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Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (A Star Is Born)

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27 sep. 2018


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Comentarii 59 755
DreaM CSGO Acum 49 minute
I’m still crying.....
Orely B.95
Orely B.95 Acum oră
MsSnar94 Acum oră
Don't know how many times already I'm listen to this song 😂😂
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins Acum oră
It's so good to see Gaga back making new songs in different genres. The soundtrack of "A Star Is Born" is a masterpiece
Quang Huy Nguyễn
She is a truly pretty woman. Her appearance without make-up, her emotion, her voice, all are just perfect.
Culann Mostert
Culann Mostert Acum oră
This song is probably the most over rated song to ever be created. It's a nice song but it's not great, it's generic. I have heard at least 50 other songs with the same premise. Just sharing some 2 cents
Chris Mcadam
Chris Mcadam Acum 2 ore
Just EPIC!!
Butterfly 24
Butterfly 24 Acum 2 ore
Perfect ^^
Md Sumon
Md Sumon Acum 2 ore
Dakato Felix
Dakato Felix Acum 3 ore
f**k pizza gate
Mimi Shehzadiii
Mimi Shehzadiii Acum 3 ore
She looks so beautiful without all those weird costumes and makeup she wears
cyrille recordier
beautiful music ,I am a new subscriber
music mania
music mania Acum 3 ore
I think a Man or a women..👇4 u should be beautiful by soul & heart not by face & look coz this beauty is limited for 20 to 30 years after that no one going to look or lick you like he or she used to ..but for a good soul & heart all adore & memorise till they become a memory .she is unique singer ...♥️(( understood Aaliyah 👇))
Deadeyezek jr
Deadeyezek jr Acum 3 ore
The second great lady gaga song after bad romance
Eva Poledníková
You are the best
Owen Breakwell
Owen Breakwell Acum 4 ore
Dermot Nelson
Dermot Nelson Acum 4 ore
There is something really captivating about this song and Lady Gaga in her natural state!
Sahara Dempsey
Sahara Dempsey Acum 4 ore
Ok ladies move aside Bradley Cooper is MINE
Sergiu42 Acum 5 ore
Helen Gonzalez
Helen Gonzalez Acum 5 ore
You would her think her voice would get worse with time but NO it’s beautiful still always will
Vengeful 360
Vengeful 360 Acum 5 ore
Wait bradley cooper can sing. Who knew. Not bad
Coco AHV
Coco AHV Acum 6 ore
Magnifique !
Muhammad syahmi Abdul rahim
154,309,602 views👀 1.6 Million likes👍🏻 36k dislikes👎🏻
Vedran Raič
Vedran Raič Acum 6 ore
Jarosławe Bum
Jarosławe Bum Acum 6 ore
Bradley cooper too short :(
Kyle Ferguson
Kyle Ferguson Acum 7 ore
2:29 to 2:43 > all of 2018
ced_CK uprising
ced_CK uprising Acum 7 ore
Une vrai star est dans sa capacité à tout pouvoir faire par envie..à l'opposé de ton excentricité ta simplicité à su payer tout autan..beau renouveau 🤩
Zach James
Zach James Acum 7 ore
The videos from her first couple hits were pretty extreme as far as establishing her style visually. It always threw me off though because it was one of those things where you could tell a lot of effort was put into a sort of artificial look. When I saw her I didn't feel like I was actually seeing her. Like the unfortunate girls in high school that look horribly different without their makeup. Her documentary touched on it to an extent, her insecurities about her nose and looks. Personally I think she is gorgeous. The human chemistry, mannerisms, and everything about this is amazing. Like a glimpse of her, another layer of character, a side she's not shared in this way before (movies). Idk..... I didn't appreciate her for a couple of years at the beginning of her career, thought she was a typical untalented pop artist that will dissappear. I love being wrong in these circumstances. I particularly love that she is taking a pretty extreme break off of her typical genre. Flexing her muscles and saying "you even lift bro? " to people who doubt.
Arunprasath Acum 7 ore
No Captions Needed !!
Ricardo Paiva
Ricardo Paiva Acum 8 ore
zaiton abdul aziz
154,238,098 views👀 1.5 Million likes👍 36k dislikes👎
Muhammad syahmi Abdul rahim
154,151,453 views👀 1.5 Million likes👍🏻 35k dislikes👎🏻
Paiton AHMAT
Paiton AHMAT Acum 10 ore
Ps you look amazing natural
Paiton AHMAT
Paiton AHMAT Acum 10 ore
Love you lady Gaga I have been to a couple of ur live shows love you
Edsom Moraes
Edsom Moraes Acum 10 ore
Alguém do brasil?
desertrose Acum 10 ore
Seriously?! I’m in love with this movie and I haven’t even seen it. If I ever see that man again, this is the conversation we would have.
Gonzaa Acum 11 ore
aguante duki
CarlãoVEVO Acum 11 ore
Calvin Biefeld
Calvin Biefeld Acum 11 ore
*Please give this comment a THUMBS UP.I'm a 25 year old singer who has done 135 covers over the last 6 years.Head over to my channel and watch a couple of them,if you have the time.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks:)*
Jonathan Lamb
Jonathan Lamb Acum 12 ore
154M Omg Views Just Keep Going Up And Up! 😍😍
gerrit voogd
gerrit voogd Acum 12 ore
Ze is gewoon geweldig zonder make-up is ze nog mooier pfff. Ook heef ze nu ook make up op .
Ziad O
Ziad O Acum 13 ore
35k ppl are shallow!
G R A Y A U D I O Acum 13 ore
nothing interesting. it is popular due english language
Tricky Dick Johnson XXXL
She looks and sings like Scarlett Johanssen in this
Ohtio Acum 13 ore
De encher o coração de orgulho
Joaco Acum 13 ore
Love this song.
Sophia & Loa
Sophia & Loa Acum 13 ore
Lady gaga: Tell me something boi Me: you talking to me??
Nicky Junior
Nicky Junior Acum 14 ore
Fall in line #XtinaDemi #kisses
Omar Morales
Omar Morales Acum 14 ore
0.39 Millions - Oct 16th 0.59 Millions - Oct 24th 0.69 millions - Oct 27th 101 millions - Nov 13rd 113 millions - Nov 20st 123 millions - Nov 27th 133 millions - Dec 4th 143 millions - Dec 11nd 151 millions - Dec 16th
Prince Tamrac
Prince Tamrac Acum 14 ore
So what if i'm a monster
Prevedina Synthes
Prevedina Synthes Acum 14 ore
Um hino desses
I Am a starfish
I Am a starfish Acum 14 ore
I’m defffffffinitely not crying right now
Xenia Borremans
Xenia Borremans Acum 15 ore
Im i the only one who thinks this song sounds like 'fight for this love'
Lee Z
Lee Z Acum 15 ore
Wild love, sweet love, big love, little love... I am thankful that I could hear this beautiful music and have my imagination... to love and to be loved...
Nali Nube
Nali Nube Acum 15 ore
I wish he hadn't killed himself
cathy canto
cathy canto Acum 15 ore
cada que escucha la vocalización de lady gaga mi piel se pone chinita
Thomas Rodriguez
Thomas Rodriguez Acum 15 ore
POR QUÉ Rayos cada vez que escucho esta cancion los subs son coreano >:l
Tamia McLean
Tamia McLean Acum 15 ore
Am I the only one that cries every time I hear this ?😭😭❤️
Emanuel Dave
Emanuel Dave Acum 15 ore
Pleaseee go check my cover on my new channel and let me know what you think :-) A French singer m.rovids.com/video/video-duDloIqtNqM.html
Hiriyanta Mara
Hiriyanta Mara Acum 15 ore
Die frau hat wirklich eine geniale stimme. Und für mich drückt sie hier, ihr wahres niveau aus. Sie braucht kein klamour oder sexbetontes ankleiden. So söllte sie bleiben.
Missditabomb Acum 15 ore
Beautiful song and a great movie. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had fantastic chemistry. I felt they should each leave their partners and just get married, FGS. They were THAT GOOD.
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Acum 16 ore
I love that part that starts at 2:28
Caique Suguiyama
Caique Suguiyama Acum 16 ore
shiba Acum 16 ore
did anyone else notice she's a leftie? 😁 2:29
Louis Valencia
Louis Valencia Acum 16 ore
Te amo Lady Gaga soy muy feliz de haber coincidido en los mismos tiempos 😁👑
Monika Zafirova
Monika Zafirova Acum 16 ore
I have watched the movie like 100 times and I'm still crying everytime I hear this song ❤❤❤❤❤
Sexy 3&4
Sexy 3&4 Acum 16 ore
I love this song
Carlousin S.
Carlousin S. Acum 16 ore
I‘m so in Love with the Voice of Bradley and her. This is so real and there is so much feelin in it ❤️
Emilka Acum 16 ore
Why every song from this film is so beautiful, heart touching and I can listen them all the time? ❤❤❤
NAiM Joe
NAiM Joe Acum 16 ore
Tell me something girl...
Diego Luna
Diego Luna Acum 16 ore
This movie is the winner of 11 Academy Awards, also Ben-Hur, Titanic and Lord of the Rings: The return of the King.
alphasker312 Acum 17 ore
Not a gaga fan by any means but this is great. wow. I know good music when I hear it!
İnci Doğan
İnci Doğan Acum 17 ore
Vay bee..🔥🔥
NoRx Acum 17 ore
Even when this is something upside down if I compare it to other Gaga songs, this is briliant awesome song!
мариам хоук
Lady Gaga like a ordinary woman much better than popular persona
Carla C
Carla C Acum 17 ore
Eu gosto 💕🇧🇷
Anonim xd
Anonim xd Acum 17 ore
Disappointed by movie but songs are awesomee
GUERON Lisa Acum 18 ore
Magnifique rien a dire
Girl-groups outsold Yoo
Csaba Kuzmányi
Csaba Kuzmányi Acum 18 ore
My shallow cover in piano and sing: rovids.com/video/video-M9eTX_hNS9g.html
silvanakarenina Acum 18 ore
Ann Happiness
Ann Happiness Acum 19 ore
Это до слез.
thallio27 Acum 19 ore
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Jennyfer Marin
Jennyfer Marin Acum 19 ore
I love this song 😶❤
Jacqueline Barbosa
Jacqueline Barbosa Acum 19 ore
Não me canso de ouvir essa música 💓 linda de mais essa música 😍😍😍😍😍
Anthony Cunha
Anthony Cunha Acum 19 ore
Kelley Hubbard
Kelley Hubbard Acum 19 ore
There found me know Gabe does druges and smokes why think he eat chips so much u might get weaker that means u chaet lot of girls Gabe made mean fake name under lot identy a qwiet cat fishing
Kelley Hubbard
Kelley Hubbard Acum 19 ore
Gaga mean fun big fat readdress beans skins losing up then all dated five or millones age qwiet cat fishing u dated Katie first read dreads miqwel black mean hoe slut Janice yellow
Serena matarrelli
Serena matarrelli Acum 19 ore
Bellissima 😍
ItsKingImperial Acum 19 ore
John wick???
Muhammad syahmi Abdul rahim
152,502,255 views👀 1.5 Million likes👍🏻 35k dislikes👎🏻
henri chailland
henri chailland Acum 19 ore
I did not know that two equally beautiful voices could make such a great musical cataclysm! Wow! enormous!
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira Acum 19 ore
ArTiFiCiAl cReAtIoNs
Anyone watched 'a star is born' in 90s
Mortimer Acum 20 ore
Great movie great song !
Herlin.E Puspita
Herlin.E Puspita Acum 20 ore
In this song, it's like gaga speak to me the meaning of the song. I mean song is not about great voice. It's about how great they can deliver the feeling of the song. And to me, this is the song gaga successfully delivered the feeling in. I love this
Monster K
Monster K Acum 20 ore
Go for that Oscars
AnonimMc Acum 20 ore
Patricia 2006
Patricia 2006 Acum 20 ore
Wow i love musique Lady gaga
Eminem - Venom
Acum 2 luni