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Clean Bandit - Baby feat. Marina & Luis Fonsi [Official Video]

Clean Bandit
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2 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 26 160
Eli TB
Eli TB Acum 6 minute
Escenografía copiada a Camila Cabello.
NeptuneFormula1 Acum 10 minute
Clean Bandit really did it this time!
M Lalisa
M Lalisa Acum 32 minute
So hot🎹🎹 but now music is lesbian
Jang Official
Jang Official Acum 41 minut
Grace so cute with that hair 😍
Crypto Chan
Crypto Chan Acum 45 minute
LUIS FONSI is fuego
Ricko Komaling
Ricko Komaling Acum 54 minute
abbiiON Acum 59 minute
I didn't like the girl couple, they didn't have a trace of chemistry
Riyoohkey Acum oră
Think they meant to say Marina Ft. Clean Bandit
Arian Cherrii
Arian Cherrii Acum oră
She looks so much older but she still looks good!! I love this song! ❤❤❤
Jessie Gacha Guru
I love Marina’s voice! I don’t see why Marina wasn’t ever a big hit singer. She works so hard and in her videos she has so much fun but the lyrics have such deep meaning. ❤️
DebunkeDescant Acum oră
The video is so bizarre in how it interpretted the lyrics. Luis Fonsi plays the groom to the bride but his lyrics are from the perspective of the girl in red. So the line where he says that you don't love him... he's talking about himself??¿?
Raul Alexander
Raul Alexander Acum oră
Muy buena the sin excelente saludos desde Colombia....
Bluecrew7 _
Bluecrew7 _ Acum oră
Alyssa Jolt
Alyssa Jolt Acum 2 ore
Marina's voice is hypnotic/I am GAY
Emilia Ramírez
Emilia Ramírez Acum 2 ore
00:37 - 00:50
Aceng 12
Aceng 12 Acum 3 ore
E. Gunning
E. Gunning Acum 3 ore
Can someone explain to me why they couldn’t get married?
Rodrigo Contreras
Vicky T
Vicky T Acum 3 ore
Marina and the VOICE
Ayah Young
Ayah Young Acum 3 ore
i???love this??
Goose Bump
Goose Bump Acum 3 ore
dave morales
dave morales Acum 3 ore
i thought marina is a latina but after a googling she is freaking welsh- greek no wonder she is Aprodhite.....
Martín Acum 3 ore
Thank you marina for this song. You singing just the word baby like that makes me go crazy. i love you
Cheryl Lee
Cheryl Lee Acum 3 ore
1:09 oh my god my heart
RibboNeoQ Acum 4 ore
this is so addicting
Kayleigh Fisher
Kayleigh Fisher Acum 4 ore
Cinthia M
Cinthia M Acum 4 ore
The diversity in this video.... I LOVE IT! 💘
Кокшаров Дмитрий
Latinas ses but not English 😄
Daxude Acum 4 ore
is this despacito 2
Jirayus Acum 4 ore
Love Clean Bandit 💗💎 EDM orchestra
Salad Ass / Mustache Wolf
Marina looks so different from what she used to 😱😱😱
mohammed wasi
mohammed wasi Acum 4 ore
❤ Marina ❤ Primadonna...😍
ZeyPOP Gaming
ZeyPOP Gaming Acum 4 ore
My dreams are too big
Tato Acum 4 ore
Es muy hermoso cuando dos culturas diferentes se dan de la mano :)
Frede Brocha
Frede Brocha Acum 4 ore
Cheezyus Acum 5 ore
This is such an unexpected collab
Marilyn Fossberg
Marilyn Fossberg Acum 5 ore
The story makes me sad
H.I.D. STUDIOS Acum 5 ore
Love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ae visual
ae visual Acum 5 ore
Necesito una version sin Luis Fonsi / I need a version without Luis Fonsi
Natalia Rc
Natalia Rc Acum 5 ore
No puedo parar de escucharla❤
Savic Kristijan
Savic Kristijan Acum 5 ore
Marina is that you you have changes
Ernesto Carrasco
Ernesto Carrasco Acum 5 ore
Que temazazazo!!! Fantástico!!!
Liverpool Acum 5 ore
The AAAHs sound amazing when she sings
MysticalHuskySpirit Lily
I think that the story actually kind of plays an important role in the song, it portrays a story of which needs and begs to be told.
MysticalHuskySpirit Lily
+Elisa Castro No, it's just that I think that the story plays an important role and it tells a story that is true and real to society now. But, I mean I don't care if your a boy or girl and you like your own sexuality. Just as long as you can love somebody else and they can love you back, that's all really matters and if you and your partner care about each other that's all that matters.
Elisa Castro
Elisa Castro Acum 3 ore
That it's better for a girl to be with a guy and not another girl? If so, I 100% agree.
Ameer Hussien
Ameer Hussien Acum 6 ore
Sé que te gusto a ti todavía Tres, dos, uno Standing here in an empty room I saw you there and my blood ran cold Take me back to that long September Don't know how I ever let you go I was young, didn't know 'bout love You were wild, couldn't get enough Gave my heart to another lover Don't know how I ever let you go Find me, in another place and time If only, if only you were mine But I'm already someone else's baby Guess I had my last chance And now this is our last dance You fell through the cracks in my hands Hard to say it's over But I'm already someone else's (C'mon) Baby, ahh Baby, ahh Baby, ahh But I'm already someone else's All caught up in the way we were I feel your hands getting close to mine Don't say the words that I love to hear The beat goes on and I close my eyes I was young, didn't know 'bout love You were wild, couldn't get enough Let's leave things the way they were You'll stay with me like a lullaby Hey, sé que te gusto a ti todavía por mucho que digas Además puedo ver en tus ojos Que no sólo quieres quedar como amigos Tienes mi corazón, eres mi obsesión Soy tuyo pa' siempre Guess I had my last chance And now this is our last dance You fell through the cracks in my hands Tell myself be stronger My heart's like a rubber band And it's such a shame You'll always be the one who got away We both know that deep down you feel the same Hard to say it's over But I'm already someone else's (C'mon) Baby, ahh (Eso no, eso no) Baby, ahh (Mereces mejor) Baby, ahh (Y a tu calor) I'm already someone else's Wish I met you at another place and time If only, if only you were mine This love story ends for you and I 'Cause I'm already someone else's Baby, ahh (Contigo otra vez) Baby, ahh (Mereces mucho mejor, mucho mejor) Baby, ahh (Veo que lo que tienes con él no es amor) But I'm already someone else's Baby, ahh (Cada noche más te extraño, cada día sin ti me hace daño) Baby, ahh (Sabes que mereces mejor, lo que sientes por ella no es amor) Baby, ahh (Por mucho que digas somos más que amigos) I'm already someone else's (Y el tiempo se acaba en cuatro, tres, dos, uno)
Raven Ferro
Raven Ferro Acum 6 ore
Is that the same girl in the video for Demi lavato's song Solo
Yoshifying Acum 6 ore
God this video is so iconic. Marina looks SO GOOD in this 😍
Noor Imelda Elle
Noor Imelda Elle Acum 6 ore
Honestly this song is trying to remind us think TWICE before breaking off with our boyfriends or girlfriends cause it really HURTS to see the ex that we still love marry with someone else! So people think TWICE otherwise we will REGRET forever!
Chaos Acum 6 ore
Mostly Jess
Mostly Jess Acum 6 ore
Counselor: “ya’ll gotta be careful around the sheets yer gonna knock em down”
Cia lu
Cia lu Acum 6 ore
Comet Mahina
Comet Mahina Acum 6 ore
Marina is back!!! 🥰🥰
Queen Marina
Queen Marina Acum 7 ore
Esperanza Perez  Encarnacion
this is an addiction, daaaamn!
Rescue Animations
Jesus I love this song
Shat Not fat
Shat Not fat Acum 7 ore
Clean bandit - Baby feet
Ramiro Zaldivar
Ramiro Zaldivar Acum 7 ore
Hermosa Marina 👑 🇲🇽. 🇬🇧
Sadie Mahoney
Sadie Mahoney Acum 8 ore
Patricia De Castro
Marina looks a little bit like Kourtney K.
petite Lamb
petite Lamb Acum 8 ore
Clean bandit AND Marina and the diamonds???? sign me the fuck up!!!! but why Luis Fonsi??? WHY???
petite Lamb
petite Lamb Acum 6 ore
+Tuza Bona THANK YOU
Tuza Bona
Tuza Bona Acum 7 ore
Check out disconnect, they already collabed in 2015 rovids.com/video/video-082R8XpiKZM.html
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Acum 8 ore
who is also always repeating the spanish parts?
Farid Pasha
Farid Pasha Acum 8 ore
I feel pure love in this story
Den Yoo
Den Yoo Acum 8 ore
me listening to this song in a loop, doing my homework and thinking about the guy with whom I recently broke up with... Sad life, fml haha
David Ochoa
David Ochoa Acum 8 ore
Luis fonsi caga la canción!!!! Diarrea
Michał Nizio
Michał Nizio Acum 9 ore
Alec shir hagopian
thomas rae
thomas rae Acum 9 ore
Love this track
Habib Azouk
Habib Azouk Acum 9 ore
The music was epic the video 😐
XxxCookiexxX plays
Wait what's the meaning of this song my guess: so this girl is getting married and the other girl likes her but yeah idk
heyjoshuajames Acum 9 ore
Good to see Marina back after working down Sainsbury's for 4 years
TEMA Acum 9 ore
Love the story
ilnotturno87 Acum 9 ore
Marina escile!
TEMA Acum 9 ore
Muhammed Ali Bektaş
Merhaba, Seni tanımak isterim ve fikirlerimi söylemek isterim başkalarında fikir almak herdayim güzeldir ve aklımda çok güzel muhteşem sözler ve güzelde kılip var öncelikle bu yazdığım yazıyı paylaş ve buluşalım ve bütün bilgilerim senin olur ve tümdünya seni tanımış olur.
Verdad Revelada
Verdad Revelada Acum 10 ore
hasta que por fin un video lesbico decente y bonito de lo que se trata el amor! me encanto.. sin desnudos, ni vulgaridades, muy inocente
XiiMesho_ Acum 10 ore
Man do I hate Pop music...
Supreme MIDI
Supreme MIDI Acum 10 ore
Fans of the extremely talented collective Clean Bandit, listen to our MIDI made "in the style of" Baby: rovids.com/video/video-yMjqIvafigE.html
Melosa Voladora :v
Melosa Voladora :v Acum 10 ore
lo amé !!!
Melody Of Melodies
Melody Of Melodies Acum 10 ore
1,25x = Snippet
Asif Mandal
Asif Mandal Acum 10 ore
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Paco Sánchez
Paco Sánchez Acum 10 ore
Me sorprende aún más el español tan malo utilizado en la canción... teniendo a alguien que de verdad lo habla se debió pelear por hacerlo bien. Sin considerar eso... es MUY buena canción!
Jaycie Clark
Jaycie Clark Acum 10 ore
So good
Sudev Horpal
Sudev Horpal Acum 10 ore
Love is peace😘💓💘
Ahnaf Wadud
Ahnaf Wadud Acum 10 ore
This song is so catchy 😍 Thanks Clean Bandit for producing different type of song “ Again “ 🔥❤️
yuvi vid
yuvi vid Acum 10 ore
Kanika Kapoor?😜
Gabriela Piotrowska
Jhon Stark
Jhon Stark Acum 10 ore
Todo iba bien hasta que aparece Luisillo el loquillo y se caga la canción.
twode on
twode on Acum 11 ore
ROvids fix the replay button. Thank you!
Paz :D
Paz :D Acum 11 ore
This it the new despacito
Ilinca Ciasar
Ilinca Ciasar Acum 11 ore
Where are the diamonds
Grammatically incorrect
liviu costi
liviu costi Acum 11 ore
Wonderful song, super videoclip, cute girl !
Rosa Mello Jones
Rosa Mello Jones Acum 12 ore
Is anybody else kinda confused about the plot
Rococo Royalty
Rococo Royalty Acum 10 ore
Rosa Mello Jones two girls fall in love at summer camp but are told by the camp councillor they can’t be in a relationship at the camp. They move apart and regret it because it was true love, but they’ve already moved on.
teresa jimena vaga figueroa
A'mer Moh'd
A'mer Moh'd Acum 12 ore
Am I the only one who feels this melody is not original? one can easily feel a DejaVu, even when listening for the first time I can expect how will the tune become the song brilliant but so Un-Original
Reena Awaja
Reena Awaja Acum 12 ore
I LOVE Her In Purple
HaRDD TV Acum 12 ore
Luis was unnecessary in this song
Kuka Ladik
Kuka Ladik Acum 12 ore
Nagyon jó zene! 🤗
Jessica Tripi
Jessica Tripi Acum 12 ore
Marina 😍