dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae

Tate McRae
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dear ex best friend - original song by tate mcrae
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Yea i wonder if
My name has ever crossed ur mind
Even for a second
Know its been a second
since we last talked
Or faced each other eye to eye
Know its been hectic
Ya I shoulda said this
It kinda hurts cuz its insane
Yea we walk by and its like
I don't even know you
Like I've never met you
I see our pictures on my phone
And question why we didn't try
But we were just habits
Thought we'd always have it
So to my ex best friend
I thought I'd know til the end
Sorry I know things aren't going
as we planned
To my once ride or die
The one who always knew me right
We would swear it'd always end up
you and I
we really messed up this time
We really messed up this time
What about all the nights
Where we'd talked about our lives
We were just wishing
Wish I would of listened
It kinda hurts cuz its insane
Yea we walk by and its like
I don't even know you
Like I've never met you
I see our pictures on my phone
And question why we didn't try
But we were just habits
Thought we'd always have it
thought I know to the end
So to my ex best friend
I thought I know til the end
Sorry I know things aren't going
as we planned
To my once ride or die
The one who always knew me right
We would swear it'd always end up
You and I
we really messed up this time


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16 mar. 2019

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Tate McRae
Tate McRae Acum lună
ily guysssss!!!!! 🖤 follow my ig : @tatemcrae
XONatalie XO
XONatalie XO Acum 40 minute
You are beautiful, creative, and an amazing singer. TRIPLE THREAT!!
The Noobie gamer
The Noobie gamer Acum 4 ore
Nataly Cardenas a lotta people can sometimes the world isn’t as great as it seems 😓
Anika Giese
Anika Giese Acum o Zi
You are such an amazing singer
PythonLoL xD
PythonLoL xD Acum o Zi
Thank u for uploading such inspiring songs❤️❤️❤️ This is my favorite song rn
Andrea Ojeda
Andrea Ojeda Acum 2 Zile
Tate McRae Can u please add this song to Spotify.
Atsuko Gacha
Atsuko Gacha Acum 14 minute
This song is beautiful 😭😭
Magnificent Maya
Magnificent Maya Acum 42 minute
I wish I could sing like that
Magnificent Maya
Magnificent Maya Acum 42 minute
She is sooooo good at singing
Eto Lomsadze
Eto Lomsadze Acum oră
Pls karaoke version 😭💙its nice video i love you so much 💜🥰
Kiera75 Kelleher89
This really hit hard Bc my best friend chose his girlfriend over me and no he doesn’t want to be around me...
Kiera75 Kelleher89
200 likes and I’ll send to my ex bestfriend
Ellie Acum oră
Qis Min
Qis Min Acum oră
she still see me as her bff , but I actually see her as ex bff , she said I'm her bff but she always forget about me , always hurt me , always leave me alone , how do I suppose to see her as my bff , when she's alone , she comes to me n have fun with me , when she have we friends , she leave me alone as if I wasn't even exist , I'm not jealous of her other friends , i actually don't care about that cuz everyone have more than 1 friends , it's just she only comes to me when she's bored or alone , she never think about my feelings , she thinks I'm just a robot without feelings .... but she is still the only one who can understand me , no one else does , it's just , she always try her best to understand me but she also always forget about me , I'm always the one who have to start the conversation , if I don't say anything , we will never talk , when she's sad , she comes to me , it's just .... I want her to realize that I'm always by her side when she's not by mine , I just love her a lot , she only used me but she still see me as her bff but always hurt me ... is that even best friends ? I've been hurtled the most by her , so I decided to see her as my ex bff , I just can't stand being her part-time-friend anymore , tired .
Qis Min
Qis Min Acum oră
sorry for some spelling errors , typo😪
Tc_Elisethegamer Gaming
This almost made me cry because it made me think of my mistakes and why I lost all my freinds.
Dorakas2006 Kaspari
I lost my best friend that i had a friendship for 11 years ( I'm 13) now he ignores me and talks about me behind my back😭😭. Should i sent this to him?
Abby Hinski
Abby Hinski Acum oră
10 likes I’ll send this to my ex best friend of 7 years 🤧😭💓
kathy wathy
kathy wathy Acum 2 ore
"Yea we walked by and its like i dont even know" I felt that....i really did
kylee smunk
kylee smunk Acum 2 ore
My best friend betrayed me and left me for the popular girls. 30 likes and I'll send it to her.
Roblox Girl
Roblox Girl Acum 2 ore
My ex bff changed me for other girl now she is rude to me they laugh at me 🤕❤️
Pusheen Lover25
Pusheen Lover25 Acum 3 ore
I luv u and ur music🎶this is not hate. It is just when u sing it sounds echo. And u should try singing with out any editing just completely raw luv u girl 💙💚
fish wearing socks .meh.
I lost my best friend of almost 10 years😭
Jinwoo's O2
Jinwoo's O2 Acum 3 ore
you're still the best friend i've ever had. you're the one i wanted to tell how bad my life is treating me. but we rarely talk now.
Cara Williamson
Cara Williamson Acum 3 ore
I cried at this wow never new I could miss someone so much
bubble dream
bubble dream Acum 3 ore
Her voice is nice, sounds like all the singers on the radio though. But it’s a poignant song
babygirl Acum 3 ore
me and my bff just got in good terms again. I cried at this song for 1 month and how im feelin' so good. Thank u Tate. Send this to ur ex bff if u still love him/her. Who knows what s gonna happen?
Yusnia Wati
Yusnia Wati Acum 3 ore
You're so amazing 👍👍❤
Reichiee Acum 3 ore
This message is for my ex best friend, Hey, I hope you’re doing fine. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for being the bad guy in our friendship. I was so immature at that time, I didn’t know what would be the effect of my actions. I was so foolish, I was so foolish for betraying you, I was so foolish that I thought I would find someone better than you. You treated me like no other friend has treated me, you accepted me even though my flaws was greater than my perfections. I’m so sorry for being a coward, I’m sorry for not having the courage to apologise to you. You probably didn’t know that it broke my heart seeing you cry, you probably thought I cried because I was scared because the adults got involve in my little foolish actions. But no, I was not scared because of that, I was scared because at that moment I knew that because of my actions I’m gonna lose someone I love dearly. You know what broke my heart more? It was when you said “I know you can’t be my best friend anymore, and I can’t even talk to you anymore because our teacher is making you move seats. Please don’t move” and you continued to sob. I’m so fucking sorry, but now I’m grateful that I’m no longer your bestfriend because you already met someone much more deserving to be your best friend. Thank you, thank you for being my best friend even though it lasted only 4 years. Thank you for the memories, I wouldn’t forget the moments where we would laugh, cry, and even sing our favourite songs together (even though I’m now made for singing, you still continude to complement me) but tbh as I look back at our friendship. I think it was better that it ended, because of what I did, I grew to someone much more different than the person I was 3 years ago and I thank you for that. As I end this I just want to express how I miss you and how I love you even though it has been years the guilt still continues to eat me and I hope once again that you forgive me. Your past bestfriend, Rach
Lucia Zuniga
Lucia Zuniga Acum 4 ore
To my ex bestfriend... thank you for everything breaking me down tearing me up and much more
Maya's Beauty
Maya's Beauty Acum 4 ore
20 likes and I'll go back to my ex best friend..
qween reagzz
qween reagzz Acum 4 ore
goodbye sophia. i miss u
Craft Away
Craft Away Acum 4 ore
I need a motivation to send this to my 2 ex best friends
ava gray
ava gray Acum 4 ore
to bella.. i love you more than anything. i always will. thank you for the best five years of my life. there’s not a day that goes by that i don’t think about you or miss you.
The Noobie gamer
The Noobie gamer Acum 4 ore
By best friend dropped me because I was different and now it’s like we haven’t looked at each other in a month sometimes people just wish that things could go back to the way they were 😓
medina Acum 5 ore
I just feld this deep in my heart😶
Nasrifa Aweyis
Nasrifa Aweyis Acum 5 ore
Hey guys I'm crying cuz I lost my bestie and I thought I would never fight with her or that we will never see each other and I love her I and this song make me remember her we would go park have fun and I cry every day I miss her 💔 I wish she we could talk instead but we really messed up this time and I even remember the days we would talk about our lives 😭 and we would laughed I miss her .............and yh am about to make a song soon I hope thanks for doing this video I love it 😍😭
Kany Hamadamin
Kany Hamadamin Acum 6 ore
Wow. I can’t stop crying 😢
Alexis Gnap
Alexis Gnap Acum 6 ore
Song describes my life
softball baby
softball baby Acum 6 ore
This song makes me cry every time I listen to it bc it reminds me of my bestfriend that committed suicide.😢
softball baby
softball baby Acum 4 minute
twenty øne weasleys thank you
twenty øne weasleys
twenty øne weasleys Acum 8 minute
Stay strong, she/he watches you and wishes you the best, she/he wants you to be happy !
Helena Boateng
Helena Boateng Acum 6 ore
“we would swear it’d always end up you and i” hit hard💔
youcef dz
youcef dz Acum 7 ore
I sent this song to my ex bff and we're fine now 😍 thank yoouuuuu tate ily
defne pm
defne pm Acum 7 ore
I just send this video to my ex best friend and now we're friends again:'')
Lindsay Acum 7 ore
Can this go to spotify😍🥵🤤
DemiraStory Acum 8 ore
Losing a true friend because she married.. and i wasn’t invited. Because I’m gay. I can cry every night and day. I thought we were doing wel and always will be friends. But that was a dream. I’ve not lost you but you have lost me. A true friend, the one who stands behind you and loved every peace of you. Bye bitch.
Johanne Onshus
Johanne Onshus Acum 9 ore
150 likes and I’ll send this to my ex best friend.... I really really miss her😢😢
Rosalinda Mendoza
Im sad
808 _Shae
808 _Shae Acum 9 ore
honestly... this song got me in my feels man 🤕 i had a best friend and we became friends around the end of last year. yea.. it wasn't that long ago but she was the one that would be on the phone with me for hours and i could just rant to her and she'll help me. she was the one that i told most of my problems to. she was the first to hear about my first panic attack. the one that saw my worst panic attack. the one that helped me through my depression. the one who would tell me i'm gorgeous and that i'm worth it. the one that wouldn't let me put myself down... she was one of the reasons why i'm alive today.. yet.. one little rumor tore us apart... i started getting in trouble and got my phone taken away. we stopped facetiming and lost connection. then at school.. we slowly stopped talking. someone said i called her something when i said something else was that thing. she stopped talking to me and i didn't want to start crawling back again and then we stopped talking. i don't even know if we're still best friends, friends, or if we turned into strangers...
Harmony Bryan
Harmony Bryan Acum 9 ore
This song is AMAZING 🤩 but quite sad 😔
Sura Lin
Sura Lin Acum 9 ore
OMG soo good!!!! I had a ex friend who belied a fake person!!! This is so relatable, so good. I love you account ❤️❤️! Keep up the great songs
lahdyn le
lahdyn le Acum 9 ore
I left my best friend because we just grew apart. We never got to see eachother because we went to different schools.we called everyday before the end of primary and now we are in high school and we never call. I felt like we would always be friends but now its like we dont know eachother. 😔😔😔
Jazzy _ Playz
Jazzy _ Playz Acum 10 ore
I know how you feel I had a BEST friend but left me for popularity the crazy thing is I got her her popularity (You dont have to read) I was going to try out for the cheer team and I told her about it later (we both made the team) she got all the friends and everything left me with nothing but now I have lots of friends
ismenia Acum 10 ore
You have to upload this on Spotify plzzz!!!😭😭😭
It’s Bonita
It’s Bonita Acum 11 ore
I’ll send this to me Ex best friend if this gets 5 likes :/ 💔
Blina Hyseni
Blina Hyseni Acum 11 ore
This song will be on repeat for the next couple of years🎈
suga min
suga min Acum 11 ore
200 likes and I’ll send this to my ex best friend 😭😭😭💔💔💔
Carlea Wilson
Carlea Wilson Acum 11 ore
I ain't gonna ask for likes to send this to my ex best friend ...I am doing it now
Jen Jen
Jen Jen Acum 12 ore
I’m sorry 😔
s4ɴᴅʏ .s
s4ɴᴅʏ .s Acum 12 ore
Sooo can someone tell me how it feels to have a best friend? ☻
Blueberry Muffin
Blueberry Muffin Acum 12 ore
I had a best friend, she changed, I changed we don’t even talk, I miss her, She done so much too me in and out.
Destiny Pham
Destiny Pham Acum 12 ore
I cry every time I listen to this. But I can’t stop bc I miss her so much.
Gia Arthur
Gia Arthur Acum 13 ore
damn who hurt her
Savannah Lain
Savannah Lain Acum 13 ore
Alexis Elliott
Alexis Elliott Acum 13 ore
I had a best friend since grade 1. And then I got a new friend My "bestie" was controlling. So we started drifting apart I failed sixth grade and she dropped me like a bag of rocks and became a whole new person in an instant. My friend had become my best friend because she was the only friend that stayed with me after I failed. We would have sleepovers all the time and then she got her phone taken away until she turns 18 (strict ass parents) Shortly after that I got expelled for 30 days. I come back not even a week later and she tells me her mom said we can't be friends because if me getting expelled. And the next day I saw her hanging out with my original best friend. She was our sworn enemy from her 7th grade and my second year of sixth grade.
Julia Di Iorio
Julia Di Iorio Acum 13 ore
Wow I can relate to this a bit too much
Keli McKenzie Traylor
itsalex xoxo
itsalex xoxo Acum 14 ore
3 likes and I'll send this to my ex best friend.. I knew him for 4 years, once I move, he blocks me on everything and turns out he replaced me too.. *I fuckin love my life.* 💔💔😭
maddie ann
maddie ann Acum 14 ore
wow. this hit hard. really hard. thank you. you have an asking voice 💛
Mariah Cordova
Mariah Cordova Acum 14 ore
It really sucks to loose a really good bestfriend
Mar K
Mar K Acum 14 ore
Your voice is beautiful and you have talent I hope I won’t have to send this to my best friend we call each other sis and we had plans for when we move out we would move in together and get two black cats named Lunar and Eclipse two oc characters from our drawings 😞
Undiagnosed Sierra
Undiagnosed Sierra Acum 14 ore
My best friend is going to someone else... I don't want to be jealous but now everything is different
Emelia Torres
Emelia Torres Acum 15 ore
Dear ex best friend I hope you have fun with your fake friends, thanks for leaving me behind I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders, sure I miss you sometimes but I'm better without you , sincerely me
Sarinah Palit
Sarinah Palit Acum 15 ore
Em Bonter
Em Bonter Acum 15 ore
“how much talent?” god: yes
Kristy Barrows
Kristy Barrows Acum 15 ore
I get chills when I listen to this song because I can relate
Andrea Salgado
Andrea Salgado Acum 15 ore
I can’t believe I had to use this song on my story because my friend left just because of a stupid boy 😔😪
peachy possum
peachy possum Acum 15 ore
cant loose a best friend you never had ;)
Lily ASMR Acum 16 ore
Rachel Keane
Rachel Keane Acum 16 ore
12 years gone over others who aren’t even important to us now it’s just like oh ya there she is my old friend and I don’t know if I can keep going cos I didn’t realize what we were losing but I’m falling apart but o well it’s been a year
Lhamu sherpa
Lhamu sherpa Acum 16 ore
who loves their best friend
Abigail Luetjen
Abigail Luetjen Acum 16 ore
2 likes and i will send this to my ex best friend...now she bullys me😔
DancerKate22 Acum 16 ore
I’m crying
IF this gets 200 likes or more I’ll send this to my ex best friend 😬😬😬
Savannah Barber
Savannah Barber Acum 17 ore
Hi im a really big fan of ur music and it helped me get over my cheating ex bf so i just wanma say thank you fir doing what u do
Constance Acum 17 ore
my ex best friend really hurt me and this song really explains how i felt and i really want to send it to her
Asuka Yuki
Asuka Yuki Acum 17 ore
If this comment got 100 likes I'll send this to my ex best friend.
JJ •
JJ • Acum 17 ore
April 7th 2019 I miss her so much💞 my best friend💕 I wish I could have her back I miss texting her All Day and All night💞 ranting about life and school and talking about things we like. Always hanging out.i would do anything just to have you back in my life. But you seem okay with your new people💕 Ilysm Goodbye.💔
Peachi Sisters
Peachi Sisters Acum 17 ore
all the dislikes are the ex besties
Cherish Jones
Cherish Jones Acum 17 ore
Your voice is really soothing it makes me want to cry it's so beautiful ❤
izzy's world
izzy's world Acum 18 ore
This reminds my of my ex bff I miss her but I guess she always hated me we go to the same school but she avoids me idk what I did I want to make things better I miss her I love her am what should I do to make things better??
ItsCheetahBoy Samuel
bts' trashcan
bts' trashcan Acum 18 ore
A Shadow Leaves *But A Real Best friend Won't*
Sicily Chapais
Sicily Chapais Acum 18 ore
I lost a best friend because of stupid shit.😭
40E Acum 18 ore
i really hope I never feel this pain
Imane Kemach
Imane Kemach Acum 19 ore
That song 💔
Brianna Gallucci
Brianna Gallucci Acum 19 ore
thisss hits home. wow. this monday will mark two weeks that my ex best friend stopped talking to me. she accused me of doing something that i wasn’t responsible for, and i told her that it was not what she thinks it is, and that she should let it go. but the saddest part is, is that she could have been doing this for YEARS without me even knowing. we had been friends since the first day of middle school & as i am nearing the end of my sophomore year of high school, i have been through so much. toxic friendships, struggles with my mental health, and my overall self esteem are just a few quick examples. on the plus side, my mental health right now is the best that it has ever been, and my social anxiety and depression have been almost nonexistent compared to what it was before. she has gotten me through some tough times, but there were also times when she was the problem. i just felt like i couldn’t do anything about it, and just...helpless. important: if ANYONE brings negative emotions into your life that bring you down, no matter who they are, you need to assess the situation and figure out if they have the PRIVILEGE to be a part of your life anymore. because in the end, you are the person that you will be stuck with for the rest of your life. so my advice for those fighting to get out of toxic relationships, it is best to think about if they make you happy and bring positivity and support into your life. because if they don’t, you are only doing yourself harm by staying in that situation. (p.s. this is more common than you think, so don’t think that if you leave this relationship, you will be alone. everyone is constantly looking for new friendships to bring someone new into their lives, so there will be many opportunities for you and others like you to find one another when the time is right :) ). it is easier said than done, but you deserve the best for yourself and your emotions, no matter who tells you otherwise. whether that be your mom, dad, sibling, another friend of yours or even YOURSELF, you matter, & you deserve to be your best self.
The Sunglasses Namjoon Broke Lol
I wish I never have to send this to one of my best friends. She’s also my girlfriend, so I don’t want to send this to my ex girlfriend and bestie
Amanda Zukowski
Amanda Zukowski Acum 19 ore
Yup. Loosing your best friend hits hard. Doesn't it?
Jamie Ward
Jamie Ward Acum 19 ore
50 likes and I’ll send this to my ex 😬
Carlie Acum 19 ore
When u feel like ur best friend for 5 years is drifting apart..and meeting new ppl...and u just imagine life without them😭😭but u can’t
tyche •
tyche • Acum 19 ore
can you add more of your songs to spotify? like this one? cause this one's one of my favorite uwu
Mariette E
Mariette E Acum 19 ore
omg i swear this girl sings better than professionals she already is one... i’ve always loved singing but i felt like i wasn’t good enough... i heard so many people sing and i have to admit... i felt a bit sad, hopeless, and even a bit jealous... so i gave up even though it was one of the things that made me happy... i don’t sing as much as i used to... and i feel as if i’ve gotten worse no matter how hard i try... my number one dream was to just sing like how this girl did... and it still is... 😔😣😢
This made me cry😭
Mikayla Shea
Mikayla Shea Acum 19 ore
i really want to send this to my ex best friend. we were friends for 3 years and i ignored all the signs, she talked about every single one of her friends behind her back, but to their face they were her best friend. she would sleepover at my house almost every week. i loved her so much, she was always there for me no matter what. then i found out her and my brother were a thing behind my back. she was with her friend when i found out and made me talk to her. i cried to her and she cried to me saying "she would never do that to me," and "she could never lose me because she loves me too much." she also cheated on her boyfriend, that she only got to make my brother jealous, she told my brother she never even liked the dude, and she cheated with my brother. she lied to me about not kissing him, and they were 'accidents' when they kissed 3 times. then we went on vacation together, and she started flirting with my brothers best friend, he was hurt, but she lied to him too saying she was sorry, and she likes him and only him, going as far to say she loved him. she was lying to me and everyone else the whole time saying he was bothering her, and she didnt like him at all. i yelled at her for making me turn against my brother, because i believed her, i had no reason not to. to this day we dont talk anymore, like we will when we see her, she still says she will always be there for me, and we are still best friends, but i cant ever believe her again. she saved me from myself so many times, but she hurt my brother, and i cant be with someone like that. i see her all the time and act like im fine with her, but im really not, i love her, i always will, she will always have a special place in my heart as my best friend, but i hate her for what she did to my brother. my brother hates her too, but not because she's now dating his best friend or because she hurt him, its because she hurt me. i know this is long, i just had to get it all out. we always promised each other we would be friends to the end, she knows everything about me, things no one else does. should i send this to her?
Emily Brackin
Emily Brackin Acum 19 ore
They need to put you on the radio😍
Lukas Wratten
Lukas Wratten Acum 19 ore
My friend that I met in cheer (she's great at what she does and yes I'm a male cheerleader and I'm proud) and no hate my opinion but i thought that my cheer friend sang it better when she sang it on her Insta and it was beautiful if you see this dalilah that was great singing I know I told you already but still it was great
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