K/DA - POP/STARS (ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Official Music Video - League of Legends

League of Legends
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K/DA Ahri, K/DA Evelynn, K/DA Kai’Sa, and K/DA Akali take the world stage with their debut single. Keep the show going on the Rift with these new Epic skins.
Spotify: smarturl.it/kdapopstars/spotify
Apple Music: smarturl.it/kdapopstars/applemusic
iTunes: smarturl.it/kdapopstars/itunes
Google Play: smarturl.it/kdapopstars/googleplay
Deezer: smarturl.it/kdapopstars/deezer
Featured artists: Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns
Written by: Riot Music Team and Harloe
Korean translation by: Lydia Paek and Minji Kim
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Mixed by: Riot Music Team
Mastered by: Riot Music Team
Vocals performed by: Madison Beer, Miyeon of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns
Additional vocals by: Harloe
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team
Executive Producers: Riot Games & Justin Tranter
Fortiche Prod
You know who it is
Coming 'round again
You want a dose of this
Right now
It’s K/DA uh!
I'm a goddess with a blade
소리쳐봐 내 이름
잊지 못하게
Loud loud loud loud
I could take it to the top
절대 멈추지 못해
내가 끝내주는
Bad gal gal gal
And when I start to talk like that (like that)
Oh you won’t know how to react
I’m a picture perfect face
With that wild in my veins
You can hear it in my
Growl, growl, growl, growl
So keep your eyes on me now
무엇을 보든 좋아할 거야
닿을 수 없는 level
나와 대결 원한 널 확신해
We got it all in our hands now
So can you handle what we’re all about
We’re so tough
Not scared to show you up
Can you feel the rush now?
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
You could go another round round round round round round round
Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
We go hard
Till we get it get it
We go hard
We so in it in it
Only winning winning now
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down
You ready for this? (Let's go!)
See 언제든지 내 모습 magic
단 한 번에 내가 잡어
절대 기죽지 않지 uh!
Pow pow 네가 뭘 알아
견딜 수 없어, 원해도.
원하는 게 얼굴에 보여
I’m trouble and you’re wanting it
I’m so cold
When I move that way
You gonna be so blown
I’m the realest in the game uh!
Say I’m on fire with a blade
You’re about to hear my name
Ringing in your head like oh
So keep your eyes on me now
무엇을 보든 좋아할 거야
We’re so tough
Not scared to show you up
Can you feel the rush now?
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
You could go another round round round round round round round
Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
We go hard
Till we get it get it
We go hard
We so in it in it
Only winning winning now
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down
Oh... 난 멈추지 않아
Oh oh we go hard
Oh oh we POP/STARS (stars), stars (stars)
Ain’t nobody bringing us
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down down down
They could try but we’re gonna wear the crown
You could go another round round round round round round round
Wish you luck but you’re not bringing us down
We go hard
Till we get it get it
We go hard
We so in it in it
Only winning winning now
Ain’t nobody bringing us down down down down

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3 nov. 2018

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bigahreXD pos
bigahreXD pos Acum 23 minute
Soo keep brigis on me now
Suga Berry
Suga Berry Acum 28 minute
Came back here again and again to keep on supporting this because boy Mobile Legends is a copycat
Ash Leey
Ash Leey Acum 36 minute
K/DA needs to do more songs togather
Liad TV
Liad TV Acum 48 minute
RISE poster 1:30
Sethy pooh
Sethy pooh Acum 49 minute
literally the only kpop i can stand
Moon Acum 59 minute
I’ll be honest, this made me buy a gaming computer just to play league ._.
JasonDiple Acum oră
my phone: I only have 100% charge, I can't play this song fo- me: *Y E S*
Csizi Acum oră
can you believe it's been half a year?
Nozerfatu Acum oră
210млн просмотров, жёстко
Juris Zebnickis
Juris Zebnickis Acum oră
This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen on the internet.
Manuel Dirie
Manuel Dirie Acum oră
puedo grabar mi gameplay de maincra con su musica? porque soy pobre y quiero ser famoso como akali
KittyKitty Wenk
KittyKitty Wenk Acum 2 ore
Moonton: Thanks for copying me ur assignment ;)) LOL: np... wait WHAT!?
some boby
some boby Acum 2 ore
The absence of Ricardo makes this very homosexual.
KittyKitty Wenk
KittyKitty Wenk Acum 2 ore
Mobile Legends : oh wow what a great kpop related features... mUst cOpy :DD
Happy 나루
Happy 나루 Acum 2 ore
잠못이루는 청와대의밤 대한민국대통령 나는 노무현 yeah
Arcane Acum 3 ore
This is why League of Legends one of the best games ever created
Tyrant_AQ Acum 3 ore
Keep your eyes on them while the 5th one goes on a flank
abdamit Acum 3 ore
I'm not into this kind of music, but the video is cool.
romulus joseph Espiloy
Why 67K dislikes? This song is SOOO GOOD
K/DA Mochi
K/DA Mochi Acum 3 ore
Pls Riot Games WE NEED A COMEBACK!!!
Dan Roslan ( Nails)
Every time I rewatch this another prestige skin is being made.
Czanary Gaming
Czanary Gaming Acum 4 ore
I'm a fan of LoL and also a player but not a fan of K-POP because I love Japanese Music more. But TBH I am not saying that the song and the video here is bad. I can say it's great for the upcoming skins for the characters.
Imthenaysayer Acum 4 ore
Is this black pink
ModGod XD
ModGod XD Acum 4 ore
Rodrigo Vargas Ojeda
Prestige skin, prestige skin everywhere now... what a waste!!!
바나나몽 Acum 4 ore
나 미쳤나봄.. 오늘 갑자기 이거 들었더니 갑자기 초반부 노래 바뀐 기분.. 뭐야.. 나 청각 돌았나봐..
Meg Haslam
Meg Haslam Acum 4 ore
I’ve literally watched this 1000000000000000000 times! 99% of the views are me 😂
mediaux Acum 4 ore
dont even like LOL or kpop but this is amazing.
martin k
martin k Acum 4 ore
soo I noticed this a little late but.. Ahri: Main vocalist, visual, leader and center Akali: Main rapper, lead dancer Evelynn: Main vocalist (but 2nd to Ahri), sub-rapper Kai'sa: Main dancer, lead vocalist, FOTG some are the officials, while i choose other from the web page and the music video lol
Tom Le
Tom Le Acum 5 ore
* Right click video * --> * click 'loop' * --> Thank me later.
LandGoon Acum 5 ore
1:27 akali say n word??
Aron Daze
Aron Daze Acum 5 ore
Lo unico bueno q tiene league of legends.
Doorhenge Acum 5 ore
(sigh) I'm hooked with a pop group that not even real.
Hamza muhammet Arslan
ᄒ ᄒ
ᄒ ᄒ Acum 5 ore
한쿸최고다 진짜
tati draw mazurenko
one neko!!! 😻
tati draw mazurenko
yeah :v
+tati draw mazurenko Cat Girl? I see a Fox, a Dragon, A succubus, and a human. What cat?
tati draw mazurenko
the cat girl :l
Neko? Where?
Lazers 217
Lazers 217 Acum 5 ore
Welp... Rip indonesian server ._.
Jang Thuta
Jang Thuta Acum 6 ore
I gOt tHE BaNG BaNg baNG 😂😂
Mr_ Magggo
Mr_ Magggo Acum 6 ore
this song made me start playing LoL
romulus joseph Espiloy
WAAAAAAAAaaaaay BETTER than 515 Unite Idol from Mobile Legends
Ярогривка КВ
Русские есть?! Отзовись!!!
Sonsuz Oyuncular
Sonsuz Oyuncular Acum 6 ore
Võ Tấn Phú
Võ Tấn Phú Acum 6 ore
Animators: So what should we animate for this animation? It should be like K-Pop, but a little different. Someone in the room: *Thots in tunnel and self-service laundries* Animators: *B R I L L I A N T*
Sovereign Lord Ramirez
You do realize "Thot" is an offensive word even for a joke. :/
Szymon Korek
Szymon Korek Acum 6 ore
Szymon Korek
Szymon Korek Acum 6 ore
sailor saturn
sailor saturn Acum 7 ore
Matet Alarilla
Matet Alarilla Acum 7 ore
0:53 "can you feel the rush now?" Me: Nah I don't *proceeds to watch this so many times it can't be counted* I'M PRETTY SURE THATS A NO STILL
Juan Cavalcanti
Juan Cavalcanti Acum 7 ore
ainda Hypado por esse som!
Kamus Acum 7 ore
Me - I don't like K-Pop Roit - Are you sure ??? Me - ??? Roit - Ok 👌 Me - :)) Roit - :)) Me - DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN !!!!
The Sunglasses Namjoon Broke Lol
No one: Animators: The entire Russian, Chinese, North Korean and American army: League of Legends: *Y E S*
Mimi Kamei
Mimi Kamei Acum 7 ore
My favourite song 🎶🎼🎵
LIBERTY Vasquez Acum 7 ore
I lost count on how many times I watched this, and still give me goosebumps
백봄 Acum 7 ore
uhm ok
uhm ok Acum 8 ore
still a bop
Jonathan Arthur
Jonathan Arthur Acum 8 ore
Can someone write down the times of when each singer has their part. I wanna know who's singing. ❤️
s1mple m4n
s1mple m4n Acum 7 ore
just search for k/da lyrics video
Games4us Acum 8 ore
oK/ДА ;)
Crack-kers xD
Crack-kers xD Acum 9 ore
1.25x *Y E S*
๖ۣۜ Argus Offical࿐
Akali Is Most Cool😍😍😍
FannyGod Official
Hey rito Moonton copying your KDA video
Lisiasty Acum 9 ore
google search: kda ahri scroll lenny face
VitaminBruh •
VitaminBruh • Acum 9 ore
K/DA: Exists Gorillaz: Are we a joke to you?
Tøxic memöries -_-
Ana Carolina Carvalho
Ana Carolina Carvalho Acum 46 minute
Blackpigs are trash
Aatrox Main
Aatrox Main Acum 9 ore
Mobile Legends made a similar music vid to this.
cedric Play
cedric Play Acum 9 ore
Cool kda
cesdan 10
cesdan 10 Acum 9 ore
esta cancion la descubri por mi novia y cada vez que la escucho la recuerdo y deimediato le habo :v soy retrasado
Ivbrem Kinjardii
Ivbrem Kinjardii Acum 10 ore
I should start playing league.
Lord Cardigan
Lord Cardigan Acum 10 ore
You're bad at warframe
Kanokrada Tientong
Kanokrada Tientong Acum 10 ore
Ahri: Hammy Eyelynn: Sakuya Kai'Sa: Tooma Akali: Towa
배영운 Acum 10 ore
잠 못 이루는 청와대의 밤
순두부찌개 Acum 3 ore
대한민국 대통령 나는 노무현 예아
Mythical Feline
Mythical Feline Acum 11 ore
God. DAM.
Base Revolt
Base Revolt Acum 11 ore
is this 515 unite?
ReyChris 71
ReyChris 71 Acum 11 ore
I came because a friend put this song in the school and I liked
Chrissy Hamilton
Chrissy Hamilton Acum 11 ore
Directors: this is gonna have to badass as ever u ok with tha- Animators: *done*
Lord Firnen
Lord Firnen Acum 11 ore
I want an Kda Ivern and his Daisy is a Bodyguard, because then we would have a Kda champ for every lane (Aklai Top, Evelynn Jungle, Ahri Mid, Kai'sa ADC and Ivern Supp)
Damien Hardin
Damien Hardin Acum 12 ore
I didnt like this at first but its growing on me and im liking it now wtf
TheUselessThing Acum 12 ore
Is There Any Men or Boy out there that is Watching this Vid? me? ok only me..
s o u l
s o u l Acum 12 ore
this is why i love kda
NNA01 - K62
NNA01 - K62 Acum 12 ore
This is a really good music video
Zach Daniels
Zach Daniels Acum 12 ore
Hey Hollywood Rito does it better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HBO or Netflix should really jump on a league of legends serial with animation and writing....direction storybording and voice acting like this video it would rival game of thrones easily.
A B Acum 12 ore
LucianocraftYT Acum 12 ore
KDA - D +F =KFA A- A + C =KFC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Putobungbong Acum 13 ore
Is that ahri? The one with the tail?... Then who is the girl with the 2 blade?
Chun Hei
Chun Hei Acum 13 ore
this is so cool
Troy Goodwin
Troy Goodwin Acum 13 ore
bone656 Acum 13 ore
woW I've listened to this alot ....
Sudipta Ganguly
Sudipta Ganguly Acum 13 ore
Not only soyean jaira and madison but miyeon is also amazing
maida bramkidz
maida bramkidz Acum 13 ore
you ready for this (Let go)
maida bramkidz
maida bramkidz Acum 13 ore
akali the best
Vamsee Bhavya
Vamsee Bhavya Acum 13 ore
Akali, Marry me.....
Kayano ZenSenpai
Kayano ZenSenpai Acum 13 ore
Mobile Legends saw this music video and there trying to copy it LoL ;-;
Zapperpat 0
Zapperpat 0 Acum 14 ore
Yeah... Would rather play fortnite now...
Man Bunkers
Man Bunkers Acum 13 ore
SniperEXE #RAK
SniperEXE #RAK Acum 14 ore
only for me korean language is bla bla bla?
Kurina _Radoshi
Kurina _Radoshi Acum 14 ore
Riot : *released K/DA months ago* Moonton : may i copy your *H O M E W O R K?*
FlyingGayBird Acum 14 ore
I'm not a k-pop or lol fan but I have to say this is really good
Mei Solviana
Mei Solviana Acum 14 ore
Pen goyang mulu akutu:v
duanda Acum 15 ore
Ahri's left leg move a little forward in 1:03 makes the dance live.
forhad hossain
forhad hossain Acum 15 ore
this song will never be old ❤😍💕
Tom Simpkins
Tom Simpkins Acum 15 ore
Me: Kpop is trash. Riot: Also me: Prestige edition when?
HanzoGaming Acum 15 ore
I came from Mobile Legends 515 Unite Idol New Theme Song.
Vizionare 715 902