Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

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Death has many faces.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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15 apr. 2019

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etezan 21
etezan 21 Acum oră
The prophecy about cersei is that she's gonna die and another women will become queen dany for sure's gonna die so Sansa will be the queen even that I hate her I wish Jon to be the king but this tv show is not about happy ending
Fusharc Acum oră
Faltan como 9 horas >^
SzariQ Acum oră
Giorgi Kurtanidze
I think in that episode dany is going to learn about jons identity and leave with drogon, tho rhaegal will stay with jon and fight against dead. Idk why, i rly want to see fight between 3 dragons but i got feeling
Marian Pas
Marian Pas Acum oră
The dragon died for Jaime to join the Starks! Hope Jaime will do something important this season.
Schwanzus Longus
Daenerys has to shut the fuck up
The Starks
The Starks Acum oră
Gotta love the Jaime and Bran comments
skaijuice Acum 2 ore
EP 1 was a feel good. The Reunion Episode but also I feel it's the episode that the Producers wanted to get out of the way and onto the main course. I wonder how many will die in EP2 since Winterfell lay in the direct path of the Undead Host after Last hearth.
kothgoth Acum 2 ore
That throne with dragon eyes 😍
Tinotenda Matura
Tinotenda Matura Acum 2 ore
before the sun comes up tomao waiting drool drool rovids.com/video/video-n8xUwJNwX1M.html
Diego Alejandro
Diego Alejandro Acum 2 ore
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RUBOLA Acum 2 ore
HBO please.... HBO GO in Xbox Live!!!!!
Rising Star
Rising Star Acum 2 ore
🧐 waiting
Banti Ansari
Banti Ansari Acum 2 ore
Hindi me kab ay ga
I'm Llama BTC
I'm Llama BTC Acum 2 ore
HighMagnitudeGT Acum 2 ore
Bran made the mad king insane!!!!! It was his fault and no one knows!!!!!! Sheeeep blind!!!’
Hello King
Hello King Acum 2 ore
What time is the second eposode???
Kata K.
Kata K. Acum 2 ore
Dany, are you aware of the fact that your father was MAD??? I swear if anyone lays a finger on my sweet Jaime imma lose me shit
Bushka Kath
Bushka Kath Acum 2 ore
I wonder if there's anyone out there watching season 8 GoT without watching any of the other season rofl😂
soni ji
soni ji Acum 2 ore
chea yun
chea yun Acum 3 ore
Is 9:00 pm based on the eastern United States?
Aashish Mainali
Aashish Mainali Acum 3 ore
Raise your hand who are waiting for episode 2 ✋
Jun Yan
Jun Yan Acum 3 ore
Phew, we went from hating a queen for pressuring people to obey her by supporting another queen's rise to power, only to see her also pressuring people to obey her. Aegon better be king now istg
Matthew Kealey
Matthew Kealey Acum 3 ore
I find it pretty hilarious that their doing all this bickering when war is upon them.
Evie Gavr
Evie Gavr Acum 3 ore
can someone pleaseeeee tell me a site that i can watch it live for free?
Tyrion"this time I'll make it bigger and wilder than before " lol hhahahahaha!
the dark knight
the dark knight Acum 3 ore
"There's a war coming Ned" "There's a boar coming Robert" "There's an axe coming Jamie" "There's a wedding coming Robb" "There's a walk coming Cersei" "There's some wine coming Joffery" "There's a blade coming Jory" "There's a prick called Olly coming Jon" Ok I'm done
Diana Toscano
Diana Toscano Acum 4 ore
I mean, Dany already accepted her dad was an evil guy when she meets John for the first time. So nah, I don’t think she will do anything to Jamie.
malizlato Acum 4 ore
Stop bitching about Daenerys would ya? She has every right to chastise Jamie....it doesn't mean that she will go for his head.....until the episode comes out you have no idea what she said entirely..... maybe she forgave him knowing what her father did....
El rancio De kokun
Song????? It’s amazing!
meniasol Acum 4 ore
Dany became like her father... crazy and arrogant... burn then all!!! Queen slayer do your duty...
D Lee
D Lee Acum 4 ore
I still dont get the thing... why everyone talking about smart Sansa? She is the dummest person in books and in serials. She almost executed her sister. But in this season she is the smartest...
Clove Acum 4 ore
@D Lee and I don’t think the North would have stood silently by while a Stark executes another Stark at Winterfell. That’s why they said she was considering it. But even considering it was ludicrous on her part. Hopefully all her lessons are complete.
G Bon
G Bon Acum 4 ore
legend _97
legend _97 Acum 5 ore
Aidan Sharkey
Aidan Sharkey Acum 5 ore
Why the fuck are you guys releasing teasers? Just wait for the episode to come out. This isn’t what Game of Thrones is.
Venkatesh K
Venkatesh K Acum 5 ore
i'm pretty sure that the dead horse stepping into frame (which seen in full length Trailer )will be the end of Episode 2...
Testrun strike
Testrun strike Acum 5 ore
jeeez it is about time for the next episode, so much dumb stuff out there, it is not even funny. littlefinger still alive -> NOPE daenerys goes villain -> NOPE nightking skips wf and goes KL -> NOPE Jaime gets executed in ep 2 -> NOPE bran is the nk -> NOPE NOPE AND NOPE
qxp-Gaming Acum 6 ore
0:13 "HE (Tyrion) never should have trusted Cersei"
Li Li
Li Li Acum 6 ore
The first episode of the season had too many cheesy lines. I hope the second one is better.
Dirty Giraffe
Dirty Giraffe Acum 6 ore
Is this going to air tonight, or do we have to wait to next sunday because of some bullshit christian holiday stolen from us so called "pagans"?
Farhan Del Rico
Farhan Del Rico Acum 6 ore
Danaerys is a stupid bitch
Morgan Mwiti
Morgan Mwiti Acum 6 ore
Who else wants to see GHOST??
ryan pinongpong
ryan pinongpong Acum 6 ore
i already watched it in hbo hd really cool after geostorm
Edward Wrigley
Edward Wrigley Acum 6 ore
I think the night king will attack kings landing, will start burning down the castle and Cerci will try to burn down the city with wild fire to stop the million residents becoming extra dead soldiers. Atleast thats what i think could happen from all the little teasers throughout the seasons, especiallly Brans flashbacks.
Superfish yu
Superfish yu Acum 6 ore
xander Z
xander Z Acum 7 ore
Hotpie needs to make a comeback
beingsrvsingh Acum 7 ore
Arya stark just i love her character.
Michał Beny
Michał Beny Acum 7 ore
Whats is music? Please
P.A Acum 8 ore
I've Just Started Watching Game Of Thrones . I Sat And Watched The Entire 7 Seasons In One Weekend Its Magnificent , A True Marvel , A Master Piece Its Visually Beautiful . The Writing Is Extremely Powerful It Has a Strength of Cast That Most Series Would Kill For Also . I'm Not Sure If This Was Purposely Done But Many Characters have Almost , Other Worldly Accents/ Voices Wonderfully Done However , A Warning Though Its Unlikely For The 8th Season To Be Successful The Final Battle must be Over 4/5 Episodes long And Must be , The Lord Of The Rings On Steroids Or , I Will Consider ,Unlike The First 7 Seasons , A Success The 8th Season , a Spectacular Failure . . .
Серега Мешик
Harpic Acum 8 ore
Not enough bobies.
Thomas Main
Thomas Main Acum 8 ore
Would Rhaegar Targaryen have burned the Tarley's alive after all they were just prisoners of war, Daenery's is a lot more like her grandfather than she is her older brother.
Avengers endgame leaked video to my channel....if i am wrong then I am fucker...
Alexandar Zvezdev
[ Photo ] 12:27 у неделя е вече бре 04:00 Игра на тронове VІІІ, 2 еп.qas-shared-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/snaps/w8zk57bpbjd
Epeli Nakautoga
Epeli Nakautoga Acum 8 ore
Shit... I think I peed a little.
Leezure Lee
Leezure Lee Acum 8 ore
To stop illegal torrent download they can upload false episode lavishly into that website
Prashasti Jakhmola
I hope Jamie reveals Cersie's intentions
matt zolotenki
matt zolotenki Acum 8 ore
'Sundays 9pm' fookin where?! There's like 50 time zones
Furkan Çengel
Furkan Çengel Acum 8 ore
So Arya is talking to Beric Dondarion😨
Spartak Sevov
Spartak Sevov Acum 9 ore
Things I really want to see tonight: Bran and Jaime Tyrion and Jaime Tyrion and Lady Mormont Tyrion and Sam Lady Mormont and Arya Lady Mormont and Daenerys Lady Mormont and dragons Sansa and dragons Arya and dragons Arya and Daenerys
doganpillais Acum 9 ore
imsarth sinha
imsarth sinha Acum 9 ore
Its coming 9pm US standard time?
DTE TRENDS Acum 9 ore
DAMN!!! I can't wait anymore for the next episode!!! Hopefully John and the rest of the gang can defeat the white walkers by 2 dragons. I'm also excited of the New Star Wars wishes2.com/rqmz1 !!!!!!! Damn! a must see movie!! Enjoy that trailer guys!
Zay Mtila
Zay Mtila Acum 9 ore
Jon isn't wearing the Stark armour.
Şeyma Sarmış
Şeyma Sarmış Acum 10 ore
Please, send me link to watch GOT tonight 🙏🏻
Evan Murphy
Evan Murphy Acum 10 ore
Mr dinklage your an inspiration If dan and dave ever wanted to do right for ed sheeran cameos no stoneheart or patchface💣 Make it a great speech for tyrion A st crispins blackwater speech
trubluhealer Acum 10 ore
I bet you anything that nothing major will happen in the second episode. Just setting up for the decisive battle in the north in episode three. Maybe the battle will be a two parter. It'll still be great but I'm not holding my breath.
Angela Pascual
Angela Pascual Acum 10 ore
Can someone please explain to me something? When Sansa and Daenarys are talking about trusting Cersei, with how Sansa trusted her with a lot of things and how Dany trusted her to bring an army North (I'm assuming) - why is it that Dany felt the need to call Sansa out on that? It seemed pretty arrogant of her. Yes, this is only a teaser trailer and out of context, but seriously? Sansa has been in the presence of Cersei for years, and Dany should know that already, what with Sansa being previously betrothed to Joffrey and marrying her Hand, Tyrion - that's news everybody across Westeros would know. Sansa knows what Cersei is like and has suffered under her for a long time. Dany has met Cersei for, what, the one time to negotiate an army out of her and to get her to bend the knee? And suddenly she has the right to judge Sansa for a past mistake that cost her dearly several times in her life? I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill with this, idk, but that just doesn't seem right. Imo Dany has been getting pretty arrogant, especially in the last few episodes.
Major Tom
Major Tom Acum 11 ore
Tyrion and Bran will save Jaime
Suruchi Raktate
Suruchi Raktate Acum 11 ore
Where is Daario Naharis and Jaqen H'ghar... I want to see them Especially Daario😍
Pujan Klose
Pujan Klose Acum oră
Destroying your fantasies: Jaqen-actor is gay.
Nace Camdress
Nace Camdress Acum 2 ore
Greg Duncan Productions
Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3; Prediction Majority of the 3rd episode is probably the battle for Winterfell. The Night King will probably win and raise the dead Starks
ツ Mind Hunter
ツ Mind Hunter Acum 11 ore
‌🇳‌🇮‌🇬‌🇭‌🇹 ‌🇰‌🇮‌🇳‌🇬
RanKz -
RanKz - Acum 11 ore
Why’s is it ending?
Jigsaw Acum 12 ore
Jaime shits after seeing bran again!
Black Stark
Black Stark Acum 12 ore
I want to see the talk between Ser Jorah mormont and Lyanna Mormont.
Luis Angel Espinosa Garcia
Filtrado del capitulo 2 de la 8va temporada de Game Of thrones. Enlace de descarga debajo. Compartan para que mas lo vean. saludos 1tin.net/jDX4o
Adithya Ks
Adithya Ks Acum 13 ore
Directors: We'll having movie length episodes Crowd:Yeaaaayyyyy After watching, "as usual Game of Thrones tricked us. It's the third twist that we have been waiting"
Vhan Chua
Vhan Chua Acum 13 ore
Nah. Daenerys would even thank Jaime for doing what he did. She know her father deserves it.
Mc Miller
Mc Miller Acum 13 ore
Parkesthetic Prithibee
without having Tywin Lannister nd Littlefinger Baelish , GOT lost its game-changing masterminds. these are mere children we are watching now. missing those two.
hawksasuke97 Acum 14 ore
People call the F down. She’s not gonna kill him. She already stated herself on several occasions that she thinks her father was a piece of garbage. And she’s probably just moody because she’s pregnant. Relax🙄
Master Dono
Master Dono Acum 14 ore
Daenerys caused her brother's death because he was mad. So maybe she'll understand why Jamie killed her father? Because he was mad af
Kristen Suraci
Kristen Suraci Acum 14 ore
Hope Dany doesn't emulate her dad when it comes to Jamie because that man has been through Hell and back and is betraying his family for this shit
Abhishek Choudhary
Abhishek Choudhary Acum 14 ore
What's the timing of 2 episode?
Abhishek Choudhary
Abhishek Choudhary Acum 12 ore
+Zooqan Pawar fmovies, here you find it free . And in India you watch this on hotstar.
DefientBoss941 Acum 12 ore
+Zooqan Pawar I know one app that can allow you to watch it for free with no payment or signup if you want it?
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar Acum 12 ore
Do you know any free site where I can watch it?
DefientBoss941 Acum 13 ore
It said 9 pm
Antiscia Moore
Antiscia Moore Acum 15 ore
And why the hell would Braavos be upset at the end of slavery?! I've got logistical hopes that the Iron Bank is supporting Danaerys in spite of their monetary gains by tricking Cersei. Remember, the Iron Bank was formed in Braavos, which is owed its existence to the House of Black and White formed on the backs of freed slaves. Slavery is illegal in Braavos; the Iron Bank is not blind to this fact.
Exodianecross1978 Acum 15 ore
I hope Jaime will reveal the Wildfire Plot of the Mad King now in public!
kobe eleftheriadis
kobe eleftheriadis Acum 15 ore
Oh man the writing in this show is atrocious. Doesnt disappoint gets worse every season!
Jay Phillips
Jay Phillips Acum 15 ore
When I was a kid Star wars first came out and it was holy holy holy and now every horrific joke that could be made about it has been made right now game of thrones is holy holy holy but just give it some time.
Bhutt Boi Faart
Bhutt Boi Faart Acum 12 ore
I think you need to take some time off from commenting online.
Jay Phillips
Jay Phillips Acum 15 ore
Totally lost interest after the first season. It's okay eventually it will be running like the metro bus on TBS it will be game of thrones holiday weekend! And then it will go into Mass syndication with foreign subtitles Spanish voice overs all that good stuff! It'll be the only thing on cable and satellite dish. Statistically it's what will be playing on the TV in the hospital room when we die
Pedpost Urgent Care
I don't think it would be fair to put jamie on trial. He came becos of the truce. Although he single handedly tried to kill bran, Ned and he knew the red wedding would happen by his message to Lord bolton (tell rob the lannisters send their regards), meaning he had a hand in catelyn and robbs death (4 starks!). Now with bronn bound for winterfell, i don't think the north will clamor for jamies head on a spike (although i can't imagine bronn killing jamie or tyrion). Someone has to defend jamies honor (Brienne i guess but Jon mostly). I think this will sway varys in Jons favor for his mercy and gentleness when he sees daenerys wouldn't listen and as soon as he knows jon has a better stake to the throne.
From The Cheap Seats
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Broke People's Guide
S:8 E:1 FUNNY Recap rovids.com/video/video-8FA3xFJPfbg.html
Capture Productions
Milk Carton
Milk Carton Acum 16 ore
So here are my predictions: They will reveal that Bran tried to warg with the Targaryen king that made him insane. Kind of a paradox which is the narrative alot of movies make. Gendry and Arya will survive and will continue the bloodline. Crossbow will kill Tyrion (not by Bronn, he will chicken out last minute then somebody else will, Jaime will know soon after. He’ll go to Cersei then finally realizing that Cersei is faking her pregnancy, a coffin nail resulting hin to kill her. Sansa will die not by the white walkers but by ****Littlefinger. Alas, he is alive and well.
Aricc25 Acum 17 ore
24 hours to go!!
Kebab with extra garlic mayo
about half the people have had their fathers killed or nearly killed by danny and her family dafuq she bitching about
Chim Ying Jing
Chim Ying Jing Acum 18 ore
In tomorrow morning and evening, every GoT fans will join us around the world, and we will watching the greatest battle in the history of Westoros. We can't be consume petty differences anymore, we will reunited our common interests. Perhaps is our working day, but as the day we will not quietly into the night, we will not vanish without watching, we gonna live on until as the day our watch end.
Chim Ying Jing
Chim Ying Jing Acum 12 ore
+Jack you sure? You mean tomorrow episode was just talking with Jamie and making weapon all the time
Jack Acum 15 ore
thats episode 3, tomorrow episode is gonna end where night king army arrive at winterfell.
Dreaming Acum 18 ore
Literally nobody: - Bran: 👁👁
Visenya Targaryen
Visenya Targaryen Acum 18 ore
So basically all the scenes in the trailer for season 8 were from the first two episodes. I can`t wait to see how the story`s going to go.
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