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Lil Pump - "Butterfly Doors" (Official Music Video)

Lil pump
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4 ian. 2019

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Comentarii 179 143
Steven Houston
Steven Houston Acum 22 secunde
Man I gotta meet Lil pump in person
xd Holden
xd Holden Acum 50 minute
You're now listening to:Lil Pump - Butterfly Doors 00:00 ●━━━━━━━━━━━ 02:18 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻ sadly this costs 1 like to put on repeat.
Obi Won
Obi Won Acum oră
These women are selling themselves out to the slave masters
James Burd
James Burd Acum oră
Butterfly doors jet ski lit
Luiz game felipe
Alguém Brasil
João Pedro
João Pedro Acum oră
Alguém do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner Acum 2 ore
He playing the shit out the game half yall cant even peep it.
Jaclyn Lopez
Jaclyn Lopez Acum 3 ore
Wow is this what hip hop is nowadays? glorified gimmicks no bars for sad.
Rowen Acum 3 ore
*Kral 2 saniyede kalktı amına hırr*
Armani Brown
Armani Brown Acum 4 ore
lil pump is good but yall should ceckout this guy Mr. Mario street
Aarne Pohjanvirta
Director: how many hoes u want in the video. Lil pump: gucci gang
Victor Yegdis6
Victor Yegdis6 Acum 4 ore
Buy replay button here for 1 like 0:01
Micolas ninces 334455667788
Maike Axel
Maike Axel Acum 5 ore
buterflai dous
Виталий Тихонов
Piotr Capecki
Piotr Capecki Acum 6 ore
ap uj w y
Wouter R
Wouter R Acum 6 ore
budafli dous
Ivanna Starbell
Ivanna Starbell Acum 6 ore
ching chong
Bubble Light
Bubble Light Acum 6 ore
Bruh this guy you ain't have 1M subs you have 22
Elpro 5757V
Elpro 5757V Acum 7 ore
Butterfly doors..."*puertas de mariposa"*
BlackPanther Acum 8 ore
love that
Ghibran Kahfi
Ghibran Kahfi Acum 9 ore
Ching Chong Button? What? I Don't Understand
MR Esotericana
MR Esotericana Acum 9 ore
Like this poofta ever had a baby moma cook rocks on a stove? WTF are people actually putting money into this crap, and who's the age demographic? SERIOUSLY
Exe Munilla
Exe Munilla Acum 10 ore
F FabiMoldoveanu
F FabiMoldoveanu Acum 10 ore
satayu chaiyapan
satayu chaiyapan Acum 10 ore
His vocabulary is increasing
Solenn Fabris
Solenn Fabris Acum 10 ore
Y a des belges j'suis la seul ?! Pitié que NN 😛❤
August Ekstrom
August Ekstrom Acum 10 ore
whoe i yeet on hoe, damn, smkoing dat dope, making doe, man i got lyrics in ma hoe
Wiktor_Vader ZRT
Wiktor_Vader ZRT Acum 11 ore
U like mooms...
Jayarr 1203
Jayarr 1203 Acum 12 ore
i Zes
i Zes Acum 12 ore
So hard
Maxime Vercken
Maxime Vercken Acum 12 ore
Ou sont les français ?
Aka Makoy
Aka Makoy Acum 13 ore
LOOK THAT SHIT FUCK THE BEAT rovids.com/video/video-KNhvm7KM_KE.html
Agustina Patane
Agustina Patane Acum 13 ore
me gustaria un duo con lil debbie
Ionut Alin dionisie gamer
The dislikers are the nerds.
Prut Skid
Prut Skid Acum 14 ore
He’s actually singing.
Грифер gg
Грифер gg Acum 16 ore
Грифер gg
Грифер gg Acum 8 ore
Грифер gg
Грифер gg Acum 8 ore
Ден Гребенкин
А ты пиздаты как лил пап
Jeremy Langridge
Jeremy Langridge Acum 16 ore
Lil pump the type of guy to sell his car for gas money
Tcb_JaGoTv Acum 16 ore
Supreme Boy
Supreme Boy Acum 16 ore
Those Russian r paid to watch this shit
Storm Dahl
Storm Dahl Acum 18 ore
Lil pump love you
Анатолий Баженов
Есть русские?😔
Виктор Васильев
How many curs you need? Lil pump: yeh
Huiii Huiii
Huiii Huiii Acum 20 ore
Jaden Mathis
Jaden Mathis Acum 21 oră
99.9% are Canadian wow ✓
Gay Salam
Gay Salam Acum 23 ore
I feel so pumped right now ^^
Red Knight
Red Knight Acum 23 ore
unicorn_lover Emma
unicorn_lover Emma Acum 23 ore
Show pump some love
nubão do free fire
Love you pump❤
Salimato star king
Subscribe please ♥️❤️
Amanda Garcia
Amanda Garcia Acum o Zi
I Like You music video hope you make more
tiagodbs kk
tiagodbs kk Acum o Zi
BRASIL nessa porra
Steven Houston
Steven Houston Acum o Zi
Man Lil pump is better than NBA young boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
BlackFire 911
BlackFire 911 Acum o Zi
Brayan Lucas
Brayan Lucas Acum o Zi
Fan:why do you think your so rich Lil pump:I'm not I only got $10 dollars 0:09
X_ Makezi _X
X_ Makezi _X Acum o Zi
How many girls you want to video? Lil Pump: Yes
LmF Stretch
LmF Stretch Acum o Zi
I ont believe nun of the street shytt this nikka talk about💯💯
Game Addict
Game Addict Acum o Zi
Limited Acum o Zi
like if lil pump better than 6ix9ibe
Ayesha Begum
Ayesha Begum Acum o Zi
Director:How many times do you wanna flex??? Lil Pump:Till you die.
Isaac Baez
Isaac Baez Acum o Zi
nice bro
ALL Comedy22
ALL Comedy22 Acum o Zi
Please giveaway me money 🙌🙌
José maria dona jr
Ching chong🇨🇳🇯🇵
Septic Is Hyper
Septic Is Hyper Acum o Zi
RǺƳ Acum o Zi
Before 100 millions?
Director: how many girls you want ? Lil Pump: ESSKEETIT !
Super cars
zxzSadBoyzxz Acum o Zi
Am I supposed to pay attention to the ass or the song? Serious question.
Parker Linnarz
Parker Linnarz Acum o Zi
Good song... except for the fact that no Lamborghini EVER has had Butterfly doors.
brawl ninja
brawl ninja Acum o Zi
rusians left the chat TURKS JOİNED THE CHAT
Miguel Morfin
Miguel Morfin Acum o Zi
shit goes hard cuddies
Миша Горохов
Tawane Rodrigues
Brazil 🙃
Coral Reef
Coral Reef Acum o Zi
How many times does he say "dope" ? Seriously 2 mins of shit
Mike Chudah
Mike Chudah Acum o Zi
Mike Chudah
Mike Chudah Acum o Zi
drewmork1 Acum o Zi
LIL PUMP !!!!! DONATE TO A GOOD CAUSE !!!! www.gofundme.com/i-just-want-to-see-how-many-people-will-give-me-1
Joven Y salvaje
Joven Y salvaje Acum o Zi
Berfla dorr lleis lleis la music denyerkin
Mr.Question Mark?
1:11 that's 4 Lamborghini s
Ozark Targaryen
Ozark Targaryen Acum o Zi
Da smak
Yustina Anggu
Yustina Anggu Acum o Zi
In 2022 you carrier will die
Tyny Yanges
Tyny Yanges Acum o Zi
Спиздил у лил морти бит
InsaneTheReal G
InsaneTheReal G Acum o Zi
Butterfly doors > Racks on racks
I'M JEZUS Acum o Zi
BMX fe
BMX fe Acum o Zi
Вася Пупкин
Mr.Day Dkl93
Mr.Day Dkl93 Acum o Zi
вывывывы ывывыв
Arthur knoll
Arthur knoll Acum o Zi
Mhmd. Arif411
Mhmd. Arif411 Acum o Zi
2017:Gucci Gang 2018:ESSKEETIT! 2019:Butterfly Doors
BALME ZOO Acum 8 ore
Mr. Wildaunt
Mr. Wildaunt Acum 16 ore
2016: D rose
alisha goodluck
alisha goodluck Acum 17 ore
lachlan fri
lachlan fri Acum o Zi
ill buy a ticket to your show if u got them thick asain bitachs there
Les Aventure Du Bob Fantastique
CB on the beat, ho Butterfly doors (Brr) Jetski, Jetski Yeah Butterfly doors (Ooh) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Whip it) Ain't no joke (No) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) Butterfly doors (Doors) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Mama) Ain't no joke (Brr) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) If I go broke, I'ma kick doors (Kick doors) I'ma go back to sellin' nicks at the Citgo (Citgo) I can't go, no Hop on a flight if I ain't got my pole (Pole) Smellin' like gas through the border patrol (Patrol) I ran outta drank so I canceled my show, whoa I piss on these racks on the floor (Brr), oh I got a Glock in my trenchcoat (Uh-huh) Canceled the show, lost a 100K (100K) Made that shit back in like half a day (Half a day) Just got outta jail, got another case (Whoa) Jack a nigga car and his license plate (Goddamn) Two Lamborghinis with the butterfly doors (Butterfly) I feel like the old Gucci, bitch, I'm burnt and I'm froze (I'm burnt, yeah) Butterfly doors (Ooh) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Whip it) Ain't no joke (No) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho) Butterfly doors (Doors) Space coupe look like a UFO (Whoa) Smokin' on dope (Damn) They call me Yao 'cause my eyes real low (Low) Pourin' up fours (Whoa) Baby mama whip a pot on the stove (Mama) Ain't no joke (Brr) You the type of nigga go cry to a ho (Ho)
Watchcube Acum o Zi
these thoties are fire
Erasmus Mungwariri
Be like me?
Chewbacca Flocka Flame
Why is looking and acting gay some "G" shit now? G stand for gangsta, not gay. What the fuck... when did gangsta become gay. This is just crazy
Mrs. Malik
Mrs. Malik Acum o Zi
Butterfly negro
*кто* *-русский-*
Eterno - Daniela Legarda
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