Train Ride Of Shame (Babysitter 8 Ft. SomethingElseYT)

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CelestePlayz Acum 5 Zile
wow #8 on trending, CONGRATS!!!
Czygamer 7188
Czygamer 7188 Acum 22 ore
49 now
Psychotic Wendigo
Psychotic Wendigo Acum 23 ore
Now it 47
Joe Cranpop
Joe Cranpop Acum o Zi
now its 47 oof
Finger Print
Finger Print Acum o Zi
when i came to watch it its #41 XD
DaRKCh0CoLaT -
DaRKCh0CoLaT - Acum o Zi
Now 36
Theresa beans
Theresa beans Acum 8 minute
A A w A wa A was A wast A waste A waste o A waste of A waste of t A waste of ti A waste of Tim A waste of time A waste of Tim A waste of ti A waste of t A waste of A waste o A waste A wast A was A wa A w A
Amber Oudshoorn
Amber Oudshoorn Acum 29 minute
was your sister actually like that? It's so funny how dramatic you make her in your videos
Son Govan
Son Govan Acum 34 minute
Uploaded on my birthday
October 13th is ny birthday :)
Al media
Al media Acum oră
Is it your sister
Al media
Al media Acum oră
Part 8
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez Acum 2 ore
Thats my birthday oct 13 is my birthday
Big M C.D
Big M C.D Acum 2 ore
At 6:02 the blonde hair guy looks like Matt from eddsworld
Not a Paul
Not a Paul Acum 2 ore
Melinda Combs
Melinda Combs Acum 2 ore
Alex, you have good jokes but, please never show me your horrid face again it scares me and do you have a girlfriend, I live in Ontario, CANADA, did you really go to an artschool? and you look like a 50 year old man. And is the reason you have a hoodie on as your main character because you always wear a hoodie and America sounds like a type of sickness or disorder. Will you ever tell us your ''hot girlfriend's'' name?? I've been to California, America. And I watched, Rocko's Modern Life for the first time there I was in Hollywood like a cool kid. I consider myself an artist, look up ''Elentori Billdip'' and you'll find my art. Signing off, your a limke Alex!
Rami Mahmoud
Rami Mahmoud Acum 2 ore
Wtf just keep the video going
xd PaniKi
xd PaniKi Acum 2 ore
Babysitter, more like teenkisser
MineMineCraft LP
MineMineCraft LP Acum 2 ore
1v1 me in Mincecraft poot.
Krystal Flower
Krystal Flower Acum 2 ore
I have a lot of sweaters without pockets, and only a few WITH pockets. I ALWAYS TRY TO PUT MY HANDS IN THE “POCKETS” WHEN THERES NONE! UGHHH
EA Vlogs
EA Vlogs Acum 3 ore
Jedi -master Nender
Ok so I didn't watch the series from the beggining but like...How can your babysitter be the same age as you and you're a guy and she's a girl. If my family would ask a girl my age to look after me I'd be embarrased
Jedi -master Nender
+itsAlexClark Thanks for the clarification, will check it out. Makes a lot more sense now
itsAlexClark Acum 3 ore
She was more Looking after my sister - talk about that more in episode 1 .
small peep
small peep Acum 4 ore
Relax -_-
Relax -_- Acum 5 ore
It’s weird because I saw u days ago
Ninos The gamer
Ninos The gamer Acum 7 ore
Btw nice new LOGO!
Carly Does Some Stuff
Do we need a babysitter movie
DƏvĪ LOvƏ Acum 8 ore
Too dramatic!
Tokyo Japan lover1234
Your hilarious
Ronin Rex
Ronin Rex Acum 9 ore
Gaming. com
Gaming. com Acum 10 ore
Can I have some subscribers plus I just started? I would rly appreciate it!
Ethan Hanson
Ethan Hanson Acum 11 ore
KiNg_ KaMbInG
KiNg_ KaMbInG Acum 11 ore
Y didnt you 2 get together?
hala marawan
hala marawan Acum 11 ore
Galaxy TDM
Galaxy TDM Acum 11 ore
What's the babysitters name?
Nica Lynn
Nica Lynn Acum 13 ore
Lourd Keyon
Lourd Keyon Acum 13 ore
Love life 😞
Nehla SOUAKER Acum 14 ore
Pockets= best feeling in the world
Daydream XoXo
Daydream XoXo Acum 14 ore
Jason Gamez
Jason Gamez Acum 15 ore
So faaaaake
Bernard Maverick Rivera
"Why are you building a shrinkray?" "i want to make your head a normal size" Awesome sister xD
HotDog Master
HotDog Master Acum 17 ore
whoo I was so pumped for this :D
EP :D Acum 17 ore
I love the video! 😍😍😍😍😍 the babysitter 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Brando_gaming Acum 17 ore
Jessica Bush
Jessica Bush Acum 17 ore
Lol replace 'art school' with 'joining the military' and that's my current situation with my boyfriend. "Should have said something sooner" is accurate.
Cyber Cat
Cyber Cat Acum 18 ore
Omg I actually thought she killed grandma
Amber Hill
Amber Hill Acum 19 ore
:D i love this :)
George's N
George's N Acum 19 ore
Truth:? Idk about that but STORY and content yea !
Cheetwo The Gecko
Cheetwo The Gecko Acum 19 ore
Wow I’ve been watching you since 600k
Johnathan Perkins
Johnathan Perkins Acum 20 ore
Hey who two homeless bum darn kids wait.. Oh is Alex and the babysitter
Ellis Roque
Ellis Roque Acum 20 ore
IT'S MY SISTER!!!!!!!😲😱😨😵😱😵😨😱😨😲😰
WyvernTactics Acum 21 oră
Lil pumpkin was to jelious and left the chat
Emmanuel Washington
Emmanuel Washington Acum 21 oră
0:42 and 55 cents
Marycarmen Saldana
Marycarmen Saldana Acum 22 ore
Does your babysitter voices the babysitter!?
luke100th yt
luke100th yt Acum 23 ore
I love this video
Michael King
Michael King Acum 23 ore
I live in boston
JustAhotdog Green
JustAhotdog Green Acum 23 ore
Lol now it's 46 on trending. When I went to Boston my mom thought Fanueil hall was pronounced Nathaniel hall. Lol
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson Acum 23 ore
What stop the cliff hangers 😡not REALLY mad
Nany Keys
Nany Keys Acum 23 ore
I love ur vids
Zackery Toler
Zackery Toler Acum o Zi
Maeve Maushard
Maeve Maushard Acum o Zi
Her name is Baby sitter?
Alex boss
Alex boss Acum o Zi
13 oktober i's my birday
Maylin Paz
Maylin Paz Acum o Zi
Lol 😂🤣
Aimenn Penny
Aimenn Penny Acum o Zi
Rosalina Morales
Ha ha ha😂
Vanessa Elrod
Vanessa Elrod Acum o Zi
Are you going on TOOOOUUUUUURRRR
that doge boy that cate boy
this is amazing
True Music ✓
True Music ✓ Acum o Zi
You made a whole career out of these Babysitter videos.
True Music ✓
True Music ✓ Acum o Zi
No disrespect, You made a whole career out of these Babysitter videos.
Let a fat niBBa Clap them Cheekz
True Music ✓ ikr
Shreya Bose
Shreya Bose Acum o Zi
it came out on my birthday!
Random Turret :3
Oh, what a story Mark!
Johndonoghuejr Acum o Zi
What state do you live in
janesnimamcriligob yeah
Omg finnaly
Athena Modlinsky
I started watching u at 1.8mill but for some reason I only just subscribed
MistyCloud The Adorable Kitten
It’s back?
Third High Productions
Stoners! Peep Out The Dank Content! :D
Hacked Animations
Zuri Bernal
Zuri Bernal Acum o Zi
My birthday is oct 13 ha how funny
Afro Kid
Afro Kid Acum o Zi
Motherfucker Cliff hanger
Александр Лотохин
Чё русские есть?
Karina Galvan
Karina Galvan Acum o Zi
i hope your kids dont wait his time watching you .......
Trash Boat
Trash Boat Acum o Zi
Clark you’ve gone too far
Pixel Quest
Pixel Quest Acum o Zi
Don’t end this plzzzzzz
Musu Boi
Musu Boi Acum o Zi
I liked with my toung
SIX SVGE Acum o Zi
Is that Jake Paul?
Oip opouhghgghghuhhguy
Tofu delivery Dude
Great man this story is sooooooooo interesting
Anjel Laboy
Anjel Laboy Acum o Zi
Why do you make me wait so long for the babysitter stories
Niobium [GD]
Niobium [GD] Acum o Zi
I got trapped in Boston for 21 hours. I feel your pain.
Jason Quinn
Jason Quinn Acum o Zi
Yo I think this is fake but I mean I don't care it's entertaining
Marshall Brown
Marshall Brown Acum o Zi
Oof Acum o Zi
Let’s focus on the dress with pockets.
The Chicago gamer
You smash yet?
The_Aussie Idiots
Sub toThe_Aussie Idiots
Sythcide _
Sythcide _ Acum o Zi
s u n k i s s e d s t a r s
Hey at least he actually dated his babysitter unlike Luke in better watch out
Moises Munoz
Moises Munoz Acum o Zi
Bro nice cartoons
Umut Unal
Umut Unal Acum o Zi
Banana Kid
Banana Kid Acum o Zi
"I've never been more happy to see a finacial instution!" - Alex C.
Bachicha11 23
Bachicha11 23 Acum o Zi
Honestly I really call bullshit to these story’s but still entertaining
BlackJesus Acum o Zi
Are any of his storys even real?
Markus Hung
Markus Hung Acum o Zi
Ramon Ayala
Ramon Ayala Acum o Zi
I love this babysitter story. I cany wait until the 13th.
aesthetic fantasy
Just kiss her mouth man the next time you see her!!😁
Treverser :Lets Player
I'm watchi ngm this on oct14 wares the new episode?lol
Bart Superman!
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Dough D-D-Dear
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