6IX9INE - STOOPID FT. BOBBY SHMURDA (Official Music Video)

Tekashi 6ix9ine
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Directed by Trifedrew, William Asher & TheDonCanon of Figure Eight Creative Group
Mixed and Mastered by Wizard Lee.
@Trifedrew @William_asher @Thedoncanon @Feet1stmusic
10 FOR 10 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
"STOOPID" OUT NOW: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
Stoopid Lyrics:
Y'all already know, big boy Yung Gordon
You rockin' with Take Money promotion
Ay Take Money Promotion
Give 'em that new sh-t, no fool sh-t
Oh Yeah, let's go
DJ Lethal, Lethal
(Rough Rider)
Tay Keith
954, we live
Take Money Promotion
Tay Keith, f-ck these ni**as up
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)
[Verse: 6ix9ine]
Shoutout my apes in the f-ckin' roof (for real), for mayo they gon' sh00t
Spin a hoop, who the f-ck is you?
Who the f-ck you know, ni**a? No, ni**a
Ni**as killed your cousin, you want smoke, ni**a? (stoopid!)
Dumb ni**a, rollin' up your cousin in a blunt, ni**a
Bozo, b-tch, are you dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb? (stoopid!)
B-tch, I'm Nick Cannon with this drum-drum-drum-drum (brra-pom-pom)
Pull out the semis, no lil' pump-pump-pump-pumps (no esskeetit!)
We goin' dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb
B-tch I'm stoopid, b-tch I'm out, I be tweakin', I be wildin', I be booted! (b-tch I'm dru nk)
I'll be stealin', I be robbin', I be lootin'!
Your boyfriend dumb, he get no money, b-tch, he stoopid!
Oh, b-tch, he, oh, b-tch, he stoopid!
D4mn, homie, in high school you was the man, homie
What the f-ck happened to you? I'm just sayin', homie
Now you smokin' Black & Milds, smokin' reg, homie
Bobby Shmurda:
Ah, Ah, Ah, Shmurda on the muthaf-ckin set
Ni**a 6ix9ine is tight cuz
Tell ‘em shut up, suc a d-ck
Tell ‘em f-ck ‘em, I’m the sh-t
B-tch I’m drun k recording this
I’m getting money im the sh-t
Shout out my Bloods, shout out my Crips
That ni**a Ebro he a b-tch
Just another old ni**a on a young ni**a d-ck
B-tch I’m lit on the gram, a million likes you see my sh-t
A b-tch DM for the d-ck, but I’m probably with a hit
VVS Cuban hit, shoutout Jimmy for the drip
Your baby daddy mixtape was sh-t he a b-tch
Free Bobby, free Raddy, free Quino, free the nine
Shoutout Jady, shoutout Kooda, Dsav those my guys
FOA they gone ride, GS9 they gone slide
When I whoop who back ah, ah, ah, those my guys
[Verse: Bobby Shmurda]
She give me neck until I pass out
She use the teeth, she get cursed out
And all these suckas with they f-cking feelings always got they b-tches with they purse out
We on the blast ni**a b0w down
I count bricks put the work out
You know you like a ni**a shmoney dance, you gone love a ni**a when I swerve out
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)


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5 oct. 2018

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Random_pidi9 cool
Random_pidi9 cool Acum 2 minute
Random_pidi9 cool
Random_pidi9 cool Acum 2 minute
Jenifer mollo baldeon
Jenifer mollo baldeon Acum 24 minute
Suga what's it english
DUK_ Tae
DUK_ Tae Acum 25 minute
A 69 was right he is STOOPID for doing things to them girls :)
litzie pimentel
litzie pimentel Acum 33 minute
xd PUCCI Acum 36 minute
Mo vlogs?
Gamerul Cobra
Gamerul Cobra Acum 36 minute
Buy subwoofer listen to this Buy subwoofer
Gamerul Cobra
Gamerul Cobra Acum 37 minute
I've blasted this into my Yaris,it turned into a supra
Boi Boi
Boi Boi Acum 38 minute
0:55 then we're lil pump at?
Jnet Egiziaco
Jnet Egiziaco Acum 41 minut
How does this have likes🙄
Ayden Menhmedovich
Ayden Menhmedovich Acum 55 minute
When everyone at school asks me for some gum: 0:40
Frost. Acum oră
Did bobby record his verse in prison?
Lian Jenn
Lian Jenn Acum oră
Infatti appunto agh
SukhTej Crew
SukhTej Crew Acum oră
69 joined his best friend Bobby.
gary Fischer
gary Fischer Acum oră
Free my guy mane #Free6ix9ine
Ãnîkïlâtør Acum 2 ore
Osvaldo Gonzalez
Osvaldo Gonzalez Acum 2 ore
Bro he had no need to doing all that stuuuped stuff that got him in prison he had everything a man could of wanted
King Cris Yung
King Cris Yung Acum 2 ore
I showed this to my emo friend Now he is a ghetto rapper.
John Delph
John Delph Acum 2 ore
When 6ix9ine comes out of jail 0:38
Shootie Acum 2 ore
and we wonder why people walk into theaters with assault rifles..
graham penthouse
graham penthouse Acum 2 ore
oh the poor kid.... and now he is a snitch ...
Mona Rae
Mona Rae Acum 2 ore
0:48 When Your Ex Says They'll Find Someone Better
Ива Петрова
U suck1
YourDailyMadLad Acum 2 ore
are u dumb de de de dumb dededede dum 0:48
steve main
steve main Acum 3 ore
69 круче лила
MuFich Acum 3 ore
I feel sorry for you 6ix9ine, hang in there brother we are with you
BDD Acum 3 ore
Family gathering My aunt: 00:38
Gavin Mix
Gavin Mix Acum 3 ore
You don't like xxxtentacion? Well, let me explain just how deep his lyrics are. In the song "Look At Me", X explains how he cannot "keep his dick in his pants". This statement is actually trying to portray the message of equal rights towards women- and how they should be treated. By expressing how he cannot contain his genitals in his pants, he is trying to act like an abusive husband - one who does not respect women, as all men should do. (Except on saturdays). In an abusive relationship like this portrayed one, the male would continuously require sexual needs, which puts the woman in a slump of sadness and depression. This single line, "Can't keep my dick in my pants" has caused many rights activists to become ascended from the realm of unequal treatment. Think about that when you disrespect X again.
yoselin cari
yoselin cari Acum 3 ore
Alguien de america latina xd
Roque Avalos
Roque Avalos Acum 3 ore
Jeremy Monaghan
Jeremy Monaghan Acum 4 ore
0:40 when a random person ask you for candy
Jeremy Monaghan
Jeremy Monaghan Acum 4 ore
1:25 when your best friend says i got bulled and hurt by them
Chester R
Chester R Acum 4 ore
KOD_Reaper Acum 4 ore
My GF after summer break and not visiting each other 0:38
Alex Prendes
Alex Prendes Acum 4 ore
This man funny as shit ngl
KrYpTic Ghostzz
KrYpTic Ghostzz Acum 5 ore
he snich on all the bloods
This lit sub if u think this lit
D. CYBER Acum 5 ore
Как всем понравился тайм код 0:38)
Fabiola González
God luck in the jail
Louistomlinsonsmolbean H
I low key love this song
MartinThatGuy Acum 6 ore
0:38 When i see my classmates that i known since 2nd grade
Ramune Kalinauskaite
Wait are you black 🧐🤨
Jaden Sera Diary
Jaden Sera Diary Acum 6 ore
Now your in prison Thinking about your life, is it stoopid You snitching on your gang Are you stoopid Now your gonna get the knife in the prisannnnnn
PHOTO-VITO Carrier-pigeon
plez aboné ma chéne
Lucas Smallwood
Lucas Smallwood Acum 7 ore
I dont know why but I like this song. It's weird considering the music that I usually listen to.
justin perra
justin perra Acum 7 ore
Ma nn era in galera??
When is he gonna be realised 4rm d prison till he's 69 yrs old
Morgenstern Acum 8 ore
Mr. Skeltal
Mr. Skeltal Acum 9 ore
0:38 when 6ix9ine is approached by a gang member he was friends with
GraczTypicall Acum 9 ore
Tekashi Talking to the FBI:1:37
YouStee Yt
YouStee Yt Acum 9 ore
Mumble_boy Acum 10 ore
Who cares after he snitched koda? 😂
Nat Pi
Nat Pi Acum 10 ore
I'm a hater but I admit. 6ix 9ine made Instagram.
Nat Pi
Nat Pi Acum 10 ore
I won't lie....Instagram is boring now without 6ix 9ine
Aslan Manapov
Aslan Manapov Acum 10 ore
Свободу Текаши)
itz Crazyyy
itz Crazyyy Acum 11 ore
My old friend 1:16 : Me : :/
Daryl Pettiford
Daryl Pettiford Acum 11 ore
Danny Brasco ft Bobby Shmurda
Like this
ZnacksS f
ZnacksS f Acum 12 ore
when ur dad is spanking u with belt 2:02
Vili BG BG
Vili BG BG Acum 12 ore
Athena Lau
Athena Lau Acum 12 ore
Fans:Music in my ears Me:SWEARING IN MY EARS
Brianna Gordy
Brianna Gordy Acum 13 ore
Why's his car look like that shit we used to do when mama was using the phone back in the day of dial up and we had to kill time in Microsoft Paint?
WIS ŁA Acum 13 ore
Quebonafide- madagascar
Kaleb Hanlon
Kaleb Hanlon Acum 13 ore
2:04 me rapping when 69 gives me some lyrics
Jocelyn Aviles
Jocelyn Aviles Acum 13 ore
The car of colors is not yours
Ethan McIsaac
Ethan McIsaac Acum 13 ore
2:02 When you sit on the toilet and the seat is cold.
Guillermo Arguelles
When you finally come out of your room after a long 5 hours Family: 0:38
Ÿôūñg b0ÿ Rhyder
And nobody gonna talk about this mans nipples
Socialist Lebron James
Imagine the pain he’s going to have to go through to get that shit lasered off now
lego M Aguirre
lego M Aguirre Acum 14 ore
Mo's Ferrari
trex gravy
trex gravy Acum 14 ore
free 69 fuck ebro
LapisFireGaming Acum 14 ore
Higgs fund shake surge. Usheve uskas. Eudhdbdhdu eushagbe
Katrina Adams
Katrina Adams Acum 14 ore
This doesn’t make any sense
AlmightyDillusion Acum 14 ore
Put in on 2x it’s sound fire
RESQ IV Acum 15 ore
He's Henry Hill with clown colored hair..
Zassõ Acum 15 ore
1:02 that shot was sweet as hell
KENSHI Acum 15 ore
0:48 когда текаши уклоняется от пуль чиф кифа
Connor Jensen
Connor Jensen Acum 16 ore
This is terrible
Fidenico Pride
Fidenico Pride Acum 16 ore
sithcarson Acum 16 ore
I love the lamorghini
wakanda forever
wakanda forever Acum 16 ore
You stoopid 69 and that why you in jail trippie better
Peelthebananna 06
Peelthebananna 06 Acum 16 ore
This song is definition for why he’s in jail
can I get 100 subs pls I’m so desperate lol
Me when those people come up to your door asking you to sign up to something: Me: 0:38 *doesnt sign up* Person: 0:48
Brent Thompson
Brent Thompson Acum 16 ore
When your babys mama calls u a 🐀
EthicalHacker Acum 16 ore
6ix9ine went to jail for being STOOPID
ITZ NOEL Acum 17 ore
Free the nine 💯
Eryck Fernandes
Eryck Fernandes Acum 17 ore
Mariana Hernandez
Mariana Hernandez Acum 17 ore
Me gusta Me refugio en sus canciones cuando tengo problemas
Jafeth Gamez
Jafeth Gamez Acum 17 ore
We should be specting two rappers from jail now!!! Mr. Tekashi is STOOPID for doing drugs ( it’s a joke I still love him )
Xenoslyce Acum 17 ore
When your bars are so fire you end up behind them
Adam w Burdine
Adam w Burdine Acum 17 ore
When you get tattoos on your face you gave up on life
cpa carlens: carlens
6nine is in pricen he is getting beat up
Default King635
Default King635 Acum 17 ore
0:38 when the girl that i liked me in 5th grade comes to me in 8th grade
Colyn Jnolewis
Colyn Jnolewis Acum 17 ore
Can they send me some of 6ixnines money
Kelley Massey
Kelley Massey Acum 17 ore
00:38 when someone you don't know sits next to you on the bus
Äłłýčë Möřëïřä
KIERAN and Kayla
KIERAN and Kayla Acum 17 ore
0:46 there's only one part that says this
Voraz Gamer
Voraz Gamer Acum 17 ore
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