Eyewitness Details Horror In Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting | TODAY

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Holden Harrah, who was present when a gunman killed at least 12 at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California, on Wednesday, said he is “traumatized” just after the shooting. “I was blown away (by) what I just saw with my own two eyes.”
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Eyewitness Details Horror In Thousand Oaks Bar Shooting | TODAY

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8 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 772
Jason Reid
Jason Reid Acum o Zi
It's pronounced LIEwitness.
Bruce Boyer
Bruce Boyer Acum 10 Zile
The internal Video is not being released by the Club owner or the VCSD 'ongoing investigation" ya know...Borderline Shooting: The truth is there were TEN cops inside when ’shots fired” The ten ARMED COPS (two were on duty) ALL RAN, from ONE guy with a pistol! The cowards left the college students to be executed! Watch the truth be admitted to! January 2019 rovids.com/video/video-SIzvE23RU2s.html 20 year cop Mike Chilton shares some of the truth as to the Borderline shooting. The cops were armed; they ran… Mike calls out as the cowards they are. rovids.com/video/video-DO1PUW90vFU.html Oxnard City Council Police Chief Report on Borderline Bar and Grill Shooting rovids.com/video/video-jedPoYFqGvg.html News Conference Nov 27, 2018 - Borderline Shooting rovids.com/video/video-IcABNo_7XWU.html Borderline Bar Shooting, Is There a Coverup? Crime file news rovids.com/video/video-USV47kHES6M.html Borderline Bar Mass Murder Perspective from Ventura County Sheriff's Candidate, Bruce Boyer Crime file news rovids.com/video/video-mZixk3XHFeQ.html Breaking! New Borderline Bar Mass Murder details: Crime file news
Vernon Jacobs
Vernon Jacobs Acum 24 Zile
No broken windows? But the kids said...
Scott Acum 29 Zile
“I’m traumatized...” Well that settles it. Seems he’s traumatized.
Booty GAwD
Booty GAwD Acum 29 Zile
Hurting Hurt
Hurting Hurt Acum lună
The new fake stages are multiply in many countries at the speed of light. Same producer , age is about 50 years old , same brainstorm methodology)))
ESAUdi Arabia
ESAUdi Arabia Acum lună
Most of you crisis actors are Caucasian
Bb Bb
Bb Bb Acum lună
Duping delight. Terribly done hoax
Almost Out Of Time
Why do you think this and the Santa Fe shooting dropped out of MSM so quickly??...bc less and less people are buying this 💩
qtgonewild Acum lună
1:45 try not to laugh
Marine Raider
Marine Raider Acum lună
He committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest 3 times ? Simply not believable folks then add the really bad crisis actors and the fake media reporting this garbage.
the jimster
the jimster Acum lună
If a girl had a broken arm why would she not take an ambulance
Tim Blue
Tim Blue Acum lună
He went home to his family, but he is on the scene giving an interview.
SuperEmitt Acum 2 luni
One more fact, not a single person was shaking, I guess they forgot about what happens to people that are pumped up from such excitement.
Rob the lionheart Trindade
Wow ...fkn actors!!!! baby blood drinking liberals.
Cristo Monroe
Cristo Monroe Acum 2 luni
You ever see that video of a woman in a car where a cop just unloaded his clip into her boyfriend in the passenger seat? He’s bleeding and dying yet she’s not crying and stays relatively calm. Not all people cry tears and freak out. Also, have you even had a network news camera pointed at your face with anchors interviewing you? It’s nerve wracking knowing thousands of people might be watching and trying to answer questions perfectly.
John C
John C Acum 2 luni
The government are after our guns again, I'm ready to sign up and fight against our corrupt gov't and police dept
Chris Acum 2 luni
Lol not 1 person in the comments believe this FALSE FLAG!!! Terrible crisis actors lmao
Theo Klaus-wheeler
Theo Klaus-wheeler Acum 5 Zile
Chris it isn’t a false flag. This particular footage might’ve been staged due to the survivors not being emotionally ready to explain what they saw. But the shooting actually happened. I grew up in Thousand Oaks and I knew someone who was killed
Slimchester 79
Slimchester 79 Acum 2 luni
Poor lad is so traumatized, he remembers his jaw dropped open, started hyperventilating and that his hands curled in... Who would remember stuff like that after a traumatizing shooting?! 🤔
Bruce Boyer
Bruce Boyer Acum 2 luni
Part #2 The Borderline Bar and Grill (for those who have not been there as I have, many times, is a get-together family-friendly place that serves food, has a bar, pool tables and a large dance floor. The inside public area is about 3,000sq ft. ) has a full video system. The video will show who did what. There is video of the exit doors. The Borderline, as do most bars, have a ‘no weapons, no colors” policy. This is to prohibit gang members from coming in wearing gang gear and wearing knives. Guys in Hell’s Angels jackets wearing knives, legally, are not something most establishments want. In my many years doing security for bars and restaurants I have never had even one that wanted to prohibit off-duty cops from being armed, never a one. To even ask that any would is a really stupid question. This has NOT been made public. Liability, politics, image, insurance, all in play here, little truth, no accountability. The ‘leadership’ of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept had refused to straight-up tell the public and the families of the victims that there were TEN armed cops in the Borderline, and that they ran. All but one of the select media who were invited to the press conference (yours truly has been excluded as to my requests for media access to VCSD in spite of my many efforts for years) missed what was not said. they missed the ramifications as they likely assumed that the eight deputies/officers were not armed, as they were ‘off-duty’ and the media was told that ‘no rounds were fired”. Deceit was done, the whole truth was NOT put out, only a distortion, a lie. The ’Leadership” told us about Sgt. Helus who was killed. They want the public to rightly see that Sgt Helus was a hero. He went in to save those people and gave his life. The public recognizes his heroism. The public will NOT look at the other ten cops who ran as heroes, they will be seen correctly as cowards. The public will look at every cop and ask themselves; ‘is that cop a hero like Helus, or a coward, as the other ten are? The ‘leadership’ of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept knew that they had ten coward cops. There was NO accountability. Instead Mustache Bill Ayub and Co. waited three weeks to tell us a small piece of what they have known and refuse to answer the real, hard or even easy questions. We, the public are to just shut up, applaud on cue and pay the taxes for their salaries. The 'leadership" of Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. Oxnard PD and the other “unnamed departments” of the “unidentified officers” are the ones that are covering it up. ALL of them. It is they who are NOT holding the cowards accountable and hiding it from the public. The ‘leadership’ created, facilitates and perpetuates the cowardice. They work hand in hand with the various ‘police/deputy unions’ that make sure the cowards face no consequences. That makes their cowardice actually worse, as they thought as to their actions and chose to do them, not reacted in a panic as did the ten cops that all ran. We, the citizens, the taxpayers, are not seen as their bosses, we are seen as the dumb sheep that they fleece, and then fail to protect from the wolves. The public will understand that the cowards ran and left the college kids to be executed. What will the families of the victims say? What ‘excuses’ will be offered up to ‘explain’ to someone why their son, daughter, was left to be executed? It will NOT be pretty. It will be ugly. Very ugly, and it needs to be. It may bring about accountability, but it will not come from the current ‘leadership”. If this is not corrected, the cowards will run the next time, and every time. Our officers now know that if you want to be a hero like Sgt. Helus, you can wind up dead. They will give you an impressive funeral. They know that the coward cops will run and face no consequences. They know that they cannot count on their ‘brother officers’ when the shooting starts. What will America think of it’s cops? America will look at every cop and suspect that they are a coward. There will be no respect for the cops, as they are seen as cowards. “Protect and serve” will be an awful joke. America will know that there is no accountability. The people will demand accountability, will they get it? America’s law enforcement must also demand that this be corrected, completely, totally. Nothing left undone. The leadership that allowed this and covered it up must be removed. There must be accountability. The leadership of the various departments who have hidden that their officers ran must be fired by their City Councils and the public must elect a sheriff who is NOT a coward. A sheriff who will put out the whole truth, end the cowardice and the hold the cowards accountable. Cowards cannot be allowed to wear our badges. If not, then we will have a culture where if the cops can be cowards, who will be left to have courage? How could we expect our citizens to be men and women of courage? Will our military not go down the same road? Will our enemies not then see us as a nation of cowards? When they do, they will attack. Cowards will be defeated. As a nation, we will be done. This is my conclusion based on what we are told. I do so hope that the truth will come out, that there were not ten cowards that ran. I hope that I am shown to be wrong. We all ask ‘say it ain’t so Joe”? None of us want to believe that we have ten cops and the leadership that are cowards. If I am shown to be wrong, I will be most thrilled to say so. If my conclusions are correct, then I call on my fellow citizens to demand accountability, top to bottom. When I chose to run for Ventura County Sheriff, I did not think for a moment that I would have to reform the Dept to root out cowardice. I have a list of abuses, incompetence, corruption and gross mismanagement that the leadership commits. I NEVER thought to question the courage of any deputy or officer, not a one. It is apparent that the integrity of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept. is far worse than I knew or that we could imagine. None the less, I am up to the task of fixing all that is wrong and broken. The people WILL get to have an election for their Ventura County Sheriff, we wait on the courts, so perhaps June of 2019? They people will choose. I have had a great deal of criticism thrown at me, much because I am not a “Salaried Law Enforcement Officer”, a dues paying labor union guy, one of “them”. Some of the criticisms are valid, but no one would call me a coward. I may not have much else to offer, but I have courage. Without courage, what else will matter? I offer the people a choice for Sheriff; the cowards or a cowboy. Bruce Boyer, candidate for Sheriff of Ventura County bruceboyerforsheriff@Gmail.com
Bruce Boyer
Bruce Boyer Acum 2 luni
Press release Bruce Boyer for Ventura County Sheriff: As to the Borderline shooting of Nov 7th, 2018 Dec 3rd, 2018 The TRUTH is starting to come out, and it is far uglier than we could imagine. On Nov 7th, when the shooter entered the Borderline Bar & Grill and started shooting, there were armed police officers INSIDE. What did these police officers do? It is officially stated that ‘they fired no shots”, it is apparent, and largely substantiated, that they ALL ran! We are not told that they ran, we are not told that they did anything to stop the shooter. I will be greatly relieved if I find out that what is ‘apparent’ is not what happened, and that the officers acted with courage. How does Bruce Boyer know this? On Nov 13th at the Oxnard City Council meeting; (video starting at 29:50) Oxnard PD Chief Whitney states twice, that there were TWO on-duty Oxnard PD officers inside the Borderline when the shooting started; Chief Whitney stated that the officers 'heroically helped people to escape"... Absent the details that Whitney has, and refuses to divulge, the conclusion is that they ran. At the Nov 27th Council meeting; Whitney ‘defended’ the actions of the officers after Oxnard resident and Citizen Journal publisher George Miller lamented the presence of the officers who were inside at the time of the shooting and ‘fake gun free zones’ that disarm citizens to make them easy victims. Those armed officers of course could and should have used their weapons and training to take out the shooter. NOT run and ‘help people escape the building”. They are issued guns for a reason. If they will not use them, why issue them? I cannot believe that their training and procedures would be to NOT engage the shooter, or is it? Chief Whitney refuses to say either way. But there were NOT just those two Oxnard PD cops in the Borderline; there were others. We are now told by Bill Ayub, AKA ‘Mustache Bill” the “appointed sheriff” (he is NOT the elected sheriff of Ventura County, Sheriff Dean chose to take an early retirement and Ayub was appointed by the Board of Supervisors to be in charge until an ‘elected sheriff’ is sworn in. Ayub is not the 'sheriff elect' as the 'election' of 2018 is under review by the CA Appellate court as the County Clerk refused to place the one other fully filed candidate, Bruce Boyer, on the ballot) made mention at an impromptu press conference of Nov 27th, that there were EIGHT off-duty cops in the Borderline, at the time the shooting started; two of which we are told were Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies. Ayub does not tell us that they were armed, as they of course would been as off duty cops most always carry their badge and gun. I can not think of one of the MANY cops I know who do not carry off-duty, not a one (in stating that they were ‘off-duty” and Oxnard PD states they had two “on-duty”, we must conclude that there were a total of TEN cops, two on duty, eight off) So what did these TEN cops do? We are told that ‘none of them fired any rounds” which does not mean that they were not armed. Nothing else was said. If they were NOT armed, that could and should have been made totally clear. Ayub and company refused to take any questions and they were done. Efforts to obtain clarification and answers have been rebuffed. Ayub and co. did not want to make anything clear, I suggest that they wanted to obfuscate and NOT tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Every officer that was there is a witness and there are witness statements and reports. I would hope that we would get information that they did not, but absent that, which we would expect if they acted as heroes, we must conclude that ALL TEN cops were armed, and ran! This is pure cowardice. The college kids killed in the Borderline were the ones that could not run fast enough or hide. We are told that most were shot at close range, killed with one shot, executed. I understand from third hand information that as many as three college kids were shot attempting to take out the shooter, bare handed. Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt Helus responded and with CHP Officer Barret. Those TWO heroes entered the Borderline at great risk to themselves to save lives. They did not hesitate, they stepped in. Sgt. Helus was killed. Sgt. Helus was killed because the other ten cops deserted. Two heroes. One is dead. Ten cowards, no accountability. None of the officers who ‘ran’ have been identified. IF they had acted heroically, one would expect that they would be made public. The men and women of law enforcement know who they are, unofficially…. They KNOW who the cowards are. They are ordered to keep their mouths shut, as the ‘official investigation is ‘ongoing’.
Elliot Huh?
Elliot Huh? Acum 2 luni
Amazing that he stuck around till 5 or 4 in the morning. Right after surviving, a mass shooting. four or five hours waiting just for a TV interview....
B D Acum 2 luni
"Talk to them like a normal person" ...he says like alot, but still uses the word suspect hahahaha
iDECLINEGoogle UserAgreement
He said "with my own two eyes". You see FOOLS lil things like that are what we the AWAKE see and hear....like a glowing, flickering candle in the light....YOUR algorithmic AI can never filter human intuition correctly. Your caught!
The Imaginary Gallery
The bar was empty during the shooting. None of these fake actors were even on film. FAKE.
Lost Boy Byous
Lost Boy Byous Acum 2 luni
Yeah in that video they posted with the smoke bomb apparently in the club, You could hear a pin drop lmao it was too quiet for a club
Max Freedom
Max Freedom Acum 2 luni
Did everyone hear the coaching at the very beginning?
Walt Jisney Channel
Max Freedom epic!
Max Freedom
Max Freedom Acum 2 luni
If it's on TV, assume its FAKE.
QLHG 16 Acum 2 luni
National MSM runs with this. It’s parroted on your local news. No more questioning anything. Propaganda similar to Germany 1933-45.
shows up with friends, ditches them to drive a girl with a broken arm to a hospital?... goes to bed...…. do not party with this guy.
Paul W
Paul W Acum 2 luni
Fake af. And we are all being secretly screened as soon as we click on the video link.
Leo Torone
Leo Torone Acum 2 luni
That's why you use a fake profile and a VPN. Just to make things harder.
Robby Esbrandt
Robby Esbrandt Acum 2 luni
Dan Long
Dan Long Acum 2 luni
You all seeing this. There is daylight outside the studio, 7:00 am eastern. That would be 4:00 am in CA. The shooting happened at 11:30 the night before. This guy hangs around the shooting scene outside the bar for 4-1/2 hours after the shooting to be interviewed. unbelievable. I don't believe in conspiracies but this....
Saquon Barkley Is The Man 26
He's laughing!!😂😂😂
Alisha Fagerstrom
Alisha Fagerstrom Acum 2 luni
He's probably a new crisis actor, at the next false flag I am sure he will no tear cry very well.
Opal Matt
Opal Matt Acum 2 luni
The )oos are doing this people, wake up !!!
Ty Fritz
Ty Fritz Acum 2 luni
@ 1:56... wait, I forgot to flex! DAMNIT!!
Paul Donnell
Paul Donnell Acum 2 luni
Numerous other witnesses say the door man was shot first. He says a girl was shot first Hmm. I call BS. After the first shot all he would hear is ringing in his ears.
Pit Viper
Pit Viper Acum 2 luni
I know this is a week or so old but if you watch this guy he keeps looking to the left of the camera for either instructions on what to say or a prompter. Only in Cali and Florida this stuff seems to happen though. Look at the middle of the country. Other than Chicago things are pretty quiet. I live in Oklahoma and a guy shot at the front door of a restaurant when two conceal carry guys heard it who were walking by, drew there pistols and killed him. He was the only one who died. 3 were wounded but all lived. Then you can look at Texas. The art show or whatever where the 2 muslims were going to shoot it up and were stopped before getting in the door by armed cops. Armed citizens are the only way. Its not Police or Swat or anyone else. If you have to dial 911 to be protected your probably dead. So arm yourself and be safe.
mnewt712 Acum 2 luni
He sure is smiling a lot for someone who just witnessed such a traumatizing event. Hmm... 🤔 I don’t know what or who to believe anymore. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone that may have been impacted by this alleged event. Every “crying” person being interviewed does not look sincere. How is it possible to fake something like this?
Lazy Lightning
Lazy Lightning Acum 2 luni
Soooooooooo fake
awesomemusic Acum 2 luni
He looks so traumatized. Poor thing, can't even remember his lines
John Crosetto
John Crosetto Acum 2 luni
Lyle Yo
Lyle Yo Acum 3 luni
Wow this is a joke
mw10259 Acum 3 luni
Raphael Moraczewski
mileswmathis.com/border.pdf thousand hoax
Steve Ent
Steve Ent Acum 3 luni
Shuckkkks, he didn't even mention the "dogpile" lameee
Ethan Acum 3 luni
Wtf...this can't be real!
MrDarkoKos Acum 3 luni
lol he admits he wasnt from therr until recently. all of these ppl are never known by locals but no one cares...
Alisha Fagerstrom
Alisha Fagerstrom Acum 3 luni
I'm so excited for the next false flag hoax fake shooting thing ………. I hope they bring back Elliot "the supreme gentleman" Rodger.
Alisha Fagerstrom
Alisha Fagerstrom Acum 2 luni
+Leo Torone Hopefully in a mansion with many beautiful ladies.
Leo Torone
Leo Torone Acum 2 luni
Elliot wanted to be an actor in Hollywood, I wonder where's he living now?
dolandlydia Acum 3 luni
He forgot to take his lanyard off. I would love to see what is on his lanyard.
walter Laskoski
walter Laskoski Acum 2 luni
Crisis actor 33 more than likely.
Angel Cortes
Angel Cortes Acum 3 luni
Lady Irish
Lady Irish Acum 3 luni
It's possible there were crisis actors there, however I live here, in Thousand Oaks, and I can say it did happen! I was by there this morning and the cops and FBI are everywhere. From the freeway you can see the broken windows that have been boarded up. And yes, there were a lot of people at the Las Vegas shooting who were also at The Borderline. Vegas is very close and there is a huge country following here. My friend is a cop and his daughter was there! She was hiding in the bathroom for over an hour with some other girls until SWAT came in to get them.
Lost Boy Byous
Lost Boy Byous Acum 2 luni
It honestly sounds like the gunman was a controlled robot and then went in the bathroom and blew its own head off as soon as the job was done...I'm not crazy just what it sounds like...they said he didn't say a word or noise just shooting and knew exactly what he was doing
chaka zulu
chaka zulu Acum 2 luni
+Lady Irish First off, the FBI and police will not talk to you about this situation, so just stop with your lies there son. "there is not a broken window in this video .... so?" What? every witness said there was. @ 0:02 she said good morning but how is he there if he went home to his family @ 2:54? You can also hear a dude coaching him on what to @ 0:04.
Lady Irish
Lady Irish Acum 3 luni
@chaka there is not a broken window in this video .... so? I've been to the bar, I've seen the boarded up windows! I've talked to the FBI and the police. So because someone doesn't cry they are a crisis actor and lying?? I live by the scene. And just FYI, a lot of people from here were in Las Vegas. I know of one person that died there who was from here. Smh
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Acum 3 luni
A local.... for 6 months...mmm
Leo Torone
Leo Torone Acum 2 luni
+IVA BIGGUN ahahahahahahahahahaaha
IVA BIGGUN Acum 3 luni
Will his house be paid off on December 25th?
john smith
john smith Acum 3 luni
this guy said i went home and got into a safe environment lol this is all fake
Bob Martin
Bob Martin Acum 3 luni
The following comments you are about to read are from the people who believe that the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting was *A GOVERNMENT STAGED FAKEASS HOAX!* These ignorant fuckfaces need to be reported and charged with terrorism and harassment!
notsparctacus Acum 3 luni
Crisis Acting. Good work if you can get it.
Living Swell with Peggy Hall
"Holden Harrah"? Who in the world is coming up with these names...
Fighting Media
Fighting Media Acum 2 luni
Hahahaha seriously!!!
LiesAreEverywhere Acum 3 luni
So he went to the hospital, then he went home to his family and then went back to that horrifying scene just to hang around a little as you can see here (behind sherrif giving statement) rovids.com/video/video-lN1VS0-IsRg.html&t=155s
Itisfinished Acum 3 luni
Another obvious lying crisis poor actor,,all garbage,,they want your guns because your government are the real terrorists,,nothing happened
KOKO LOKO Acum 3 luni
Fake news just like the illegal alien caravan just all fake news from politicians for us to follow them like sheep....
Team America
Team America Acum 3 luni
Stay asleep and they Live.
Team America
Team America Acum 3 luni
They Live , We Sleep
Sunny Zona
Sunny Zona Acum 3 luni
Technically he can get on the stage🙄
merry day
merry day Acum 3 luni
Im always suprised at how many accept interviews directly after an event. Not sure I could do it if I just been through such a tragic and traumatizing moment.
LiesAreEverywhere Acum 3 luni
They show no signs of adrenaline and or shock. This guy went to the hospital, then back home to his family and then back to the crime scene again. LOL.
manuel quitze
manuel quitze Acum 3 luni
Right...this never happen people just don't die from gun shots...give me a break. People die from eating to much candy...fake news since 1492...
LiesAreEverywhere Acum 3 luni
Nobody is saying that you moron.
MC_Shithead_ !
MC_Shithead_ ! Acum 3 luni
He said he saw the shooter shoot a bartender first but another witness says he shot a security guard first 🤷🏽‍♂️
LiesAreEverywhere Acum 3 luni
And another one said he shot the cashier was first.
chaka zulu
chaka zulu Acum 3 luni
A few other witnesses said the cashier was first.
John K.
John K. Acum 3 luni
If you watch Holden carefully, you will see that he often starts out answering questions looking directly at the camera, but then, repeatedly and often, he turns his head slightly to the left, looking away from the camera at something... someone... and adds more "detail." This happens constantly. He never turns his head to his right... it's ALWAYS to the left... and it's always followed by more enhancement to the story. I would bet there is someone standing to our right of the camera, Holden's left, and cueing him to key parts of the story that they have written or scripted for him. "News" stations do this repeatedly. I saw CNN in NYC filming a "protest" and what they showed you on video was very different from what was actually happening. The "protesters" were huddled together to create the appearance that it was a large group when, in reality there were only about a dozen. From off camera, I could see someone holding cards up behind and out of view of the camera, to cue them about what to say. Also consider... Holden says he drove a girl with a broken arm to the hospital and them went home to a safe environment. Think.... how the heck did he get back here to do the interview with Hoda and guthrie? Does that make any sense? If this happened to you, would you be coming back to "hang out" at the scene of this reportedly "horrific" crime?
walter Laskoski
walter Laskoski Acum 2 luni
The sheep buy anything.
ScareCro Acum 3 luni
Liar liar pants on fire.
radioeyes Acum 3 luni
"Eyewitness" *translation* "Crisis Actor"
LiesAreEverywhere Acum 3 luni
Thesaurus: synonyms and related words: sellout, fraud, liar, cheat, con artist, perjurer, phony, storyteller, deceiver, dissimulator, equivocator, fabricator, fabulist, falsifier, fibber, maligner, misleader, prevaricator, promoter, trickster, deluder, fabler
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly Acum 3 luni
Wonder how much he getting paid. Crisis actor. Jewish pay roll is long.
Alisha Fagerstrom
Alisha Fagerstrom Acum 2 luni
Many many shekels
Defrock7 Acum 3 luni
He took a girl with a broken arm to the hospital and then went home to a safe place but is back answering questions??? You are a F'N moron if you believe that.
Brother Carlton
Brother Carlton Acum 3 luni
FAKE NEWS once again to brain wash the masses. The real purpose is for the liberal media to help persuade people to get rid of guns to make us all more safe. Sounds like the old Communist agenda doesn't it? Study some history and you'll see millions were murdered when the Communist dictators make gun illegal. Sorry but gun confiscation is NOT the answer. If anything we need more guns in the hands of rational educated citizens where there are no "gun free zones." Gun free zones is where the criminals will go to perpetrate their crime.
GreatIAm314 Acum 3 luni
Wow what a true hero 🙊🤗 ........
Marcos Aguirre
Marcos Aguirre Acum 3 luni
this shooting made me wonder if the government still think we still belive in Princesses. mmmmhh ? 🤔🤔
WZE Acum 3 luni
In the beginning you hear a man say "Talk to them like you talk to the people in the office". Like the one he was hired in for this operation..
WZE Acum 3 luni
This was planned to take out the girl related to Tia Mowry..She was sacrificed..
WZE Acum 3 luni
The fbi/cia/illuminati hires them to sacrifice people for famous families as well as ridding themselves of people they see as threats.
WZE Acum 3 luni
He was hired like others there to make this seem accidental..They are soldiers hired as actors..
WZE Acum 3 luni
He's lying
Kat Acum 3 luni
The actors are the ones babbling about this shooting being fake.
Kat Acum 3 luni
+chaka zulu watch again as he clearly states after he went home to his family he went back up to the scene of shooting where this interview is taking place. Use Google maps to see surrounding areas to get his exact spot and where he is standing. Smh
Kat Acum 3 luni
+chaka zulu I guess you didnt listen to him. Watch the video again. He clearly explains his experience and helping others and clearly holding onto his emotions. Watch again.
chaka zulu
chaka zulu Acum 3 luni
Where did this interview take place Kat? Because he clearly said he drove a girl to the hospital and then went straight home.
jjpme92un Acum 3 luni
It's a close one here. 115 'thumbs up' vs. 116 'thumbs down'. stay tuned for further 'thumbing. . .
Addy Nuff
Addy Nuff Acum 3 luni
Traumatised 🤔
Richard Madden
Richard Madden Acum 3 luni
Didn't expect the comments here exposing this government psyop hoax. Thankfully nobody dies in these hoaxes and (most false flags) but sad many people fall for the NWO agenda behind these.
Her eyez on Level
Her eyez on Level Acum 3 luni
So he went home ? But he’s a witness ....so he went home and then came back....I call Bull S#*+
Anthony McCallum
Anthony McCallum Acum 3 luni
If he went to he hospital and then home, how is he still there?
Alisha Fagerstrom
Alisha Fagerstrom Acum 2 luni
+Demonica Santangilo & DSBBGAME Series most movie sets have drivers for the actors.
Demonica Santangilo & DSBBGAME Series
ok that's what I was thinking
sergio hurtado
sergio hurtado Acum 3 luni
Lol false flag. So obvious.
Popcorn Man
Popcorn Man Acum 3 luni
This guy was the shooter. 😂🤣 like a serial killer manic who revisits the scene of the crime. He leaves takes a stranger to the hospital and doesn’t go home to chill out like a normal person. He goes back to the scene of the crime to be interviewed by NBC. Smh
Jeremy's Joy
Jeremy's Joy Acum 3 luni
At 0:02 you can see the inside of the bar and the chairs are on the tables. Edit: Why does everyone have thier shirts off?
CH Norwood
CH Norwood Acum 3 luni
I wondered the same thing re: the shirts off.
star dust
star dust Acum 3 luni
You would think they would find better actors in California, it’s a no for me dawg
Matthew Whitefield
Matthew Whitefield Acum 3 luni
Stoned crisis actor hahaha
Samo Meers
Samo Meers Acum 3 luni
Do they hire these people? Do they bribe them? Is it blackmail? I can't figure out why these people go along with this garbage. If you haven't seen the footage from inside the bar yet here it is. Classic. rovids.com/video/video-HzYc1J9uDA4.html&t=39s The elitists want to abolish the 2nd amendment. Thats what this is all about. themillenniumreport.com/2016/01/false-flags-are-legal-propaganda-produced-by-the-department-of-defense/
Dofl Pks
Dofl Pks Acum 3 luni
Lets trust the multi-billion dollar news industry guys. They make millions and work 1/2 as hard as all of you, so lets just trust them and continue letting them tell us what to do with our time, money, and family.
CanadaDig Acum 3 luni
Haha this is fake.
Jr33mz and Vi2ions
Jr33mz and Vi2ions Acum 3 luni
Dude say he traumatized😂😂 do ppl understand what that even means
atmore guitt
atmore guitt Acum 3 luni
This is a terrible thing to happen to good people like they were. However the state of California is a place where this kind of violence is to be expected due to their sanctuary state status that is completely arrogant and unsympathetic to hard working North Americans in this country and somebody went off on them and their cowardly stance on immigration into the state and this into this “ country”. This is terrible loss and the only one to blame is the governor of California for his cowardly stance on immigration and illegal aliens in the state. This governor is refusing to cooperate with or follow Federal laws that were made by the the people of this great country for a reason and is refusing to cooperate with immigration agents, I.C.E , that apprehend dangerous criminals coming across our southern border and from other parts of the world including the middle eastern regions too.To say your a sanctuary state also includes every other illegal alien that might want to enter the state or is he also violating the constitution buy selecting which race gets to stay and which one does not. Coward as his state burns in the wind. What he has done is effectively succeeded from the United Union of states that makes our North American country as great as it is. He's most likely receiving money from George Soros, or is it Gyorgy Schwartz ? This kind of violence does not need to happen to good people.
A Acum 3 luni
what's up with shirtless bro in the ambulance at 2:06?
Michelle Leigh Driskell 062598
Really u run into Vegas peeps on the norm...SMDH fake fake mighty clean to have been through all that...have you checked on the broke arm chick...jsjs
Bobbito Chicon
Bobbito Chicon Acum 3 luni
Why does everyone think hes a crises actor.....maybe most of you are chat bots Sent out on a Social Engineering program.
Danielito9320 Acum 3 luni
He ditched his friends?
dsf111 000
dsf111 000 Acum 3 luni
#dontvictimizethevictimtheshooter these obivisouly deserved americas a sociopathic society of vile malicious dogs so they don't matter it like a drug adict or a murdrer or prisoner died as these are people who ready to enter the kingdom of god or christian who are in the kingdom of god so i this is good day justice is being done this should happen in western society through out europe #maketheworldabetter with these horrible people not in it eXAMPLES GIVEN No Woman, No Crime: Israeli Men, legally harassed by women rovids.com/video/video-ahZTWBB26Cw.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN "False Accusations in Spain" rovids.com/video/video-GjgBfklmYj8.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN TFM Show: The Ballad of Broken Boys (Part 1) rovids.com/video/video-q05Ny--aHnY.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN TFM Show: Don't Discount Divorce Daughter Drama rovids.com/video/video-zqpkyVLjwQE.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN
Former maid to Adolf Hitler interview