Sheriff describes "horrific" scene inside California bar after mass shooting

CBS This Morning
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Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean joins "CBS This Morning" from Thousand Oaks to discuss what authorities know so far about what happened inside a Southern California bar Wednesday night. Twelve people, including a sheriff's sergeant, were killed. Police later found the shooter dead inside.
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8 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 640
Stanley McKinney
Stanley McKinney Acum 3 Zile
There's a lot of questions that need to be answered about all these mass shootings things don't add up this has been going on for a long, long time. we as Americans as Christians as human beings have a right to know the truth so I encourage everyone to ask questions and investigate on your own.
Stanley McKinney
Stanley McKinney Acum 4 Zile
Its really hard to believe if this was a real event or just another drill/hoax. There are too many actors involved from what I have seen and heard. I wish there were people who would come forward and tell the truth.
Bruce Boyer
Bruce Boyer Acum 6 Zile
rovids.com/video/video-bf1yLANNphk.html Watch as the PD Chief states there were TWO On duty cops inside when it started, they and EIGHT armed off duty cops all ran!
Elvijs S
Elvijs S Acum 19 Zile
Ban country music! It causes mass shootings.
Leonid Brezhnev
Leonid Brezhnev Acum 19 Zile
Just your normal average day in the good ol' US of A
john smith
john smith Acum 21 o Zi
it was all fake no one around there knows these people one guy who goes there said it was a private party that night which has never been done before there. right after they had a fire and the sheriff was paid a lot of money to quit and disappear so people would not question him
deakanutz Acum 21 o Zi
Imagine that? Sheriffs freaking last night on job.
Henry Black
Henry Black Acum 24 Zile
Why are people rushing to appear on TV having lost a loved one, friend, or, witnessed the tragedy? Why is the CCTV never shown from these incidents, eg, Westminster, England, & now this venue? Why is there always the useless cell phone clip that pops up, & promoted, on TV news channels? Why has no journalist from any TV news channel ever questioned footage, or, witness statements?
None Yun
None Yun Acum 25 Zile
Just happened the day before this corrupt, lying, sheriff was going to retire!?! Convenient, Very Convenient!
None Yun
None Yun Acum 25 Zile
Another FAKE Phony Shooting event, with a corrupt lying cop!
Casey Plooy
Casey Plooy Acum 26 Zile
None Yun
None Yun Acum 25 Zile
and the liar is retiring the following day, just like the alleged cop he claimed died! Both will have nice retirements now
Jason Crockett
Jason Crockett Acum 27 Zile
Another fake shooting to sway public opinion on gun control. These fake shootings are just hillarious, horrible acting.
Jimbo newguy
Jimbo newguy Acum 27 Zile
Why does the number of victims keep changing? First 13 (Masonic number) then 12 (biblical number), now 11 with this guy. Poor acting!
Omegatide Acum 28 Zile
Anyone ever have a "gym buddy". Imagine him being shot to death and trying to give an interview later that day. Retiring tomorrow as well. THIS DUDE LOOKS WAY TO CALM COOL AND COLLECTED. HOLDING BACK LAUGHTER AT: 4:02 AND 3:26.
kilamanjaro Mountain
Chicago black shootings 2 /white mass shooter 10!!!! White People are winning!!!🤣🤣
Justin Ferguson
Justin Ferguson Acum 29 Zile
RIP ,We’re was the Sheriffs gun ? They need to abolish gun control in California.
John Hall
John Hall Acum 29 Zile
Can anybody believe the odds that the same people who claim they survived the fake Vegas shooting also survived this shooting. 30 -60 people who all know ea other were at both shootings lol. Wake up people
None Yun
None Yun Acum 25 Zile
only idiots believe that! Just like the Noblesville Teacher that claimed she was at Vegas too! It's like hitting the PowerBall every week for a lifetime!
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown Acum lună
And the Oscar goes to....
Ali Mohammond
Ali Mohammond Acum lună
this is a training excerise, notice it all the same story and same actor every 3rd shooting, Canton , Michigan had a training exercise, it was with 3 different police station and fire department and st.mary hospital, watch it be on the news as for reL!
Jason Reid
Jason Reid Acum lună
No shoes no shirts no shooting.
American Patriots for God and Country
The motive was probably that they were country fans who are conservatives and libtards hate them and want a false flag attack to mislabel and smear Vets and to use this kind of shooting to try to go after the 2nd Amendment.
Sunny Zona
Sunny Zona Acum lună
How come with all the cameras, there is no one getting shot?
CNN: Cunts Not News
Sheriff, how much did you get paid for selling your soul to Satan and violating the constitution?
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Acum lună
When will the media find out why the NRA wont stand up with all their bank accts from fees and provide metal detectors for everyschool everynchurch and where alcohol is consumed ?
Lonnie Jolly
Lonnie Jolly Acum lună
Hooooooooooooooooooooooax Noooooooooooooooooooooooo Footage. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cameras. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
God help us.
Angel Wood
Angel Wood Acum lună
Do these people ever get tired of staging nonsense like this...where are the bodies and the panic...FAKE!
Weaver Acum lună
Weaver Acum lună
whoo else
whoo else Acum lună
Just another day of white folks being their evil selves. Nothing new here.
S. Labouisse
S. Labouisse Acum lună
Liars all ! 'Hanging' would be too good to them.
sergio hurtado
sergio hurtado Acum lună
He didn't waste time did he? This officer gave a lengthy interview only hours after his Best buddy got murdered. And he stood there and did it with out a single tear😂😂 Come on people. Crisis actors and false flag for sure. Wake up
ItchingToBeFree Acum lună
Why does he look like he's holding back laughter after the 4:00 minute mark? Am I seeing things?
ann landers
ann landers Acum lună
The NRA has blood on their hands.
ann landers
ann landers Acum lună
Oh you reporters - be quiet. You don't really care what happened you just want a good story. Aren't you getting tired of covering all these mass shootings? Maybe you could focus on the obvious need for GUN CONTROL.
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy Acum lună
99.9% of US public is too stupid and mindcontrolled to see how ridiculously fake these shootings are.
whoo else
whoo else Acum lună
307 mass shootings in 311 days. Guess who the overwhelming majority of the suspects were.
deakanutz Acum 21 o Zi
whoo else Jews?
whoo else
whoo else Acum lună
So a black man wearing a hoodie is a bigger threat than white boys in trench coats...riiigghttt.
shake karim
shake karim Acum lună
USA not safe to live or visit stay away
Homer Briseno
Homer Briseno Acum lună
Jaden Hurtado
Jaden Hurtado Acum lună
how many freemasons and eastern star members were there?????
Preston Pfeil
Preston Pfeil Acum lună
Preston Wade, I re.ember the tactics Ventura residence. Use??? You know your crew was involved.
toonmag50 Acum lună
You Canadian's never established proper rule of law . Your decision to leave mother too early shows nowadays, in the outrageous lawlessness.
rick hanson
rick hanson Acum lună
Multiple crisis actors fired for not showing enough phony emotions during fake interviews........some even smiling and laughing........News caster had prior prophetic vision that ratings would go up.......directly after the hoax shooting went live.......was looking to do some personal investing in NBC and gun restriction stock prior to the event.......ended up making quite a bit of money.......can't say if that is considered insider trading.......Sheriffs Office just confirmed that the shooter committed suicide......prior to the shootings......more on that later.....all security videos were all mysteriously missing.......some say it was just simple misplacement due to the confusion generated by all the systems not being turned on during the event....... crisis actors go on strike......claiming lack of security and hostile working environment..........
joe paul
joe paul Acum 24 Zile
Correct the shirtless dude on the phone was at the las vegas shooting as well......strange..... Check out the videoof the bar
i am that
i am that Acum lună
Really bad acting. How about stooge control
Ralph H.
Ralph H. Acum lună
Next time the cops might remember to throw in a half dozen incrementally delayed flash-bangs prior to entry....that way they won't have to drag their DEAD Sgt. out of there and to a hospital while leaving 11 kids in their blood on the bar floor...kids who lay there all day...while the cops' highway tribute procession and first responders' overpass salute was vastly more important to...
Omegatide Acum lună
Jennifer signsoflife
Frieden oder Krieg
Shots shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots Shots shots shots shots shots
sixsense foundation
kameron steel
kameron steel Acum lună
How do you neutralize the threat dead this doesn't make any sense
Timothy G
Timothy G Acum lună
All those camera shots look staged! People running and on phones and carrying people. By the time cameras got there the scene would be sealed off.. Too much fake news to believe anything anymore!
Oscar Martinez
Oscar Martinez Acum lună
This is a tradegy RIP to those who lost their lives. Everyone needs to wait for the investigation. No blame no hate the Media is trying to divide us. They manipulate us by using our emotions.
JRDNGIXX Acum lună
California needs to allow concealed carry. This could've been prevented or at least stopped in its earlier stage before reaching 12 deaths!
enoch peralta
enoch peralta Acum lună
The earth is flat, evolution, do as thy will atheists, rioters so called anarchy are going to destroy this country, wake up sheeple
Some One
Some One Acum lună
I'm so sorry this happened. When I listened to the heartache from the ones who lost loved ones, I cried. To the man who has a daughter on the way and lost his son Cody, I'll pray for you. I could feel how overwhelmed with sorrow you are. If only there was something we could all do to take away the pain from everyone of you. I'm really full of sincere sadness for you all. *May God Bless You All* 🙏
Tom Adams
Tom Adams Acum lună
Nobody is talking about the real hero here.....the DJ . she stopped (muted) the music right after the 1st shot , so everybody to know what's going on. She (the DJ) is a hero to me. And of course the good guy with the gun. RIP to all except the shooter.
TheSlimeySwirl Acum lună
We need better gun control
In Vino Veritas
In Vino Veritas Acum lună
Tell me about the scene along the U.S border Sheriff ! What in Sam Hill is goin on down there ???
DRUMNICOdotcom Acum lună
Hmm....No cellphone vids again huh? I smell fish.
douglas787 Acum lună
The cop that got killer kind of reminds me of "Bert" from Bert and Ernie
Lord Vader
Lord Vader Acum lună
Why couldnt the fkr wait til after Thanksgiving?
WoldWolf Music
WoldWolf Music Acum lună
None of your comments matter, not even mine. More shootings are gonna happen and all you can really do is hope your not there or your packing a weapon for defense. Stay safe out there, it's a different country.
SmallTank Acum lună
Trump needs to resign today
love AFG
love AFG Acum lună
i just thought what should i write about this shameful and evil act, my heart goes with those who lost there family members we must stay strong against these evils. 💔
PrisonEarth Acum lună
Psychiatric Drugs are dangerous, proven to cause violence and suicide. Even more dangerous when given to a trained soldier. People asking WHY does this keep happening? The answer is MONEY. The drug companies are making $BILLIONS. Until people stop using these drugs this type of thing will continue.
deakanutz Acum 21 o Zi
PrisonEarth the answer is Jews. Notice the vast amount of Jews in this hoax. This ain’t Calabasas and Jews don’t line dance.
Ridwan H
Ridwan H Acum lună
Can't believe this was the sergeant's eve day before he retires condolences to everyone affected
Grace Cortier
Grace Cortier Acum lună
Thank you for your service!
Nita Mayfield
Nita Mayfield Acum lună
@t All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved
ken e
ken e Acum lună
These white people are hella sick. These sick sociopaths are flooding the comments with their hatred and denial.
deakanutz Acum 21 o Zi
Not white. Like columbine they promote them as white but they are Jewish.
David Zacharie
David Zacharie Acum lună
ken e unbelievable! That’s what you call inherently evil. SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️
ken e
ken e Acum lună
ken e Why isnt he labeled a domestic terrorist? Yet another white domestic terrorist takes the lives of many and will damn well know knotting will be done. How many mass shootings perpetrated by them in just a week? That's probably not even a new record. Yet they search for an imaginary thing such as Black Identity Extremists. This is dictionary definition of White Privilege.
CALI CALI Acum lună
FALSE FLAG!!!!!!! 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino Acum lună
Rather get caught wit a conceal firearm. Than being put 6 feet deep. I bet all them Police officers are happy to have their CCW. Yet, the good old Sheriff limits us citizens to have one.
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino Acum lună
+Future Hindsight I take prison any day of the week, than a tombstone and graveyard, thanks to this maniacs out there . You can pick for yourself buddy.
Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros Acum lună
Build that wall...build that wall!!!!
Miroslav Mitrovic
Of course tomorrow will be his final day as the sheriff, because he reported that suspect used a handgun, rather that he used 5 or 6 AR-15 as Californian Government wants to hear. I knew his carrier is over when he said "handgun". (Side note: AR-15 according to California's agenda is an "assault" weapon also called the "ghost Gun that can shoot 30 bullets magazine clip in half a second" as per senator Kevin De Leon. I wish I am making this up. rovids.com/video/video-iJmFEv6BHM0.html )
Miroslav Mitrovic
"When the officer went in, the suspect was already dead!" Just wondering who shoot and killed the sheriff's sergeant than?
CommanderV Acum lună
Why are white man mostly the mass shooters?
Muhammad Asad Junaid
lots of love from Pakistan, i can understand the pain because we went through the same, its not easy to fight home made killers but its possible with the right leadership, we did it, america can too. lots of love and prayers for fallen and wounded.
唐逸豪 Acum lună
Trump: If the bar security person is also equipped with a gun, maybe a more power one like the full-automatic, the situation would have been much better.
Captain Underpants
The only "horrific" thing I see here is the acting!
David Zacharie
David Zacharie Acum lună
Captain Underpants you idiots are as mentally unstable as the shooter. Really, this is all a hoax. I get it, deflect and spin to draw attention away from the fact white males are killing in mass numbers. I know, it’s embarrassing. Instead of placing blame elsewhere or creating false narratives like the shootings are fake, try reporting your friends and family members who show warning signs.
Happy Times
Happy Times Acum lună
How many staged events does it take to pry the guns from American hands?
David Zacharie
David Zacharie Acum lună
Happy Times you idiots are as mentally unstable as the shooter. Really, this is all a hoax. I get it, deflect and spin to draw attention away from the fact white males are killing in mass numbers. I know, it’s embarrassing. Instead of placing blame elsewhere or creating false narratives like the shootings are fake, try reporting your friends and family members who show warning signs.
Alex Acum lună
Brought to you by H.R. 5736 legal propaganda legislation, passed into law in 2013. Do some research people, it is now legal to broadcast these events as actual shootings, when in fact they are not real at all.
lindalovesmusic1 Acum lună
I hope Don Lemon is happy. Wanting white people taken care of. Maxine waters wanting violence on Republicans. Something needs to be done with these lowlifes. Hillary Clinton wanting violence. They are horrible people.
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy Acum lună
Law of Karma?
Sandra Wehrley
Sandra Wehrley Acum lună
I swear, the news won't let you down when it comes to dragging out the bad. Geez, just remind the man that this is his retirement eve. Hit em where it hurts...smh
FulaNgenge P
FulaNgenge P Acum lună
Is the terrorist white? (Asking for a fictional friend)🤷🏿‍♂️
Leonid Brezhnev
Leonid Brezhnev Acum 19 Zile
He's whiter than an albino polar bear
tom474e Acum lună
None of the witness shed a tear even though they act like they're crying. There's civilians carrying and tending the wounded while Cops and EMT's stand around. Witnesses that act like they're reading off a script and smiling with dupers delight. It's easy to see that this is staged, fake. Lots of bad acting.
Manny Magdaleno
Manny Magdaleno Acum lună
Why does this sheriff and the Las Vegas sheriff look exactly the same 🤔🤔🤔 seems fishy is to me
escarsegat Acum lună
atleast cops did there job
escarsegat Acum lună
this is why we need republicans
GAMP Connect network
r condolences From all the Algerians and all Muslims to the American nation
Donald Sauve
Donald Sauve Acum lună
AMERICA WAKE UP...these gun control HOAXES will never end unit these liberals are voted out from here t China..
Time2 WakeUp?
Time2 WakeUp? Acum lună
Here I find you again mister Donald. What I tell you about the left and right paradigm. Seems to me you are on the payroll
Alejandro Villa
Alejandro Villa Acum lună
Probably the worst questions I’ve ever heard asked in an interview. Prayers to those who have lost a loved one..
sicDaVid Acum lună
Note to mouth breathing gun huggers: Your misinforming rants of fantasy scenarios regarding fake news and scripted crisis actors has become obviously desperate. The guns you love will become the targets of thinking people who have compassion for the victims of these senseless displays of hatred and ignorance. Only the knuckle dragging neanderthals believe these news reports are a conspiracy to separate your gun collections from your homes and bunkers. The laws of this land will soon be properly translated with complete disregard of the Federalist Pappers because they were not voted on or signed by the full continental congress. The SCOTUS will be flipped back to proper legal minds with impeachments over the next 8 years. WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR ASSUALT RIFFLES AND YOUR LACK OF BACKGROUND CHECKS. WE ARE COMING FOR YOUR UNNECESSARILY MASSIVE GUN COLLECTIONS. WE WILL BURN DOWN YOUR FAKE DAVID KORESH STYLE COMPOUNDS. WE WILL CRUSH YOUR WHITE NATIONALST MOVEMENT AND DISTROY YOUR SIMPLE MINDED LEADERS. WE WILL DANCE ON THE GAVE OF YOUR DEAR LEADER TUMP WITH UNABASHED JOY.
sicDaVid Acum lună
I like that acronym. As you could guess, I was in a mood. I lived in TO for 5 years.
Time to get huge!
That was a good rant! Can I coin the term - KDN - for knuckle dragging neanderthals?
33X 33X
33X 33X Acum lună
Americans ban guns or you'll be next (perhaps)
MIchael Rigby
MIchael Rigby Acum lună
Thank God and Apple Pie we are going to retaliate by shooting refugees fleeing their own war zones for the safety of our war zone. God doesn't like no refugees...
MIchael Rigby
MIchael Rigby Acum lună
...or witnesses
Ystv Zoltev
Ystv Zoltev Acum lună
Thousand Oaks, low crimes? True with the history of numbers but here's the truth: Anywhere in the whole entire world can be dangerous because humans are the best species, yet also the worst species in the whole entire world. So nowhere is safe.
reginaDexant Acum lună
Sherrif Dean's last day on the job. I know it was horrible for him, but no one could have handled this press conference or given a better message. I believe he was chosen by God.
Scott St.Clair
Scott St.Clair Acum lună
I've watched a few vids of this, and i have not seen ONE redneck!
zuher xx
zuher xx Acum lună
false flag show us the video of the shooting
Senid .H
Senid .H Acum lună
so hes american and thats why it isnt an terrorist attack?