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Maritza Flores
Maritza Flores Acum 2 minute
I love you Lady Gaga! This has become one of my favorite songs.
Kimberly Cardinal
Kimberly Cardinal Acum 34 minute
Beautiful song ❤
StikWitClassics Acum 49 minute
What kills me the most about this movie is that Ally will never know what her manager said to Jack before he killed himself. That he triggered it even if it's like his brother said that no one was to blame but Jack. But still, when someone has a mental illness such as alcoholism, you don't say things like that to someone. I would have liked a scene of Ally kicking her manager's ass.
Priscila Oliveira
Priscila Oliveira Acum 59 minute
Filme emocionante. 💜💙🎤🎸😭
Tanguy B
Tanguy B Acum 2 ore
Did she sing this song live already? Can't find any live version
Tanguy B
Tanguy B Acum oră
+GeeKevin Thx, surprising! Has she planned to sing it live?
GeeKevin Acum oră
No yet
Teali Johnson
Teali Johnson Acum 2 ore
lets preform together change my reblican view
Teali Johnson
Teali Johnson Acum 2 ore
'you had my respect and made a choice against me' i put an enemies
Sunny Delight
Sunny Delight Acum 2 ore
I ❤️ this song😢
vih paiva
vih paiva Acum 2 ore
Arrasou ameiii MT á tradução então lindaaa
Oportunidade Para o Sucesso
Linda história de amor! Pena que que ele se foi ... Mas tenho certeza que ela nunca vai se esquecer dele. :-(
tomas pink
tomas pink Acum 2 ore
Felipe López
Felipe López Acum 3 ore
joker Acum 4 ore
یکی اززیباترین فیلمهایی بود که دیدم ممنون همه موزیک ویدیوها زیبا بودند
katharina adank
katharina adank Acum 4 ore
ein sehr schöner, emotionaler Film und Musik, der in mir noch lange wirkte.
Fareahu Kelley
Fareahu Kelley Acum 4 ore
Frank Pham
Frank Pham Acum 4 ore
Never imagined that this lady could sing like an angel... Breath takin
Mucha Información
I love how ally looks without makeup
Eric Larouche
Eric Larouche Acum 5 ore
Wow! 🎙🎵🤩 Beautiful !!!
Else230 Acum 5 ore
Until now, I can't move on why he has to kill himself???..( I saw the movie 2nights ago)..Aside from unchained melody, (GHost) this song keeps my tears flowing nonstop. Lady Gaga's emotion while rendering this song is sooo fecking awesome..
Kaity Marie
Kaity Marie Acum 6 ore
She legit just slays my entire existence 😍
malin halin
malin halin Acum 6 ore
I love this movie so much but it also reminds me of the movie Glitter of mariah carey...still❤❤❤
Janique Spence
Janique Spence Acum 6 ore
A Star Is Born movie #NOW avaiIabIe at: t.co/M94XtjgEhS
Bianca Cuellar Cuellar
Karillas Acum 7 ore
I cannot physically listen to this song without losing my shit
Vedran Raič
Vedran Raič Acum 7 ore
Jeanette Jarmin
Jeanette Jarmin Acum 8 ore
I miss the young lady Gaga songs
Monica Suprantio
Monica Suprantio Acum 8 ore
I don't know what to dislike about this song unless it is so beautifully sad it breaks my heart every time I hear it :(
Stop Racism
Stop Racism Acum 8 ore
New version of Gaga.... Love it
Mundo Do Deryck
Mundo Do Deryck Acum 8 ore
Como eu amo essa mulher !
Ash Win
Ash Win Acum 8 ore
100 M is coming..... 300M for Shallow is the next target
Tildi Sägespäni
I cried so hard at the cinema watching this
MissKprice Acum 9 ore
Je ne me remettrai jamais de cette chanson ❤
Evgeniy Polosenko
Niko Pit
Niko Pit Acum 9 ore
Sometimes love can take this whole world.... and it's so hopefull
Saul Alberto Ccari janampa
Cada ves que escucho esta canción me pongo a recordar a una persona que ame.
thiago douglas silva
Canção digna de Oscar`s. Amo muito Lady Gaga!
puspita bora
puspita bora Acum 10 ore
Richard Dejeto
Richard Dejeto Acum 10 ore
I wish I'm broken 😭😭😭😭😭
Kiarou 2
Kiarou 2 Acum 10 ore
Ce film m’a tellement fait pleurer
you cute
you cute Acum 10 ore
holy shit i didn't know this side of lady gaga *_im in awe_*
JT Perspectives
JT Perspectives Acum 11 ore
Never thought gaga could pull out such piece...she should have done this way earlier...and nit those crappy pervert music.
renqing fang
renqing fang Acum 11 ore
Anyone thinks that the melody is similar with i believe i can fly? I agree that this song is very beautiful, but i will skip to another song when i hear it.
John Zell
John Zell Acum 11 ore
This song makes me sad
Julie mullen
Julie mullen Acum 11 ore
God ga ga just how I feel I'm done ❤️
yolo swag
yolo swag Acum 12 ore
when i started this movie i was like bitch they better both have a happy ever after they didnt 😭
juliet star
juliet star Acum 12 ore
I was never a fan of lady gaga but...now because of this song I’m a huge fan now I never thought she will sing like this❤️❤️im in love with this song... i feel this song❤️Amd I’m now really inspired by her ❤️
Soniya Agrawal
Soniya Agrawal Acum 12 ore
I’m blown away by triple brilliance of Bradley cooper as an actor director and singer. This beautiful man can do everything with such excellence. Lady Gaga is such a natural and effortless actress and a great singer. And she looks so beautiful with minimal makeup. This movie had me crying sick. But my heart is so full of love too. Beautifully made! ❤️ Ps- I suffer from tinnitus too and I could totally relate to jack’s troubles.
Daffa Guitar
Daffa Guitar Acum 13 ore
Westlife vibes
patch 59
patch 59 Acum 13 ore
Superbe chanson d'amour!!!!
various projects
various projects Acum 13 ore
it's "I'll always love you - Whitney Houston" meets "I'll stand by you- by the pretenders" + "I believe I can fly - by R. Kelly"
UNIQUE M. Acum 13 ore
Vedran Raič
Vedran Raič Acum 14 ore
lul7wow Acum 15 ore
Dal i ovdje ima Kijevaca? 🤣😂
kim clairy
kim clairy Acum 15 ore
My heart is still aching :(( a star is born is such an amazing movie! You and bradley are really great actors!
Vitany And F YT
Vitany And F YT Acum 15 ore
Arte ❤️
Lee Cruz
Lee Cruz Acum 15 ore
Watch the movie to really appreciate the song
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Acum 16 ore
podra tener 40 años de carrera la que se dice ser la reyna de pop .gaga es otra dimencion .....es mi Diosa y mas ahora que quiero verla como reyna de egipto ....
Gerardo Salazar
Gerardo Salazar Acum 16 ore
Ví la película cuando recién se estrenó y todavía aún sigo viendo este vídeo y escuchando esta canción y es inevitable no llorar. Sin duda una excelente película. 😢❤
Robert Chmel
Robert Chmel Acum 16 ore
the great song relaxes my mind and I cry
Akhilesh Mallar
Akhilesh Mallar Acum 17 ore
Always my favourite song.. lovely
Jessica Rodrigues pardini saliba
I'm crying ... this song, this movie, this end.
KatyCat Sincer
KatyCat Sincer Acum 18 ore
She was singing it live during the filming set. The sound of the SKM 5200 microphone with the MD5235 capsule is incomparable and we can hear the pops while she’ sings. GAGA IS THE QUEEN ❤️
will gonzalez
will gonzalez Acum 18 ore
How can something so sad be so perfect ❤️❤️❤️
Joe Tetu
Joe Tetu Acum 18 ore
I cry every time I hear this. It’s beautiful.
totosecko Acum 19 ore
Ubannormali song and poople and film,.... :)
Raelin Germanotta
Raelin Germanotta Acum 19 ore
This song is so underrated y'all need to share it to more people! 😔
anneventurer lady
anneventurer lady Acum 12 ore
This being gold already in the USA and currently reaching to platinum certified in the USA for a non single is doing pretty amazing. Shallow is the only single they released. Always Remember us this way just made a single in UK Italy France and South Africa hoping in the USA Canada too
Yeehaw Police
Yeehaw Police Acum 19 ore
i’m fucking sobbing GAGA
Laurensius Tamba
Laurensius Tamba Acum 19 ore
Whitney houston song.. fake it
Yonathan Argentina
Yonathan Argentina Acum 20 ore
97 millones
James Vaux
James Vaux Acum 21 oră
Really heart felt. 65 year old man and it made me cry.
Stephani Paes
Stephani Paes Acum 21 oră
That song really reminds Whitney's songs, I loved! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Steve Graham
Steve Graham Acum 21 oră
Whoever disliked this song, shame on you. It's amazing. I'm a dyed in wool Metal fan. Heck, I take off work on December 4th every year to pay honor to Brother Dime. I live for the hard hitting guitar, lightning speed riffs, drum and bass of a good metal performance. I grew up in the 80's, when Madonna and crappy pop music ruled the world. BUT... the first time I heard Lady GaGa, I knew she would dethrone Madonna. She is a musical and theatrical genius that has earned her place up there with Bowie, Freddy Mercury, Madonna and countless others. When she played the Grammy's with Metallica, I was skeptical, because it's not her style of music. But being the true professional, she sang the song when James Hettfield's microphone was out of commission. Lady GaGa saved the performance, and did it with style, grace and a lot of Metal attitude. When I heard that she would be starring in the third version of A Star Is Born, I knew that the producers made the perfect choice. She has proven that she is a great actress. Her voice is amazing, and is IMO as good, if not better than Barbra Streisand. My mother was a huge Barbra fan. Before she died, she said she loved Lady Gaga's voice. I'm a dyed in the wool Metal fan, but I'm also a Lady GaGa fan.
Madison Evans
Madison Evans Acum 21 oră
Oh fuck me this movie killed me 😭😭 fuck the asshole manager
Jorge Carcamo
Jorge Carcamo Acum 22 ore
This song deserved the Óscar And Grammy
voderick Acum 22 ore
A-part of the man..mumbling...bas voice....hard to understand what he say.....just a great Movie....... love gaga fan sweden
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
This is a better song than Shallow.
Raelin Germanotta
Raelin Germanotta Acum 19 ore
I think the other songs in the soundtrack are amazing too! ❤
Robert Ikke
Robert Ikke Acum 23 ore
Damm i wish i was bradley cooper in this film, i am jalours like crazy.....
Romuald Godbillon
Romuald Godbillon Acum 23 ore
Magnifique grosse claque grosse émotion perso ce texte me parle mais moi j aime à nouveau
Dima Gustafsson
Dima Gustafsson Acum 23 ore
very similar song R Kelly I believe i can fly
Jorge Báez
Jorge Báez Acum o Zi
I made a cover of this heartbreaking but beautiful song on my channel, please go and watch it, i’m a little monster since day 1 and it would be great if gaga could watch it (it is impossible i know)
Meredith&Sarah Productions
Love your voice
Alianza 51
Alianza 51 Acum o Zi
Hermosa película,, cambio mi forma de ver lady Gaga, Bradley genial.
Mary Quevedo
Mary Quevedo Acum 6 ore
A Star Is Born movie #NOW avaiIabIe at: t.co/M94XtjgEhS
Bob Acum o Zi
Songs like Whitney Houston, lady Gaga has a beautiful voice. And looks better without makeup 💄
Mary Quevedo
Mary Quevedo Acum 6 ore
A Star Is Born movie #NOW avaiIabIe at: t.co/M94XtjgEhS
Jeffrey Ortega
Jeffrey Ortega Acum o Zi
Love this movie and everything about it get me.
Олег Сребняк
Яка прекрасна Леді Гага! Ніжна та чутлива...
Starfisz24 Acum o Zi
Jakson Gustavo
Jakson Gustavo Acum o Zi
97 milhões de reproduções!
Marta Marta
Marta Marta Acum o Zi
I want Gaga to be like Ally, natural.
Raelin Germanotta
Raelin Germanotta Acum 19 ore
Her last album "Joanne" was with this "natural" style.
Salwa Aqueel
Salwa Aqueel Acum o Zi
Thats one of the movies im never seeing 🙂
Raquel Sánchez
Raquel Sánchez Acum o Zi
That´s a nice song 🥀
g g
g g Acum o Zi
Paula Andrea Martinez, Marin
Yes I am crying
NCS Acum o Zi
Damn you Jack ...
Daniel Tsosie
Daniel Tsosie Acum o Zi
#JusticeForGlitterMovie.. Mariah lambs Stan's up..
Marcelo Batista Fagundes
Im Hetero , but im cry like a litlle girl......
Beni Bean
Beni Bean Acum o Zi
Emi Miller
Emi Miller Acum o Zi
This video spoils the whole movie.
T P Acum o Zi
Summer Xoxo
Summer Xoxo Acum o Zi
OMG love this movie my fav🥰❤️🥰
See bargo
See bargo Acum o Zi
Free bb
Acum 4 Zile