Film Theory: The Spiderman 2 Mystery! Why Spiderman Lost His Powers!

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Dogephantom Gamingandvlogs
For spider fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Robbie Is da best
Robbie Is da best Acum 52 minute
Haha get rid of tom holland we need the og back
Caden CAM
Caden CAM Acum oră
Your theories are great
Phillo187 Acum oră
Tht intro was cringy
I am The legendary
Wow he did not care about Stan Lee 😢
agh it's a plane
agh it's a plane Acum 2 ore
Theory man He *probably* exists
ThatLittleKitten Acum 2 ore
Wholesome Spiderman :)
Beltonboy 72
Beltonboy 72 Acum 2 ore
This came out on my brother’s berth day
Just Noodles
Just Noodles Acum 3 ore
George Feldkamp
George Feldkamp Acum 3 ore
I thought this was common knowledge lol
Mason Gassiott
Mason Gassiott Acum 4 ore
be me 3-10 years old with abusive father we leave start experiencing some phycological bad stuff put it off watch spiderman video with matpat lists symptoms of PTSD I check of more than half go to to brain doctors get a brainy checkup get diagnosed with PTSD my face when matpat helped diagnosed me with PTSD in a spiderman video
Cess 959
Cess 959 Acum 4 ore
Colt Kerchner
Colt Kerchner Acum 4 ore
Night Fire
Night Fire Acum 4 ore
random man
random man Acum 5 ore
The villain of the movie actually does explain this. Doc Ock says if you keep something as complicated as love stored up inside of you, it can make you sick. Which is what Peter is doing. He's keeping his love for MJ inside him because he doesn't want to risk her getting hurt due to him having enemies from being Spider-Man.
Sam the Gamer
Sam the Gamer Acum 5 ore
2018 wasnt good stan lee died number one stefan died stephen hillenburg died spiderman died twice
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy Acum 6 ore
4:04 *Fuck You*
Taiya001 Acum 6 ore
Aunt May's accent could be an indicator that she was a British spy and was relocated to America after her service with a new identity. Oh man imagine Agent May and Agent Carter. COOL
Furrdom Cc3
Furrdom Cc3 Acum 6 ore
De de de depression
Tye Wilson
Tye Wilson Acum 7 ore
PennyPlayzComics Acum 7 ore
I am begging for another hunger games theory please
Tarik šabić
Tarik šabić Acum 8 ore
DrWhy Acum 8 ore
Ekansh Lohani
Ekansh Lohani Acum 10 ore
Please, can we have a theory on LOST, the ending is especially a mystery, Really theory worthy
Bridget Garcia
Bridget Garcia Acum 11 ore
Pixel Doge
Pixel Doge Acum 11 ore
Web shooters has joined the chat web crawling powers has joined the chat Super strength has joined the chat
Dilan Girihagama
Dilan Girihagama Acum 13 ore
1 like = 1 respect for peter
Sam Blansett
Sam Blansett Acum 13 ore
I think you're forgetting as well that there are different types of PTSD, and you are looking at the wrong type for Peter. The type most people know is connected to a singular event, where the type experience by Peter is a series of connected events that cause the person to see themselves as that connecting point. This is what's experienced by repeat survivors of abuse, those who dealt with extended childhood trauma, and those who were stationed in wartorn areas for long periods of time. Because the trauma is not linked to one specific event, it's much more nebulous
TombstoneSMB Acum 14 ore
With a dollop of madness? That's just Willem Defoe in his natural habitat
Lucy McMaster
Lucy McMaster Acum 14 ore
Hey Mike myers I wonder are u going to rejoin hollywood
Revan Star
Revan Star Acum 15 ore
Mirza Eken
Mirza Eken Acum 15 ore
Mary Achieng
Mary Achieng Acum 15 ore
One thing you missed sandman didn't shoot uncle Ben, it was the robber
InsaneBunny7600 Acum 16 ore
stormfall_1100 Acum 16 ore
I guess Peter was "far from home"
Ryan Hopps
Ryan Hopps Acum 16 ore
OK before I actually watch the video, I never really thought the missing powers thing would warrant a theory video as when I first watched me and my brothers always thought it was psychological effect from you know... his life literally getting shat on up to that point. I thought the movie made it pretty clear with the tone the movie used, but meh could be wrong. Back to the video. EDIT * Aww I was hoping it would be like some different that caused the missing powers, oh well maybe next time
silly kitten
silly kitten Acum 16 ore
Please subscribe to Stephanie Jimon she really needs it please just search that name
Jane The Drawer
Jane The Drawer Acum 17 ore
10:15 I thought that's called "network orientation" said Mr. Austin back at Game Theory on "Kris isn't evil" video
shadow fox
shadow fox Acum 17 ore
Cyranno Kelbrid
Cyranno Kelbrid Acum 18 ore
Jeron Mortensen
Jeron Mortensen Acum 19 ore
I see that once again you are advocating for mental health issues. Way to go MatPat! Here's another idea: why is it that in the third film when the new evidence arises of his uncle's death, he seems to have no problem with his powers, but instead goes emo on us? It may actually be a theory worth exploring in a sequel episode down the road.
Grrgflipbra YT
Grrgflipbra YT Acum 19 ore
Can you make a ytp series of theory man? Please?
Red 7
Red 7 Acum 19 ore
is anyone else having flash backs to the green-lantern suit Why green mat pat Whhhhhhhhhhhy.
Exxotic FSK
Exxotic FSK Acum 19 ore
1:05 worst sound I have ptsd from that
Red Jack
Red Jack Acum 20 ore
Okay, but for real, that color scheme tho. If Amalgam Universe ever returns, Iron Lantern can fuck off. I want a GL Spider Man. XD
Brn Berlowitx
Brn Berlowitx Acum 20 ore
Spetzy Acum 20 ore
I thought everyone knew this lol 😂
Edy Lai
Edy Lai Acum 21 oră
This Kid Can Draw
This Kid Can Draw Acum 21 oră
8:32 tho RAR XD
BIG Dog Acum 21 oră
You could’ve added in the intro and stupid bears
Your Friend
Your Friend Acum 22 ore
No Pizza time could lead to PTSD too.. Just a friendly reminder..
logan archibald
logan archibald Acum 22 ore
11:12 well you're in luck cause they did that in spiderverse
Hazed Out
Hazed Out Acum 22 ore
When you can't watch a single thing without making a theory
Ghost huynh
Ghost huynh Acum 22 ore
3l3ctr0n YT
3l3ctr0n YT Acum 22 ore
Aspenit Acum 22 ore
Why is it almost everyone in theories have PTSD? Too much PTSD!
Mattman vlogs /games
Shit I might have PTSD I can't get one of my friends out of my head ever since she left me (told me to fuck off then blocked me) and I have all but the physical thing for PTSD every day
Antasha barberae
Antasha barberae Acum 23 ore
Packs On Packs
Packs On Packs Acum 23 ore
I think that the spider man into the spider verse movie proves this to be true
{SleepyCakes} Acum 23 ore
MEEPSALOT Rookie Anims
theory man will join smash comfirmed....eh...meeep ;---;
Rainyy Day Productions
*Y’all, I think I have PTSD*
Natalie James
Natalie James Acum 23 ore
This needs to be an intro.
Diamond Slasher
Diamond Slasher Acum 23 ore
Cause Thanos Snapped his finger
SoulHuN7eR Acum o Zi
Spiderpig... Spiderpig.... Does whatever a spiderpig does.... :P
Hi my name is jasper
His comedy is so bad and unfunny like people only watch your channel for game theories not for failing comedy
Domino Stuidios X /Red Sheep Shorts
2:30 why doesn't Spidey have brain damage
River Lily
River Lily Acum o Zi
1:19 LUCUS THE SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3:3:3:3:3:3
Alex 303
Alex 303 Acum o Zi
oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
Eddie K
Eddie K Acum o Zi
Great video in so many ways . Great edition . Very funny and very well informed. Thankyou
Logannev Gaming
Logannev Gaming Acum o Zi
I don’t know, I feel like the DNA change could have been a temporary thing to avoid serious genetic disorders, but instead of totally going away it goes into “ hibernation “ until he needs them most
Michael Strouse
Michael Strouse Acum o Zi
Something new to ask my doctor about.
James Morris
James Morris Acum o Zi
Can we agree MattPat that Spidey had a case of the Yipps?
luisnava900ln Acum o Zi
Absolutely LOVE the intro
Spider-pig spider-pig, does whatever a spider big does
lera Acum o Zi
I mean I watched those movies when I was like 14 and even I remember putting together that 'spiderman lost his powers because bad things are happening to him and the powers are somehow tied to his emotions and belief in himself' so i never really considered it a mystery that they stopped working u just have to,,,, not be stupid
Bruno Cardozo
Bruno Cardozo Acum o Zi
Takai153 Acum o Zi
How is this theory worthy, because I can't be the only one who found this blatantly obvious the first time they watched it as a kid
Kailey Hamilton
Kailey Hamilton Acum o Zi
Ethan Does Stuff
Silent DylanYT
Silent DylanYT Acum o Zi
I have a theory about spiderman HOW DID HE COME BACK IN SPIDERMAN FAR FROM HOME
Leon Acum o Zi
I thought (in my teenage years) he lost his powers because he was starting to stop loving Mary Jane. Think about it, the spider has bitten Peter when he was taking pictures of her, he was in love. When Mary got engaged the reality that he won't be able to be with her makes him lost his powers. And everytime he sees Mary with his friend the reality weighs like an anvil to the ground. That's why in the end of spider-man 2 his powers got back just to save her. And that's why at the end of SM2 Mary run away of her wedding to Peter's house, and Peter got back at the spider-man life full recovered.
Yaugz Acum o Zi
Zohar Bowman
Zohar Bowman Acum o Zi
tracy wisdom
tracy wisdom Acum o Zi
Ha I'm the meme guy and I'm going to make a meme
Justin Bouchard
Justin Bouchard Acum o Zi
Uma Lamešić
Uma Lamešić Acum o Zi
I think everyone should watch this
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Acum o Zi
Ben Hagood
Ben Hagood Acum o Zi
LDiableo Acum o Zi
Got press that F for respects yo! I mean for neighbor girl. Rip neighbor girl romance.
Stealthninja135 Acum o Zi
Matt pat can u make a dexter theory (not dexters lab the serial killer)
Hades Zero
Hades Zero Acum o Zi
I thought they explained it as psychosomatic because of his struggle to fit his human world with his hero world. He went to the doctor and everything.
Villain in Glasses
At first I was cringing at the intro but then I remembered how bad/good the original was and got over it.
The Gacha mermaid
Penny parker is my fav
RoG Garo
RoG Garo Acum o Zi
Just wow
DeadRatStew Acum o Zi
Maguire's spiderman is the only spiderman
save pewdiepie
save pewdiepie Acum o Zi
Acum 4 Zile