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Cardi B hops in the car with James Corden for a Carpool Karaoke through Los Angeles singing her biggest songs, discussing growing up in the Bronx and the subtle art of ASMR. And James encourages Cardi to get behind the wheel and give driving a chance, which he learns she doesn't really do for good reason.
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18 dec. 2018

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MF GAMING Acum 15 minute
1 subscribe = 2 subscribe
Sofía Jiménez
Sofía Jiménez Acum 15 minute
dónde quedó taki taki
VIOLETAkawaii Acum 16 minute
Name song? 3:05 🌪️🌪️
Hle Vlogs
Hle Vlogs Acum 16 minute
Does James memorize every singer/rappers songs the night before doing carpool karaoke with them 😂😂❤️❤️
Abdullah Al Nahid
Abdullah Al Nahid Acum 16 minute
Aye all the generous people, Can you guys listen to my friend's song? Hub City "My Time" rovids.com/video/video-CiT3gly1zfA.html
Fabio Arg
Fabio Arg Acum 16 minute
And Offset?
andrealein157 Acum 16 minute
Dann gurl u ugly .... and stooopid
Irenne B
Irenne B Acum 16 minute
That moment when there’s nothing much to discuss with Cardi B so you’re just taking her somewhere to ‘ sing ‘ instead so you can just get over it and move on with your life 👍 😂 #GoodJob x
Asma Hihi
Asma Hihi Acum 16 minute
i died when she started singing out the window 😂😂😂😂
Mellmahogany Acum 16 minute
Fave part is when she says to the children to Stay in school and then tells them to buy her new single 😂😩😩😂 GURL and imagine your grandmother telling you that she met cardi b at her class 😂😂😂😂
Jill Workman
Jill Workman Acum 16 minute
Oh my. She is awesome. I could not stop laughing!!
Bruhh xD
Bruhh xD Acum 16 minute
I’m bout to yell out the window “Good Morning Bitch” one day 😭💯🙏🏾 I felt that 💯
Melanie 728
Melanie 728 Acum 16 minute
Invite Twenty one pilots
Cut A Way
Cut A Way Acum 17 minute
Cardi!!! Boss!!!
poppa bLaZe
poppa bLaZe Acum 17 minute
Cardi b can commit die
Илон Макс
Илон Макс Acum 17 minute
Araweelo Spirit
Araweelo Spirit Acum 17 minute
I have a headache watching her. 🤢
Jeffrey Macesin
Jeffrey Macesin Acum 18 minute
Lombard Bachh
Lombard Bachh Acum 18 minute
She the geek😂😂😂
kelecia dean
kelecia dean Acum 18 minute
thank you,cardi
Kate Sqchawtz
Kate Sqchawtz Acum 18 minute
*she's like the cutest*
Sanjana Acum 18 minute
We love gunter...
T J Acum 18 minute
Gunter a playa lol these old folks some freaks 😂
Eugenia Fav.e
Eugenia Fav.e Acum 18 minute
10:07 i was feeling her pain at this moment 😭💔
LaNasia's World
LaNasia's World Acum 18 minute
" I'm done with you ...HIYAHH " 😂😂😂 love Cardi b so much ❤️
v Acum 19 minute
Sp B
Sp B Acum 19 minute
Thank God she don’t drive on public streets 😄
Easy Mon3y
Easy Mon3y Acum 19 minute
People really praising this simple chick... its crazy how popular she became tho... but she trash
Venishaah Lee
Venishaah Lee Acum 19 minute
I honestly aint a cardi b fan but I love James Cordon's 🚗karaoke videos
Jimin Trash
Jimin Trash Acum 19 minute
She can’t drive but she got hella cars omfg 😂when will I be this rich
IGetPaid2Race Acum 19 minute
James can rap better than she can.
sehun’s bootyhole
sehun’s bootyhole Acum 20 minute
*shes like one of the few people who has a personality*
Amanda Michele
Amanda Michele Acum 20 minute
Alex Dunn
Alex Dunn Acum 20 minute
Some cannot rap; card in is one of them
Febrianti VS
Febrianti VS Acum 20 minute
All those cars she got when she cant even drive 😝 she's amazing 🤘👌👍
Daury Veras
Daury Veras Acum 20 minute
Thank god I haven’t seen any hate comments from the barbz in here!
Matias Gutierrez
Matias Gutierrez Acum 20 minute
She like culture but can't drive can she read wtf
emma Acum 20 minute
offset took a bigggggg L🤦🏻‍♀️☠️
WonderWoman Acum 20 minute
When Be Careful came on, Cardi felt that deep down😫I can tell from her face😭
New Growth
New Growth Acum 20 minute
Damn this video made me happy after a rough couple weeks ❤️❤️❤️
Miriam Mugo
Miriam Mugo Acum 20 minute
Love ♥️
Aldo Meoli
Aldo Meoli Acum 21 minut
James corden is now invited 2 all family cookouts
Ricardo Johnson
Ricardo Johnson Acum 21 minut
Ajit Gurung
Ajit Gurung Acum 21 minut
after long time i watched the whole show. she's fun to watch.
john harold skies
john harold skies Acum 21 minut
I need 24 hours version of these! Cardi B!!!! 😍😍😍❤️😭
Diego Gallegos
Diego Gallegos Acum 21 minut
Why she speak like retarded? Lmao 😂
Noor Aya
Noor Aya Acum 21 minut
in.her. boots
in.her. boots Acum 21 minut
B careful with me got her in her feelings...mood changed completely.
DarkyPlayer Acum 21 minut
*пж го на мой канал у меня годные видео*
HanniLikeWhat Acum 21 minut
Taylor swift?
John Dzuran
John Dzuran Acum 22 minute
What's the second song?
Estelle Pham
Estelle Pham Acum 22 minute
Was that Mr. Moesby 😂😂 :54
Julia.belen Acum 22 minute
This is how I am in the car listening to music
Gamerjad Acum 22 minute
lol bitc*es and ho*s is not censored but sh*t is loool
Marion Nop
Marion Nop Acum 22 minute
Y love you cardi b 🥰❤️
Two Cents
Two Cents Acum 22 minute
She so funny 😂😂
Inaxtive Acum 22 minute
Whoever’s reading this I hope your day goes well!!😊
Twice Queen
Twice Queen Acum 22 minute
Wow 😍
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez Acum 22 minute
I want a 2nd part
Lady NoShoes
Lady NoShoes Acum 22 minute
Cardi B when she's not hormonal and being bitchy
Daniel Ngongang
Daniel Ngongang Acum 23 minute
0:51 is me every time I hear that Bodak Yellow song
Eli :]
Eli :] Acum 23 minute
Chadsay Spillman
Chadsay Spillman Acum 23 minute
Tanaka Matope
Tanaka Matope Acum 23 minute
Am I the only person who noticed how serious she was when she was singing “be careful” {offset 👀}
MTCx3000 Acum 24 minute
Will jake paul and Erika costell get back together? like for yes!
nicolai kerr
nicolai kerr Acum 24 minute
Wtf... Lol
Kiara Acum 24 minute
Nicki Minaj next please !
susyyass Acum 25 minute
She has a baby.. how can she function with nails like that
babygirllina Acum 25 minute
cardi b a badddiiieee😍✨
Jerk Chicken
Jerk Chicken Acum 25 minute
Yeah hey Cardi I know I'm a fuckin honky and all but my dick is big.
Jenny Jones
Jenny Jones Acum 25 minute
This is the Best ones I've seen! She has such a Funny and Cool Personality!! Go Cardi B!! ❤
Charshana Moore
Charshana Moore Acum 25 minute
The kids was so happy and they knew who she was😍😍😍
Jennie Williams
Jennie Williams Acum 25 minute
That was so awesome Cardi, the fact that you were willing to do things outside the box, like drive and perform for the seniors, is beautiful. I love your personality
Tecola Queen
Tecola Queen Acum 25 minute
He messed up so many lyrics
500 subscribers needed to make me smile
Kid: mom today during recess,Cardi told us to tell you to buy her single Mom:{ooh it must be a Christmas song} 5minutes later: Mom: Alexa play cardi 🎶*BITCH YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH ME*🎶
Desert Flower
Desert Flower Acum 26 minute
💛💛💛💛💛 Cardi B🤑
Kareen Evelyn
Kareen Evelyn Acum 26 minute
ok, this was just EPIC!
Aylin 09
Aylin 09 Acum 26 minute
Abby Janson
Abby Janson Acum 26 minute
Finally, what we all asked for
Beatrice O.
Beatrice O. Acum 26 minute
WE WANT JAY PARK!!! 우리는 박재범를 원한다!!!
Danielaa Rodriguez
Danielaa Rodriguez Acum 26 minute
She looked so hurt when she was singing “be careful” omg 😓
justifiedpoetically Acum 26 minute
This made my entire day 😍😍
Nick Saunders
Nick Saunders Acum 26 minute
See kids even crackhead strippers can make it!
Aaron Ward
Aaron Ward Acum 26 minute
She is so so stupid as a person and singer haha go back stipping hahha
Alicia Gomez-West
Alicia Gomez-West Acum 27 minute
muchpraiseful Acum 27 minute
Best episode ever 🎶
Milo Mystic
Milo Mystic Acum 27 minute
Cardi will ALWAYS be life, such a beautiful soul ❤😂🤣
ChrisFun Acum 27 minute
13:25 first time I've seen Cardi speechless😂😂
Abdullah Altwajiri
Abdullah Altwajiri Acum 27 minute
ReN Dii
ReN Dii Acum 27 minute
*Чё за хуйня*
Kristina R
Kristina R Acum 28 minute
I was scared for James when she was driving
Aina Oskam
Aina Oskam Acum 28 minute
i love cardii b💛😂💛💛 like if u do love her too 😘😍
Blasian 19
Blasian 19 Acum 28 minute
Like Cardi B Comment Nicki Minaj
S a r a a t j e
S a r a a t j e Acum 28 minute
Cardi has more cars than my amount of ride experience It was so funny when she started riding 😂😤❤
Beisa Mustafa
Beisa Mustafa Acum 28 minute
You can’t hate Cardi just how funny she is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Víctor Gómez
Víctor Gómez Acum 29 minute
OMG! I loveeeeee this bish, she's da best... I swear I'd marry her lol 😂😂😂
Zariahn Brian
Zariahn Brian Acum 29 minute
Hahaha can't say that on TV lmafao
Steinmayer Acum 29 minute
Пиндосы совсем стали капиталистами. Путин введи войска!!!
Engel Martinez
Engel Martinez Acum 29 minute
Love you 😍