California Shooter Was A Veteran, Purchased Weapon Legally | NBC News

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Officials have confirmed the identity of the shooter responsible for killing multiple people at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California. The suspect, Ian Long, was a veteran and former Marine with a history of run-ins with the police, but purchased the weapon used in the shooting legally.
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California Shooter Was A Veteran, Purchased Weapon Legally | NBC News

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8 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 1 133
Timmy Fowler
Timmy Fowler Acum 4 Zile
I'm sick and tired of the excuses for Ian long it's ptsd he saw war. I served from 97 TO 04 with the 75th Ranger Regiment I served threw Africa and Afghanistan I suffer on a daily basis as do so many other veterans, real Marines do not do this. His motive was simple he made the choice to do this
The Knights of the Rectangular Table
you are standing on the graves of people who died in shootings to press your political agenda
John Mc
John Mc Acum 24 Zile
John Mc
John Mc Acum 24 Zile
Brother Juggernaut
Brother Juggernaut Acum 25 Zile
The answer to the why is it here, is because there is an attempt to disarm America, this is to spotlight handguns. Is it weird in 2018 a huge spike in the shootings, a big spike. These are all false flags meaning to discredit President Trump and to either distract us from something that's happening or to take our guns.
Clive Bennett
Clive Bennett Acum 26 Zile
Jennifer Glenn I can get your point completely maybe we would have a gun problem if they were easy to get hold of and yes anybody over 18 can buy a knife without question but with a gun you have mass shootings you don't get mass knifings
marky fisher
marky fisher Acum 26 Zile
I can't believe al the newscasters would LIE!!!! what a disgrace to humanity and your country to Feed lies....another HOAX...... Propaganda and Disinformation!!!!, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA2012
Thor Bridge
Thor Bridge Acum 28 Zile
Hopefully by now you have all watched the video from inside the bar prior to and during the shooting and after and come to ask yourselves the same questions I did where are the hundreds of people, where are the screams, where is the panic sounds like another false flag to me
pauk Acum lună
If this guy was Muslim then it would be a problem for all Muslims, but as a white man he stands alone. Disgusting, racist country.
Jimmy Shoots
Jimmy Shoots Acum lună
Can NFL take a knee now Donald dump
Chris carlson
Chris carlson Acum lună
Fake as space.
Proper Acum lună
"No Way To Prevent This," - Says Only Nation Where This Happens Regularly
Travis Payne
Travis Payne Acum lună
JSMH... This country fears Vets so much, it's sick. They just can't make up a story to really stick. Just do a recap of the Battle of Oxford. Now there's a wacked out high ranking Vet for ya.
Philip Vdovjak
Philip Vdovjak Acum lună
Blooper reel. Lmao. Those can Microphones😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
ZION love it
ZION love it Acum lună
Why is all these white people suddenly shooting up each other? Makes you think Hummmm...... Could this be the Most high calling JUDGEMENT for all the sins of thier past.
Fred The Head
Fred The Head Acum lună
I got no problem with all this White people taking out white people no problem !
Daniel Brian
Daniel Brian Acum lună
Footage from inside of the bar during the supposed ''shooting'' show an empty bar despite the media claiming it was entirely full. That fact alone speaks for itself. Check out the CNN video. Don't be manipulated by these idiots.
Lady Caeda
Lady Caeda Acum lună
Also? Facebook confirm his death Telemachus Orfanos so how in any shape of from this is fake?
Jack Shite
Jack Shite Acum lună
If guns made people safer, America would be the safest country in the world. Facts say otherwise.
patrick starshooter
All you idiots in the millitary complaining about your jobs or how bad you have as veterens. Did anybody force you to join?
Way too many savages living in AmeriKKKA !!
bet gun control advocates are now gonna start their famous cliché song and dance act again
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Acum lună
This was an internal TERRORIST attack by another WHITE guy. A disgruntled military vet but nonetheless a TERRORIST act. I wonder if Grumpy will see it as such and call it a TERRORIST act?? Oh wait, IF the guy was black or brown and/or Hispanic or of Middle Eastern descent donnie would've CALLED it a part of the "caravan invaders" quickly approaching our borders. Yeah, great democracy we live in.
what fortune teller told you it was an act of terrorism?
龍大海Bickle's the Bomb!
patsy again. deep state desperate.
TheProBush Acum lună
Ian David Long...with a short weapon, typical of white cuckold guys
TheProBush Acum lună
28 yr old n they call you veteran..?? Sounds so old and frail..can.t get it up..can.t get it hard...Feeling low..down.. Suddenly, a burst of energy injected in the veins...Hated all those young sexually active college people..having fun all night long....
Wildman Jo
Wildman Jo Acum lună
The magazine he had wasn't legal. So we should ban things that are already banned?
Michael Sieben
Michael Sieben Acum lună
cool more human trash was disposed of .........love it !!!!
MC VLOGS Acum lună
GUN CONTROL!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!
Junito Punto Comm
There’s a Mass Shooting every other Week...SAD !! 😢
General Kwaku
General Kwaku Acum lună
This is Amerikkka dont get it twisted. This Country is almost out of time. The irony is in the name USA. THIS COUNTRY HAS NEVER BEEN UNITED ever!!!
LivelysReport Acum lună
what this sheriff here says is not consistent with the sound of gunfire which is heard in video.. the gun fire was so rapid, there was no looking to see whom you were firing at.. there was no identifying a target and then shooting at that target.. if the same gun was put in your hand and you were told to fire it as fast as you possibly can, that is what the sound of gunfire you would hear consistent with this supposed mass shooting.. I would be more inclined to believe it is a government run false flag and this Sheriff is a flat out criminal..
rick hanson
rick hanson Acum lună
Sheriffs Office just confirmed that the shooter committed suicide......prior to the shootings......more on that later.....
cherry boy
cherry boy Acum lună
they need to do something about gun laws put a stop to this
TU nguyen
TU nguyen Acum lună
It retaliation
Karl Strausside
Karl Strausside Acum lună
This is what lying on the spot looks like
Keoni Mana
Keoni Mana Acum lună
California has the most strict gun laws in the nation. Laws don't stop a person who wants to hurt others.
katman77018 Acum lună
its a hoax.
GriGoriy KyzMin
GriGoriy KyzMin Acum lună
Dude from the video vk.com/idsiski2002grigoriy
Claire Moon
Claire Moon Acum lună
Heartbreaking. Condolences to all those who lost loved ones. Hoping for a full emotional and physical recovery for wounded and other survivors. One day we will never read about another mass shooting because there will no longer be violence, wars, or mental illness on our beautiful planet and obviously no more guns. Proverbs @,22, Psalms 37:9-29, Isaiah @, Revelation 21:3,4 just to mention a few.
Larry Daniel Marquez
Gun crime in Chicago USA 2016 m.rovids.com/video/video-_jrfMn8rdcA.html The news reports these shooting like the one that just occured in California, but what about the ones in Chicago that happen a lot? A lot of people commit violence because they had a hard life and need help with good role models and good friends. If you see someone in need ask is there a way you can help them and maybe you could also be a good friend they can trust.
Dino Simotas
Dino Simotas Acum lună
Wow what obvious FF
Randy Bridges
Randy Bridges Acum lună
Staged Event Sheeple!!!!
White Devil
White Devil Acum lună
This guy killed people in a country music bar dressed in black with a black hoodie and mask. The Las Vegas shooter killed people at a country music concert and very little information about the shooter was made public. Sounds like Hillary voters to me.
Teri'lei Iokua-Williams
Get your story correct he's not 28 dummy, your
Where all the good people's with the gun is time to be that HERO
adoracle1 Acum lună
tell california to start upholding federal laws, including gun laws. but nice of you to not even let the bodies cool before throwing your gun control/banning politics in to the mix. vultures.
Gunga Din
Gunga Din Acum lună
300 mass shootings last year, 280 this year......almost one every other day....DO THE MATH PEOPLE.
dante darkstorm
dante darkstorm Acum lună
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US Acum lună
Watch out vets with ptsd, they're coming for your guns. Better start speaking to your government officials.
BOONIQUE Acum lună
We are white back where we started.
Dovii Dalla
Dovii Dalla Acum lună
It makes me LIVID. How many people witness friends and loved ones struggle with civilian life; some reaching that point when they are so angry and conflicted that they feel compelled to murder countless innocent people and then themselves? America is very willing to train and send these kids off to war, for multiple deployments, yet it is PATHETICALLY INEPT AT PUBLICALLY FUNDING AN ABSOLUTE TOP TIER MENTAL HEALTH INDUSTRY to help these kids cope when they return. Clearly, enough isn't being done and these kids DESERVE THE BEST without having to ask for it or spend a dime.
Gonzo Buddy
Gonzo Buddy Acum lună
Just another false flag shooting hoax. The step son and several others involved here are paid crisis actors. They were also at the fabricated Las Vegas shooting. Research it yourself and learn the truth. It is also ironic that the recent Synagogue alleged shooting had a "mass shooter" rehearsal drill prior to the staged event. It was just down the road about 5 blocks away at another Jewish owned location. Rather interesting that no hospitals reported having any of the Synagogue bodies or casualties afterwards. My cousin is an ER Nurse near that location and has yet to find any Hospital or Morgue who received people from the Synagogue....... because no one was shot, injured or killed. Wake up to reality. These shootings are fairy tales.
Eric Rose
Eric Rose Acum lună
The fairy tale is in your head. For what purpose would these shootings be false flag hoaxes? Have guns ever been taken away after a shooting, NO! Have gun laws ever changed after a shooting, NO!
Kitt Gagnon
Kitt Gagnon Acum lună
Thanks for your service, now good luck to ya, try not to implode.
martin crespo
martin crespo Acum lună
Xattack21 1
Xattack21 1 Acum lună
Another WHITE terrorist killing people, for a change... how unusual....
David Mcnerney
David Mcnerney Acum lună
Love how these leaches are more interested in the suspect than the victims.
Juana Castillo
Juana Castillo Acum lună
White devil terrorist making America great again 😈👿
movies clips
movies clips Acum lună
Juana Castillo 🤣😂😂😂🤣
keepitwitmine Acum lună
Wouldn't want to see the reporters break a sweat holding a heavy microphone
natronb Acum lună
The shooter, person, took their own life, crazed, depressed? Shot up a country bar? Now the media is deciding that does not fit the narrative for this and other news outlets! These are terrible occurrence's, tragedies, but lets be realistic, get rid of all guns? Just report the story and cut this sheriff some slack.
C M. S.
C M. S. Acum lună
I believe that gun insurance is the answer. You can bet the Insurance Companies will do a DEEP background check especially when money is at stake ! The more deadly the gun the higher the premiums. We need it for everything else including certain breed of dogs so why not. Politicians .can chicken out of the debate and leave it to the Insurance industry . At the least. victims can have settlements to help with cost.
Santino Vergara Castro
I don't know this for a fact I just know is true: The shooter was probably a Conservative, RepubliKKKan, Orange Hitler Zombie like most veterans are...
Doug Acum lună
Why do Maxine Waters, Stacey Abrams, Corey Booker, Andrew Gillum and B. Obama look like monkeys?
Doug Acum lună
Why do Maxine Waters, Stacey Abrams, Corey Booker and Andrew Gillum look like monkeys?
Tracey Allen
Tracey Allen Acum lună
You look like a monkey too. Everyone does
İsmail HAKKI
İsmail HAKKI Acum lună
Invading another people's homeland and killing their youth , destroying their future , their life and bring them all those like to be soldiers back with PTSD and they are killing your youth and destroy their future , their life now. So you call that shooting accident but most of the world call it as a God's judgment. And never forget. Only God can judge you.
imran ahmad
imran ahmad Acum lună
Veteran as well as Christian he might be lunatic and insane suffering frm some kind of illness as he doesn't hold Muslim Name as well as doesn't belongs any of the Islamic country
Ruben Alvarez
Ruben Alvarez Acum lună
BUILD THAT WALL!!! Oh, it was another white guy killing white people and law enforcement? Sorry guys....guess your gonna hafta wait til next time to cry about us Mexicans..🤪
Раиса  Павличе́нко
maybe it wouldve been built if you stan loona rovids.com/video/video-846cjX0ZTrk.html
Longana Acum lună
The shooter was from the Honduras Caravan thats in Mexico. Wait... What?
ibee Teejay
ibee Teejay Acum lună
the spate of mass shooting carried out by white people recently.. what is going on actually? are the white guys losing it now? what is wrong? we all used to know them as the most humanitarian, compassionate, sane, clean, non-violent people on earth. anyway, no matter what believe me, it will be difficult for us to identify them as terrorist.... well, they are not muslims..so..!
Nigel Uno
Nigel Uno Acum lună
all these news reports so eager to make money off the "scoop"
Раиса  Павличе́нко
maybe we get the scoop if its stan loona rovids.com/video/video-846cjX0ZTrk.html
joe kh
joe kh Acum lună
Was A Veteran ?!!! Made in USA
Jordany Ramos
Jordany Ramos Acum lună
Build the wall oh wait he is white, I thought he was from the caravan
Pedro Padilla
Pedro Padilla Acum lună
Solteros was mi ultra that the deep state programs to go off to keep their gun and other agendas going they care nothing for the people.. they belong in prison... NOONE is buying this crap !!!!!!
La va
La va Acum lună
"We have no idea what his motive was" ? Really?
EL Acum lună
If the people in the bar were permit concealed carrying-it would have saved lives.🇺🇸🙏🏻
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony Acum lună
wendy renaud
wendy renaud Acum lună
So very very sad
Dennis Carol
Dennis Carol Acum lună
wake up people almost all the shooters (white people ) were taking zoloft like 80 percent the others took anouther head drug just saying but hey keep taking those pills instead of getting right with Jesus and finding peace in your heart and life
Lou Mar
Lou Mar Acum lună
So the cops exchanged gunfire upon entry but found the gunmen dead from a self-inflicted wound, either I'm lost or the other officer took justice into his own hands. I get it now.
Mercedes Apodaca
Mercedes Apodaca Acum lună
Do we have to back to the days of the Wild West! Hum how did he realty die, the gunman?
Mercedes Apodaca
Mercedes Apodaca Acum lună
I think, that when he had issues with the police in the past, the should have kept on eye on him.
R.I.P to all the victims that sadly lost their lives. 🙏
Rhonda Clark
Rhonda Clark Acum lună
Vets are homeless. While. Drug cartel Isis that’s invading America lives in free housing medical college food. Millions homeless in California living in tents ⛺️. Real America has no jobs. Because they invaded to steal elections. Democratic Party protest freedom of speech and guns. This was done in gun free zone. We need guns people. RECOUNT EVERY DEMOCRATIC NATION. RECOUNT. WE WILL TAKE BOTH HOUSES. WE DEMAND RECOUNT. EVERY DISEASE KNOWN TO MAN TYPE SEPARATELY CLOSE BORDER
nukestrom Acum lună
If Sandy Hook massacre was not enough nothing will be. No change. Same business as usual. If grandparents, parents love their guns over their grandchildren, children why do we even cry?
TREX IS KING Acum lună
If this was genuinely a veteran acting alone and not other entity as we should always take into account, I am not surprised...When you teach your soldiers to murder innocent people in foreign countries what makes you think they won’t do it here when they return? You are creating murders and allowing them to roam free on the streets after you paid them minimum wage to commit mass murders in other countries. What makes you think a person can be trained to be a serial killer and simply “snap” out of it and be normal once the war is over? Oh wait they don’t care do they? The politicians have their armed bodyguards and are nice and safe hiding in their little bunkers...
Swapnil Upadhyay
Swapnil Upadhyay Acum lună
This was 307th shooting in past 311 days in US and all of this has left 320+ people dead and 1200+ people injured. The situation is more serious than it seems.😞
Ken Ford
Ken Ford Acum lună
SMFH another white terrorists that MSM will say he's crazy
Eric Rose
Eric Rose Acum lună
What, he wasn't crazy?
Rebecca Treeseed
Rebecca Treeseed Acum lună
Osama bin Trump's MAGAterrorist.
Phil Peterson
Phil Peterson Acum lună
Another fake gun shooting hoax.
Aerospace Engineer
He is lying... All the body language signs...
Kat nip
Kat nip Acum lună
PTSD is a common mental illness and should not be considered a soldier disease. Not everyone who has the illness kills people. If these reporters were good they would do better research on PTSD.
el masko
el masko Acum lună
1:59 even the mich hate this people
Johan Male
Johan Male Acum lună
Pakistan is involve they traine terrorists and sponser them to the world via China.🖒🖒🖒🖒😢😢😢
Johan Male
Johan Male Acum lună
+357musa there is no doubt it could be true he was in Afghanistan may you brainwash him .
357musa Acum lună
Pakistan must have trained this Marine 12 inch long man to come to S. cal. to shoot people in the Sports Bar Club
Johan Male
Johan Male Acum lună
+2trusoldier 🤔🤔🤔
2trusoldier Acum lună
+Johan Male Hold on i'll explain.......................
Johan Male
Johan Male Acum lună
+2trusoldier what ???,
el masko
el masko Acum lună
am ready with my double shotgun
Jeremy Pierce
Jeremy Pierce Acum lună
False flag
dmguk gtown
dmguk gtown Acum lună
the look he gave that female reporter when she told him."just hold the mic up"..priceless
TylerIsSoReal Acum lună
This officer is handling the situation so well, in such a dire time, he remains calm and collected, even apologizing for not knowing what color pants he had.
His Story
His Story Acum lună
War on terror turning in to terror at home.
Vanessa Billion
Vanessa Billion Acum lună
I bet he was a voice to skull victim. Smh