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On October 18th, 2017, after a busy day of promotional interviews in New York City, Billie Eilish met with Vanity Fair to discuss the 15-year-old’s breakthrough success. On October 18th, 2018, after a long day of pre-tour rehearsals, Billie spoke with VF again to answer the exact same questions and look back at a time capsule of her answers from last year. Her Instagram follower count grew from 257K to 6.3 million. She went from playing crowds of 500 fans to playing arenas for more than 40,000. See how Billie’s life changed over the last year.
Listen to a recomposition of Billie's "Ocean Eyes" here:
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Billie Eilish: Same Interview, One Year Apart | Vanity Fair


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6 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 35 394
The TableTop Gamers
That was deep
Andrea Silva Prieto
Where is my girl...
Mariane Thomson
Mariane Thomson Acum 2 ore
billie. i love you. i hope it gets better and i'm so sorry, baby, i'm sorry
Madison Quade
Madison Quade Acum 2 ore
Did she say 16 in 2018 when she said she was 17 in 2017????
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Acum 2 ore
She’s only 16 she doesn’t deserve to be that broken yet :(
Jaelyn Rancourt
Jaelyn Rancourt Acum 2 ore
6:25 uses ring to itch 😂😂
Kim Fentress
Kim Fentress Acum 2 ore
In the beginning I thought she was weird but my friend showed me how good she was and I was going to cry I love her and her songs made me feel happy she makes me so happy she is so cool so interesting
Blueberri Snøw
Blueberri Snøw Acum 2 ore
Why are all you guys saying that she is broken and deppresed and upset what if she looks at this she might get sad so please stop with the negitvity like know she said she is but dude just stop being so like negative
Maria Sands
Maria Sands Acum 2 ore
Billie you're going to make me cry
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Acum 2 ore
5:42 - 5:52 I FELT THAT LOL
vespenn x
vespenn x Acum 2 ore
billie. i love you. hang in there. you're lovely.
Shaheed Salaam
Shaheed Salaam Acum 2 ore
I love this girl
Salsa Yedisman
Salsa Yedisman Acum 2 ore
ItzTritz Acum 2 ore
She is so down to EARTH
Jade Beardsley
Jade Beardsley Acum 2 ore
Who tf is chopping onions? 😭
joss Acum 2 ore
I feel like she just an she's just such an inspiring person that and she goes through a lot and she just looks nice and doesn't deserve it
Kosmo Gunderson
Kosmo Gunderson Acum 2 ore
Ugh Billie is so CUTE I swear to GOD
Thanh Nguyen
Thanh Nguyen Acum 2 ore
I once heard someone said that the loneliest people are the artists
Izzy & Jackson
Izzy & Jackson Acum 2 ore
hey come watch our 1st vlog !:)
Mario Cat556
Mario Cat556 Acum 2 ore
It looks like they are taking to eachother
Layla Kushwaha
Layla Kushwaha Acum 2 ore
Sis looks so broken inside
Pella Cervin
Pella Cervin Acum 2 ore
this is the saddest thing i’ve ever seen
Krista Foster
Krista Foster Acum 3 ore
The best part was philisophy
unicornhaught Acum 3 ore
she looks so sad now, i need to someone take care of her
다이앤Dianne Acum 3 ore
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Emma Major
Emma Major Acum 3 ore
I can't believe she's only 16, seems way more mature than that.
Valentina Moonstorm
This killed me, actual. It's so sad she doesn't deserve such hurt :(
lucy jamison
lucy jamison Acum 3 ore
the light is gone to my lovely Billie 💖
Miranda Bouyea
Miranda Bouyea Acum 3 ore
she deserves so much happy, it’s really unreal:(
Riley Leach
Riley Leach Acum 3 ore
in tears for her.
Misya Herron
Misya Herron Acum 3 ore
She looks like she was about to cry but I'm already crying.
victor gomez
victor gomez Acum 3 ore
Im 6
Kalee Bell
Kalee Bell Acum 3 ore
I am crying rn
Alazea Acum 3 ore
You can tell how broken she is
Jessica Mejia
Jessica Mejia Acum 3 ore
uhhhhh i dont think she is i think shes super real and so beautiful and the most realist person on the celebrity history atleast in my opinion.
Green Bean
Green Bean Acum 3 ore
I love billie eilish in 2017 she was so happy and not so sad
Anna Martins
Anna Martins Acum 3 ore
terminei chorando litros meu Deus 💔
BelleBean Acum 3 ore
Im blown away by how old your soul is ❤️
ST.Sofia Escobar
ST.Sofia Escobar Acum 3 ore
In general she looks happier a year ago that’s sad you know... 😕 she says she’s jealous of 15 year old Billie I feel bad
Nolan Powell
Nolan Powell Acum 3 ore
She turned into Lil Xan
nerm Acum 3 ore
3:29 how she shrugged when she smiled haha ♡
Kasandra Ortiz
Kasandra Ortiz Acum 3 ore
This Deadass made me cry ☹️
Brenda Ruiz
Brenda Ruiz Acum 3 ore
I liked this video because it was like she was talking in a deep voice i love you billie eillesh😘
Unicorn Gacha
Unicorn Gacha Acum 3 ore
Omg this hurt my heart because she seems so sad now....
Insect King
Insect King Acum 3 ore
Lil Peep as a girl
Jaelin Gilmore
Jaelin Gilmore Acum 3 ore
bitter aries
bitter aries Acum 3 ore
the light in her eyes is gone. she looks destroyed, numb, completely broken. this makes me so sad
John Roy Lalantacon
The smile in her face is different now😢😢😢
Mia saiz 2.0
Mia saiz 2.0 Acum 3 ore
I love Billie she is a queen and she is so inspiring
Eva Diva
Eva Diva Acum 3 ore
Hello darkness....my old friend.........
Aesthetic Cactus
Aesthetic Cactus Acum 3 ore
Bro. She looked so broken when she told herself to not be so sad.
Jessie Wang
Jessie Wang Acum 3 ore
I saw this somewhere, and I just want to re post it: Your neck is not a shirt. Don’t hang it Your skin is not paper. Don’t cut it Your heart is not a door. Don’t shut it Your life is not a movie.Don’t end it It just reminded me of this, because it’s so sad
styxlik Acum 4 ore
Y'all take this way too serious just because of the depressing song in the background lmao she was depressed a year ago and still, so sad you didn't notice before
Bri B
Bri B Acum 4 ore
I wish I could give her my happiness :( because she deserves to be happy
Valery Hernandez
Valery Hernandez Acum 4 ore
but whyyyyy is she sad ?
alexa Acum 4 ore
Andressa Acum 4 ore
she's empty, that's so sad
Rianna Rivera
Rianna Rivera Acum 4 ore
Omg I'm trying so hard not to cry right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
bxby kimba
bxby kimba Acum 4 ore
Rianna Rivera
Rianna Rivera Acum 4 ore
Omg last year she was wearing multiple colors of clothes and now her looking back she's wearing basically black a lot and chains around her neck a ton of them and her enthusiasm has tooken over her life and she is sad or broken in this video but the old her is happy and full with a ton of energy it just ugh it's hurts because I love her so much but look at her she's all sad and broken and then the old her said something like don't let the sadness take over it's just a waste of time but look at her now I can't I just ugh I can't I want the old Billie eilish back but sooner or later your life changes and you just have to accept that yeah it could be a bad change or it could be a good change in life but still no matter what Billie eilish is and always will be my idol ilysm Billie eilish!!!!!
Eliane Ferreira
Eliane Ferreira Acum 4 ore
Brasil ?
Alisson Ashley
Alisson Ashley Acum 4 ore
Why does she look so BROKEN 😭😭😞😞
Ben Acum 4 ore
Ok so I’m a guy. I want billies style so bad. The hair color is fire. The dark/bright aesthetic she has is what I strive to look like
Monnike Moterani
Monnike Moterani Acum 4 ore
come to brazil pls
Kenya Smith
Kenya Smith Acum 4 ore
So broken😔😔😔
Kenya Smith
Kenya Smith Acum 4 ore
She looks like shes in pain😓😓
Sumaira Chaudhry
Sumaira Chaudhry Acum 4 ore
5:35. Same. LOL!!!
Denyela Noble
Denyela Noble Acum 4 ore
What is her Instagram??
Denyela Noble
Denyela Noble Acum 4 ore
October 18 is my birthday 😍
Lily Birlem
Lily Birlem Acum 4 ore
Yo, this is emotional 😭 I’m so sensitive smh
Benjamin Jacobo
Benjamin Jacobo Acum 4 ore
yurtyybomb Acum 4 ore
so pretentious
kapopi popi popi popi
ahhh brazil loves u billie
olivia Acum 4 ore
i want to hug her so bad :/ i love her
she look like so so sad im crying
melanies biggest fan
I can't watch her she is to pretty
I luv Billie Ellish!!!!
Milka T
Milka T Acum 5 ore
2:51 same bruh 😭😭
Fuat Rhiyouhri
Fuat Rhiyouhri Acum 5 ore
this is the first time i know her nd see her - it"s sooo sad to see a teenager think this way - i hope she'll handle it by time
yaridza morales
yaridza morales Acum 5 ore
She is such a beautiful woman but she is letting depression get the best of her 😔
carle!gh Acum 5 ore
omgggggg ahhhh i don’t want to say i feel so bad but it’s just sooo sadddd
annon ono
annon ono Acum 5 ore
what happened
CSKI 514
CSKI 514 Acum 5 ore
Happiness has gone and her shadow remains of her broken self....
Ashley Borodemos
Ashley Borodemos Acum 5 ore
Idk who she is
Maya Hoque
Maya Hoque Acum 5 ore
Oh boo boo, she's not exactly traumatised Britney is she .
Rigdon Vakalahi
Rigdon Vakalahi Acum 5 ore
Maya Alvarado
Maya Alvarado Acum 5 ore
i love her
Ebony B
Ebony B Acum 5 ore
Billie is such a teen like I just feel how she is cause we the same way and we are just sad cause we young
Sad Lali
Sad Lali Acum 5 ore
Cadê os br que não entende nada de inglês e só tá aqui pra ver o sorriso maravilhoso dessa Deusa??
Bellalina Acum 5 ore
I love her 💖
Sam Acum 5 ore
Billie 2017 looks and reminds me so much of my ex.. life happens but yeah..she made a big difference to my life..
Preety Thakur
Preety Thakur Acum 5 ore
Alexandra Rocha
Alexandra Rocha Acum 5 ore
Why did this video make me sad for her???? LOVE YOU BILLIE
Juliette Weber
Juliette Weber Acum 5 ore
Anyone notice “Ocean Eyes” playing in the background?
- Viper -
- Viper - Acum 5 ore
She didn’t mention X once big oof ;(
Ava Coop
Ava Coop Acum 5 ore
i love her so freaking much😭 she’s such an inspiration..she’s helped me a lot. i love you Billie😭😍💗
Hadley James
Hadley James Acum 5 ore
she literally looks like she’s forcing tears back. 😩
Zoraida Rosa
Zoraida Rosa Acum 5 ore
She is a old soul and you can see it in her answerss she does look sadder for sure now but still she is ......... down to earth
Noémi Kovács
Noémi Kovács Acum 5 ore
Ah.... The famous.. think... Is van easly broke you.. if you not enough strong... you can broke.. very qucikly... Ellie? What happend? You look... Depressed. It's... not... not just the bubarty..Or something like that... Be .. be strong.. Somehow.. If you have too mutch hard push in your back... Stop.. Take a break for you health.
Ava Coop
Ava Coop Acum 5 ore
poo..that was..ah😭😍💗
melissa e
melissa e Acum 5 ore
it’s crazy to think she’s only 3 years older than me and she’s been through so much..