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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - rovids.com/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - rovids.com/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - rovids.com/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - rovids.com/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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14 mar. 2019

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Comentarii 52 927
Chandler Vincent
Chandler Vincent Acum 7 minute
you should name your favorite plant "ever" the kentia palm.. Kent/Kenneth because you know it's a KENTia palm...
Maline Acum 10 minute
my Begonia Maculata gets white flowers :) but whey I googled it I saw that they can be bright pink too. Now I need one of those.
Seagullonabudget 7
Seagullonabudget 7 Acum 11 minute
I bought a Philodendron Scandens because of this and named him Dr. Phil.
Siqnez Acum 13 minute
Where does she say she bought her plants?! Etsy and where else? I need to know 😍
Alias007 Acum 13 minute
Is jenna wearing...JEANSSS!!?? Bro wtf our little girl is growing up
JCLTutorials Acum 14 minute
Shiiiiiiiit now I want fucking plants .... I downloaded a plant app because I don’t like dirt and responsibility
the wig has been snatched
*Jenna will never be irrelevant*
lilly drawsOWO
lilly drawsOWO Acum 27 minute
Omg jenna is so pure most ROvidsrs be starting drama and jenna's just here like "pLaNt ToUr" i love her so much my plant. Q U E E N
Brit Kiser
Brit Kiser Acum 27 minute
You two need to react to Bounce That Dick!!
Alyssa E
Alyssa E Acum 27 minute
You look EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful in this video
Sad Plant
Sad Plant Acum 30 minute
200 coats of everything *do it coward*
Brittany Basden
Brittany Basden Acum 33 minute
This was fun to watch! I'm going to reference this later when I begin buying plants. Your plants are so cool!
P -Swizzle
P -Swizzle Acum 33 minute
4:30 i can relate 😂😂😂
Josh K
Josh K Acum 34 minute
Ugh I'm such a fucking sheep i went out and bought a shit ton of plants that will inevitably be dead in a month, plus I got inspired to divide my (1) live peace lilly and now I'm 100% sure that it's 100% at peace because it's 100% DEAD
JacquelineLovee Acum 34 minute
now i wants plantss,, please and thanks you
negoromulus Acum 37 minute
My girl is real. God damn you please bless her
bamchicky09 Acum 37 minute
Do you ever worry about your dogs trying to eat them?
Sara Glover
Sara Glover Acum 37 minute
Love your plants!! Watch out for the bird of paradise and the zeze plant if your dogs ever eats them. I had my dog eat a zeze leaf and then we had to take him to the vet because they are poisonous. Just saying because I’ve experienced it and don’t want your fur babies to get sick.
Jackson Gibbons
Jackson Gibbons Acum 37 minute
my Hoyas are in bloom
negoromulus Acum 39 minute
Yes thank you thank you and thank you for don’t N.H. your only job...I mean I don’t know, your job then
adeya n
adeya n Acum 44 minute
what were the sites that she got the plants from?
Alyssa Shalyn
Alyssa Shalyn Acum 46 minute
*cries as a cat owner*
Holly Leather
Holly Leather Acum 51 minut
Are they enagaged? 😱
Ava Thomas
Ava Thomas Acum 52 minute
Jenna, I have two hoyas that i bought when they were the size of my hand, and now they are super big and they are both flowering. I think that you should put them upstairs because the main reason they are doing so well is because of the humidity. So. i would highly recommend doing that.
thefadedwildflower Acum 54 minute
I’m a “32 year old lady” and I can keep 2 kids and a dog alive but I kill all plants 😩
Rosa Montes
Rosa Montes Acum 55 minute
Dress up like a tree! Become one! I sooooo wanna see that 😊😊😊
Lia Altpeter
Lia Altpeter Acum 57 minute
I’m 13 and i enjoyed this
Annalee Berlin
Annalee Berlin Acum 58 minute
Nadja Bergendahl
Nadja Bergendahl Acum 59 minute
So to summarize. If you water them they grow.
Ella Polen
Ella Polen Acum oră
jenna can u please try to pluck your eyebrows with tongs???
Giselle W. Lee
Giselle W. Lee Acum oră
Very botanically active lifeeee😂😂😂 love it
Anna Leonard
Anna Leonard Acum oră
I absolutely loved this video, it was so calming. Also.... ring on left hand??😏
mario prado
mario prado Acum oră
es una lastima que no este en español... saludos de Argentina!!!
A person I guess
Her dining room corner that looks like a jungle looks like all of my sims houses
CakeOrDeath Acum oră
Jesus christ I found plants to be so boring but Jenna just made this so damn interesting. I can listen to her talk about paint dry and I'll be intensely interested hanging on to every. Damn. WORD. ❤❤
thisisloupshit Acum oră
Self-care tip: Talk to yourself like Jenna talks to her plants 🌱
Joe McCrafter
Joe McCrafter Acum oră
Pewdiepie has 9 years Olds Jena Marbles has 32 year old ladies, men and non binary friends 😂
Mariah Luna
Mariah Luna Acum oră
You’re a witch now 💓🌿😆
Stardust 167
Stardust 167 Acum oră
I showed this video to my 68 year old grandma and now she is subscribed to jenna because she thinks she is a plant review channel.
Hannah Tadian
Hannah Tadian Acum oră
jenna proving she’s going to be an amazing mom for 28 minutes and 49 seconds
Tundra DeLaLune
Tundra DeLaLune Acum oră
So this technically counts as witchcraft but if you want the hoyas to bloom but pictures of hoyas in bloom behind them and tell the plants that is what they need to do. It may sound silly but my aunt did this to my mother's hoya and as long as there were pictures of blooming hoyas behind it it would literally stay in bloom with many clusters of flowers all year round. We stopped with the pictures and it stopped blooming but then one day we moved it and it started blooming like crazy again. My mom started trying to figure out why and she stopped trying to figure it out when she realized that the curtains on the window next to it had blooming hoyas embroidered into the edges of them. I swear to god it works.
Kimberlee Clements
Oh no...im a 23 year old lady... 👀
Beautypie Acum oră
Crazy how much she knows about plants! Very informative and makes me want to get some plants
Lauren Sartain
Lauren Sartain Acum oră
Jenna please recreate James “why I’m going to be single forever” video makeup look. I feel like you will do great
Allyson 1712
Allyson 1712 Acum oră
After I got 8 plants for my room my mom doesn’t let me buy any more. So I grow my own 😏😈😈
Sophie Trigg
Sophie Trigg Acum oră
25:15 Can any one tell me the full name of this plant? :)
Hammie Acum oră
I love plants and I love you
Megan Delaney
Megan Delaney Acum oră
Wait is that an engagement ring
Marija Vika
Marija Vika Acum oră
Jenna, I am in this stage right now! I watched this video 3 times hahahaha.... the funniest part is Julian's reaction when he found our you are multiplying plants hahahha... the same as my fiance! He thinks our house will become a jungle!
Jocelyn Acum oră
Can we get a “What a girls house plant means”
Breanna Kilburg
Breanna Kilburg Acum oră
Jenna should react to her old vids that got her fame. Like what girls think about... and her music videos. Land shark
Kimberley Massey
Jenna, please, we would watch you read a fucking phone book. Do whatever you want with your videos. We will watch them.
Brittany Vega
Brittany Vega Acum oră
She showers with Roberto! 😂
Leah Bailak
Leah Bailak Acum oră
Can you are a video where you and Julien try to follow the same recipe and see how the two different tried turn out without talking to each other
MeganLyn Acum oră
I watched this and then went and bought four plants 😁
firstname lastname
Morgan V
Morgan V Acum oră
Put the high humidity plant in your bathroom
cynthia amezcua
cynthia amezcua Acum oră
you should also try air plants :') I LOVE them and always give me such a fun time
Alias007 Acum oră
I used to have a dog named pothos and when u said that it made me remember him i miss him
Niomie Jupiter
Niomie Jupiter Acum 2 ore
Do fX make up
One Squarey Boi
One Squarey Boi Acum 2 ore
My Aunt bought a flower pot that said #WaterMe and forgot to water it👏
Madalyn Swaner
Madalyn Swaner Acum 2 ore
i put this on in the background while doing homework and it was so calming
Inventoryx Acum 2 ore
Okay someone let me know where I can find tutorials and info so I can know as much as Jenna which isn’t a boring ass book. This was reviving.
efi s
efi s Acum 2 ore
You should do a dumpster dive at an ultra or something and film it😂 every time I watch one of those videos I wonder what whould Jenna do 😂😂and then you can just donate the stuff you find if you don’t wanna keep them 😂❤️ Hello from Greece 🇬🇷
Jennifer Caster
Jennifer Caster Acum 2 ore
Plants can hear as well, depending if you play a certain type of music whenever they're young itll cause their growth to be different. Honestly I love how she compliments them, they probably feel better about theirselves. Shes so sweet, and nice to them.
Kailey D
Kailey D Acum 2 ore
has anyone noticed how out of her comforter zone her outfit is? JEANS with a PASTEL flannel😳
Emily Czech
Emily Czech Acum 2 ore
25:00 love that one!
Ydalis Lomax
Ydalis Lomax Acum 2 ore
Omnirex Acum 2 ore
Rosellyn Lindert
Rosellyn Lindert Acum 2 ore
I’m so here for this. I want a plant now
Alex Carroll
Alex Carroll Acum 2 ore
It’s time for dog ASMR😂😪
Savanna Meeker
Savanna Meeker Acum 2 ore
Wtf is cermit doing
Galaxy Shards
Galaxy Shards Acum 2 ore
Have you seen the new JnJ videos?
Melanie Bell
Melanie Bell Acum 2 ore
This video was way better than said it would be 😂
Tanner Davis
Tanner Davis Acum 2 ore
I love this
Chesney Warden
Chesney Warden Acum 3 ore
When Jenna is actually a botanist
itzyuhboimama bean
U live in a rain forest. Also u so fuckin beautiful like fuuuuckkk yeaaahhh
Sophie K
Sophie K Acum 3 ore
No joke cutting off a plants flowers is an equivalent of castration. Flowers are used for reproduction, the pollen is basically plant sperm.
Corrine M
Corrine M Acum 3 ore
i want my house to look like this one day with this many plants i love it
Anna Мinasyan
Anna Мinasyan Acum 3 ore
while I was watching this my anxiety went away
A E Acum 3 ore
You've relit my love for plants. Thank you ❤️
Paige Friedrich
Paige Friedrich Acum 3 ore
As someone who works in a greenhouse it makes me so happy you enjoy rubber trees! I also really love that you are doing research to take the best possible care for your plants!
Kira GIn
Kira GIn Acum 3 ore
This was so relaxing to watch I love this so much!
Karaa Acum 3 ore
30yo lady here and I’m loving this vid 😂😍 I’m so jealous of all your plants. I have 2 cats who like to eat mine so I’m confined to non-toxic plants and then have to protect them up high or with terrariums 😑👍🏻
Lace of Spades
Lace of Spades Acum 3 ore
This was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks for sharing :)
Emily D
Emily D Acum 3 ore
This is the video I needed. I only have 4 indoor plants rn. I'm sad because I got a string of pearls on sale because it was dying. I think it's about almost dead, and I loved it 😭 I also can't have many indoor plants because cats 🙀 They love to eat them! So my plants stay up where they can't get them. I also cant have backyard plants because my pups 🐕 They think what ever I plant new out there is their treat lol what ever was there already, they leave alone! And then the front of my home faces the north and has soooo much shade! Not much likes to live up there. You're living my plant dreams girl 💚
Tiffani Fowler
Tiffani Fowler Acum 3 ore
This has been my favorite video by far 💕 I’ve been watching since you started ROvids and I just LOVED THIS ❤️
Lena Landhuhn
Lena Landhuhn Acum 3 ore
*and this is the quiet game* *go!*
Natalie Nerdle
Natalie Nerdle Acum 3 ore
This makes me want to buy more plants!!
spiderdude2099 Acum 3 ore
This is the big Virgo energy video I've been looking for.
Savannah Juggalette
You do not look 32!!!! You look 25... the hell?!
rachel bogh
rachel bogh Acum 3 ore
You should become a human plant for a video
theAmelie1995 Acum 3 ore
.... why do I like this 😂😂😂😂 32 year old lady at heart
Julian Guerry
Julian Guerry Acum 3 ore
I loved this
Nancy Vickers
Nancy Vickers Acum 3 ore
Someweirdbich Acum 3 ore
Lily Stratton
Lily Stratton Acum 3 ore
Dude. How. HOW?? Also holy shit there's so many holy crap
Katie McLachlan
Katie McLachlan Acum 4 ore
kmck89123 Acum 4 ore
I appreciate "LaHOYA Jackson"
Marissa Lynn
Marissa Lynn Acum 4 ore
imagine the freshness of the air in there
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