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Eminem - Venom

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Listen to Venom (Music From The Motion Picture), out now: smarturl.it/EminemVenom
Music video by Eminem performing Venom. © 2018 Aftermath Records


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5 oct. 2018


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Jorden The Master
lool the bus sign says "doot downtown"
SirGinger76 Acum oră
ive been listening to this nonstop lol. eminem you fkng rock man, and its literally right after the movie! Blessings, brother!
Michael S.
Michael S. Acum oră
For a sec I thought Eminem dissed venom
Hager Iprahem
Hager Iprahem Acum oră
I cant stop listening this song 🤦🏼‍♀️
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Acum oră
is it me or is that i like this song just becouse of the long MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Housa Webs
Housa Webs Acum oră
The internet is for everyone. Get it
[/Erick Goose Man\]
now i'm *venom*
Fares Fares
Fares Fares Acum oră
the king the best Eminem😉😘😘😘 slimmm chadiiiiiii😍😍😍😍😘
Fortniter and robloxian
I'm not sure if this is christian
ThugDoctor Acum oră
Didn't watch Venom Just listening to this
Eminem i really like your music video
Luis Fernando Reyes Hernandez
para la otra que se haga una del capitán américa
Flávio Henrique
Eminem é muitooooooo fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[/Erick Goose Man\]
i'm not feeling so wel...i-i feel ba- *VENOM*
Maximiliano González Bolaños
V...enom veneno V enom
Aw6ken Acum oră
Eminem is literally the reason I started rapping ❤ give me a listen if you have a minute, I'll surprise you 👀
Andrea Gonzalez
Andrea Gonzalez Acum oră
Tipical eminem wanna be black yeaup is him
Russell Reynolds
This is the best song out this year
Barry Orr
Barry Orr Acum oră
sounds like mumble rap to me
Seth Tate
Seth Tate Acum oră
This is the same kid from not afraid
Sebastian Leiva
Sebastian Leiva Acum oră
Sick flow
NeVerLax FR
NeVerLax FR Acum oră
Eminem is a boss
3LK_ 93
3LK_ 93 Acum oră
Jonne Helari
Jonne Helari Acum oră
Your music is great i ur biggest fan (from finland)
Kendle Stevenson
i just saw it in 2039
Dameon Johnson
Dameon Johnson Acum oră
Man i love how they storyboarded this video. They took the movie fallen and ran with it.
jero 233
jero 233 Acum oră
una mantequita ;)
Kendle Stevenson
i saw venom
Rezziii Acum oră
Anyone else saw the credits and instantly loved the song? Like if you agree!
Andrés Gálvez Campbell
Alguien mas piensa que debió acabar con el simbiote llegando a eminem?
William Garcia
William Garcia Acum oră
Chills. I wrote a sick verse just like the chorus. Its like listening to my own work almost there. might be time to record again.
Dah Kid
Dah Kid Acum oră
🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸🕸🕸🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕸🕸🕸. Illl just stop
Je Bi
Je Bi Acum oră
Baap hip-hop
Housa Webs
Housa Webs Acum oră
There's no connection its all in my head those voices you hear are from when I was dead... Boo.... Here I am again.... oh no not again Damn it Eminem That's not what I SAID... Infinity has no finishing end. Because beginnings keep b b b b b beginning. Now do it again.
Jony Rodriguez
Jony Rodriguez Acum oră
I start to like that song already after i watched Venom. Best song ever for Venom.
Shukran Acum oră
Slim shady makes you laugh Eminem makes you think Marshell Mathers makes you cry M&M makes you hungry
Jhgjf Heutj
Jhgjf Heutj Acum oră
Torpedo Gamer
Torpedo Gamer Acum oră
Best song of 2018
s F
s F Acum oră
Mr Slim Shady himself..
Nicholas Ovel
Nicholas Ovel Acum oră
Not sure what I have loose in the thinker... But throwing around furniture feels massively therapeutic atm!
kinguin bombel
kinguin bombel Acum oră
jiovanny ramires
Some one from croatia? I need some one for a project
Massimo Castiglione
was this song in the movie
Housa Webs
Housa Webs Acum oră
St st st studa... Do it 2 mixa wuh wuh wuh wordup.
Cara de Barro
Cara de Barro Acum oră
Best music of Marvel XD
David Dewar
David Dewar Acum oră
4:00 Wow that girl looks dumb af with those clothes on lmao. Fucking hipsters
Dog OMG Acum oră
El verdadero venom ?
Abstruse Visions
still coming back 🔥🔥
radercann games
radercann games Acum oră
Lorette Scott
Lorette Scott Acum oră
Dude -- best song and video for me -- guess you’re a big fan of Superman-- heelllll we all are -- seriously - great post 👍✌️
Nurindri Yawaningsih
Happy Birthday Rap God..... Can u believe that he is 46 years old?
isuru manodya
isuru manodya Acum oră
Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?
Venom Acum oră
We Are Venom
zero05 xz
zero05 xz Acum oră
Alguien más que vino más de 1 vez a este video?? Además claro que hable español xd
Jeremy Slater
Jeremy Slater Acum oră
My bit is where he mumbles venommmmm
ray crowell
ray crowell Acum oră
Old dude that got uppercutted had the best part 😂😂
El foxy que le gustan los arcoiris ninguno
Eminem is the Jesus of Jesus
• Yuanoke •
• Yuanoke • Acum oră
That dog is still better than mumble rappers
7alab lbgar
7alab lbgar Acum oră
Aki 514
Aki 514 Acum oră
Happy birthday!!!!!!
Windows Desktop
Windows Desktop Acum oră
It's like Em is the new age Edgar Allen Poe.
Z3R0PLAY ! Acum oră
Venom ❤️
Samara Deus
Samara Deus Acum oră
Isn't Dr.Dre in your basement
Javon McDonald
Javon McDonald Acum oră
I going to to miss emiem
Certified Khriz
Certified Khriz Acum oră
Ma dude eminem killing it!!
Dunn Gettinhigh
Dunn Gettinhigh Acum oră
Lmfao wow this is str8 trash..the whites dont want you anymore marshall...the blacks cab have you ever since you dissed trump. U dug ur own grave u mudshark !!
Ezequiel R.
Ezequiel R. Acum oră
Hooo Lord!!!...🤤😎😂💪... Awesome Lyrics...🎶🎶🎶🖋
Venom's Empire
Venom's Empire Acum oră
I approve of this song
Vulkan Animations
Spoopy but yOu sToLe VeNom's NaME oMG u Are gEtTing FBIed
DeathWatcher 019
Who's here wishing that they could see the movie?
Juan Cena
Juan Cena Acum oră
Plz like for no reason
THE MOVIES LAND *ارض الافلام*
I can't stop it 😂😂😂😂
young _ waner
young _ waner Acum oră
i watvh the monvie is amazing
Cobalt Fisher
Cobalt Fisher Acum oră
Top 5 Best Rappers of All Time: 1. Eminem 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B-Rabbit 5. White Guy from D-12
Lucila Bustos
Lucila Bustos Acum oră
qué buen video!
Daniel merrick
Daniel merrick Acum oră
Em never disappoints us he is goat
Mr $wag master flex
This pop ass eminem song this shit is garbage.
Sonia Mondragon
Sonia Mondragon Acum oră
Te mando un fuerte abrazo
zxz joey
zxz joey Acum oră
I will do a rap song if i get 20 subs
zoomforlife Acum oră
this video wont get more than 200k views
Theguy1127 Official
I showed this to my dog My dog Venom now
Madison Griffith
I love venom I saw movie lol
Santi Solar
Santi Solar Acum oră
2:11 This is America 2
Deathstroke Acum oră
when i wake up: VENOM! when i go to sleep: VENOM! VENOM! in my dreams: VENOM VENOM VENOM!
RAYKE OFC Acum oră
Travis 15
Travis 15 Acum oră
Juan Fregoso
Juan Fregoso Acum oră
Ese disco parese de la ps1
Fahad Hussain
Fahad Hussain Acum oră
Check Out My Venom soundcloud.com/leo-169009454/mind-your-own-business
Theguy1127 Official
2:09 is amazing in every way
Khaled Jarrar
Khaled Jarrar Acum oră
75k people missed the like button so hard
Cartoon Gamed
Cartoon Gamed Acum oră
🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌗🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌗🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌓🌕🌗🌑🌑🌓🌕🌗🌑🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌓🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑🌑🌓🌗🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑
LOONie AgUU Acum oră
Eminem's that one rapper that is just the guy that created the rap prophecy. He's a Demigod. Also don't forget the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, and the ribosome is the thing that produces protein in a cell.
Energy Drink
Energy Drink Acum oră
We are Venom
Lety Garcia
Lety Garcia Acum oră
Slim Shady08'
Slim Shady08' Acum oră
Happy B-Day Marshall ! :D This album is Fucking FIRE !!
hahahha crazzy
Comic Books Plus
Leighton Saville
3:19 when your grandpa is possessed
Eminem - Fall
Acum lună
Venom Is GOOFY
Acum 11 Zile
Eminem - Fall
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