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Having stunning hair every single day is something all girls dream of. But it’s a really hard task to achieve due to the busy everyday routine. There a lot of super-easy hair hacks and tricks that won’t take more than 2 minutes. Moreover, out tips will help to change the way you look and you gonna totally like it!
If you want bangs but you are not ready to cut your hair and simply afraid of risk to looking really bad, try fake bangs! We are here with the idea of charming and easy bun hairstyle. Using this cool hair trick, you will achieve absolutely natural looking fake bangs with your own hair.
Here is the tutorial:
1. Make a high ponytail
2. Take a small part of hair from the front of the ponytail and bring it forward to create fake bangs
3. Fix the bangs into place at the length that you want
4. Form a bun and secure it with bobby pins
5. Use a straightener to curl the bangs
Did you know that you can use lash curler for bangs? Watch our video!
There a lot of creative ways to make a ponytail, watch our video to find a perfect ponytail tutorial.
In this video, you can find a whole variety of incredible hairstyles for girls that are good for everyday wear and together with that, they are easy to be made. Every little princess will find the hairstyle that suits her taste! These incredibly cool hairstyles are fine for any age, by the way. You will find our top picks of the cutest and easiest braids for kids that you can try out on your little princess!
Learn how to make DIY hair accessories - awesome bright hairbands and sweet scrunchies. You can use them yourself or give to someone as a present.
As a bonus, you will find out how to curl your hair using a straightener, pencils, and bobby pins, how to reuse an old sock and a lot more!
Don't miss out on anything ladies!
01:50 Fake Bangs
03:33 Hairstyles for a little princess
06:44 Pencil hairstyle
07:58 Romantic bun
11:33 Halloween hairstyle
13:00 Braided hairstyle
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31 oct. 2018

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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
Hey girls, what's your favorite hair mask recipe? 👩 How to make a natural anti-dandruff mask 5:20
قمر عبد الرحمن
اشتركوا بقناتي عاليوتيوب ليصلكم كل جديد بصوتي ❤💙💋😊💚😘
Yo soy tu madre
Yo soy tu madre Acum lună
Hablo español pero me gustan sus videos 😍❤
+ABCD Maisha She doesn't know how to speak Arabic because she an arabic girl 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Meryem Sena
Meryem Sena Acum lună
Asiqi Huseyin
Asiqi Huseyin Acum 2 luni
Skiyah Hall
Skiyah Hall Acum oră
xD at 3:32 she forgot to put a strand of hair in
Chris Fry
Chris Fry Acum 5 ore
The last girl should be called "what to do with over processed hair"
silvia sanchez
silvia sanchez Acum 8 ore
They copy people
Alejandra Ortiz
Alejandra Ortiz Acum 10 ore
6:12 I think that’s how James from the odd1sout would look like as a girl
Mason Dalcourt
Mason Dalcourt Acum 11 ore
Oh yeah yeah
Exquisite Logos
Exquisite Logos Acum 11 ore
Oh no no
Asho Acum 11 ore
when I do this I will cut my hair Im kidding
Rowan Wolf
Rowan Wolf Acum 12 ore
yareli mareli
yareli mareli Acum 13 ore
Ahhhhh yes thanks
Katiane Cruz
Katiane Cruz Acum 13 ore
Kanieyah Paul
Kanieyah Paul Acum 14 ore
Stella _1476
Stella _1476 Acum 14 ore
pop po
pop po Acum 14 ore
Kersten Salayog
Kersten Salayog Acum 14 ore
I like it so nice
Cassidy Leckburge
Cassidy Leckburge Acum 15 ore
That poor girl's hair needs some help...
Ava 607
Ava 607 Acum 16 ore
Does the “hack” at 5:19 represent dandruff or lice??? Because if it represents dandruff can’t the guy just take a shower and if it represents lice then that’s not the way to get rid of it!!!
Basma tv
Basma tv Acum 17 ore
Basma tv
Basma tv Acum 17 ore
155135123 Acum 17 ore
number two that is so good i love it can you do A 12 FUNNY COUPLE PRANKS/PRANK WARS
Rose Wonerson
Rose Wonerson Acum 17 ore
Nice video!😊
Anne Marie Bretherton
Fxcc is the morning time to day day and day to day day week to day day and day day for my day day and day day for my birthday and I e
PLANET MAN Acum 18 ore
Oh yeah yeah
Elżbieta Knapczyk
Elżbieta Knapczyk Acum 22 ore
Czy tylko ja tu jestem Polką?
Nikol Koleva
Nikol Koleva Acum 23 ore
интересни трикове има
sabriny dantas
sabriny dantas Acum 23 ore
Alguém 2019?
sabriny dantas
sabriny dantas Acum 23 ore
Alguém em português??
Sub To me
Sub To me Acum o Zi
Rip hair
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Acum o Zi
Oh yeah yeah
mariel dionisio
mariel dionisio Acum o Zi
galing yan eh
Traci Kobbeman
Traci Kobbeman Acum o Zi
Not everyone has dark hair in the video dumb girl the little girl is blonde
Traci Kobbeman
Traci Kobbeman Acum o Zi
Black hair girl that was doing most of the styles the braiding ones were great but really bad dandruff
Meme Lord
Meme Lord Acum o Zi
Oh yeah yeah I have crossed enemy lines
Pabz Acum 18 ore
oh yeah yeah
Kiran Sharma
Kiran Sharma Acum o Zi
Ossom but starting is so tuf
Llamas dancing on rainbows
Burning your hair, making it THINNER and SHORTER! No hate, just don’t try that xd. 5:47
Llamas dancing on rainbows
11:59 I’M TERRIFIED OF THE SPIDER ON MY HEAD! No hate, just the look on her face.
Harrison Vargo
Harrison Vargo Acum o Zi
2:39 I’m so sorry but that look like a dude
VS manvasam
VS manvasam Acum o Zi
Very nice
Matt Giamporcaro
25 easy hairdos to make in less than a minute! Me: So, curling your hair with heat takes less than a minute?
Nicole Giuliano
Nicole Giuliano Acum o Zi
What happend to your little girls arm??🤨🤨
Pabz Acum 18 ore
that’s a ballet sleeve thing and those are supposed to be for ballet performances
Savage Tzuyu
Savage Tzuyu Acum o Zi
is no one going to talk bout how the thumb nail showed a cup on top of ur hair curling it and the cup on top of the hair is not even here
Payton Watkins
Payton Watkins Acum o Zi
I got real bangs Soo
Abigail Royer
Abigail Royer Acum o Zi
What was the thing they used in the first hairstyle called I need to get one I think they should put products used in the description
I'm just gonna go light my hair on fire with a ritual candle now... thanks ROvids!👌👍🤙
Pedro Iba12
Pedro Iba12 Acum o Zi
rogerina is hotter than me & I’m ok with it
0:43 Roses are red Violets are blue Your hairs looking crispy Try deep conditioning boo
Lucia Maria
Lucia Maria Acum o Zi
Big noose...kkkkkkkkkkk
Katurah Sanborn
Katurah Sanborn Acum o Zi
No offense but most these are only for white girls
Fatima S
Fatima S Acum o Zi
if y'all want a simple curl hack,listen to me: Braid your hair down sleep overnight, and take it out in the morning
Dawn Hockenburry
What's the hair accessory they used for the girl's bangs???
Xo_amii _Xo
Xo_amii _Xo Acum o Zi
The girl is so cute
Just Malaron
Just Malaron Acum o Zi
Only if my hair wasn't so greasy
Nourseen Tarek
Nourseen Tarek Acum o Zi
James Whiting
James Whiting Acum o Zi
All these styles are gorgeous others just need to keep their comments to their selves
Kara Turcotte
Kara Turcotte Acum o Zi
This isn't girly, anyone can do it.
kawai games
kawai games Acum o Zi
I love the one that plays at 02:18
Darko Breberina
Darko Breberina Acum o Zi
áêšthétîç čãtėÿ
i cant get out of bed then under a minute so 🤔 Edit: thanks for 0 likes !!
Nawaz G
Nawaz G Acum o Zi
Andrada Cioban
Andrada Cioban Acum o Zi
9:41 this hairstyle looks awesome from the back. However I look like a plant when you see it from the front. Because the hair is all messed up 😂
Nankatj Ganga
Nankatj Ganga Acum o Zi
llama livin life
2:24 that looks like either somebody went to a stylist drunk or the stylist was drunk. That haircut ain't cool
llama livin life
1:10 so a curly hairstyle is "cool" according to the title. I didn't know it was so uncommon and cool
Twix 123
Twix 123 Acum o Zi
What is that thing in 1:39???
Twix 123
Twix 123 Acum o Zi
What's that thing on 1:50???
Emy Calo
Emy Calo Acum 2 Zile
At 6:40 this hairstyle is elegant than the little girl is hairstyle is look ballerina..
shabnam khan
shabnam khan Acum 2 Zile
Very cool
Style Sisters 23
Style Sisters 23 Acum 2 Zile
Unicorn Life
Unicorn Life Acum 2 Zile
Lol dale like si eres mexican@
Leishangthem Santibala
Deana HolidayIngraham
Can u please make a video for people who’s hair is not always straight
Yasmin Gomes
Yasmin Gomes Acum 2 Zile
O e
Roberta Caruso
Roberta Caruso Acum 2 Zile
Me gusta bailar con la frusta insieme alla mangusta
Maria Lola
Maria Lola Acum 2 Zile
3:31 don't you just cringe how she left a whole strand of hair just left there
Lollipop Cupcakes
Lollipop Cupcakes Acum 2 Zile
alice fluffy unicorn
This is a 5 minute channel so it can't be under one min
asmus chantal
asmus chantal Acum 2 Zile
moi hr
Lillian Cates
Lillian Cates Acum 2 Zile
What is that thing she was using in the beginning???
Mennah Hegazy
Mennah Hegazy Acum 2 Zile
Mandy Sok
Mandy Sok Acum 2 Zile
I love this video’s
Alican Alicanov
Alican Alicanov Acum 2 Zile
Bakudan selamlar
Lisa Mays
Lisa Mays Acum 2 Zile
One more ?.. Does anyone know what the black thing was that she used to make hair poofy in front when she put it in a hair clip & left the sides down. It was the 4th hairdo she did. Thanks so much! :-)
Lisa Mays
Lisa Mays Acum 2 Zile
Hi does anyone know the name of the thing she used to make the bun ? Also, does anyone know what she used to make the curly ringlets? Thanks so much!
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin Acum 2 Zile
it's called a hair band
oɓuɐW Acum 2 Zile
pelinsu emen
pelinsu emen Acum 2 Zile
Perfect 👍👍👍👍
Abhishek Wali
Abhishek Wali Acum 2 Zile
5 min crafts is useless just waste of time
S K Acum 2 Zile
Get a life, both of you
subscribe to pewdiepie
So true
Diana Gala
Diana Gala Acum 2 Zile
YOW TUBE Acum 2 Zile
A random guy is watching this...
Olivia Pennybacker
Olivia Pennybacker Acum 2 Zile
I love watching these ☺
Dusk & Dawn
Dusk & Dawn Acum 2 Zile
5:47 Your burning an extension,but imagine if someone actually did that.
Milka Kiwi
Milka Kiwi Acum 2 Zile
Ты русский ? Да ❤️
fabulous magicstar23 ajpw
Rose are red violets are blue oh god this are to good please help me make a look
Rubina Khan
Rubina Khan Acum 2 Zile
rawezh king
rawezh king Acum 2 Zile
h sl, halcsja,cs
Rasim Qafarov
Rasim Qafarov Acum 3 Zile
Her gün ben de böyle yapiyorum
poekielover 123
poekielover 123 Acum 3 Zile
Am i the ONLY one thats looking at this and nl is??😊😁 I think it well😃
Karan Choudhary
Karan Choudhary Acum 3 Zile
please made a video for skinny girls .l am 17 and I am so skinny
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Acum 3 Zile
Very nice