The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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PSA: Several Galaxy Folds have already broken. Here's what's happening.
Dieter's article: twitter.com/backlon/status/1118573836226658304
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Steve Kovach: twitter.com/stevekovach/status/1118571414934753280
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Știință și tehnologie

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18 apr. 2019

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Comentarii 15 710
Bilal Siddiqui
Bilal Siddiqui Acum oră
At least it isn’t like the IPhone whose face id failed the first time Tim Apple used it on the stage...
Vat Acum oră
I told you in the comments not to remove it!!!!!
Vat Acum oră
Me: **sees video* Also me: *Damnsung*
Poems Jones
Poems Jones Acum oră
I smell a recall
SESN Acum oră
Can’t believe they’ve released another faulty phone😂cba
Anthony Wall
Anthony Wall Acum oră
sticking with my Note9 and iPhone 6s plus
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton Acum oră
That screen protector is a major major major flaw. Even over time it'll start to naturally peel and get pocket dust stuck under it quickly.
Baraka UglyyAhh
Baraka UglyyAhh Acum oră
*Markass Brownlee*
Rifai A. L
Rifai A. L Acum oră
8 years in the development and yet the technological giant called Samsung didn't have the common sense to hide the edge of the screen protector under the bezel. In the past, Samsung had already given away the advantage of design flaws to it's prime competitor, Apple.
Ritesh Singh
Ritesh Singh Acum oră
I m not gonna buy this at all as I don't have that much money .... Me crying at corner!! 😢
juan torres
juan torres Acum oră
Mark ass brownie spends money to make more money. ✨👌✨
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez Acum oră
those look stupid af. flip phones did it first.
Tyifyy Acum oră
And the thing that’s weird is that there is no way to get a case for the phone.
Sounds par for course these days. Products you buy that were forced out the door to let the customer perform the beta test. Unacceptable.
hardeep singh
hardeep singh Acum oră
It's fine guys. The phone only costs $2k. You can just go pick another one up real quick when it breaks.
Experimac Novi
Experimac Novi Acum oră
Just think, a few weeks from now you'll get one of "those" Samsung fans that will crack some half assed gate joke about iPhones, but then you bring up the screen film issue with the Fold and they'll respond with something like "That's an old joke", or "But it didn't happen in that many phones" lol
Luis Prieto-Perry
Do they even test these things? Smh. iPhone for life.
Randy Butternubs
Its rewind time
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega Acum oră
0:06 Phone Review
Paul B
Paul B Acum oră
Apple will release a folding ipad or something and it wont have this problem lol they just wait until they can perfect it before they actually give it to consumers 😂
jesus crusto
jesus crusto Acum oră
daaamn duude, i really thought the samsung fold was mindBENDing from it’s announcement.... ha.ha...haa.....
CharroTradicion Acum oră
Samsung = Junk Apple over Samsung ftw
shon evans
shon evans Acum oră
Always good to let the first wave buy first , sit back and see what happens then if all is well proceed .
josh lomax
josh lomax Acum oră
A nightmare of a smart phone will not be buying one ever.
Wroookie Acum oră
This is why you Buy apple
mushahid mustaque
Thanks for information Samsang has to do work on it
TheManGifted InFire
Ok, if the peeling comes off, then I will have to take it back! I am glad to have a "ROvidsr" who can do reviews on phones, etc, before buying it!
Hahaha 2000 for a foldable phone that's what u get
Java Stone
Java Stone Acum oră
Samsung are great phones.
makayla gamez
makayla gamez Acum oră
so what about flip phones
Dead Ringer -Cult of Deathrattles
“Scratches at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4 if you know what I’m saying” _Oh I think I know what your saying_ 👀👀
ViLed Clan
ViLed Clan Acum oră
Lol I would expect nothing less from probably the most rushed piece of technology I’ve ever seen 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
awae sama-ae
awae sama-ae Acum oră
So sad 😢😢😢😢😢
Bad design to begin with. South Korean engineers should be ashamed of themselves. Steve Jobs would've never allow such an inferior product released to the public.
AlamedaCA94501 Acum oră
It’s FINE! I mean who even has this $2000 phone?
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Acum oră
Mark ass Brownlee
3 main food Groups
Das hot, das hot.
Nenad Kaevik
Nenad Kaevik Acum oră
And then ... Me in 2023 ... Hey check out the new Marques vid on the new Galaxy Holographic phone xD
People who are breaking the screen on this phone, are trenders and Iphone uses. lol.. They're just hating..
Joshua Uriarte
Joshua Uriarte Acum oră
We should realize that these are 1st Gen folding phones. We need to wait about 3 years and they will get a lot better.
Rahul Tandel
Rahul Tandel Acum oră
*Tim Cook smiling in corner*
sumthin5 Acum oră
Atul-a'Saurus Acum oră
Moto Razr classic to Galaxy Fold, Xperia Mini Pro to N95,every phone with folds and hinges is fucked up compared to their brick shaped brethren
caleb Acum oră
"Foreshadowing" 😂😂
dunnobutwayne Acum oră
"didnt keep the footage" yeaaah right
Sean Ocansey
Sean Ocansey Acum oră
When you have that tiny bit of skin hanging from your finger 😏😏
downphoenix Acum oră
The Galaxy Fold should be cancelled. How can something so big be overlooked?
Sip6zie 86
Sip6zie 86 Acum oră
It’s made in China for a reason, there will be problems at first that’s why you should wait at least 2 to 3 months before buying at launch released.
Jvggernaut Music
This is what happens when companies fix problems that dont exist. No one wanted a foldable phone.
John Padilla
John Padilla Acum oră
Mark Ass Brownlee
I busted a nut laughing so hard. This shit is too fucking funny.
Aeorsyn Acum oră
fucking primates
Daviny Charles
Daviny Charles Acum oră
haha pathetic Samsung
My Ice Is Colder
No bueno.
Motorola Razr folding phone better go through some extensive tests before releasing to the public lol.
Mohamed 2908
Mohamed 2908 Acum oră
Thats hot
Lyrical 2k
Lyrical 2k Acum oră
Can i get a f in the chat
o Soggy
o Soggy Acum oră
I get the argument we should want to see tech grow and this is what Samsung has spent a lot of time on and the first generation of this is suppose to be a “beta” and of course it’s going to have problems but considering they’re charging $2000 for this thing I think makes that a ridiculous argument. It reminds me of games coming out for a full $60 even though they’re not finished and are just considered “service games” it’s just being released to make money instead of spending more time on it to perfect and finish it. Sure, let’s just give them $2000 because they tried something new (and IMO gimmicky) but hey everyone is different and some people have more money than they know what to do with so to each their own.
Just Heather
Just Heather Acum oră
Has someone already stated that Samsung's factory protective layer comes with a small tab sticking out on the side & you never have to dig for it or use effort. At lease not on the 7 I've purchased. 🤔 🤷‍♀️
Christian H.
Christian H. Acum oră
A lot of people have just been fired. A lot.
Ghayas Ali
Ghayas Ali Acum oră
psychedde1ic Acum oră
I will wait until Apple releases foldable phones with perfection. Peace.
Angelic Warrior
Angelic Warrior Acum oră
Damn thing looks like a purse
Kraze Gaming
Kraze Gaming Acum oră
I think this phone is just ridiculous and stupid.
TechTale-3T4 Acum oră
views in a day shows how much people care about his view 4m views in a day damn
Shane Bovell
Shane Bovell Acum oră
I was for this phone until they revealed the price. I laughed my ass off. Then I saw he crease, I laughed even harder, now with these things breaking left and right I can't find it funny at all.
delight eminem
delight eminem Acum oră
What does Foreshadowing mean in this video? 2:19
Lim Lim
Lim Lim Acum oră
Its not only Samsung. All fold phone have similar problem. But u all lucky the reason is because all company only samsung allow exchange. The 1st preview at the show we been mentioning to the magazine, but it been shut off to the public for this problem. Common sense anything keep folding with blend. The idea of the thin display is nothing special. It a display sign board screen technology making into moblie size. But it was not recommend to keep folding up and down. But all this moblie company came out a idiot idea to use it. It will be the 1st and the last of this gen folding phone.
Graypigs29 Acum oră
Thanks Mark Ass Bownlee
Aero 21
Aero 21 Acum oră
*Moral of the story: Just by an Apple.*
Md Salman
Md Salman Acum oră
Yea be a beta tester. Not buying this shit.
WantedPlays Acum oră
When I'm old enough to get a phone, I was thinking of getting the Galaxy Fold. Now, I may be switching over to the Samsung Galaxy A80. I can't risk 2,000 on a phone this is going to break within 24 hours. Reply what you think, and like if you agree.
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Shafi Channel
Shafi Channel Acum oră
6:50. . Luv jerry 😍
New place Adventure X.
you just a stupid idiot
shyam Acum oră
I ain't buying a foldabale phone in the next 5 years ,,no way 🙏
This is what happens when your try to fold a penis...it are not created by God to be folded.
Angelic Warrior
Angelic Warrior Acum oră
This is so stupid ! It's just like having 2 phones side by side. What a shame, samsung. You'd think they'd come up with something much better than putting 2 phones together. Blah! I'll just wait till hopefully Apple comes up with a folding phone that's an actual folding phone
LilWhiteChris Acum oră
Wtf is this shit? so Samsung apply a ugly screen protector that no one wants on their phones, and when you try to take it off fucks the entire phone! Fuck me, cheap Samsung trash as always!
ZuriktO Acum oră
i wonder why people peel it... why dont ya wait for it to peel off by itself?? but nahhhh people can't wait and just damage good phones.. however Samsung must test thier products longer before selling them cuz such big brand as Samsung cant afford to face the same issue as Note 7
Jeviar Firsta
Jeviar Firsta Acum oră
Kinda feel like comparing a Patek Philippe or even Greubel Forsey (fine watchmaking, don't get me started with their water resistant abilities even) with a G-Shock (no need explaining here, right?). Well it's true that certain people that bought a 2gs phone would certainly more careful than ones below. As I see this piece of tech is kind of a novelty itself that won't be sold or changed for another years or so, kinda like a Vertu phones, nokia 88xx series or another niche phone that are bought (imho) for the "status" that they brought along with the product.
Why Acum oră
I will buy one of these when they hit the Dollar Tree in 2025.
Booty hunter
Booty hunter Acum oră
urboihaz Acum oră
And mark ass browlee
3:14 its probably a mosquito bite no issues..
Brand davison
Brand davison Acum oră
Samsung mistake was sending the phones to these useless people
Megabods Acum oră
Always thought the galaxy fold would be dumb and it's a bad idea, I'm right
NightCrawller Acum oră
Iphone users would be like 😀
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball Acum oră
this is a PR nightmare.
Mako Acum oră
Love that JerryRigEverthing refrence
just don't buy all this faddy shit.....i have a j6 plus that does just about everything the galaxy s9 did before it died
Tanvir Singh
Tanvir Singh Acum oră
This is why you buy an iPhone
PQ5 Acum oră
thanks for uploading in 18:9 ratio for my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 so i don't have to zoom, to fit in. and my ultra wide screen 21:9 make it's amazing experience to watch, and i always watch in 4k so thanks!
New technologies like these will have to go trough a faze of testers. Yes, you are the testers people who buy it. I'm so grateful that you did, because now I know that the technology is really cool and I will have to wait until this is addressed.
saimrose Acum oră
Bhosdike kaliya ki jhaat.dimag paka diya BC
BadBoy11 Acum oră
6:45 Ayyyyy
T4FSEER 93 Acum oră
That's hot that's hot
MJ Luc
MJ Luc Acum oră
Whatss the difference between flip phones and foldable phones? Sounds the same to me
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