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Mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California bar

Fox Business
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FBN's Lauren Simonetti on the mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California.

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8 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 454
its obvious by now that the government is killing these people then hiding the real killers afterwards since the y are all wearing same type of armors and helmets, then setting up a patsy.
Steve Bano
Steve Bano Acum 2 luni
Stream Shark
Stream Shark Acum 2 luni
Jerry Deckard
Jerry Deckard Acum 2 luni
Seems they don't like country music.
Christine Herson
Christine Herson Acum 2 luni
Why all these lies? So desperate for gun control.
Israel Gomez
Israel Gomez Acum 2 luni
They sed what? Hundreds of victims? Get real! The club was almost empty!😂😂
The Truth
The Truth Acum 3 luni
Anyone that doesn’t think this is a false flag is as stupid as they come
Sophia Eleftheria
Sophia Eleftheria Acum 3 luni
xxxDemonknightxxx Acum 3 luni
Fuck the media and all their bullshit lies. 😎
tazago Acum 3 luni
Kenai Alaska
Kenai Alaska Acum 3 luni
Horrific!!! This is what you call a modern Western society, the year of 2018??? Living in fear day by day because next time it might be you that get's killed by an angry sothipathic shooter while you out having lunch or a drink in a bar? Insane America!!!
Diamond's Dad
Diamond's Dad Acum 3 luni
Ok FOX NEWS DENIED IT......... A WHITE PERSON Commited the Murders...Or wathever UR calling him POTUS...UR supporting A POTUS. U know ur been a racist MOFO. Go Head pieces of shit.
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
Diamond's Dad Who denied what? It's literally being reported in the video, dimwit. Please don't teach Diamond to be as stupid as her parent. Atleast give her a chance not to be a negative sterotype.
Lay G
Lay G Acum 3 luni
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
Lay G Motive?
martin solano
martin solano Acum 3 luni
White america is fucking sick.
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Jensen Acum 3 luni
Just another Friday in the USA
dick castle
dick castle Acum 3 luni
Mars Kriegsgott
Mars Kriegsgott Acum 3 luni
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
Mars Kriegsgott Only hate here is your own..How about you work on that.
Matt Dorsey
Matt Dorsey Acum 3 luni
We asked the shooter to kill on behalf of our country. Saturday Night Live mocks him and all others who serve in our military just days before the shooting. We now search for a motive.
H.D.Instrumental Acum 3 luni
I didn't even hear about this shooting untill today. And based on the facts, it is quite self-evident as to why: A Glock pistol was used (illegal in CA, by the way).
mr Pfeil
mr Pfeil Acum 3 luni
That's a shame what happened?
Howard Welch
Howard Welch Acum 3 luni
Another staged event for gun control for the people who believe this wake up since Obama abolished the propaganda law (look it up)the feds can propagate stories thru the news as real events to manipulate the minds of the American people.I could be totally wrong but what if I'm right what if we give up all our guns the evil will still be in the heart this isn't about gun control it's about government control it's already happened in other countries it's time to wake up and see the truth
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
So the shit that happens over seas is real but here it has to be fake??
Q N/A Acum 3 luni
This dude is trying to spark a war in the USA. Same as the Las Vegas one.
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld Acum 3 luni
Many American Gun Assholes
Michelle Leigh Driskell 062598
Can we get the official # right??? Main stream media! Flag it nothing but gun control
AFPA Acum 3 luni
Thank you NRA.
dsf111 000
dsf111 000 Acum 3 luni
I STAND WITH THE VICTIM THE SHOOTER #dontvictimizethevictimtheshooter these obivisouly deserved americas a sociopathic society of vile malicious dogs so they don't matter it like a drug adict or a murdrer or prisoner died as these are people who ready to enter the kingdom of god or christian who are in the kingdom of god so i this is good day justice is being done this should happen in western society through out europe #maketheworldabetter with these horrible people not in it eXAMPLES GIVEN No Woman, No Crime: Israeli Men, legally harassed by women rovids.com/video/video-ahZTWBB26Cw.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN "False Accusations in Spain" rovids.com/video/video-GjgBfklmYj8.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN TFM Show: The Ballad of Broken Boys (Part 1) rovids.com/video/video-q05Ny--aHnY.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN TFM Show: Don't Discount Divorce Daughter Drama rovids.com/video/video-zqpkyVLjwQE.html?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN
Isaiah Winbrone
Isaiah Winbrone Acum 3 luni
There is no safe place people to live now
Isaiah Winbrone
Isaiah Winbrone Acum 3 luni
I'm never going to California not in this lifetime
The Misreables Record
Oh u r not calling him a terrorist really ? 12 person and u call it shooter u gave him a movie name ? But if a middle easten did that : breaking news a terrorist terror a teretory in a terrible trrrrrrr traaa trreee trrrrro fuck this world oh and yeah we just confirmed that he is a muslim thank's reporter jhon racist .
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
The Misreables Record There's nothing to give up or debate. And I didn't need Wikipedia to know a simple definition of one word, especially one that's used so much today. I know English isn't your first language, you made that clearly already from the first commet on which is why I've already said it. You were serious, that why you typed it in the first place and even continued to attempt to argue your point afterwards. But you would be flattering yourself to think I'm taking this conversation any kind of serious. Do you have any idea how many people try to argue the same things you do without having any idea what they're talking about? Why do you think it's so easy to argue against? Because you're not anywhere close to orginal, you're actually an unhealthy negative stereotype yourself. Which is just one of the many reasons you required correcting. And no my life is not perfect. Not many people's are. Maybe that part of what you don't understand and that would just go back to that common affliction I was just referring to. You want to label others as racist because you don't understand easy to grasp concepts and phrases but at the same time you lack the ablity to sympathize with anyone you don't see as whatever groups. Like I said it isn't hard to change that. Just try to think about what I'm getting here. I promise it'll make you a better person in one way or another.
The Misreables Record
+SS Robs you won't give up right ?! told you i am not getting in a debate with you about this my friend and it's true. English is not my first language that's why i am having hard time to make you understand that my first comment was for fun and you bring Wikipedia with you just to show that i am a raving moron like you said , no one understand the real politics that happening these days my friend even politician them self's and i never said i understand every thing all i know that how much these fake politicians and media bring pain to people to us you may have a great life but i don't and i repeat don't take my first comment so serious man wtf why so serious xD and i understand what are you saying clearly and it's true but it's a fucking long subject . And even if i was serious about it it's an opinion you should give a criticism not calling me moron and ill hope this will be my last reply thank you
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
The Misreables Record Furthermore, you seem to be plagued by the unbelievably common affliction today that makes you unable to recognize people as individuals. Some Muslim people experience unfair treatment others do not and actually treat others unfairly themselves. Some media or political figures are racists and make bad decisions some do not. Some psychos kill simply because they want to, some do it for a reason. Stop lumping everyone in with whatever groups you want to, thus making yourself into the bigot and see people as just who they are. It isn't hard and is a big problem today perpetuated by stupidity like yours.
SS Robs
SS Robs Acum 3 luni
The Misreables Record Don't be stupid and I won't call you it, stupid. Clearly you're full of bias and English isn't your first language, which is why maybe just maybe you should refrain from giving opinions in such a spastic and uninformed way until you do understand what's going on. Thats the point here. Who told YOU his motives? This psycho may or may not be a terrorist depending on why he did this but it doesn't matter how many people were hurt to qualify that and YOU didn't have any idea what his motives were when freaking out orginally. Your accusations of racism mean less than nothing when you label yourself so ignorant from the beginning. I'm not defending anyone here, I'm calling YOU out for not knowing what the fuck you're talking about. Do you understand the difference yet?
The Misreables Record
+SS Robs okay thank's for calling me moron well i am human but who told you that this guy didnt do it for political gains, ideological or social objectives because that's the full definition of terrorism or just because CNN told you so and second i am not raving or anything i just find it funny i wont go in debate with you about media and politians whether they are rasict or not well we all know that the majority of them hate Muslims and Islam specialy and who's recruiting this Middle Eastern you talking about so just stop acting like a Civilized genius and go defend Violation of human rights muslim or non muslims that's happening all over the world Borma Palestine iraque suria not defending a stuiped media spread lies all over the world for political gains so take your english definitions that you show of with and use it for somthing help the humanity .
Aussie Hitchcock
Aussie Hitchcock Acum 3 luni
The killer he is white Somalian isn't? 😂😂😂
Jay Choi
Jay Choi Acum 3 luni
Fake news to ban guns
Jay Choi
Jay Choi Acum 3 luni
Another false flag... Get out of californication while you still can.
Lou Kola
Lou Kola Acum 3 luni
Shame on you Fox for going along with these hoaxes.
post 001
post 001 Acum 3 luni
How sweeet when americams kill americans !!!! down with The USA !!!!! Country of Serial Killers and Psyschopaths.
Nissim Nave
Nissim Nave Acum 3 luni
why did the shooter wear black? was he a member of the antifa group?
triple j triple j
triple j triple j Acum 3 luni
nah hes a redneck
Curi0u50ne Acum 3 luni
Yea yea yea yea yea here we go again, Yea yea yea yea yea here we go again, This is America.........
Johnnie Laser
Johnnie Laser Acum 3 luni
another krazy mareene boi again...so they say... with evil 33rd mags. Perfect libtard gun ban incident
dreamagery Acum 3 luni
LOL!! Hilarious! Great performance. Who is going to win this year for the best crisis actor? Twittering my fingers in suspense.
Tony Does it
Tony Does it Acum 3 luni
I totally agree with u man glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Why do you think its fake?
eddsramm1 Acum 3 luni
Well the bar is called Borderline and if he was mentally unstable as all donald treason Chump supporters. He thought he crossed the southern borderline and that he was shooting at Mexicans and at people front the caravan. I'm almost sure that is exactly what happened.
indoctus41 Acum 3 luni
Every time there's a mass shooting the US GDP goes up. Apparently it's good business.
GBtha G
GBtha G Acum 3 luni
the u.s. a will be DESTROYED. It's only a matter of time.
mathew mann
mathew mann Acum 3 luni
Classic false flag. These crisis actors are ridiculous
Clint Burford
Clint Burford Acum 3 luni
Mathew Mann You are a classic dumbass.
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Really?? Exploiting tragic deaths hu?
MrANTIeggman Acum 3 luni
+Dolemite You're just arguing for the sake of arguing. stfu
Dolemite Acum 3 luni
You Trump lovers must be disappointed that the shooter was not Muslim or an immigrant, legal or otherwise.
Dunstan Cole
Dunstan Cole Acum 3 luni
What's the fuckin point in reporting this news? Children got slaughtered in sany hook fuck all was done about it. Why would they do anything now. Give me fuckin break America. Looking forward to the next mass shooting. It could be you who knows. Bunch of fuckin hypocrites.
Kim Jong Fun
Kim Jong Fun Acum 3 luni
guns don't kill people do...
xryderx24 Acum 3 luni
vtrevlyn39 Acum 3 luni
Guns! Hallelujah! Bringing death and destruction to Amurca courtesy of the 2nd amendment.
fireball39279 Acum 3 luni
Chump did it. That SOB had staged this shit!
Terence Taylor
Terence Taylor Acum 3 luni
I heard about this on my local radio station here in the UK. My first thought was oh, no not again. I was pacing the floor in the living room calling the gunman all the expletives I could think of. (Thinking he was of middle eastern or of north african nationality) I was shocked to the core when I heard he was one of you. An ex marine at that. WTF. I'm very sorry to say that some of the comments below have some truth in them. Did the marine serve in Iraq or afghanistan? Was he suffering some sort of mental state due to his tour of duty? My thoughts and condolences go out to everybody that has lost a loved one in this tragedy. Stay safe Cousins and god bless. Terry Liverpool UK.
Riku Patra
Riku Patra Acum 3 luni
Guns are not the problem tho
Gr8 B8 M8
Gr8 B8 M8 Acum 3 luni
Only 12? That's a damn shame. Hopefully the next one is much, much bigger. Americunts deserve it!
I don't see Three I see Two
*No comment.*
BOONIQUE Acum 3 luni
This has been happening to Black and Native people in this country for over 500 years. Welcome to our hell.
no name
no name Acum 3 luni
u right about THAT. fuck the white race of people.... all of them going scorching hot burning HELL ☠💀☠💩👺👹👴👵👮💩👺💀☠💩
john smith
john smith Acum 3 luni
another false flag by the globalist -border and 13 like the line we are about to have at the border with ms 13 gang members
john smith
john smith Acum 3 luni
+TheDarkApex watch the video during the shooting wheres the people wheres the bodies why cant you hear screaming why are the witnesses almost laughing no one has a tear they make faces sniffle but no tears
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Rated R
Rated R Acum 3 luni
Heart goes out to the families but When are you silly motherfuckers going to learn give the public law abiding citizens concealed weapons permit and the shit will be minimized
001 002
001 002 Acum 3 luni
BEST news here is a Fucking PIG was killed :D lol Stupid fucking PIGS KARMAS A BITCH lol Hope his little PIGGY friends are hurt tonight im LAUGHING lol
Fran Smith
Fran Smith Acum 3 luni
Never ending shootings, never ending thoughts and prayers, everlasting NRA! This country was never great! O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? Kill your Idols!
whez08 Acum 3 luni
12 people are dead, if this was any other country it would be a day of national mourning. But on the US news it is a secondary story that circles around in between more thorough reports about some stupid judge who fell and broke her ribs because she is 120 years old but holds onto her position like a dog holds on a bone. Also, when the mass murder in the synagogue took place few days ago it was declared crime of hate and was on the front news 24/7. But these college kids now are just a filler? Not fair coverage at all. I'm talking about Fox News and CNN mainly.
bonjour la police
bonjour la police Acum 3 luni
you are absolutely right about the lack of news coverage, specially zero coverage on CNN, why? CNN is the most corrupt media outlet in the world
Francis James
Francis James Acum 3 luni
Mental illness is the new way of life in the united states!
no name
no name Acum 3 luni
created by WHITE people know DEMON s and devil's😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Francis James
Francis James Acum 3 luni
This entire country is Mentally ill
SBF HAWK Acum 3 luni
Yeah 12 Victims including one that had died in the VEGAS shooting anyone paying attention. Same old tactics man CIA State operations trying to move the people to try to push for a Gun confiscation agenda. Man they don't quit
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Proof? :/
Ciaron Smith
Ciaron Smith Acum 3 luni
Radical White Christians are the scum of this planet. Thanks for WWI, WWII and the Crusades. Jews and Muslims are a lot more peaceful.
whez08 Acum 3 luni
ISIS is a vessel of peace and prosperity, yeah.
CanadaDig Acum 3 luni
Wow, they still play these fake shootings?
Tony Does it
Tony Does it Acum 3 luni
I believe your right man. Fake shootings every year
CanadaDig Acum 3 luni
Poor crisis acting and an empty bar when showed footage. It’s ok..you can believe if you want. Everyone has their view. It’s comedy at best.
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Longana Acum 3 luni
The shooter was white, So just declare him mentally insane, as usual, I'm beginning to wonder if every white Donald Trump supporter is mentally insane...hmm
Mohamed Hamzah Mohamed Osman
This guy waited until after the elections. Did he waited for the sake of GOP and Trump??
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Acum 3 luni
Again.. Again... Again... The world is about to give up on us. Well, just those countries who aren't taking our billions.
Religion WhistleBlower
Our Godless nation has been forgotten that "Life and Death belongs to the Almighty Creator, the one who created us from ejected semen". That is why in these situations we only follow from the nonsense conjectures of our mind without any proofs. You must know that those who were taken and they were under the age of 41, the age of responsibility, are in the Heaven including the shooter, and they are laughing at us, while we are suffering over here, because the Almighty Creator is the Loving Creator. Only few people in this world know the truth. Find your Creator while you still have some respite left.
David Sos
David Sos Acum 3 luni
Our government behind all these BS
Clint Burford
Clint Burford Acum 3 luni
The NRA is responsible for this
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
No Its tragic shit yes But unfortunately its just sick people Whoever is your source NEEDS to STOP exploiting death
Richard rogers
Richard rogers Acum 3 luni
What do you expect!! Just keep buying guns, so many more can be killed, buy more, keep those gun companies busy so they will keep hiring people, then arm your children so they can fight it out in the streets, at concerts, in bar, oh yes that's the answer buy even more guns, buy automatic guns to kill more even faster, what a great country, more important to have a gun than health care.
triple j triple j
triple j triple j Acum 3 luni
i agre mate
triple j triple j
triple j triple j Acum 3 luni
more guns more shootings Americans trying to protect their country from terrorist but look they kill each other let's make America great again
triple j triple j
triple j triple j Acum 3 luni
another day another shooting lets make America great again damn is getting worse and worse
Edgy Username
Edgy Username Acum 3 luni
Honest to God why is politics the first thing that comes to people minds.
Anx1ety Acum 3 luni
Because they're all idiot's, the first people to blame this on politics or guns are the ones who dont understand politics or guns LOL
bigbangnone Acum 3 luni
Please help the families of the victims !!!!! Trapped by an armed psycho-shooter......And you are not armed. Not a good feeling. the only legislation that should be pushed is to allow trained stable citizens to conceal carry in all of these venues !!!!! Democrat Politician Tyranny will always try to take guns rather than allow citizens to practice their 2nd Amendment Right, to protect their families and create the necessary deterrent to these shootings, and to tyranny ! We will always see more mass shootings in California because the Democrat Politicians have created hundreds of bad laws that disarm all CA citizens. This removes the deterrent. Psycho-shooters target unarmed venues. Not armed venues....like Gov buildings. Make sure we have a Republican Senate / House / President in 2020 or you will be disarmed, enslaved, and eventually the Democide will begin !!!! As bad as these shootings are.......They are nothing compared to the DEMOCIDE occurred throughout Europe after the capable guns were taken by organized Governments.... Please study DEMOCIDE. And if your family is smart and stable..... get them a conceal carry permit !!!!!! This is the only deterrent that will work. Have you not noticed that these psycho-shooters are targeting unarmed venues. All we need is one conceal carry citizen to fire back and stop a few of these psycho-shooters, and they will get the message that our venues are armed by good citizens with conceal carry.
EgocentricHead Acum 3 luni
We certainly are reverting back to the cavemen age. Just grab a weapon and go around killing anyone who goes your away. No, actually... Cavemen had actual reasons for killing other cavemen. Such protecting their territory and their tribe. This is just some nihilistic bullshit.
Y H C Acum 3 luni
Please do not report this kind of news. We are fed up hearing this. Americans deserve to be shot because they elected trump who supports gun rights
elias hickson
elias hickson Acum 3 luni
nobody deserves to be shot, nobody.
Wikileads Acum 3 luni
and the gunman is a trump minion What a surprise! 307 mass shooting in 2018 and the year didn't even end. wow Americans
501 amiga
501 amiga Acum 3 luni
Totally fake. The so-called victims, cops, family members, are all obviously crisis actors. Even the building is 3D rendered. Hollywood studios always create fake towns and buildings as props, and unsuspecting viewers believe they are real. Wake up, people!
Tony Does it
Tony Does it Acum 3 luni
I agree with u man.. these acts are getting old and I'm tired of this bs
TheDarkApex Acum 3 luni
Exploiting death hu? Sick coward
Legend of Snafubar
Legend of Snafubar Acum 3 luni
Yeah. Whatever you say flat-earther fuck-stick.
elias hickson
elias hickson Acum 3 luni
I suppose you believe the earth is flat and the moon landing was faked by the government as well? right? I'm not judging...
elias hickson
elias hickson Acum 3 luni
it would be easier to just shoot 12 people instead of going through all that trouble...
Tromsat Acum 3 luni
Psychiatrists at it again causing chaos in our society with pseudoscience and their violence inducing drugs. All these mass shootings are all caused by psychiatrists. WAKE UP PEOPLE!.
maryamakiling Acum 3 luni
Another mind controlled shooter.
Ed Bear
Ed Bear Acum 3 luni
Justdissin Acum 3 luni
Country night huh,,,all trump supporters,doesnt take a genius to figure this one out..
SassyBratt1 Acum 3 luni
Was this the work of ANTIFA?
News Of the World
News Of the World Acum 3 luni
wheres David hogg?
News Of the World
News Of the World Acum 3 luni
california is rubbish anyway
Princella Királylány
You brought it on yourself USA
GezusX Acum 3 luni
America is fucked in the head.
Steve Priest
Steve Priest Acum 3 luni
God Bless the Sheepdog
seAnceTM Acum 3 luni
the wall got 6 feet taller...oh wait.
I Flirt, They Squirt
hahahaha i don't give a damn shit anymore.
Earl BeDen
Earl BeDen Acum 3 luni
Guess yall should figure out that isolation and judgement along with desperation for friends and family is the real killer. Stop pushing loved ones out of your lives over petty judgement and then isolating them in a hell of mental anguish. And they won't come back to slaughter yall when He's triggered by good times with sad ass country music.
avb.spotter Acum 3 luni
304th mass shooting in 311 days, glad I'm in Canada.
fordsrule35 Acum 3 luni
Do your homework before parroting the dumb Ass news statistics.
Echo 4 Whiskey
Echo 4 Whiskey Acum 3 luni
Glad I'm in Arizona and have a concealed carry permit.
JoshyT87 Acum 3 luni
Another shooting.. Sigh*
parker Melville
parker Melville Acum 3 luni
This is the fault of psychiatry if anybody hasn't figured that out yet than you never will and shame on people blaming guns like they have but a mind to do these acts their inanimate objects where as a psychiatrist has the power to prescribe mind altering substances and don't do psycho therapy anymore because pushing pills is more lucrative and the stupid public are behind these overrated idiots all because they have certifications unbelievable. As soon as I talk to a normy about psychiatry and mental health they say are you a doctor as if that somehow qualifies someone to speak on mental health disorder as if they do such a great job at helping people suffering from these disorders 90% of the sufferers are overstimulated and what do these clowns do prescribe stimulant drugs to people already suffering from the effects of over stimulation which often times results in the person losing their mind sanity and not a peep business as usual nothing to see here because its not like the non thinking public is ever gonna connect the dots and call out psychiatry for the dangerous pseudo science it is that would be going against the status quo so people will just continue to have lab coat syndrome and more of these events will take place while people continue to kiss the bum of psychiatry and the quackery will continue to be massively funded.
SS321 Acum 3 luni
Our friends from Israel organized equal response using they MK-Ultra offspring . Thank you . America I prey you army generals will wake up and take care of Żionists ruling Usa today.
Ali Khan
Ali Khan Acum 3 luni
What a bastard terrorist ... killing 12 people ... wake up media and world this is real terrorism
Max S
Max S Acum 3 luni
Another case of domestic terrorism, when are the republicunts and Trumptard going to do something about this senseless act
Raph J
Raph J Acum 3 luni
When this happens, we need to protect our gun rights
The Genetik
The Genetik Acum 3 luni
America you are so stupid. There is a mass shooting and then u want to give people even more guns. Makes sense i guess
Soldier American
Soldier American Acum 3 luni
Jeff Nasser
Jeff Nasser Acum 3 luni
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