Rapper 21 Savage fears deportation after ICE arrest

ABC News
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21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody.
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21 Savage describes fear of deportation, says he was ‘definitely targeted’ by ICE in first interview since his release on bond
Rapper 21 Savage sat down with "Good Morning America" for his first interview one day after he was released on bond from Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody on Wednesday.
The rapper, whose full name is She'yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was asked by ABC News' Linsey Davis if he's concerned that he could be deported.
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15 feb. 2019

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Comentarii 17 785
brentgold3 Acum 23 minute
Lol why does she keep thinking she’s gonna hear wise answers out of 21 savage?
Demarcus Shields
Demarcus Shields Acum 23 minute
How many hatters you got? Alot!
Clive Gayle
Clive Gayle Acum 23 minute
After his performance on The jimmy fallon show couldn’t imagine my kids stuck at the border flint still need water
Pierre Krajillo
Pierre Krajillo Acum 23 minute
Smh “fears” he clearly said concerned , fucking news
Global REI Delta 1
Global REI Delta 1 Acum 24 minute
Get this niggerrrrrrr out of hereeeeee
Ifeatu Bojas
Ifeatu Bojas Acum 24 minute
I see there are a lot of Trump trolls on here. Marijuana offense is negligible and nothing compared to racism. 21 Savage is protected under the dreamers act and did nothing wrong as a kid brought into US by his parent. What has he done, fools?
Madam_Meow99 Acum 24 minute
Well, the only good news is that it's England not a 3rd world country. He won't get citizenship maybe just a visa or greencard.
JabbaThe FatGut
JabbaThe FatGut Acum 24 minute
“Distinct voice..” _plays auto tune
Crazy Tempo
Crazy Tempo Acum 25 minute
He should've did the British accent
sheldon joseph
sheldon joseph Acum 25 minute
Why didn’t he married one of the baby mammas
SaltusGaming Acum 25 minute
5:56 "he's a son... nah he's a father" had me dying 😂😂😂
Global REI Delta 1
Global REI Delta 1 Acum 25 minute
This niggerrrrrrr is trasshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Crazy Tempo
Crazy Tempo Acum 25 minute
I'm still illegal here so what I'm still here
Oof I’m orange
Oof I’m orange Acum 26 minute
We have to stop with the jokes this is serious we could lose one of our best rappers to England
the business handler
the business handler Acum 26 minute
Aww poor millionaire singer couldnt take care of his paperwork like wtf
Brother Mike
Brother Mike Acum 26 minute
We'll no shit they were gonna target you, you've been here illegally since you were 13 and haven't done shit about it and you're a millionaire rapper AND you're how out here criticizing and talking shit on a system that you're not even following.
Michael Gray
Michael Gray Acum 27 minute
Rich black people worry about bullshit for publicity
Yung Nic
Yung Nic Acum 28 minute
Lol why yall think he gon have an English accent?!! The man been living in Atlanta since he was 7 years old lmao
Azifmikayre Gard
Azifmikayre Gard Acum 28 minute
If I had money like he did I wouldn't mind being deported. Europe is nice.
PewDieSeries Acum 28 minute
Sold his soul for sure. Now he will get more fame.
nash211278 Acum 28 minute
Come home.. there is no place like home.. ❤
Dusty Davis
Dusty Davis Acum 29 minute
Should deport him pussy as dude. Wants to talk so tough but about as soft as a vagina
The Agultos
The Agultos Acum 30 minute
Doing my FIRST gIVEAWAY on my channel!! Check it out!!
Ann marrie
Ann marrie Acum 30 minute
the business handler
the business handler Acum 30 minute
Don't overstay your visa why do we feel bad for a millionaire who doesn't handle his business.
Mason Acum 30 minute
He had a loaded gun on him when they stopped him... funny how no mention of that
Royhan Acum 31 minut
What exactly is a Visa? Im 6 btw...
QisTrumplol Acum 31 minut
Deport him
carlos lopez
carlos lopez Acum 31 minut
Ya sayin deport em but all of ya in the us ain’t from here fuckn white people I swear 😅😂 government policies and the laws are a joke
99,999,999 views Acum 31 minut
Memes Oh yeah oh yeah
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Acum 32 minute
Free da guys
Pablo Lee
Pablo Lee Acum 32 minute
Boom boom for USA
Gajeel Session
Gajeel Session Acum 32 minute
Georgia, where all stars of various entertainment get the cuffs.
the business handler
the business handler Acum 32 minute
Good he's a loser get him out
Amir King sr
Amir King sr Acum 32 minute
Ha dis nigga claims zone 6 bul from uk smh ain't nothin real dese days
multiBRamos1 Acum 32 minute
LetVeePlay music
LetVeePlay music Acum 32 minute
This is so sad😔 PS I did funny Grammy recap video, please check it out on my channel
Cheryl Grzeda
Cheryl Grzeda Acum 32 minute
Why the combination of abc n 21 savage never fail to let me down
Wiggywonka Acum 32 minute
Advantageous Mutation
Advantageous Mutation Acum 33 minute
we got em'
Sp Ghost
Sp Ghost Acum 34 minute
Issa crumpet
Champagne Supernova
Champagne Supernova Acum 34 minute
Did 21 Savage climb the wall from Mexico?
Bass_Life 217
Bass_Life 217 Acum 34 minute
Hes got millions. He should have went thru the right process to to become a citizen. 13 years on no visa. Illigal. But its all trumps fault. Like wtf. If any person here would go over to another country and do this we would be fucked. Stop the special treatment. People are so stupid
Alien Hunter
Alien Hunter Acum 34 minute
Holy shoooooes! The guy lived there his whole life, has family, and this is what he gets...
Chris Wyndham
Chris Wyndham Acum 34 minute
The law is the law. You overstay your Visa you get deported ya moron
steve johnson
steve johnson Acum 35 minute
MrsBalanceSheet Acum 36 minute
It's obvious he was targeted and in a destructive manner to try and sabotage his earnings. They arrest him right before the awards.
Antonio GT Rodney
Antonio GT Rodney Acum 36 minute
money talks!!
Subhan Amjad
Subhan Amjad Acum 36 minute
Jay z needs to fuck off
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez Acum 37 minute
“Tell us about what the detention center was like” “I was like..in one room..all day” 😄
bobwatson Acum 37 minute
Soon as the camera turned off his accent kicked in. "Bloody hell, well done I say"
Elfin Magic
Elfin Magic Acum 37 minute
Bahaha GET OUT!!
Brett R
Brett R Acum 37 minute
I'm sure his millions will save his ass but that's act like this is a tragedy.
Antonio GT Rodney
Antonio GT Rodney Acum 38 minute
why so many ppl on his side, at least he can still make music in England. Many ppl get deported and have no money or family in their home country.
TheAlbinoskunk Acum 38 minute
man this lawyer is a sleazebag. "singular offence for marijuana when he was a college-age person" lmao
sosa war
sosa war Acum 40 minute
All the cousin fuckers want him back in Britain but little do they know their ancestors are European which means all of you mfcas need ice to snatch you up matter a fact ice need to deport themselves😂
DemonX Acum 40 minute
21 savage sounds dumber then a bag of rocks . All that syrup
Floyd Clifton
Floyd Clifton Acum 40 minute
This man deserves no sympathy. He's a wanksta, he had years to fix this. He just didn't want to be busted. Plus he's rich, famous and could have had this fix.
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Acum 41 minut
Talentless prick
Black Ronin
Black Ronin Acum 41 minut
Deport nikki,drake ,migos ,chief keef,cardi b and the rest of these pieces of shit on the mic.
Jetski Acum 41 minut
Timon Acum 41 minut
Young savage why you travel so *far?* Why yo a$$ ain't got no green *card?*
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Acum 41 minut
Mumble rap bullshit
40goingwest Acum 42 minute
Get to stepping and get your ass up out of here. He is lying sack of shit. Now just go back to England and watch how fast his accent changes. Ta ta and cheerio. Plus he is ratting on everyone and everything he knows that is going on everywhere he has ever been. You better believe that.
LS Acum 42 minute
Super random, why do people make it a big deal tho.
Ryan Gustin
Ryan Gustin Acum 42 minute
Still Striving
Still Striving Acum 40 minute
Shut yo white ass up
Makendu Acum 42 minute
+44 Savage
Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer Acum 43 minute
This is horrible reporting...
Ziad Acum 43 minute
Hi from France ! Please provide US citizenship to Sauvage ASAP as a father of US Citizen kids. We want to listen to his music, we don't like politics taking hostage artists and blackmailing !
Thomas Curtis
Thomas Curtis Acum 43 minute
That's what he gets for talking rubbish about 69 snitching.... he should have kept his mouth shut.....
Anuel AA
Anuel AA Acum 43 minute
ELIPOUL Acum 43 minute
Dude saying he from Atlanta no you're not you're from the U.K. get it right
They call Me RAIN
They call Me RAIN Acum 43 minute
Kristal Price
Kristal Price Acum 44 minute
Illumantes sarfice him of he has. Simples on he head
Bicentennial Nagger
Bicentennial Nagger Acum 45 minute
WatchFix Acum 45 minute
Why when everyone else overstays their visa as illegal immigrants they get caught and deported but this nigga gets a pass? Nah m8
frank Acum 46 minute
See ya!
Kyree Real
Kyree Real Acum 46 minute
se7en 909
se7en 909 Acum 46 minute
change your name to 21 icey
MidWest Vibes
MidWest Vibes Acum 46 minute
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Acum 47 minute
He said was Blood, but he was really Peaky Blinder.
WatchFix Acum 48 minute
THIS NIGGA KEEPS LYING. 1st grade? At 13 years old? This nigga came in 2005 and his visa expired in 2006. HE WAS ONLY MEANT TO BE HERE FOR A YEAR. This nigga is lying to save his rep. QUIT THE FAKE ACCENT SAVAGE, nobody fucking loses their grown up accent in such a short time from the beginning of their teens, fucking fakery bitchass
Thought we were Equal
Thought we were Equal Acum 48 minute
Not only did this idiot not lay-low but he thought being famous is better than laying-low. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DreadDazeTV Acum 48 minute
21 21 bless up.
Johnny Ali
Johnny Ali Acum 48 minute
Now i see the redcoat in him.
DiscoverMore Acum 49 minute
21 "I'm here illegally and I might get deported but feel like I was targeted for no reason even tho I'm breaking the law and caught a few other charges as well" savage....
Jen Cunha
Jen Cunha Acum 49 minute
People feel sorry for people who do the right thing not for the ones who do not
Huge bag Of Oregano
Huge bag Of Oregano Acum 49 minute
Can he still rap about gang shit with a name like that 😂?
A1M Acum 50 minute
the most non looking brit
Modustollens1 Acum 50 minute
Oh darn, what will we do if we loose this cultural treasure?
kenneth stodghill
kenneth stodghill Acum 50 minute
Best British rapper
Leo Hunter
Leo Hunter Acum 50 minute
Jen Cunha
Jen Cunha Acum 51 minut
You sound so stupid he did not know he needed the visa if you do not do the right thing you go to jail
Capt Clutch
Capt Clutch Acum 51 minut
Deport em..one less lame weirdo, that these mfs are popping out of the so called hood. Got this mf and 69 and a couple other straight weird ass dudes being famous. It's fukn sad. He has no talent and talks like he can't speak plain English without slang. Listen to him talk after she says something bout his kids..sound different af
RUfor80six Acum 51 minut
he didnt get his shit done to stay... whats the problem?? im sure that they will let him stay... get your shit done then no problems!!!
King OfTroy
King OfTroy Acum 52 minute
Send that muslim monkey home
Nos Acum 52 minute
Deport him. No one is above the law.
ezequiel godinez
ezequiel godinez Acum 52 minute
All that special treatment. American media/society is going backwards. Embacing a hope because of fame. !!!!!Smh!!!! what about the Hispanic dreamers that work hard, outperform all other students, good examples and citizens of the community.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Acum 53 minute
Deport him
Oc Kiing
Oc Kiing Acum 53 minute
You should go get your Visa renewed. Instead of complaining. You're a millionaire who is able to plan out gang related activities that you yourself said you were involved in. And you have to be a very intelligent person with your status to get away with all these crimes. And you expect people to believe that you couldn't of used that energy into becoming a citizen. I agree your parents did you wrong and you shouldn't of been arrested. BUT you're not a citizen who by your own words is a criminal. So good luck man I love your music. But now you want everyone to feel bad for you. When you are a very intelligent man who had plenty opportunities to fix these issues.21 savage for life bro. But you need to become a legal citizen. Become an example of power instead of an example of hopelessness. They're not going to kick you out of the USA forever. But you're playing into the hopeless liberal way of thinking instead of relaying the message to your fans that "your parents brought you here and left me to figure out how to become a citizen all on my own". you yourself were able to make millions on and off the street. And your entire music image has been about how street smart you are. Now I see you were arrested for some weed. And you basically lied about where you were born. And as a human. We all know that these thoughts definitely came to your mind during some interviews. So In my opinion. I don't believe you didn't know this coming 21. Cmon man.
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