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Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, Kodak Black - Wake Up in The Sky [Official Music Video]

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The official music video for Gucci Mane, Bruno Mars, and Kodak Black’s “Wake Up In The Sky” - available now!
Stream/Download - guccimane.lnk.to/WakeUpInTheSkyAY
Director: Bruno Mars & Florent Dechard
Produced By Jeremy Sullivan
Colored by: olio creative
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31 oct. 2018

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Comentarii 41 600
Tyler Young
Tyler Young Acum 51 minut
Idc Gucci will always have the sauce
TRIX CAPTAIN-_-SHOT Acum 52 minute
Only here for Kodak and Gucci
Adrienne Bell
Adrienne Bell Acum 53 minute
Kamron Duplass
Kamron Duplass Acum oră
2:40 kodak looked into the depths of my soul when he took the shades off
ImRican Acum oră
Why Kodak. Of all rappers. Why kodak
ytkingkong Acum oră
kodak sounds like a fucking honda 2:35 😂
Aysenur Ozgur
Aysenur Ozgur Acum oră
Bayılacağım 😍😍😍
Akina Layola
Akina Layola Acum oră
I was here before 1m ✨💕
Jamie Chung
Jamie Chung Acum oră
쿠기 걍 압살인데?
Turdblossom Acum oră
A nerd told me too Read more
Jommamma Xse
Jommamma Xse Acum oră
This song will forever and always be a banger 🔥🔥
Alexandra Acum oră
I stay fresh as hell, take a pic I might as well, hell. 😉
Jesh Chandra
Jesh Chandra Acum oră
i put megabass on the car bruh i couldnt hear fo a while
Random Person :P
I’m so shocked,but I like it 🔥🔥
Sanvannah Acum oră
Love Bruno sm 😍
pleyer man
pleyer man Acum oră
Who else goes drink till I'm high smoke till I'm drunk
EtherVisiion Acum oră
1:13 Lol look at kodak
Lil Purp
Lil Purp Acum oră
Kodak put a shirt on fat nigga 😂😂
ZersgancsBeats Acum 2 ore
2:57 Why does Kodak remind me of the giddy up skin on fortnite
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Acum 2 ore
U cnt tell me i aint high :-)
Mason Scott
Mason Scott Acum 2 ore
Nina says hi
Some Guy
Some Guy Acum 2 ore
2:57 *NEW*Leaked Fortnite Emote
Malikia Somerville
2:57 when your crush adds u on Snapchat 😂
Viliami Fisiiahi
Viliami Fisiiahi Acum 2 ore
Who came to this song after watching the meme😂😂
sayrah jewwel
sayrah jewwel Acum 2 ore
Rafael07l Acum 2 ore
Sanaa Filiaga
Sanaa Filiaga Acum 2 ore
1:08 - 1:20 omg, when you and ya best friend know you both can’t dance😂❤️🙏🏽
Amor Da Sua Vida Rs
alexis seitz
alexis seitz Acum 2 ore
Such a bop Jesus Christ
Hope Critical-Ops
why does the setting give me a 1990 vibe or 1970
Gavin Yang
Gavin Yang Acum 2 ore
Kodak should be a singer
Johnny Chavez
Johnny Chavez Acum 2 ore
The best collaboration of the year 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ana Flores
Ana Flores Acum 2 ore
The collab i never knew i needed 🔥
Izabella Tribble
Izabella Tribble Acum 2 ore
I always rap the Gucci Mane part in the car and my mom is like wow your so good let me get out my phone.
Greg Coleman
Greg Coleman Acum 2 ore
You is not
adrianlowks 21
adrianlowks 21 Acum 2 ore
Yay no ads
piyo Acum 2 ore
Kodak murdered this shit 🔥🔥
Tojo Rabemananjara
This fucking SUCKS
Ryan Sudol
Ryan Sudol Acum 2 ore
This at 1.25x speed 🔥 Thank me later
XDFIRE DUDE Acum 2 ore
My first time hearing kodak singing
Chloe Teschner
Chloe Teschner Acum 2 ore
Its the kind of song that you like but you dont let your friends know you like😂
Obese Lobster
Obese Lobster Acum 2 ore
Masterpiece 🔥
joni lorin
joni lorin Acum 2 ore
Sergio Huicoza
Sergio Huicoza Acum 2 ore
Koddy the fatty xd
lil fist
lil fist Acum 3 ore
thi.s sh.it I.s li.t
RRicheyy Acum 3 ore
Glee 2:39
Lesieli Malafu
Lesieli Malafu Acum 3 ore
GG M8 Acum 3 ore
bruno mars by far got the best verse
Glock 17
Glock 17 Acum 3 ore
it sounds like angels piss in my ears
Trey litt
Trey litt Acum 3 ore
So smooth
Jay Stokes
Jay Stokes Acum 3 ore
Kodak🔥🔥 Cutless sitting high I feel like I can fly so fresh 2 death it’s crazy I feel like I can die🔥🔥🔥
Lyn Taylor
Lyn Taylor Acum 3 ore
Zmania5 Acum 3 ore
Bruno mars is a smokey robinson looking ass nigga
Marsha Rancifer
Marsha Rancifer Acum 3 ore
Dylanisawesome32 PS4
Drink till I’m drunk smoke till I’m high . My favorite part
RARA_2K Acum 3 ore
Kodak got fat
Jay Spearman
Jay Spearman Acum 3 ore
I know I'm super fly
Just chill
Just chill Acum 3 ore
The way Bruno Mars touches his face in the beginning 😂😂💀
Robert Rozelle
Robert Rozelle Acum 3 ore
Out here with tha moves like i invented smooth😂😂
J Roni404
J Roni404 Acum 3 ore
I thought the song was called "Super Fly"
PAPA SMURF Acum 3 ore
Kodak 2:38 😂😂
Wes The Gaming Guy
Michael Jackson turned white, and Bruno mars is getting there
Mom's email!!!!! Do not change!!!! unicorn
Can u put your shirt bale on plssss
Veronica Sanchez
Veronica Sanchez Acum 3 ore
I am just falling in love more and more with brunos voice and bruno him self in every song❤❤❤
SL4SH3R Acum 3 ore
This so damn good
Bryan VI
Bryan VI Acum 3 ore
Abdul Wahidi
Abdul Wahidi Acum 3 ore
I never knew the meme came from Bruno Mars and Gucci mane
Devin Itzkowitz
Devin Itzkowitz Acum 3 ore
Why Kodak Black so ugly?
Jayden Ibarra
Jayden Ibarra Acum 3 ore
It is Gucci
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Acum 4 ore
when u supposed to be doign ur work but ur jsut watching this song on repeat lmao
Just Another Guy
Just Another Guy Acum 4 ore
When you get flex tape
Landon Bjork
Landon Bjork Acum 4 ore
Lol honestly facts
Kamari Sanchez
Kamari Sanchez Acum 4 ore
I love this song
Matheus Acum 4 ore
Doctor_Pepper04 Ps4
Bruno mars ayee
Natalie Hampton
Natalie Hampton Acum 4 ore
Love dis song
Min Hee
Min Hee Acum 4 ore
Teah Woodruff
Teah Woodruff Acum 4 ore
Kodak Black with his Dad Body 😂😂
Kaila Kotton Kandy.
When you mom take Fortnite and you trying no to spazz 0:09
Lil cuz in lee Big cuz in Cody
0:10 where my mooney
Marissa Johnson
Marissa Johnson Acum 4 ore
I forgot how much of an angle Bruno Mars voice was
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Acum 4 ore
The most unexpected collabs😂😂😂😂
jason laboy
jason laboy Acum 4 ore
Kodak ruin it
Lela Perry
Lela Perry Acum 4 ore
Ulises Pina
Ulises Pina Acum 4 ore
I love. Bruno. Mars🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
JAB01K1N Acum 4 ore
When you friend sits next to your crush but hear them laughing 2:39
Ulises Pina
Ulises Pina Acum 4 ore
I love Bruno Mats
Ulises Pina
Ulises Pina Acum 4 ore
I love Bruno. Mars
xxdatcookie crispxx
bruno killed it
stephen alonso
stephen alonso Acum 4 ore
Bruno does it so smooth 0:12
Trxsh Gxd
Trxsh Gxd Acum 4 ore
Bruno been making great songs since he broke up w that hoe of selena
Ess Bruno
Ess Bruno Acum 4 ore
Im the real Bruno
Brendan Stock
Brendan Stock Acum 4 ore
Great song!!! :)
Hector Garcia
Hector Garcia Acum 4 ore
This shit 🔥🔥
Dry Evon
Dry Evon Acum 4 ore
You know Gucci main been fly
aditya chhibbar
aditya chhibbar Acum 4 ore
2:33 onwards group of bees coming to ya😂wheeeeeee seeeenggg
Jasmyne Long
Jasmyne Long Acum 4 ore
1:13 Bruno and Kodak dancing is everything
jahmeil jackson
jahmeil jackson Acum 5 ore
Beat smooth
hondayamahafan Acum 5 ore
Had no idea this was Bruno Mars when I heard it on the radio. Love this song!
Poseidon Gaming
Poseidon Gaming Acum 5 ore
Kodak can sing?!?!
Cristina Martinez
This song be putting my ight confidence on staroirds 😆😆 Mood= I know I'm super fly lol
Love Scars 3
Acum 18 Zile