gasoline. By doing so the planet will cool off and the air quality will improve drastically. The crude oil is a natural lubricant that the earth needs to function properly, it's not meant to be robbed from the earth. This world needs to turn it's greed from oil to electricity. Why don't you wake up people?
IAmaPersion Acum 4 luni
Actually he made a great point about round buildings. Aerodynamics people. It's why your cars are made the way they are.
Sinjin Bin
Sinjin Bin Acum 5 luni
Thats is outstandingly written good bullshit...
ookie dookie
ookie dookie Acum 5 luni
Structures usually aren't smart. They have no brain.
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly Acum 5 luni
All of that is so very true!!! But any and all restrictions are canned with the toad that is running the show😛
FreakShow91 Acum 5 luni
More bullshit than I've seen in a while.
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Acum 5 luni
Omg the video of the stairwell 😱😱😱
John Jelks
John Jelks Acum 4 luni
I was thinking electrocution
josh heaton
josh heaton Acum 4 luni
Leslie Smith or that lol
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Acum 4 luni
+josh heaton baahaahaa why not flex seal? 😂😂😂
josh heaton
josh heaton Acum 4 luni
Leslie Smith billy mayes here!! With mighty putty!!
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith Acum 5 luni
Тимпан Нетленный
Закат цивилизации. Справедливость начинает вершится, за творимый и тайный беспредел правительства США во всех странах, особенно Африканских и во всём пост советском мире! За всё суки расплатитесь, очень скор
Darryl Nimmons
Darryl Nimmons Acum 5 luni
MemphisTiger Acum 4 luni
Just for the record, it was 1969. :)
Large Southern Load
Got to have big balls...
IAmaPersion Acum 4 luni
Sinjinbin Apparently there are lot's of men on here that love other men's balls.
Sinjin Bin
Sinjin Bin Acum 5 luni
A ball lover eh?
davidca96 Acum 5 luni
Wonder how many cars were destroyed in this hurracun, its always in the thousands.
Mark Vrahotes
Mark Vrahotes Acum 3 luni
+Sherry Valli Actually cars do better than buildungs in many cases especially the low ones.
Sherry Valli
Sherry Valli Acum 4 luni
magnus466 Acum 5 luni
That last bit was INSANE!!!!!
Maria Wallace
Maria Wallace Acum 5 luni
You are at my son’s condo a treasure island?? He works for the BCSO he’s the head of security there also.
Mona Taylor
Mona Taylor Acum 5 luni
+Maria Wallace it is sad but also inadvisable to give so much personal information. I'm glad he stayed safe and is helping out.
Maria Wallace
Maria Wallace Acum 5 luni
Grady Lester no I’m correct! I finally got to talk to him 2 days ago. He sent me some almost identical video of the guys who filmed this trying to get into the door across the parking garage. He’s been working on recovery. He works Bay Co. sheriff department. They’ve been finding bodies the last 2 days. Such a sad situation. Prayers for my Vinny, all of the first responders & all of the victims.
Grady Lester
Grady Lester Acum 5 luni
I would take the no response as a you're incorrect.
Maria Wallace
Maria Wallace Acum 5 luni
Hey I think he just ran across the screen in a hoodie!
Maria Wallace
Maria Wallace Acum 5 luni
Think he helped you guys get in a door earlier he sent me footage. He was wearing red flip flops!
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox Acum 5 luni
Yeah we seen a thing or two.
Diamond Lou
Diamond Lou Acum 5 luni
Whooooooo!!!! That was close.
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