Hear from the people who stayed during category 4 Hurricane Michael

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"The dumbest thing I've ever done in 77 years." These are the people in Panama City, Florida, who chose to ride out a Category 4 hurricane.
After making landfall Wednesday as the most powerful hurricane on record to hit Florida's Panhandle, Hurricane Michael has left a trail of disaster across multiple states.
Although Michael weakened Thursday to a tropical storm, it has killed at least seven people and impacted Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia. The damage has been astonishing, with entire neighborhoods wiped out in some locations.
The storm made history as the third strongest to hit the United States mainland in recorded history after making landfall Wednesday as a Category 4.
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11 oct. 2018

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Comentarii 1 614
WhiskeyPapa Acum 2 luni
Did the lady ever find her cat??
Jaylen's Revenge
Jaylen's Revenge Acum 2 luni
Did she find the cat?
Yabba Dabba
Yabba Dabba Acum 4 luni
If you live in an area prone to natural disasters (such as any place within 30 miles of any coastline) and you're not working a plan to leave, you're dumb as hell.
Retro MouseX
Retro MouseX Acum 4 luni
That cat said, the hell with you lady...i'm outta here.
Hop Along Johnny
Hop Along Johnny Acum 4 luni
Yep, you’re idiots for staying. If you were physically and financially able to leave, you should have!
Carole Stewart
Carole Stewart Acum 4 luni
I survived Hurricane Matthew but I think this storm is bigger I guess
Propel 2015
Propel 2015 Acum 4 luni
Should have hit South Florida instead of the panhandle.We have a lot of mentally unstable degenerates here and hurricanes are the only way to control their population and getting them to move away.
Tea Tea
Tea Tea Acum 4 luni
Its their fault
Youtube made me change my name
That cat dead 🐈 💀
Jennifer Isaacs
Jennifer Isaacs Acum 4 luni
"Time to move." Ends up in natural disasters some where else?
Jennifer Isaacs
Jennifer Isaacs Acum 4 luni
Of course some have no financial choice to escape such things...
Ethan Evans
Ethan Evans Acum 4 luni
Bruh, you know that cat was smart enough to get tf outta town
Metal Serenade
Metal Serenade Acum 4 luni
Florida seems like a great place to get a hotel for like a month and enjoy disney, the beautiful beaches, and sunny weather, but buying any property there is kind of crazy due to the fact that almost every year there is a potentially life threatening natural event that could destroy everything that you own.
CozyJuffyWuff Acum 4 luni
Cat parasites controlling altering humans as we speak ; look into it
Star Fox
Star Fox Acum 4 luni
If you stay you can loot your neighbors house. Watchem leave then take their washer machine.
Get Real
Get Real Acum 4 luni
Beautiful,Warm, & Sunny in Tucson Arizona as always 😎
tik68 Acum 4 luni
did they ever find the cat
onebadmoto Acum 4 luni
“Time to move. “ that was a great line
One Love Bob
One Love Bob Acum 4 luni
I understand cat loss. But honestly. Human life is more over than cats life.
Kevin w
Kevin w Acum 4 luni
I think its because she a fatty🐷🐷
Craig Williams
Craig Williams Acum 4 luni
Its rough living in San Diego too. Theres tons of illegal Mexicans here, the freeways are so packed with single cab trucks filled with rakes and lawnmowers it takes me over an hour to get to work.
tre stacks
tre stacks Acum 4 luni
00:22 LUL
Suse Smith
Suse Smith Acum 4 luni
Dylan Urquiaga
Dylan Urquiaga Acum 4 luni
*My Cat*
Multifandom Heart
Multifandom Heart Acum 4 luni
This is why I live in Texas. *I think*
tri becca
tri becca Acum 4 luni
Why would you have your pet in a situation like that. They depend on their owners to be responsible. Her cat is probably dead or severely traumatized.
norble's studio's
norble's studio's Acum 4 luni
1:03 xD Umm time to move!
norble's studio's
norble's studio's Acum 4 luni
1:05 1:06
Dodge Sofal
Dodge Sofal Acum 4 luni
Lady, the cat knew to dip, you should have followed 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Athetos1 Acum 4 luni
The cat was smart and evacuated
Andres Delgado
Andres Delgado Acum 4 luni
Dumbass people.
Oxymrn Acum 4 luni
Hear from the retards who stayed during category 4 Hurricane Michael
John Acum 4 luni
If thats the dumbest thing in 7 years i wonder what happened before
milchuck Acum 4 luni
First guy pretty much sums it up.
Iconic Acum 4 luni
Lisha Lewis
Lisha Lewis Acum 4 luni
1 🐱 9 LIVES ------------------------------ 10 THINGS TO DO WHEN A HURRICANE IS COMING TO YOUR CITY!!!
Firelei Perla
Firelei Perla Acum 4 luni
The lady found her cat hiding after a day, the cat is fine. Saw the update on Fb from herself.
라이언 Acum 4 luni
I cant imagine what Japans 9.0 earthquakes are like if this is what a 4 does to people
j p
j p Acum 4 luni
The fake news use the hurrycane to shift your attention from all the real news ,Kanye West and the historical meeting with the president .
barbielovesmac Acum 4 luni
Poor cat lady
brandi17h Acum 4 luni
Does anybody know if Panama City is getting help and what resources can they contact for help My friend home was destroyed in the hurricane she has three children what resources can she contact
Deenah Vlogs
Deenah Vlogs Acum 4 luni
LOL Acum 4 luni
God bless.
Genesis B.
Genesis B. Acum 4 luni
I had a stepdad who was very angry and abusive and he died in July and his name was Michael so to me it’s like why this nigga coming back again 😭😭😂😂
Mudig Acum 4 luni
How can someone love a cat that much? I understand a dog but a cat? YIKES
Amber leigh
Amber leigh Acum 4 luni
Damn, I hope a lot of yall commenters don't have children let alone a cat. Some cold ass people in this world.
Youngbl33zy Acum 4 luni
Butch if you don’t care about your self then kill yo self and stop eating all our food.
Youngbl33zy Acum 4 luni
Trinity G.
Trinity G. Acum 4 luni
That's yall fault for staying and if you didn't have a way out , board your house. Cuz yall didnt Edit : still hope you are okay. Wishes for the best
Crystal Andis
Crystal Andis Acum 4 luni
The cat is with me in Arkansas. It's not going back.
Obese European
Obese European Acum 4 luni
Stupid people.
SVT Ron Acum 4 luni
“Ain’t nobody got time fo dat”
KV Hidersine
KV Hidersine Acum 4 luni
I hate to say it, but that cat most likely passed.
far22186 Acum 4 luni
People are idiots
Bobby Ingram
Bobby Ingram Acum 4 luni
My son in Law, Chuck the Pirate and his family stayed, they all are OK and they have stories to tell the rest of their lives. I guess we come from stronger 'stock' than those folks who can only watch Danger on their TV screens. Yes I know I am giving an opening for shouts of ..stupid etc, so go ahead, shout.. or ban my comment...LOLOLOL
NOE MARTINEZ Acum 4 luni
Whiskers where are you 😢
BR Acum 4 luni
I hope she finds her cat cause Lord knows she hasn't found a husband.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Acum 4 luni
I doubt this was the dumbest thing that first guy has ever done.
Zenmasterme Acum 4 luni
@0:21 Sadly To Say!! Her Cat 🐈 Spent All 9 Lives ! 😢 Most Likely Turned Into A Kittycopter 🐱🚁 Meowwwwwwweeewwwwwww 🌬🚁🐈 Poor Little Kitty!! Too Soon?
Username- unknown
Username- unknown Acum 4 luni
Too bad they didnt get sucked into the storm
Sage Acum 4 luni
Honestly I want her to find her cat just as much as everyone else, but sometime you just have to look at the odds.
DJ DJ Acum 4 luni
Come on now, clearly she ate her cat. Next!
InStyle-Decor Acum 4 luni
Thanks for the video Christy at InStyle-Decor Luxury Lifestyle instyle-decor.com Hollywood USA
Bo Randolph
Bo Randolph Acum 4 luni
That lady need to stfu bout the cat lol. Its obvious she don't care about herself
MR KNOW IT ALL Acum 4 luni
fuckin dumb black girl ..go back to ur shithole wtf euthanize it
CAS Acum 4 luni
glenperu Acum 4 luni
I know where that lady's cat is, and... I know it's safe!
Nicool333 Acum 4 luni
Not sure why people wouldn't evacuate during a mandatory evacuation event. Cat 4 is a superstorm. It's a storm you avoid; not a storm you weather.
Eric Varela
Eric Varela Acum 4 luni
The Chunky Lady said she didn’t care about herself but she cared about her Pussy cat!? Ain’t nobody got time fo that! 🤔
Santa Clause
Santa Clause Acum 4 luni
0:22 the pain in that woman’s voice :(
kade schepp
kade schepp Acum 4 luni
All I wants my cat
imdanielamadrid Acum 4 luni
Bruh thank god im in south Florida in fine anyone else from south Florida I know hurricane Irma was I can’t imagine this they gonna be out of school for 2 week or more
chunky9791 Acum 4 luni
0:24 lmfao. Then maybe you should of secured her or took her from your home nut. Not like you didn't know it was coming
Jessica Because
Jessica Because Acum 4 luni
Black Toof
Black Toof Acum 4 luni
There's no excuse not to leave. There's many free services provided. Absolutely stupidity, people feeling bad for them , probably donate to random stupid causes on GoFundMe
stephen schneider
stephen schneider Acum 4 luni
Wow, that chick has serious problems. CATS DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING. They truly are souless selfish pets who would piss on youre dead body. A dog would die for you.
Casey Urquhart
Casey Urquhart Acum 4 luni
When people laugh at The Weather Channels animation of what storm surge looks like or how bad a hurricane will be. They're trying to save people like this.
Yuh Acum 4 luni
The cat probably evacuated unlike her. How stupid do you have to be to stay in the direct path of an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane?
SMALLxTOWN OC Acum 4 luni
she don't care about her cat that much if she stayed there that whole time
Tokyo hour
Tokyo hour Acum 4 luni
Cubans are used to this and they have less, im not going to judge because we all make mistakes....but the hard way is tough. Hopefully ppl dust themselves off
Squeak Slacum
Squeak Slacum Acum 4 luni
guess you shoulda left, huh
Ken Kitano
Ken Kitano Acum 4 luni
I’ll never get why people don’t evacuate from these storms, then cry for help when shit hits the fan.
Just Miles
Just Miles Acum 4 luni
I mean I understand that people aren’t always in the ideal financial situation to evacuate, but either way you’re gonna end up homeless. You may as well leave and be homeless before the hurricane than in it. I just don’t understand the mentality of sitting and waiting for it to hit, like you’re gonna win against the hurricane. It’s a matter of survival.
AdiL oSaFi
AdiL oSaFi Acum 4 luni
americans never learn stop building those wood homes and instead build concrete heavy homes or heavy blocks that can survive any hurricane what a joke every time people end up homeless
Firelei Perla
Firelei Perla Acum 4 luni
Is there an update on the cat? Hope she finds her. Irma wasn't supposed to hit my area and it did at the last moment, I hunkered down in the closet with my cats for hours. It's heartless to make fun of this situation. Personally I give it a 50/50 chance of the cat making it, maybe she hid. After a cat 3 hurricane, I found a baby squirrel hiding in a small squirrel house by some bushes, she was scared but fine and also found a crow tangled in some screen patio but ok.
basicallynina _
basicallynina _ Acum 4 luni
The first one looks like angry grandpa
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez Acum 4 luni
Lol her laugh 👌🏻😂
Elle K
Elle K Acum 4 luni
Prayers up for Florida and all of the USA
Demonwhich_ b
Demonwhich_ b Acum 4 luni
The cat's dead. Good riddance.
rhodium69 Acum 4 luni
I pray the power of Jesus will get you all thru this horror and heal all your wound's. I feel so , so sorry for the people of Florida , Georgia , North and South Carolina and Virginia . The nation is with you all and we'll pray for your recovery in Jesus name amen.
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Jacob S
Jacob S Acum 4 luni
Just my opinion, if you stay during during an evacuation and you need rescued during or after, you should be fined.
Jason Brewer
Jason Brewer Acum 4 luni
The first guy nailed it.
Tyler Martin
Tyler Martin Acum 4 luni
Damn that cat game ended
DrunkenRampage Acum 4 luni
She shouldn't panic. Cats have 9 lives.
Cos I Can
Cos I Can Acum 4 luni
Aww I hope she found her pet
Amerika Garcia
Amerika Garcia Acum 4 luni
I have her cat she's better here :)
Capri Sun
Capri Sun Acum 4 luni
This was target strike
Adnan A
Adnan A Acum 4 luni
I hope the damage doesn’t get worse.
Flat Earth Shill
Flat Earth Shill Acum 4 luni
pw34 Acum 4 luni
Climate change is real. These are the effects. It will only get worse. Immediate action required.
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