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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:

Directed and Interviewed by Joe Sabia
Produced by Jeff Kornberg
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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6 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 71 735
JJ Gittes
JJ Gittes Acum oră
I genuinely don't know who this is. Someone enlighten me!
Monko Games
Monko Games Acum oră
this is a nice video
Matteo Russo
Matteo Russo Acum 2 ore
A lot After drugs.
Charley Johnson
Charley Johnson Acum 2 ore
Ure only 16 😯😯
vv x
vv x Acum 2 ore
She seems to Scarlet Johansson
Fanclfour .v
Fanclfour .v Acum 2 ore
She blinks twice when she says her name..lol..
찬미 Acum 2 ore
Sometimes fame can be a burden and I really want to blame the world that made billie feel blue. She looks so tired.
Soft Cheese
Soft Cheese Acum 2 ore
think before doing serious drugs
Kristina Kerr
Kristina Kerr Acum 2 ore
at 2:39 i actually started cyiny
Rina Acum 2 ore
Her old self is happier
Peaceful Painting
I think she will commit suicide. She's really not in a good place. She's not even hiding how sad she is (which is a good thing) but....I feel like you have to be a whole kind of low to not pretend your happy. She's like a Jim Carrey went crazy type
Amani Graham
Amani Graham Acum 2 ore
Awwh Billie looks so sad 😞
yusuf.kette Acum 3 ore
Does she smoke?
Chloe Boyce
Chloe Boyce Acum 3 ore
this just gets me in my feels:(
Alesia Unicorn
Alesia Unicorn Acum 3 ore
2019 =11M
Deborah Fallon
Deborah Fallon Acum 3 ore
Little miss pish me off.but love you. Your art is amazing zzzzzz!!!!$$$$$%^%^** so the silver, girl. Yeah.me too always all my life. I'm an old lady .my absolutely beautiful intelligent deep to the bone ripping off the flesh kind of peeps. She is and does not care what people think. She, like you wears baggy. Keep on telling the truth. Weather it's good bad or indifferent. Fuckemall if they cant take a joke. Keep smiling that beautiful smile. Oh Jade Fallon adores your music. Ty. Shi ✌ & ❤
Samuel Arce
Samuel Arce Acum 3 ore
It's not the most liked one it's the pic of the egg in Instagram that has 53million likes
Josephina Nedelkos
i feel so bad for Billie i am literally am in tears
StassyLove Acum 3 ore
She better looks in 2018
Mykahlynn Beck
Mykahlynn Beck Acum 3 ore
I freaking love Billie sm
Gucci Owes Me Money
howcome billie is depressed sorry if this is a dumb question
Ryan Acum 3 ore
Sitting climaxing over how many followers she has/people have and then wishing not to be recognised all the time. Conflicted, aye?
Joanna Davis
Joanna Davis Acum 3 ore
she completely changed her voice to sound "cooler"
Lindsay Leighton
Lindsay Leighton Acum 3 ore
@4:50 YES! 🙌🏻 love that perspective
S. Gallagher
S. Gallagher Acum 3 ore
9:56 ❤️
lila_lavendercupcake 87x
She looks so depressed between last year
Chris J Burton
Chris J Burton Acum 4 ore
That video is like a case study on the trappings of fame. She is probably really rich now but basically a prisoner who can't walk in public without fans swarming. It would be fun to get recognized once a week but not literally every time you walk outside. I read somewhere that her family can't live in their house anymore because fans found out where she lived. People might be better off poor than to live like that. No wonder justin bieber seems sad most of the time.
Joel Soriano
Joel Soriano Acum 4 ore
Que si que si, que es la misma la mas humilde la mas de todo. Que si que si. No me gusta. Y Punto.
Thor Fjelsted
Thor Fjelsted Acum 4 ore
5:00-5:20 💪
Nikhil Thakral
Nikhil Thakral Acum 4 ore
She's amazing the way she is...sad or happy doesn't matter
Justin S
Justin S Acum 4 ore
I have no idea who this person is
Chris J Burton
Chris J Burton Acum 4 ore
she is a fairly new singer with a hit album and maybe the most famous teenager since Justin Bieber.
VapeKoll Acum 4 ore
She looks like a typical Xanax user... 😂
babyboi gguk
babyboi gguk Acum 5 ore
She is so beautiful 😍😘
Lilrock Acum 5 ore
The music in the back makes it 10x sadder.
Guitarcovers Acum 5 ore
3:42 BBC
koko Mohamed
koko Mohamed Acum 5 ore
Omg that's so cute I love her so much she made me cry..really I think she is actually like me..she's so depressed like me..she would cry..omg I really love her♥♥
Chloe Skittles
Chloe Skittles Acum 5 ore
Billie is like me a depresso messo'
Luka Otto
Luka Otto Acum 5 ore
I know those rappers following
Ceci Mendoza
Ceci Mendoza Acum 6 ore
I have no idea who she is... (no hate here) but she seems nice.
Manu 203
Manu 203 Acum 6 ore
actual title: how Billie Eilish changed into an emo hipster in 1 year
Paper Bunny
Paper Bunny Acum 6 ore
I really hope she's found a way to free herself..
Schoko 54
Schoko 54 Acum 6 ore
Wow she looks so sad and i Want to help her.it feel so cringe to watch how she Changed her mindset
OkardusM Acum 6 ore
she actually looks like she just wants to have a normal childhood
King 04
King 04 Acum 6 ore
When she says "black" i actually could see her sadness in her eyesss omg billie , get betterr
Sơn Trần
Sơn Trần Acum 6 ore
Why did i cry?
Army&once forever
uwu :( if u look at billie's eyes u will see that she will cry suddenly😭💜 She look like a different person now! 💜✨
Murphy Franson
Murphy Franson Acum 7 ore
She seams so mean but she’s so nice
Ngu AF
Ngu AF Acum 7 ore
How about 2019?
Thi Dang
Thi Dang Acum 7 ore
Before and after the herpies around the mouth
Kath Perry
Kath Perry Acum 7 ore
Ohh Katy!💖 brave Billie love u both
checooo loco
checooo loco Acum 7 ore
MK ultra victim
Anndre'a Rankin
Anndre'a Rankin Acum 7 ore
When she high fived herself 😥😥
Lipika scorpion
Lipika scorpion Acum 7 ore
This is what we call experience, although this experience sounded gloomy.
Melvin J. Hernandez
False identity, attention seeking attitude, so much going on here
Jackson Bradbury
Jackson Bradbury Acum 7 ore
Wtf she’s 16 I thought she was like 23
Sammie Sanders
Sammie Sanders Acum 7 ore
Is it just me or does she seem more depressed
Elle M
Elle M Acum 8 ore
2019 please
ramy anis
ramy anis Acum 8 ore
The price of selling your soul to the devil
Nea Lenneman Söderberg
Omg billie is just sooooo beautiful and she is everything I whant to be!!😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
sofia margareta
sofia margareta Acum 9 ore
And now you have it
Nicole Vegetable
Nicole Vegetable Acum 9 ore
I love Billie
Aje Thor
Aje Thor Acum 9 ore
I just love her 🤭
Balqis Nurfarisya
Bcsss she hassss joined the illuminati. ;(
küressellik killer
Millionaire but unhappy, wtf
Avocado Acum 8 ore
küressellik killer Wow! It’s almost as if no matter what position you’re in, you’re still as prone to depression as anyone else!
MahHeart MahSoul
MahHeart MahSoul Acum 10 ore
Kaiser Plays: BF K
Kaiser Plays: BF K Acum 10 ore
Wow she is so beautiful tbh
1AM KING Acum 10 ore
i ❤️ billie..
Georgia Pledger
Georgia Pledger Acum 10 ore
That interview is on my birthday!
Rafidah_Lee Acum 10 ore
Don't post it feeling don't post anything. She already said about what it's I mean government contral what she do. Pray for this girl.
Dhiyo Arsyi Umranulfurqan
Man this is depressing
Helena Belle
Helena Belle Acum 10 ore
idk bout you but i can't into her music
Phumelele Ndlovu
Phumelele Ndlovu Acum 10 ore
It's so sad that if you look at her eyes they say she's on the verge of crying💔💔 I wish I could help her go through her sadness and depression but I don't think I ever will😪💔 But how can you not love her, she's the cutest, sweetest thing ever, especially when her mom came in, but on the inside...shes struggling😭💔
Wolfy Midnight's cookie
I'm really worried about her 😰😨 ..
Eli Kirk
Eli Kirk Acum 11 ore
I love Billie‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Z M Acum 11 ore
Can someone tell me what she went thru that she changed her whole “vibe” to being all “depressed”.
Avocado Acum 8 ore
Literal Depression (MDD)
Katy Mclachlan
Katy Mclachlan Acum 11 ore
Katy Mclachlan
Katy Mclachlan Acum 11 ore
Why can’t she just let her tears come out
Dinah Gerner Løvschall
Wow i thougt she was 19 or something😂😂😂
Hello There
Hello There Acum 11 ore
billie can add ARIANA GRANDE i repeat ARIANA GRANDE to her most followed follower and most followed person she has texted
Farhan Kusuma
Farhan Kusuma Acum 11 ore
its crazy that now she has more followers than chloe grace moretz.
HypeFace Tv
HypeFace Tv Acum 11 ore
This Year again
Coal Acum 11 ore
Pushing this thot so hard
crow ya salty
crow ya salty Acum 11 ore
jez… what happened ? she looks so much happier and radiant with positive energy before
daddy issues.
daddy issues. Acum 11 ore
I mean.. I don't like her.. But this is so sad
XD marten
XD marten Acum 11 ore
I cant believe that she looks like 20 when she was 15
Autumn Lewis
Autumn Lewis Acum 11 ore
We’re going to act like this isn’t heart breaking ?
Jimin Is my Muffin
Jimin Is my Muffin Acum 11 ore
She was almost crying welp
캐사킴 Acum 12 ore
I want to hug her so badly
BabyCakes123 Acum 12 ore
She’s not on the verge of crying lol, its the weirdly chosen sad piano in the background
Avocado Acum 8 ore
BabyCakes123 lol wtf who’s listening to the music thinking shes gonna cry?
Emma Forrest
Emma Forrest Acum 12 ore
8:40-8:47 she looks so broken😢
V Acum 12 ore
Left girl is a different Person right?
Gabby OMG!
Gabby OMG! Acum 12 ore
I still can’t believe that she is the same age as my friend lol 😂
Mariah Deborah
Mariah Deborah Acum 12 ore
i ain't cryin' U ARE
Musika Musika
Musika Musika Acum 12 ore
I can feel the depression in her eyes, and on every laughter she make is fake.
Doctor Pool
Doctor Pool Acum 12 ore
Cara Delevingne
Chokebron James
Chokebron James Acum 13 ore
don't do drugs
Sofia Raja
Sofia Raja Acum 13 ore
She’s a queen
Mariehzy Acum 13 ore
You can see she lost the sparkle in her eyes now. I hope it comes back. She deserves everything good.
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Acum 14 ore
All Billie needs right then and now is a shoulder to cry on, she just needs to let her feelings out on someone’s caring shoulder, these artists go through so much and at her age I can’t imagine how much stress, and sadness she goes through....
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