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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - I'll Never Love Again (A Star Is Born)

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Music video by Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper performing I'll Never Love Again. © 2018 Interscope Records


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26 oct. 2018


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Comentarii 27 019
Cecilia Alonso
Cecilia Alonso Acum oră
And the oscar for best song goes to Lady Gaga a star is born.
Cecilia Alonso
Cecilia Alonso Acum oră
You have a beautiful voice.
Gina DiPascal
Gina DiPascal Acum oră
Lady Ga Ga is absolutely exquisite
Slenderwoman Acum oră
La vi 3 VECES en el cine y salí llorando las 3 veces.La interpretación de gaga fue MAGNÍFICA. No pude sacarme de la mente esta película,me dejó boquiabierta la actuación de bradley como la de Gaga,brillaron como VERDADERAS ESTRELLAS. Esta película se merece TODO EL ÉXITO del mundo. Y si no la nominan a los Oscars les envió una puta bomba esa misma noche.
Cecilia Alonso
Cecilia Alonso Acum oră
OMG I was waiting for this, it's a beautiful song, I love you lady Gaga.
Sandy Ponn
Sandy Ponn Acum oră
Kim 🌹
Shaddy Mtz
Shaddy Mtz Acum oră
Bye bye my only love .. 💔..
Perspective Sports
Oh man they cut the best part. When cooper starts singing at the end during the movie, that’s one of the most beautiful parts of the film
Leah Johnson
Leah Johnson Acum 2 ore
I get STRONG Faith Hill vibes from this song, which is a massive compliment. Lady Gaga KILLED THIS. 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
SO REACT Acum 2 ore
amo essa mulher
Such a waste of time that some so called "artists" confuse passion and artistry with facial grimacing and nose wrinkling, but it appears that spoiled, shallow and mediocre people that lack emotional depth, like that. 🥀🥀🥀
Lucas Rangel
Lucas Rangel Acum 2 ore
Um bafoo
Rahmat Paytren
Rahmat Paytren Acum 2 ore
Cantik kalau seperti ini
Aiden T
Aiden T Acum 2 ore
I believe I can fly!
Kassidy Simmons
Kassidy Simmons Acum 2 ore
I actually cried when lady gaga did in the video. The performance and delivery was uncomparable and the emotion in her voice shows she put everything into the song.
Charizard Rules
Charizard Rules Acum 2 ore
When shooting this video it just happened after her best friend died:( imagine how hard it must've been for her lady gaga is such a strong human being
Diego Serafim
Diego Serafim Acum 3 ore
Again 🎶
Jéssica Aparecida de Santana
Alguém do Brasil?
Carol Souza
Carol Souza Acum 3 ore
Giovana Froes
Giovana Froes Acum 3 ore
Damn you are so fucking perfect
Maya Danielle
Maya Danielle Acum 3 ore
This movie was so sad
Fernando Rueda
Fernando Rueda Acum 3 ore
It feels like I'm putting my heart through a meat shredder whenever I listen to this song, but I always find myself coming back to it. Help me.
Daniel Bowyer
Daniel Bowyer Acum 3 ore
In all the films I've seen throughout my life; not only is this the most powerful delivery of a story I've witnessed, the most beautifully written score but also I have NEVER believe any other actor or actress as much as I did with Bradley and Lady Gaga. Their characters' love for each other hit my in my core.
Bernice Zavala
Bernice Zavala Acum 3 ore
I know if I watch this movie I’m gonna cry so much.
Alexis schutte
Alexis schutte Acum 3 ore
Spoiler. I was keeping it together watching the end till he was on the piano singing it and she was crying and then I started ugly crying. WHAT AN AMAZING MOVIE. At the top of my list for favorites
RAC My LYRICS Acum 3 ore
This movie really moves me. This is the best lovestory movie I have watched so far. I like Gaga and Bradley so much.
Jay Reno
Jay Reno Acum 4 ore
Fake.. Bradley Cooper didn't get drunk and woke up in a dingy hotel
Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks Acum 4 ore
Beautiful ♥️
nurul jannah
nurul jannah Acum 4 ore
Best song❤💋 lady gaga..
Miledith Acum 4 ore
I never really liked Gaga. I haven't had anything aginst her, just wasn't a fan of her songs an her stage persona, but this is Lady Gaga i could actually really like. This just shows how amazing her voice actually is and how much vocal ability she has. Even my mom who hates her songs said "oh, she actually has a really good voice" when she heard parts of "Shallow"
ASHRAF BF veteran
I just watched the movie ,, what a sad ending
Jonathan Lamb
Jonathan Lamb Acum 5 ore
47M ❤️
Bernie Duane
Bernie Duane Acum 5 ore
This song brings happy tears love it
Great movie and beautiful music.
Alvina Chan
Alvina Chan Acum 5 ore
Fray Uribe
Fray Uribe Acum 5 ore
46,957,970 vistas
quistie80 Acum 6 ore
I love this song SO MUCH. Feel goosebumps all over listening to this song on repeat all day. 💕
Bao Fu Danny
Bao Fu Danny Acum 6 ore
I will never loved again
Georgina Armstrong
Whitney Houston vibes
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva Acum 6 ore
eu gostei muito do clipe
Kátia Rodrigues
Kátia Rodrigues Acum 6 ore
Melhor musica, filme foda. Tudo maravilhoso 😍👏🏼😍👏🏼
Amanda Morgan
Amanda Morgan Acum 7 ore
this song, omg!
Anthony Cross
Anthony Cross Acum 7 ore
Now this is just a film and may I say what a brilliant film , I’m actually reminding myself that Bradley Cooper never died , omg goosebumps and just feel that emotion through the screen and the art of song and acting Spell Binding , never mind a Grammy give her an Oscar about time they gave one to somebody who deserved it .
Thiago Cardoso
Thiago Cardoso Acum 7 ore
Deyvison Pierry
Deyvison Pierry Acum 7 ore
Oscar, Grammy?
Gustavo Lomellino
Os dois.
Lucas Santo
Lucas Santo Acum 7 ore
Lady Gaga é sinônimo de talento
Gabby Litchko
Gabby Litchko Acum 7 ore
This movie was so sad
Wilma R
Wilma R Acum 8 ore
😍😍😭😭 Best and one of the most beautiful movies!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Nasia Georgakopoulou
What a performance i can't stop crying!
Araffath Acum 8 ore
With all do respect.. song well done... but it reminds me of a melody done by( ...... !!!!!!however respect.. respect.. !!
Chris G
Chris G Acum 8 ore
God she’s such an ugly woman. No matter how much plastic surgery she’s had it has not helped her at all. And no way she’s only 32. She looks mid 40’s. Yuck! Miss Potato Head has more sex appeal than this corporate puppet.
Fatimah Zahra
Fatimah Zahra Acum 2 ore
I wonder how come you have so much hatred within yourself.
Charizard Rules
Charizard Rules Acum 2 ore
lol you're the one to talk
Andreas neophytou
MJsmoothC Acum 8 ore
It sounds like something from the 90's in a great way.
Teresa Canavan Canavan
Best soundtrack to a movie I've ever heard x
MJ GamerFox
MJ GamerFox Acum 9 ore
Divas that they got nominate or win an Oscar. Whitney Houston- The Bodyguard Jennifer Hudson- Dreamgirls Lady Gaga- A Star Is Born
Luke n Caro Wittig
Dennis Marco Hutagaol
Aku Mencintai Kamu
U Acum 9 ore
Best love story since titanic... 💖💖💖 it was about time we had another go to movie for a love story to make you cry like a baby and to remind you what real passion looks like..
safaa safaa
safaa safaa Acum 9 ore
Une performance époustouflante on croirait Witney huston ressusciter!
Wili E.E
Wili E.E Acum 9 ore
¡A certificarlo perras!
Dragana G
Dragana G Acum 9 ore
Liepa Vitkauskaite
i see this movie its really really sad ;c
Heather Hornby
Heather Hornby Acum 9 ore
Beautiful ♥️🎶🎥
Mary Thompson
Mary Thompson Acum 9 ore
atif siddiqui
atif siddiqui Acum 9 ore
why the hell does she need weird makeup, without any of it she can make the most beautiful people look lesser in comparison
atif siddiqui
atif siddiqui Acum 9 ore
lady gaga at her ultimate
Victor Moreira
Victor Moreira Acum 9 ore
Daniel Tschopp
Daniel Tschopp Acum 9 ore
Two years ago my brother, at the peak of life, became ill suddenly and slipped into a coma. Three months later we had to turn off the machine. I wanted to see this movie because I heard „Shallow“ and ended up going to see it alone. Half way through the movie I received a text from my brother‘s wife (widow) saying she saw me in the theater at the break. When this song played at the end of the movie it tore me to shreds as it reminded me of the incredible love my brother shared with his wife. I ran out of the movie theater at the end because I was afraid to have her see me like this. She later told me she was the last to leave because she was sobbing so uncontrollably because of this song. Only an amazing song and performance can make you feel such raw emotions.
Jan-Paul Sun
Jan-Paul Sun Acum 9 ore
the most beautiful depiction of where music is really about for me.
yamen mallah
yamen mallah Acum 10 ore
some people born with creative like gaga and cooper
παρασκευας πολύδωροπουλος
I am not your fun .but from now on I will become your greatest admirer
Jhon Crazy Kkt
Jhon Crazy Kkt Acum 10 ore
A melhor música de todo o CD I love GaGa
Roman Goldoni
Roman Goldoni Acum 10 ore
Love her and love her music😭❤️.. so i’m crying now ‘cause i’m feel so sad and alone❤️😭
Sunny Summer
Sunny Summer Acum 10 ore
Stefany Almeida
Stefany Almeida Acum 10 ore
Daniele Ribeiro
Daniele Ribeiro Acum 10 ore
Simplesmente Maravilhoso !
Vedran Raič
Vedran Raič Acum 10 ore
Sona Acum 10 ore
I broke up with the first and only guy I loved 3 years ago and this song describes how much I am incapable of moving on.. I love him so much, and Gaga made me cry my heart out with this track, not once or twice but many and many times. Such an inspiration.
Benoît Coenen
Benoît Coenen Acum 10 ore
Superbe film!!!
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira Acum 10 ore
Dave Rhodes
Dave Rhodes Acum 10 ore
Separated from my wife over 3 years ago and I still feel like this now. No-one elae has ever come close
Mohd Yakub88
Mohd Yakub88 Acum 11 ore
Sumbang....lagu ape nie....syok sndri
Simon  Le Grec
Simon Le Grec Acum 11 ore
Ultratop production and singer...100% emotion
arismommy2 Acum 11 ore
This song left me breathless😩😭❤️❤️❤️❤️absolute perfection!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Loredana Mattia
Loredana Mattia Acum 11 ore
Nadiah Hidzer
Nadiah Hidzer Acum 11 ore
Listening to this half way.. then i decided to stop... Such a sad song and i dont want to cry!
Blanca Solorio
Blanca Solorio Acum 11 ore
Just amazing song 😭
Fortunato Trovatello
I love this movie from italy
Anne Rose
Anne Rose Acum 11 ore
Such a strong and beautifull song... It kinda reminds me of "i'll always love you"
Cláudio Júnior Rodrigues
Lady Gaga❤💙💚💛💜😘😍😭
Tasiana MFW
Tasiana MFW Acum 12 ore
I lost my friend not so long ago. I Miss him everyday. I hope where ever you are you dont feel pain and you save a place for me when its my turn and we meet again. I love you 4 ever🖤4ever in my heart and mind 💋
Isabella Cascio
Isabella Cascio Acum 12 ore
guillaume savasta
guillaume savasta Acum 12 ore
who are the 12k dislikes FUCK!
Trom Bri
Trom Bri Acum 12 ore
Broken heart . J'ai Mal . Il never love again.merci. Pardon je t'aime. Don't wanna Know another Kiss unless it's you and me. Im dying .please help
Quench Gamer TV
Quench Gamer TV Acum 12 ore
never heard this movie this is pretty sad song i can feel it im just wondering if he died in this movie lol im a fan of gaga since her songs hit the music charts she looks different now i still love her she's amazing
Alexxx Iv
Alexxx Iv Acum 12 ore
После Бузовой звучит божественно... Сразу полегчало.
Bouna Ali
Bouna Ali Acum 12 ore
박정욱 Acum 12 ore
자막은한글인디 한국사람없나보다ㅡ
Afrina Khanam
Afrina Khanam Acum 13 ore
This song is going to get an Oscar for the best original score for sure.
pais verde
pais verde Acum 13 ore
Kayla Yunita
Kayla Yunita Acum 13 ore
Cynthia Powers
Cynthia Powers Acum 13 ore
made me chill n cry
Reez Achilles
Reez Achilles Acum 13 ore
your voice is like an angel..
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