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Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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14 mar. 2019

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Comentarii 245 231
Gus Hdz Ruiz
Gus Hdz Ruiz Acum 4 minute
When Stan Lee's cameos end, Kevin Feige should do the cameos for phase 4, he deserves it.
George Zhelyazkov
George Zhelyazkov Acum 5 minute
Thor have an eye?
*Thanos Got A Invitation* Thanos: OoOooo A invitation to something Thanos: *Opens* *You are invited to thanos funeral*
Ultimate GamerYT
Ultimate GamerYT Acum 8 minute
Uhm wheres thanos
D4RK GT4NK Acum 12 minute
Y so much red?
Heimark Turcios
Heimark Turcios Acum 12 minute
I wonder if the reason why there’s only one possibility for victory for the Avengers, is because in every possibility that Strange saw Star Lord would always lose his cool and punch Thanos in the face. The only outcome that could result in victory is Strange going against all logic and sacrificing the stone for Tony Stark. Makes me believe that Tony is gonna play a huge role.
José Ignacio Moreno
José Ignacio Moreno Acum 12 minute
Steven Otakilevuka
Steven Otakilevuka Acum 13 minute
Steven Otakilevuka
Steven Otakilevuka Acum 13 minute
Put it in slow mo and you will see
dolemomo Acum 13 minute
Well they spoiled that iron man gets back
{Maple Leaf}
{Maple Leaf} Acum 15 minute
Thanos is too beautiful to be in this trailer 😂
Cheuk Wai K
Cheuk Wai K Acum 17 minute
Now this is epic
Stogie2112 Acum 19 minute
Has anyone noticed.....everything?
Meme Productions
Meme Productions Acum 20 minute
I cant waaaaiiiiiit
Avt Pro
Avt Pro Acum 20 minute
Yoooo where's hulk when they walking? Possibly they killed him??? First 15 minutes????
John Hendrix
John Hendrix Acum 21 minut
Damnit I just realized Tony has been at forefront of both Endgame trailers... this might be the last of his Marvel movie trailers... ever.
MizzardLetsPlay Acum 24 minute
Did anyone notice Thor has both eyes?
MizzardLetsPlay Acum 15 minute
+Stogie2112 That's not relevant. My point is that Thor lost his eye during The Ragnarok. That's the reason why I'm surprised. Think before you act 😉
Stogie2112 Acum 19 minute
Did anyone notice Thor has a beard?
Mr FortniteGamer
Mr FortniteGamer Acum 24 minute
Imagine if the whole MCU is just a vision from Steve Rodgers in the selection for the army for ww2 and he wakes up. 😮 🤦‍♂️
Matine Temory
Matine Temory Acum 25 minute
RedDevilRussell Acum 25 minute
Captin Marvel sucks
Everton D'Sousa
Everton D'Sousa Acum 25 minute
The MCU has the ability to make fans fall in love more and more. Thank you Marvel for those 10 amazing years of an unprecedented universe.
Sike nigga You thought
Sike nigga You thought Acum 26 minute
Has anyone noticed nebula shows up twice in the ending
Baiatu XO
Baiatu XO Acum 28 minute
Whatever it takes.
Vetoniix Acum 28 minute
Thanos: nobody can kill me Matt from Wii Sports: hold my beer
Sonic 1216
Sonic 1216 Acum 28 minute
What's Sad is, There are Some People that Think TS4 will be Better than This. TS4 might be Good, But with No doubt This will be better. Thankfully I'm among the people who Have the same thoughts... Some People Prefer Toys But Not Us, Never Us...
Matix 777
Matix 777 Acum 30 minute
Phi, they just need to get bug chungus/shaggy/sans undertale or reverse uno card
Ko Vandenberg
Ko Vandenberg Acum 32 minute
Roses are red People are dead Thor you should have gone for the head
Comment Police
Comment Police Acum 33 minute
This trailer was perfect balanced as all things should be
HabeeBoy Acum 34 minute
Explosion of awesomeness!!!
Daniel Robertson
Daniel Robertson Acum 37 minute
At 1:19 you can see frank castle and Wilson Fisk I’m missing posters ?? Is this just me ??
Norazmi Abdul Lajis
Norazmi Abdul Lajis Acum 37 minute
Definitely will go to the cinema
Jun Ed
Jun Ed Acum 38 minute
wher’s captain marvel!
Jojo Sy
Jojo Sy Acum 38 minute
When they do the flashbacks the only colors are Red. Hmmm.
i cant think of a name
i cant think of a name Acum 38 minute
The trailer actually has 142 million views. But guess who has to get rid of half of them. Thanos
pako 1
pako 1 Acum 40 minute
I like this trailer, doesn't show to much, and keeps me impatient.
DRMegaone Acum 44 minute
When the rounds synced with the beat I lost it.
The Weirdest Player
The Weirdest Player Acum 45 minute
I remember whenever I just loved iron man and watch all the movies of him and now just seeing this just gives me memories
Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines Acum 47 minute
When you realize 95% of these are clips that won’t be in the movie
ATB Productions
ATB Productions Acum 37 minute
Dipper Pines even if it’s true , what’s so bad about it ? It shows you how much work they have done and how many different takes the got . Also they avoid spoiling the movie , something that no other company has ever managed except for marvel thanks to this thing . Take the first infinity war trailer as an example . You see hulk running in Wakanda when in the movie it’s completely nowhere . Spoilers avoided . Thank you marvel
Isaac Obrist
Isaac Obrist Acum 48 minute
On April 26th is when I will stay off Instagram,Twitter,ROvids until i see endgame... don’t want no spoilers
Chloe Begin
Chloe Begin Acum 49 minute
i am so hooked on the new movie i squealed so loudly my parents ran up to my room and said what's wrong 🤣🤣🤣🖤
Konny :3
Konny :3 Acum 49 minute
Pepper: *exists* Me: tRiGgErEd XD L m a o
Katiemay Newman
Katiemay Newman Acum 50 minute
i swear to god if they don’t find a way to bring back spider-man i’m suing marvel. for emotional distress
Maddox Perez
Maddox Perez Acum 51 minut
Some say this will not pass avatar in the box office... But not us Not us
Mariamah Asr
Mariamah Asr Acum 53 minute
Karakter yg diilangin ditrailer pertama berati tony stark pas lagi pada jalan pake kostum atom 😂
25Gino Piazza
25Gino Piazza Acum 53 minute
Pewdiepie vs tseries in real life😂😂
Peter Ajayi
Peter Ajayi Acum 54 minute
Thor's hammer is da bomb😈
しょうちゃん Acum 54 minute
I absolutely go to cinema to watch this amazing movie!!!
R4tedBeatz Acum 54 minute
God I hope Thor and Captain Marvel don’t become a thing..
Dee Acum 54 minute
Funny how the rings of Nidavellir look like the rings around the Sun in Game of Thrones
HawYee -
HawYee - Acum 55 minute
1:56 *H O L Y F U C K T O N Y S A L I V E*
Chill Games
Chill Games Acum 55 minute
Spider-Man: dies Aunt may: puts thanos in timeout
Really_ Ninga
Really_ Ninga Acum 55 minute
Is it just me or does captain marvel look way different at the end of the trailer?
Fart Juice
Fart Juice Acum 55 minute
0:52 is where da trailer gets good
Denni Valle
Denni Valle Acum 56 minute
I'm not first But I am first to read my comment
nikoo Acum 56 minute
This trailer actually has 142 million views but... Thanos had to snap out half the views.
Biggy Cheese
Biggy Cheese Acum 56 minute
0:47 why does it sound like she about to burst out laughing?
George Jacob
George Jacob Acum 57 minute
2:21 Thor's hammer is so long!!!
Nemilius Acum 58 minute
Thor: I like this one. Said no one ever.
Alfonzo 3261
Alfonzo 3261 Acum 58 minute
Hawkeye shoots a bow and arrow Black widow has a pistol Cap has a shield Thanos: am I a joke to you?
Xtgamer Acum 59 minute
We will assemble.. For the last time. Whatever. It. Takes.
Arin Gokdemir
Arin Gokdemir Acum oră
Everyone is here! ...minus half of them
Nelson Acum oră
I literally can’t wait any longer
Sean Merchant
Sean Merchant Acum oră
Roses are read Bees look the same Doctor Strange told us We’re in the Endgame
Sydney Newton
Sydney Newton Acum oră
Chacon Acum oră
Captain America: We will. Whatever it takes. I will use my shield to kill thanos. Ant man: Whatever it takes. I will use my shrinking power to kill thanos. Black widow: Whatever it takes. I will use my gun against an infinity stone, because of course, a gun is more powerful than a infinity stone;)
angelswave88 Acum oră
This series literally defines a generation
JustAGuy 4033
JustAGuy 4033 Acum oră
luis Yanex
luis Yanex Acum oră
A movie no one was waiting for
SD Brand
SD Brand Acum 55 minute
You must be joking
Vulcon Acum oră
Marvel want us to snap again in the theatre
Dee Acum oră
Starlord will hold the Gauntlet
SAD HOOVY Acum oră
So any of the legendary Stan Lee cameos just one final one?
Thanos Acum oră
*With a click of my finger, T-Series will cease to exist.*
janvan2004 Acum oră
Dad: Turn that off Me: Why?!?! Dad: *because I have to watch it too*
LowDrow Acum oră
Fake you Marvel i love you DC❤️
Thanos Acum oră
Remember *Avengers* this shall be a *Perfectly balanced* fight.
Zachary McGregor
Imagine how many memes will come out of this
Fart Juice
Fart Juice Acum oră
At 1:54 and 1:57 you can see nebula twice
Bébé Soulé
Bébé Soulé Acum oră
Trailer happens while Thanos is sipping tea watching sunset in a galaxy far, far away.
Lexi M
Lexi M Acum oră
That last scene with Thor and Capt. Marvel, is he trying to to prove he is more powerful and much better than her?
SD Brand
SD Brand Acum 54 minute
Düellocu Aga
Düellocu Aga Acum oră
When captain marvel is so bad She only get used as last resort
Valetina Azofeifa
Mi amiga: ¿ ustedes 2 no se cansan de ver el tariler de End Game? Yo: algunos lo hacen, Bananas
Papa John
Papa John Acum oră
Papa John is watching you.
Ice Demon 45463
Ice Demon 45463 Acum oră
Thanos: no one can kill me Ant man: hold my bear
Gio Micaela
Gio Micaela Acum oră
I was literally crying.... 😂😭💀
Do watch this in your TV, it’s next level experience! Can’t wait for 26th April
Ricky Bell
Ricky Bell Acum oră
Where is Thor And captain Marvel when they where all Walking
Stogie2112 Acum oră
Thor was trying to convince Danvers to not incinerate Jane Foster.
maged emam
maged emam Acum oră
Making out
•camiloYT• Acum oră
No mames este es el mejor trailer :v
Gene Acum oră
bro thor didn’t pull storm breaker
SD Brand
SD Brand Acum 53 minute
Niks Landratovs
Niks Landratovs Acum oră
Thanos - _Infinity Gauntlet, 6 Infinity Stones_ Black Widow - _Pistol_ *PERFECTLY BALANCED, AS ALL THINGS SHOULD BE*
— ʙᴀʙᴇ ᴀɴɢɪᴇ .
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser Acum oră
Thor: "I like this one... Because I'm contractually obligated by Disney to say so..."
Nabeel Malik
Nabeel Malik Acum oră
Thor didn’t say whatever it takes! 🤔🤔🤔
t 华
t 华 Acum oră
Potatoe Squirrel
If only he went for the head
Learntoplay Boy
Learntoplay Boy Acum oră
Bye marvel 4ever. Everything about marvel have died when Stan lee died
Johny Joseph
Johny Joseph Acum oră
R.I.P Stan Lee. This is your legacy. Thank you for creating our heroes.
Ice_ wallow C_man
Thanos: no one can stop me Captain marvel: hold my beer
TheBigJackpot Acum oră
This is gonna be a good one.
Artur Pal
Artur Pal Acum oră
2:12 Captain Marvell has a look of a terminator :)
Justin Y Clone
Justin Y Clone Acum oră
Bet ultron comes back in this movie
TheFondleBot 9000
Babybeen Acum oră
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