I Built An At-Home Spa From Amazon Products

Safiya Nygaard
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Someone tweeted me a picture of an inflatable jacuzzi, and I wanted it. Bad. So I went on Amazon and ordered it, along with four other at-home spa products to create an at-home spa for myself. How was it? It's still unclear. Keep watching if you want to see me test out a one-person sauna, my inflatable pool, a rolling foot bath, a massaging backpack, and a facial steamer that looks like a trash can. Which product was your favorite?
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Good Foot Bath: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DK2WK4S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Back Massager: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074S9BJ6B/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Facial Steamer: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X8ZDGXV/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Yosager Foot Bath: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07171B9T3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
Inflatable Hot Tub: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AWXC70U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
One Person Sauna: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0711XW4P3/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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9 feb. 2019

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Comentarii 13 185
Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Acum 6 Zile
HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! yes, i bought a large amount of amazon products and this is what happened... which product was your favorite? would you use any of these? xoxo, saf!
Daviera Dillard
Daviera Dillard Acum 8 ore
You should use honey for these videos
Thasha Vyanna
Thasha Vyanna Acum 10 ore
A L Thevenet
A L Thevenet Acum 10 ore
I have an infrared sauna similar to the one you tried and use it at least 3 times a week. It's amazing for joint pain and getting rid of water retention, take a cool shower with a sea salt scrub after and feel like a million bucks. That's the extent of my personal home sauna lol. Bought it 2 years ago and definitely got my money's worth.
ana alexidze
ana alexidze Acum 7 minute
19:01 when she said ''you can't hear me at all'' was so cute >< (lol I'm weird but it was rly cute)
Ally Rae
Ally Rae Acum 14 minute
Sow-na sOW-na. That's how it is pronounced 🤷😂
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Acum 19 minute
*i want to go to a spa now*
Juliaana Mård
Juliaana Mård Acum 51 minut
MUHAHAHA I can go to sauna every day for free! (Love from europe)
Reyddz Err
Reyddz Err Acum oră
hi i fell asleep with my phone and this was playing in the morning...
Kat Gardner
Kat Gardner Acum oră
Girl- You are a STAR!! I predict you will have your own show on the 70" Big Screen very soon!! I absolutely love you! So smart, sooo funny!
Ellie Jane Isaac
she spent $778.94 aha that's a lot more than a spa at a spa place
XxStacy PerisicxX
Do you live in a house or a flat?
ayesha siddiqa
ayesha siddiqa Acum oră
I am honestly getting relaxed watching you, especially the face massager 😌
Mikhaela Fab
Mikhaela Fab Acum oră
That’s a much mood
c h e r r y V I B E S
Why is there a sauna like that? Want some real sauna experience? Come to Finland! We have everywhere saunas!
Grace Bullick
Grace Bullick Acum 2 ore
If u put herbs like rosemary in the facial steamer it’s really good for ur face and stops u from getting blocked 😂
Gina Aristodemo
Gina Aristodemo Acum 2 ore
When you get a product you dont like do you return it? Like the foot bath and the massager?
Hdbd Hdjdnd
Hdbd Hdjdnd Acum 2 ore
I hate the way she talks but I love her and her videos. Like if u agree
Patricia Matthew
Patricia Matthew Acum 2 ore
0:55 my mom has that
Emma Manson
Emma Manson Acum 2 ore
Hey Safiya you haven't really posted anything in a while what's going on? Are you okay?
Fekran Musiikkistudio
You know im kinda mad sauna is sauna and Finland did it
emily and nicole
emily and nicole Acum 3 ore
You should do a video where you wear all of your Franken makeup for a day or a week and see what happens to your skin❤️Love your vids xx
Tony Yeung
Tony Yeung Acum 3 ore
Sexy Snow Slut. What a name.
Arm & Hammer
Arm & Hammer Acum 3 ore
to bad you couldn't get something to fix those caterpillars
Lara Veki
Lara Veki Acum 3 ore
Dave Richards
Dave Richards Acum 3 ore
We got my dad the gray self massager for Christmas
Kookiewith sprite
I like the fact that the video is 28 minutes but there are no adds. She is doing videos for fun and because she enjoys it, not because she wants to make money. And we can see this from her quality content.
Lisaa Acum 4 ore
just because they cost more does not make them good ive got the cheaper face spa for£25 and bought a foot spa for£20 and they are great and have moving wheels thats why for me cheaper are the best when comes to foot n face spa machine
DawnPlayz Acum 4 ore
Because why pay 25$ To go to a spa? Instead of paying 2k for your own spa!
taeyhung edits
taeyhung edits Acum 5 ore
yay you haven't lost your engagement ring yet like you said you'd probably do- by the way congratulations again with your marrige with Tyler!
Vay Acum 5 ore
March 6th is my birthday 😂
Lizziek Vlogs
Lizziek Vlogs Acum 5 ore
I watch this video over and over because........ I don't know
lowstreamixx Acum 5 ore
I saw the membership from Safiya and I'm not mad coz she upload her content frequently and gave such quality content.. but others just abuse the membership things coz they know for sure kids will subscribe to them no matter how shitty their content is..
Magstro cats&dogs
I’m watching this at 3:00 am
GamingWithAngelina GWA
Safiya Nygaard: Hello Friends! Simply Nailogical: Well Holo Everyone!
Ashley Zara Hancher
I LOVE ur hair
Juliette Trestrail
“oH LoOk At ThE LiTtLe BuBbLeS, oH bUBbLeS”
Livvi McCue
Livvi McCue Acum 6 ore
I love your POP Funko figurines!
txttoedhearts_ Acum 6 ore
Mixing every Oreo cream filling? 🤔
anna khamsouksay
anna khamsouksay Acum 6 ore
The sauna we have one accept ours have a pot that steam and my mom makes her own herbs to put in the pot for weight loss etc.. it works
Eduardo Vega
Eduardo Vega Acum 7 ore
You could be reviewing a stick and it would still be pleasent to watch.
TajaLovesYou Acum 7 ore
Am I the only one who's getting Halloween Town vibes from the thumbnail?
TajaLovesYou Acum 7 ore
JR Mars
JR Mars Acum 8 ore
It's not toooooooooooooooooo hot
Himadri Mudgal
Himadri Mudgal Acum 8 ore
Does anyone else feel sad when her video ends?
You’re the greatest, my lord
16:19 if that's not relationship goals idk what is sksksks
Sokaa violet
Sokaa violet Acum 8 ore
why is ur eyebrow so horrible?
Guccistef is heree the jiffpom lover
When a make a soup out of u 19:17😂😂🤣
Becca Mulcahy
Becca Mulcahy Acum 9 ore
can you stop ordering online and buy locally
Alyssa Acum 9 ore
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Meg Kirschnick
Meg Kirschnick Acum 9 ore
That was really funny,I want you guys to do another one like that. P.S.I love you❤️😍🥰
momo Productions
momo Productions Acum 9 ore
“It’s like Frankenstein’s giant blue vagina” ~ safiya 2k19
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams Acum 9 ore
The funny thing is that my dad works at Amozon...
Geisselle Lopez
Geisselle Lopez Acum 9 ore
ugh after watching this video i caved and bought the one person sauna thing LOL. I don't sweat as easily as others (I sit in a sauna at the gym and will glisten.. But sweat? Whose she??), so I hope this helps.
Kitty Mar
Kitty Mar Acum 9 ore
o thats hot , thats hot i love it thanks very entertaining
Justina Fasano
Justina Fasano Acum 9 ore
If only I could put an inflatable jacuzzi in my dorm lmao
Morgan Acum 9 ore
Cute little Velma on her desk
Morgan Acum 9 ore
A cute little Velma on her desk
Babu Sonyaa
Babu Sonyaa Acum 9 ore
My family has the self massager for the neck and back and it is really good😀😀
MissChris15 Acum 9 ore
good video! nice spay day
heyitskeren Acum 9 ore
*oh bubbles*
Chelsea Cottle
Chelsea Cottle Acum 10 ore
I an offended that ROvids keeps changing my notification settings for this channel 😭 I hit the bell but then it’s like it cancels it.
breakay326 MDS
breakay326 MDS Acum 10 ore
We actually have one of those foot bathes and I would have been surprised if it rolled its self. Also mine has roller you can change.
james trudell
james trudell Acum 10 ore
When you see that beauty guru's spend more money on there faces then you spend on your while body...
Quirky Quest
Quirky Quest Acum 10 ore
DID EVERYONE FORGET THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED OMG I'M SO EXCITED ME AND PAPITO ARE FREAKING no puedo esperar sorry when im excited i start to talk in spanish dont know why but i feel like know one is talking about it what if she wears a vestido negro omg what is she goes to kleinfeld and is on the show say yes to the dress i dont know its weird she hasn't talked about the wedding in dos meses what if she is already married or is getting to and wont tell us till after i wish i was Safiyas friend would love to got her wedding and see the Ceremonia y ella le confesará su amor awww that would be so sweet but im just sitting here with my abuelita and papito and mamá on the couch watching you saf waiting for you special day i know i'm going crazy but when you are so passionate about something have been watching and with someone from the beginning there is no going down i'm with saf till the end
XxAllyxX Acum 10 ore
flor x
flor x Acum 10 ore
I love her new hair! Also, has she lost weight?
Jessie Cakes
Jessie Cakes Acum 10 ore
You know, what I love about this video is that it's like a tutorial on how to have a sorta insane goal, and see it through responsibly. Lol this is in such a weird category, but I am 100 percent living for it!
iris bgtds
iris bgtds Acum 10 ore
*cries in broke*
Jhade Gales
Jhade Gales Acum 10 ore
I love their home!
Madison Edenfield
Madison Edenfield Acum 10 ore
I only watch these videos because I wanna see Tyler skskksks
Andrea Grace
Andrea Grace Acum 10 ore
She should try amazon elaborate slip n slides
Dracula Tod
Dracula Tod Acum 10 ore
How often do you think ROvidsrs run into troubles with the irs for all the ridiculous stuff they list as work expenses
Julia Topor
Julia Topor Acum 11 ore
Did I just notice she kinda looks like luarenZside?? 😂😂😂
Fitz Wick
Fitz Wick Acum 11 ore
Does anyone think of that "masturbation tent" thing that was invented when they see the self sauna thing???
Smber Games
Smber Games Acum 11 ore
You should make a mixing all the lipsticks at Kmart (or any store that sells makeup), just an idea for a vid 😀😀
EatNice Acum 11 ore
Did anyone else notice that the girl on the cover of the magazine is Nina Dobrev?
Jacqueline Sueko
Jacqueline Sueko Acum 11 ore
she got MONEY money
Alyssa Turner
Alyssa Turner Acum 11 ore
You got me going psycho those prices going loco can’t really trust those companies with all them labels on em
That One Nevy
That One Nevy Acum 11 ore
We got got...I've been had...
Turmie Acum 11 ore
I realized safiyas intro says *”this is safiyas (nias(?) intro song”*
Clarence Murphy Griswold
you get 5 million views and still want to charge for content- me spending my time watching , liking and commenting pays you enough
Gabby Rivera
Gabby Rivera Acum 11 ore
you should low key try world tallest high heel shoes LOL!!!
Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis Acum 11 ore
Pleaseeee buy and do a video of you trying out the nail art printer robot!! The one that Christine from simplynailogical used. I’d love to hear your opinion on it and how it works for you!
Nicole1302584 Acum 11 ore
XoxFrxnceXox Acum 11 ore
Ndueume Ejekemnd
Ndueume Ejekemnd Acum 11 ore
I wish you would die
CallMeMaddy Acum 12 ore
My mom just spoke to me as I watched this video... What did she say?
Sarcastic Commenter
I love how she calls it a fancy trash can
Savannah Brown
Savannah Brown Acum 12 ore
Why didn't you just do the facial and sauna at the same time
Meena Singh
Meena Singh Acum 12 ore
The tune you have used in Jacuzzi seems to be of a bollywood movie called October.
THE MAZE ASMR Acum 12 ore
16:42 can someone explain that machine to me?😯
ava Acum 12 ore
24 hours in the sauna challenge
emma renee
emma renee Acum 12 ore
omg saf do 24 hours in your jacuzzi like without the water??
shanny Bridgejeez
shanny Bridgejeez Acum 12 ore
Now I want that jacuzzi 😍
Letribe Nbc
Letribe Nbc Acum 12 ore
Try the pressing the red button
elizabeth schuyler
elizabeth schuyler Acum 12 ore
peep that shane clip 👀
Love Johnson
Love Johnson Acum 12 ore
MelloJello 4
MelloJello 4 Acum 12 ore
My moms blue heating thing just came today! And it’s the exact same one
queenkayla _1022
queenkayla _1022 Acum 13 ore
My grandma has a self massager but its the massager in a sheet thingie
Brietta Nicole
Brietta Nicole Acum 13 ore
Well I know I would buy the jacuzzi. Seems like a good buy 👌🏾☺️
Yeshaswi Prakash
Yeshaswi Prakash Acum 13 ore
My friend looks a lot like u though she is very dark-skinned and wears glasses. She so much like you when widens her eyes
Milla Boros
Milla Boros Acum 13 ore
If you live in Australia you don’t need one of these, you just stand outside
Ashley Goddin
Ashley Goddin Acum 13 ore
Did anyone else notice saf playing “the swan” while she was in the jacuzzi😂
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