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Kash Doll - Ice Me Out

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Ice Me Out (Official Video)
Get Song Here: KashDoll.lnk.to/IceMeOutYD
Connect with Kash Doll:
Directed by AVONNI Global
Produced by Steven Taylor
Director of Photography Corey Jennings
Edited by Alex Crosby
Creative Direction/Styling - Carmen Murray
Costume Design - Tiffany Dean
Designer/Styling - Shane Austin
Makeup - Saisha Beecham
Makeup Assistant - Rosiekia Artis
Hair stylist - Tierra Tubs
Hair provider - Miink Brazilian

Music video by Kash Doll performing Ice Me Out. © 2018 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.



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7 nov. 2018


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Comentarii 9 266
check12 thismicon
This is disturbing this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my entire life why is anybody coming here to do this video I only did because on Spotify it sounded retarded you need to stop listening to this stupid music you dumb asses
Toast Army
Toast Army Acum oră
Elisabeth Ochoa
Elisabeth Ochoa Acum oră
1.25x is where it’s at
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Acum oră
Listen to it on 1.25x
Jules Deborah
Jules Deborah Acum oră
It’s lit
Awhful Acum oră
Eyes meow 🤔
Leah Jones
Leah Jones Acum oră
I didn’t know she was so thick
OVAA K Acum 2 ore
"Iceeee Meeee Outtt...Nigga Ice Me out" 😊
Voltta one
Voltta one Acum 2 ore
A nice Strip Club song , Who produced this ?
Spawnz ッ Tv
Spawnz ッ Tv Acum 2 ore
Sounds like a GarageBand beat✨💫
dododaddy you thick boii
Beyonce Batista
Beyonce Batista Acum 2 ore
*Nikki Minaj has enter the chat*
Elfry Robles
Elfry Robles Acum 3 ore
Remix Card B 😈
Queen Nishia
Queen Nishia Acum 3 ore
Bitch u kno that tub was cold😍😂💪
Dxddy Lailaai
Dxddy Lailaai Acum 3 ore
frozen has left the chat
Nina Kenzy
Nina Kenzy Acum 3 ore
The bëat gø hard
Brianna rodrigue
Brianna rodrigue Acum 3 ore
Gold digger bitch
Bev Simmons
Bev Simmons Acum 3 ore
this chick is wack
Brittany Duncan
Brittany Duncan Acum 3 ore
This beat it 🔥
Amber Gray
Amber Gray Acum 4 ore
Jaela lyfee Family
I don’t get it I still think it’s “Ask me out”. But every one please stand for the gold digger!!!
Tropical entertainment
nicki minaj wannabe
brianna co
brianna co Acum 4 ore
i like this song buh its kinda dry/boring 🤷🏻‍♀️
OG AALIYAH Acum 4 ore
Anaiyah Princess
Anaiyah Princess Acum 5 ore
ice me out bitch
breann miller
breann miller Acum 5 ore
Start off the song at 1.25 speed, then when she starts rapping change it to 2(Or 1.5) speed, that's when you got something.
Felesha's CrAzY World
Ice meow🐱 Thts wht I hear
Kira B.
Kira B. Acum 5 ore
1.5 speed is something I could twerk to🔥🔥
《PotatoRiRa》 Acum 5 ore
Neat *《PotatoRira》 has left the chat*
Jake Hitemup
Jake Hitemup Acum 5 ore
Buffed up
Jezzikah B
Jezzikah B Acum 6 ore
Straight trash
Sade Woodfork
Sade Woodfork Acum 6 ore
Um y this remains me of Nikki
Karmen Kendrick
Karmen Kendrick Acum 6 ore
In about 8 minutes I get off work and Im bout to twerk to this 😂
Why y'all hate on others she rich than yall
who would care?
who would care? Acum 6 ore
So? Just b/c she rich doesn't mean a damn thing. You have to have talent to be liked. I know she is better than this as well though too. And I'm sure she will make more money off this song but she isn't worth as much as a lot of famous ppl. She's worth round 1-2 million.
Kidloaf313 Acum 6 ore
Ask me out ask me out nigga ask me out
David Rodgers
David Rodgers Acum 6 ore
so.damn, gold and platinum. we can just give yall ice now... lmao.. so your worth is .99 to 7.00 bag of extra cold water.
David Rodgers
David Rodgers Acum 6 ore
OMG skinny bioches, look out. fat is the new skinny? ice me out... thotciety. this shi.. is sad. yall slim thick mf but to be out back... fast.. lmao.
Maciel Mora
Maciel Mora Acum 6 ore
At first I though it was saying “ass me out” 💀💀
Kasia Wiggins
Kasia Wiggins Acum 6 ore
"Eat me out" ~In my Ari voice 😌
Bitch'Im Jaszy
Bitch'Im Jaszy Acum 7 ore
Thot Anthem🤣💃🏽💃🏽🕺🏽
iBoDyDrTy Tv
iBoDyDrTy Tv Acum 7 ore
“ Cock me down “
Tori Emerson
Tori Emerson Acum 7 ore
my bae sooo beautiful
amar bowah
amar bowah Acum 7 ore
u should call nicki mickey cause u her son
Ce'onna Marion
Ce'onna Marion Acum 7 ore
Ratchet girl anthem
Moesha Thomas
Moesha Thomas Acum 7 ore
CraZsam Acum 8 ore
I thought she was saying ask me out🤦🏾‍♀️
Itzel Martinez
Itzel Martinez Acum 8 ore
Idc , this is a banger !! 🔥🔥
A Kinetic
A Kinetic Acum 8 ore
She dope
destiny justice1
destiny justice1 Acum 9 ore
Ask me out
Nba Dee
Nba Dee Acum 9 ore
All the hoes playing that shit we ain’t icing out shit on me 😂💯
xxxGolden_ Babyxxx
*2:52** Nicki Minja is shaking rn*
Avery Flint
Avery Flint Acum 11 ore
**Insert Sub human monkey noises here
Emani Herrington
Emani Herrington Acum 11 ore
Don't even lie most of us came here cause the little girl😂😂😂
Debria Henry
Debria Henry Acum 11 ore
This is trash
Da King SlimG
Da King SlimG Acum 11 ore
OMG she sho fucking sexy it should be illegal to have a face that pretty and a ass that phat 😱😨😰
Abby Dji
Abby Dji Acum 12 ore
Frostbite has left the chat
A&R Filmworks
A&R Filmworks Acum 12 ore
Lady kitty143
Lady kitty143 Acum 12 ore
She don't fuck around and choke trying to be cute😂
Lil_Jaye_Swag Acum 13 ore
Ask me out, Ice me out
Trini Gurl
Trini Gurl Acum 13 ore
First of all this shit lame asl but kinda catchy 😂 when I say people don’t know music anymore they really don’t
Martina Hamunzala
Martina Hamunzala Acum 13 ore
My Wig just left the chat😭❤😂
taylor 🍃
taylor 🍃 Acum 13 ore
catch me screaming this on the way to my regular poor people job every fuckin day!
Miyae Graham
Miyae Graham Acum 14 ore
my song
Queen Nevaeh
Queen Nevaeh Acum 14 ore
I thought it said “ask me out”
Jah'Zion Joseph
Jah'Zion Joseph Acum 14 ore
I dont like this song its so lame 😒all i hear is ice me out
10,000 subscribers with no VIDEOS challenge
New Nicki Minaj!?
Antoinette Acum 14 ore
her body and her skin had me iced out
Shawanda O'hara
Shawanda O'hara Acum 15 ore
Tea Acum 15 ore
queen key needa remake dis to eat me out 🤣 🤣
Toni Fairbanks
Toni Fairbanks Acum 16 ore
We all here because. G herb baby mama we was that ass and was like ok what song is this
acerothsteinfamous Acum 16 ore
I want patek kash doll
Odellie Huntley
Odellie Huntley Acum 16 ore
It will be so nice if Kash doll an Nicki minaj do a ft
Taylor Hackes
Taylor Hackes Acum 16 ore
Ask me out ask me out no its ice me out
Carleen Dantes
Carleen Dantes Acum 16 ore
Cynthia Nimely
Cynthia Nimely Acum 16 ore
Sooo glad my bitch getting the recognition she BEEN deserved
acerothsteinfamous Acum 16 ore
K shine new crib
acerothsteinfamous Acum 17 ore
Yo gotti i know
Luan Heller
Luan Heller Acum 17 ore
Honestly this is a bop 😂🥰😍
Brave 85
Brave 85 Acum 18 ore
Devonne Davis
Devonne Davis Acum 18 ore
This song should be in GTA
Tami22 Georges
Tami22 Georges Acum 18 ore
A prettier version of remy ma. Thats all i see
dinerøø Acum 20 ore
I love her 😍
BadBoiRian Acum 22 ore
Frostbite has joined the chat
King Acum 23 ore
That cane drip drop tho😭‼️
Efrain Ortiz
Efrain Ortiz Acum 23 ore
RoyaLyrics Acum 23 ore
Did she just lick dry ice.
Ashley Gordon
Ashley Gordon Acum 23 ore
Weak asf dry ass song
Benson Hedges
Benson Hedges Acum o Zi
Kaylee Fuster
Kaylee Fuster Acum o Zi
My friend need to listen to this she would start crying
Kaylee Fuster
Kaylee Fuster Acum o Zi
It sound like she saying ask me out tho not ice
brii jacksonnn
brii jacksonnn Acum o Zi
1:42 *bad bitch face*
Brazy_Cherron O
Brazy_Cherron O Acum o Zi
Nobody ice me out in a long time👽
Destiny Bautista
I love this song broo❤️‼️
Korena Ramirez
Korena Ramirez Acum o Zi
I need a remix with TREY SONGZ boo
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Acum o Zi
“Ice me out” count: 45
Chiara Gordon
Chiara Gordon Acum o Zi
Try listening at 1.5x
Chiara Gordon
Chiara Gordon Acum o Zi
That room was probably freezing.
Kristian Ochoa
Kristian Ochoa Acum o Zi
This song would’ve probably been on the top 100’s if she rapped a little more, I like the beat and flow, just needs a little more verses & bars, would’ve been great 😦
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