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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

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thank u, next (Official Video)
Song available here: arianagrande.lnk.to/thankunextYD
Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
Edited by Hannah Lux Davis & Taylor Tracy Walsh
Production Company: London Alley
Executive Producers: Brandon Bonfiglio, Luga Podesta, Andrew Lerios
Colorist: Bryan Smaller
Featuring (in alphabetical order)
Colleen Ballinger
Jonathan Bennett
Matt Bennett
Courtney Chipolone
Jennifer Coolidge
Gabi DeMartino
Stefanie Drummond
Elizabeth Gillies
Toulouse Grande
Kris Jenner
Alexa Luria
Daniella Monet
Victoria Monet
Scott Nicholson
Tayla Parx
Troye Sivan

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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30 nov. 2018

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Izzy Junca
Izzy Junca Acum 20 secunde
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet And so are you But the roses are wilting The violets are dead. The sugar bowl is empty And so is your head😂😂
응응 Acum 2 minute
나도 포니테일을 높게 묶어도 얼굴이 안 커보이면....ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
응응 Acum 3 minute
After break up your girlfriend,l'm board anyone
Marbel Vicioso
Marbel Vicioso Acum 5 minute
응응 Acum 5 minute
It was awesome!
Clecio Sena
Clecio Sena Acum 7 minute
Em 2019
tmoney live
tmoney live Acum 8 minute
When she said Mac 😢
erdhigt siswanto
erdhigt siswanto Acum 9 minute
Focus breathin without you, and No tears left to cry again, Falling into you Was Best Mistake and problem , thank you next
G Acum 14 minute
I mean cat
G Acum 14 minute
WUT she’s kat
Ali Nielsssen
Ali Nielsssen Acum 15 minute
Just noticed it’s 7 rings in the beginning🤠
Unicorn Kitty Pants
Unicorn Kitty Pants Acum 17 minute
She copied mean girls,Regina George,the whole squad,reginas house,the burn book
anni bonfim
anni bonfim Acum 17 minute
Eu sou a única brasileira curta
Ilias Laadsi
Ilias Laadsi Acum 21 minut
Mika Acum 23 minute
0:38 Looks like Ariana
Farukh Yussupov
Farukh Yussupov Acum 24 minute
Есть ли здесь Рашн люди
Scarly Maya
Scarly Maya Acum 24 minute
Vanessa Rivera
Vanessa Rivera Acum 27 minute
Love it I hear it every day
Ava Mays
Ava Mays Acum 28 minute
Ariana Grande are you a teenager I'm 7 and my name is Ava just telling you stop showing off your money
Ava Mays
Ava Mays Acum 25 minute
I'm just I'm just I'm not sanity I'm 7
Ava Mays
Ava Mays Acum 26 minute
Odessa I'll show you chilling on 7 I don't know what I don't know that's all I can show you go to my ROvids yeah I'm just going to go back to work luncheon and Ariana Grande try to just do something that fly I think you should go rich I mean how are you doing Turn Down I'm really not that hard but I'm not rich 20th shortfall you money bye-bye
Lеди Альбина
Lеди Альбина Acum 30 minute
Memphis Swagger
Memphis Swagger Acum 32 minute
Carmen Z
Carmen Z Acum 33 minute
Like si hablas español y viste su programa de Ariana grande que es Sam y cat
Elis Carvalho
Elis Carvalho Acum 33 minute
Alguém em 2019?
diferentown Acum 34 minute
I have an acoustic cover of this amazing song on my channel, please come see it, you will not regret it ❤️ sorry for my terrible English!
sebby5572 Acum 35 minute
Ariana if you are reading this you need to put Miranda sings in ur next music vid
Mariluz Puga
Mariluz Puga Acum 37 minute
sebby5572 Acum 37 minute
Who else came for Colleen.. *i feel like it’s just me lol*
Marwa Ahmadzai
Marwa Ahmadzai Acum 38 minute
You know guys Ariana Grande was on Nickelodeon with Victorious she was cat and Elizabeth was there too and i love ariana
founder s.
founder s. Acum 44 minute
Aleeah Cotton
Aleeah Cotton Acum 46 minute
I ment every day
Aleeah Cotton
Aleeah Cotton Acum 46 minute
Thos what I like girll
Ziko Winando
Ziko Winando Acum 51 minut
The same intro 0:03 with 7 ring? I din’t realize
HALEY AUBUCHON Acum 55 minute
Its cool how she keeps switching movies.
John Carlo Sayson
John Carlo Sayson Acum 55 minute
3 0 0 M ! 💯
Marie orEliza
Marie orEliza Acum 57 minute
I like all her looks,nice style😊
Maya_ Gacha life fun
Bacelisa Hernandez
I love ariana grande music
jordyn paydil d’angelo channel
i love ariana
Mom Kardashian-Jenner
Marcelo Vidal
Marcelo Vidal Acum oră
2:45 me hizo acordar a la pelicula a los 30
It's ATG
It's ATG Acum oră
Thank You, Replay
Ginger Rhianna
Ginger Rhianna Acum oră
Ariana you look like gabi from niki and gabi
tenorbuds Acum oră
Hey Ariana, we did a cover. Hope you like it. Thanks for always giving us amazing music.
Marialucia Milla
Lembro amo essa música lembro de swindel
lizeth Valenzuela
Rifkes Acum oră
my ex sang this too me...
Jaroslaw Pilarz
Jaroslaw Pilarz Acum oră
i hate y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emilia Bugly
Emilia Bugly Acum oră
on the scene with the care if you see on the plate it says 7 rings
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis Acum oră
Did anyone notice the beginning is seven rings?
brayden games
brayden games Acum oră
Bacon eggs
Tony Lima
Tony Lima Acum oră
Who’s malkum
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Acum oră
you can hear 7 rings in the beginning
xaviar Acum oră
the fact that she's been teasing 7 rings since november is CRAZY to me. i reviewed the album on my channel if yall have a moment check it out for me please 🙏 (its not a boring review at all! i promise ! LOL!)
Potato Clover
Potato Clover Acum oră
this music vid was based on the movie Mean Girls (like if you knew it already)
legendary animal!
I heard that aiana Grandè put her hair in a high ponytails I put mine in a high ponytail I heard that ariana Grandè sand so sang her song
rochola Acum oră
thank you next bitch,
loisimar garcias
Rebecca Eloah
Rebecca Eloah Acum oră
Santiago Nas
Santiago Nas Acum oră
Santiago Nas
Santiago Nas Acum oră
Isadora Vieira
Isadora Vieira Acum oră
2023 anyone??
Sinox Lyrics
Sinox Lyrics Acum oră
Nice song , welcome all to my channel about lyrics :)
Samantha De La Cruz
In the beginning it sounds like 7 rings
Arthur Desrosiers
jhulya kessya
jhulya kessya Acum oră
4:00 what a cute thing she's dancing kk
nxaxdine Acum oră
Blonde suits her
epgriffin1 Acum oră
Ari please stop saying cus words. You are great but I just dont Enjoy hearing all the bad words you say so please stop saying all those dirty words
Sophia Bower
Sophia Bower Acum oră
Sounds like bacon eggs...Crazy👑👑
16 February 2019 anyone?
ʏᴏᴜ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴍʏ ʜᴀɪʀ? ɢᴇᴇ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋs, ᴊᴜsᴛ ʙᴏᴜɢʜᴛ ɪᴛ :)
Maria Southernland
I love this girl
Imigenthetiktoklover GIRLS
Some parts were from the film 13 going on 30 and mean girls
Gracie Douglas
Gracie Douglas Acum oră
OMG I didn’t know Colleen was in it
Sabu Antony
Sabu Antony Acum oră
"Ok, this so fetch"
Grandē Unicorn
Grandē Unicorn Acum oră
There is 5 reasons that I like this video 1: Gabi 2:I love this song 3:Ariana Grande is beautiful and Amazing 4: I have some of the outfits in Roblox 5: I have a crush on Toulouse Grande
Yandere Girl2013
I just realized that 7 rings is playing in the beginning
Joshua Robinson
Joshua Robinson Acum oră
She's gorgeous❤
Valeria chip
Valeria chip Acum oră
hannah tautolo
hannah tautolo Acum 2 ore
lmao seven rings in the begenning
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn Acum 2 ore
1:10 lindsay lohan???
I don’t know
I don’t know Acum 2 ore
Linh Nguyễn no liz gillies
Tracy Zhang
Tracy Zhang Acum 2 ore
When they're in the wash room with the guy they were both from Victorious
Selene mair Olmedo
Parece una Barbie❤️😂😂
ferdiiian official
From Indonesia❤I like Ariana Grande music❤It is The Best👌🏻
hsea yga
hsea yga Acum 2 ore
Jen Soph
Jen Soph Acum 2 ore
Everyone is talking about Mean Girls but like,, that Legally Blonde scene
San Vlogs
San Vlogs Acum 2 ore
7 rings ? Thank u next ?
Thibaut Toulouse
Thibaut Toulouse Acum 2 ore
16 february 2019👍
Merian Bright
Merian Bright Acum 2 ore
even thought brain cancer that wont stop her !
Lorena Lou
Lorena Lou Acum 2 ore
Alguém brasileiro ou so eu?
Andrea Guadalupe Castillo Muñiz
Like si ariana es la mejor si no me dan Lake son historia
TheeOriginalLolo Acum 2 ore
Belieber Forever
Belieber Forever Acum 2 ore
Wtf I just noticed that 7 rings' music!
Tony Acum 2 ore
I don't get it.
Elise Lee
Elise Lee Acum 2 ore
Mean Girls and 13 to 30 are the movies in the video (and more but idk those movies)
뿌링이 Acum 2 ore
Ariana Grande❤👍🏻
Lucy fernandez poza
Guapa cabrona muamua tienes novio jjjjjj
Claudia Lozano
Claudia Lozano Acum 2 ore
Anyone else notice at the beginning it plays instrumental music of 7 rings
mendes lover
mendes lover Acum 2 ore
Mafina Assan Kojo
Who realised that the tune in the background at the begging is the same as Ariana's song 7 Rings
Itaci Antic
Itaci Antic Acum 2 ore
Balkanci cao imali vas