Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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5 mar. 2019

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Matheus Carvalho
Matheus Carvalho Acum 21 minut
I read the script that leaked and these characters die: Arya, Jamie, Daenerys, Jorah, Tormund, Beric, Melissandre and Cersei
Ruari Buckley
Ruari Buckley Acum 39 minute
Americans always make fun of British accents and generally act like there is only one accent when there are so many but the same time they love this show doesn't really make sense to me. There are many accents in GoT and much about the show shouts British as well regardless of accents. Can you imagine if the show had American accents wouldn't be half of what it is, nothing about the show is American in any way Game of Thrones owes a lot of what it is to British culture, accents etc and doesn't really feel like that gets acknowledged.
AYMAN GAMER Acum 51 minut
Watch this bit.ly/2WcvWTj
Terezia Malarova
Terezia Malarova Acum 51 minut
Sila zeny
Mustapha Jefferson
I'm so gonna watch this series after my finals!!!
Outside Box
Outside Box Acum oră
Spring is here.
ily Ily
ily Ily Acum oră
cu2.io/GP8rO this season really is the best, who excited
Chango Chilemba
Chango Chilemba Acum oră
One Targaryen on Drogon... One Targaryen on Rhegal... One ................. on Vissereon...
Yokuda Acum oră
Littlefinger is alive!
Eduardo Fiuza
Eduardo Fiuza Acum oră
Nem acredito que e o final da série:/
Listogenic Acum oră
After GoT has ended, we all will be able to deal with depression better... Excited for the final season and the Great War, Depressed about the show ending... #GoT
Aaaachooo 17
Aaaachooo 17 Acum oră
Arya is scared, i'm TERRIFIED 🙀
Lance Marcus
Lance Marcus Acum oră
I start watching GOT just last month, and now im on Season 3. And i just want to say that i want to fuck CERSEI! Fuck that blonde woman bitch!
Damian X
Damian X Acum oră
When GOT ends,The witcher begins.If it will be half as good its ok.
Ryck Rarick
Ryck Rarick Acum oră
They showed nothing of Yara or Theon. I hope in the first episode that is the action we get to see. I am sure the first episode will give us the reunions we have long wanted with Arya, but there has to be some action too and the Yara storyline needs progressing.
Jordan Siordia
Jordan Siordia Acum oră
Come on we all watch G.O.T just because of the sex sense.
Divyansh Singh
Divyansh Singh Acum 2 ore
Worst ending possible? They end the show without telling us what Podrick did to those girls!
Lean Machine
Lean Machine Acum 2 ore
The old reunions are cool and all but the best reunion will be..... Drogon and Rhaegal meeting Viserion!!! That's what we've been waiting for this whole time.
ceesee1 H
ceesee1 H Acum 2 ore
less than 1 month and we all can realize what the hell is going to happen...
MrDodo Acum 2 ore
Having to wait 4 more Months after waiting 2 years really pisses me off
Stav Yosef
Stav Yosef Acum 2 ore
20k dislikes are from white walkers
Daniel Silecchia
Daniel Silecchia Acum 2 ore
It’s great how you can pick out information from this trailer like how Cersei isn’t pregnant
Clunky Sphinx
Clunky Sphinx Acum 2 ore
Never watched an episode; don't care to.
charles OK
charles OK Acum 2 ore
Can't wait for the rest of the days left. Arya sight upon seeing the dragons was marvelous. Seems there's hope for the living." Let's fight for the living", said by Lord Tyrion.
Sarai Garcia
Sarai Garcia Acum 3 ore
Tre Sansouci
Tre Sansouci Acum 3 ore
How awesome would it be if every week movie theaters added the new episode. I’d love to watch the final season in the theatre
Edward Kenway
Edward Kenway Acum 3 ore
I am gonna miss Littlefinger's accent in this season 😖
Umesh Wagh
Umesh Wagh Acum 3 ore
Who wants to come with me to apr 14 i have time machine📅
Lillian Gardner
Lillian Gardner Acum 4 ore
Is it just me or does Cersei look like she's crying whilst drinking the wine??? Surely she would only cry for Jamie....
Lillian Gardner
Lillian Gardner Acum 3 ore
+Adam Teague oooh I didn't think about that. 🤔
Adam Teague
Adam Teague Acum 3 ore
or having a miscarriage
Fitri Annisa
Fitri Annisa Acum 4 ore
Will Hodor be back as the dead?
Fitri Annisa
Fitri Annisa Acum 4 ore
Jamie’s changed after he met Brianne. She brings the good quality in him. I can’t wait for Daenerys’ reaction after she learned that Jon is the true heir of the crown
Maryam Abbasi
Maryam Abbasi Acum 4 ore
Every time I watch this trailer, I’m more eager for show to be on aired. Can’t wait 😭
Ali eren Akyuz
Ali eren Akyuz Acum 4 ore
Türk yokmuş yerimi alayım :)
RayanL 2004
RayanL 2004 Acum 4 ore
What if the night king raises all the dead from stannis' attack on winterfell and all the casualties from the battle of the bastards to boost up his numbers
ESCANOR 75 Acum 4 ore
Really feeling sad as this master piece of art is coming to an end, though I guess every good thing has an "Ending" and that's what increases it's value in the coming future...
obaidul akbar Masum
Winter has already come but characters don't feel it, they wear worm cloth but not heavy winter clothes. Horrible art direction HBO. There were lots more cold in first season than this one.
dishwashermadman Acum 4 ore
Night king is believer in New Gods which is the seven pointed star. He hates the old gods which are the trees that we worshipped by children of the forest. He hates the children because they are the ones who created him in the first place. Hence he is going south to burn the werwood trees.
Adam Teague
Adam Teague Acum 3 ore
Night king IS God. all this time every one has been believing in false gods when it has been the Night King all along pulling the strings. He brought Jon Snow back to life.
M.M.M Acum 4 ore
cersei drinking 1:08.... I assume things didnt go well for her
Zuplex Mvp
Zuplex Mvp Acum 5 ore
Actually thats the less toxic comment section on youtube ever :D ... promises that season 8 will be insane...
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson Acum 5 ore
Put on your tin-foil hats: There are reasons to believe that Jon, Dany, or Jaime could actually be “the prince that was promised,” but honestly, knowing GRRM, that prophecy is hella flawed and just symbolic anyway, so I’ve given up on ANYONE actually fulfilling that prophecy entirely. But I definitely feel like Jaime could be the one to kill The Night King. I mean... it would literally be the most perfect conclusion to his character arc if the Kingslayer became the Kingslayer again, but this time, everyone actually fucking appreciates what he’s done for them. But it’s been implied that whoever kills the Night King probably dies with him. So bye, bye Jamie. Also, bye bye Dany and Jon. Love them, but they were WAY too clearly set up to be the heroes of the story from episode one. And GoT is about taking fantasy tropes and flipping them on their heads. So yeah. RIP Jon and Dany. But Jon and Daenerys will be instrumental in helping to defeat the Night King OBVIOUSLY, but after the battle is done, Cersei’s evil ass will overcome them and slaughter THEM with her army while they are tired and ragged. It’s bleak, but I think it’s definitely a possibility, seeing as Cersei said she’s not gonna fucking fight the White Walkers, she’s gonna let Dany and Jon do it. It would really even top the Red Wedding in terms of HOLY-SHIT-NO-THEY-DID-NOT-ness. BUT, GRRM has said the ending is bittersweet, and there’s no way that’s a bittersweet ending. That’s just depressing. So even if that happens, I think someone would survive and give Cersei her comeuppance. Most fans think it’s gonna be Jaime, but as I’ve said, I think Jaime’s already dead at this point, having killed the Night King. But what can Arya stark do with dead people? Yep, she can wear Jaime’s face to get close to Cersei and kill her when she thinks she’s safe and happy, but the joy will turn to ashes in her mouth, JUST LIKE TYRION SAID. As for who’s going to rule after literally almost everyone is dead, I really don’t see Tyrion dying honestly, nor Sansa. Too much horrible shit has happened to both of them-ESPECIALLY Sansa-for them to have an anticlimactic tragic ending. I think that Tyrion and Sansa will rule together in the end. Not as a couple though. With Tyrion as King in the South (he IS technically Cersei’s heir, after all) and Sansa as queen in the north. BAM!
ruya x
ruya x Acum 5 ore
Ay han
Ay han Acum 5 ore
Uuuuuu delularr
__jxcky 0524
__jxcky 0524 Acum 5 ore
fucking excited for all the soundtracks ramin created for the final season😩
Tahseen Wael
Tahseen Wael Acum 5 ore
Never watched GOT. Don't understand why there's so much hassle about it.
Centipede Chan
Centipede Chan Acum 6 ore
Amazing cinematography, CGI, and acting (from what I've seen so far) but massively disappointing in how the moral complexities of the show (when it was still somewhat following the books) have turned into a generic one-dimensional good versus evil tv trope. Also really disappointed how they chose to portray the White Walkers as ice-wielding Zombies instead of ice sidhes. So many theories that would have made this show better. GRRM even insisted that the WW are not dead like wtf. Doran Martell and the whole fcking Dorne storyline, Euron Greyjoy's horn, Joramun's horn... ugh. So many wasted potential for a good vs bad cliche.
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mufc18782000 Acum 6 ore
1:24 looks like rhaegal caught up to drogons size.
Manish Anand
Manish Anand Acum 6 ore
Where is the Lord of Light. It is dim here in this trailer!!!
Keshav Kumar
Keshav Kumar Acum 6 ore
Maria Bland
Maria Bland Acum 6 ore
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Calon Artis
Calon Artis Acum 7 ore
Repent Faith
Repent Faith Acum 7 ore
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Adeil Ansar
Adeil Ansar Acum 7 ore
They are all old clips
Connor Moore
Connor Moore Acum 7 ore
lampord gaak
lampord gaak Acum 7 ore
film yaslink.com/KU1FI
Don Breezy
Don Breezy Acum 7 ore
Has anybody seen this as soon when u wake up for motivation to make it to this date? 😂
ibrahim shahid
ibrahim shahid Acum 7 ore
The FUCKIN' hype!!
Rummerz Acum 7 ore
That music at 0.42 & 1.10 makes your hairs on your arms stand up 🙌🏻
Liên Quân Mobile
Sup cheo đi
שולמית אליהו
Рэн Acum 8 ore
Melanie 2
Melanie 2 Acum 8 ore
I deserve a scene with Arya and daenerys.
Lux Vella
Lux Vella Acum 8 ore
Im going to be dead inside when GoT is over. I love them all and most are going to die. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
josef blake
josef blake Acum 8 ore
greyworm jaime lannister arya stark will die
MAJOR TurK Acum 8 ore
Dor Cat
Dor Cat Acum 8 ore
The final shot in the trailer sent shivers down my spine
Linda Hernandez
Linda Hernandez Acum 9 ore
Akarsh G Rao
Akarsh G Rao Acum 9 ore
D Krappenschitz
D Krappenschitz Acum 9 ore
@1:14 arya believes it would Jon and Dany on dragon but it would turn out to be the OG night king
Gazmatronic 'Reborn' Cavanagh
Me and my family will Stand with house Stark..."We pledge our swords" We fight side by side with the white wolf #TheKingoftheNorth
Hodor Acum 10 ore
Sajan Newar
Sajan Newar Acum 10 ore
14 aprils night will be dark and full of terrors
Insalted Grain
Insalted Grain Acum 10 ore
God the bgm killed me oh dear lord give it to me nowwwwwwww
david fisch
david fisch Acum 10 ore
does this mean we are getting a Tyrion - Sansa reunion?
Mukesh Sarangpur
Mukesh Sarangpur Acum 10 ore
GoT is first show which i see all episode and most await for final session. Anyone else from Hisar like this
محمد الطائي
اشتراك مردود
James Smith
James Smith Acum 11 ore
I wonder what is more anticipated game of thrones or avengers endgame lol...what a time to be alive!
Milestone Entertainment
Arya much love for you❤️
wshmaxi01 Acum 11 ore
April is coming.
How anticlimactic would it be if Arya killed the Night King unceremoniously in the first episode, while masqueradeing as undead Hodor?
Seedge Mercado
Seedge Mercado Acum 11 ore
this season is gonna be like Infinity War except there won't be an Endgame to continue and undo it so there you go...
Gabriele Magnani
Gabriele Magnani Acum 12 ore
Ciao figlio/a mio, vorrei solo farti sapere che io c’ero.
Vamsi Pothala
Vamsi Pothala Acum 12 ore
Here is the great IMP...instagram.com/p/BvJyQ9lhu0n/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=d89gkbx7xlif
Sumit Grg
Sumit Grg Acum 12 ore
Waiting !
Jodeci Sanchez
Jodeci Sanchez Acum 12 ore
Yo if the Russians leak the season early I'll let y'all slide with invading the Ukraine. Let's get this rolling
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Acum 12 ore
Wow, i thought i was watching How To Train Your Dragon xD
Gayatri Mishra
Gayatri Mishra Acum 12 ore
BTS Comeback & GOT last season Mid April. It can't get better than this.
ikaaful Acum 13 ore
After 3 yrs of waiting like for waiting for an awesome AAA game
Abdulaziz sindi
Abdulaziz sindi Acum 13 ore
Jon Snow is gonna ride a dragon, hell yeah
Alice t
Alice t Acum 13 ore
who was Das again?
Algaital Dubstudio
Algaital Dubstudio Acum 13 ore
Love This movie
Opus Knight
Opus Knight Acum 13 ore
Only, the best series ever. Flawlessly, written plots.
Abu Dhirar
Abu Dhirar Acum 13 ore
Jaime is the one that will kill Cersei
Leaffordes Acum 13 ore
the night is dark and full of errors...
Faris Rasyadan
Faris Rasyadan Acum 13 ore
Got spoiler alert rovids.com/video/video-xqkOks5Khuo.html Mini
Lisa Van Rooyen
Lisa Van Rooyen Acum 13 ore
Anybody else notice what looks like a dragon skull amongst the bones?
BrutalButtSlaps Acum 13 ore
Why do I get the strange feeling that (by the look of Varys’s face) all the deceased Starks buried in the crypt in Winterfell are going to make a lovely return in a mangled fashion? Also, quick theory: similar to what happened to Hodor, The Mad King probably went mad because he kept seeing visions of the army of the dead. The previous three eyes raven was probably trying to warm him of the night king and how to defeat his dead army; by burning them all. Terrified and driven to madness, The Mad King probably also, thought he was doing right by the living by sparing them all a fate worse than death.
Please make Hindi doubbed
Vodkamester Acum 14 ore
i wonder what is cersei did now, even qyburn made a face, he rarely made.
Aldyan Imayazar
Aldyan Imayazar Acum 15 ore
I just watch 2 best trailer on youtube this month : 1. Avangers "Endgame" 2. Game Of Thrones Season 8 April 2019 Will be the best month of the year