bitch lasagna

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5 oct. 2018

SATIREtseriest seriesdisstrackpewdiepiesongrapmixtapedisstrackdiss trackbitch lasagna

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Comentarii 639 589
Rizki Aria Gunawan
Rizki Aria Gunawan Acum 27 minute
Dr B
Dr B Acum 27 minute
Man, you sing!
M3troPlayz Acum 27 minute
Better than ROvids rewind 2018
Mr. Goodman
Mr. Goodman Acum 27 minute
if we compare this song to all t series songs t series would be trash
• Ashtroy •
• Ashtroy • Acum 28 minute
Most likes than youtube rewind
Flying Monkey
Flying Monkey Acum 29 minute
0:37 when you tell your mom what you want for dinner and she give's you a completely diffrent thing
Buffy Henrie
Buffy Henrie Acum 29 minute
This is so good and funny #pewdiepieforlife like if your with him
FOXZ GAMERS Acum 29 minute
Minako Chan
Minako Chan Acum 30 minute
Oh, eee!~ ~♡
Anthony Arrigali
Anthony Arrigali Acum 30 minute
Aleix Capitán
Aleix Capitán Acum 30 minute
Sahte Acum 31 minut
👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊 👊👊👊👊 👊👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 👊👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊 👊👊👊 👊 👊 Like for PewDiePie 👍🙌
ChaoticKappa and AlohaSnackbar27
Can we make this the most liked video on ROvids??
Hey buddy, you in London?
Antoine Edicó
Antoine Edicó Acum 32 minute
Papa Is dead, Papa Is dead
Mathew and Melissa Brzezinski
This is so trash my mom can rap away better than you
Sarthak Patel
Sarthak Patel Acum 33 minute
Scoring never ends ..... T series 👍👍👍👍 And one thing Mr.Pew u have no right to abuse someone... #tseries
A Stupid Idiot
A Stupid Idiot Acum 33 minute
Draft_ Tyler
Draft_ Tyler Acum 33 minute
Where’s The Curry
Latuboiii06 Acum 34 minute
yu-gi-oh has joined the chat
Joel F.G
Joel F.G Acum 34 minute
Alguien habla español y no entendió nada pero igual te gusto
Arayah Hope
Arayah Hope Acum 34 minute
I listen to this unironicaly
Matthew Lipsher
Matthew Lipsher Acum 34 minute
Valerie M-T
Valerie M-T Acum 35 minute
Imagine. Bark Baker vs. PewDiePie or PewDiePie vs. Ricegum and Bart Baker
UMA_Semi Acum 35 minute
*70,062,487 views* *PEWDS LETS GO 70M* views xd
Death Ninja
Death Ninja Acum 35 minute
Don't worry pewds you might win this war Because we're pilipino fellow will subscribe and I tell in my friends in Canada that they will subs to you
ArcticGaming 13
ArcticGaming 13 Acum 35 minute
382K T-Series fanboys.
BoyOfSteel YT
BoyOfSteel YT Acum 36 minute
Those dislikes are the Australians liking it.
DiegøFX Acum 36 minute
Bitch Lasagna
Valerie M-T
Valerie M-T Acum 37 minute
This got more views than Logan's forest video 😂😂😂 But it *STILL* didn't get on Trending 😂😂😂
Pablo Avalos
Pablo Avalos Acum 38 minute
vengo de parte del det
Karma_Lego Acum 38 minute
69 million views. Coincidence?
CharlieT248 Acum 39 minute
Please raise for our national anthem
Valerie M-T
Valerie M-T Acum 39 minute
ROvids: *Demonizes*
A-T-M Traps
A-T-M Traps Acum 39 minute
Sonika Paul
Sonika Paul Acum 39 minute
T serous look at for akforty seven
Creampie The Neko
Creampie The Neko Acum 39 minute
This is an actual *bop* tho
Patrick Kitchmuniche
Patrick Kitchmuniche Acum 39 minute
T series has left the chat
Tword the beginning he sounds like Jake Paul
Secret Youtuber
Secret Youtuber Acum 40 minute
I have unsubscribed tseries 😂
who ate all depays
who ate all depays Acum 40 minute
Has more likes than youtube rewind 2018
Nitesh Adhikari
Nitesh Adhikari Acum 40 minute
Already 2 months damn it feels like it was made yesterday
Anime Full episode
Anime Full episode Acum 41 minut
Bacot ngentot, gak ngerti kan bahasa gw, makanya ngntot dulu
mckenna williams
mckenna williams Acum 42 minute
Manny Acum 42 minute
One problem . The video ends
GA y Y AYYAYY YA YY ay y YYAGA Y Gaya yag ay GAYA GAGAYA Ygay yakashi fuck mehard bruh gay ya
*70 million views!!!!* *This video is reaching PewDiePie's SUBS!*
Iqbal Mala
Iqbal Mala Acum 43 minute
70m :DDDDD
TheWazMaster Acum 44 minute
top ten anime disstracks
Jayden Tsai
Jayden Tsai Acum 44 minute
T series be like "Bish where"
Assassin XD
Assassin XD Acum 44 minute
Hej Monica is better....Sorry
Gaming for Gaming
Gaming for Gaming Acum 45 minute
This is now going to be the youtube anthem for the next 20 years
Karim Khoury
Karim Khoury Acum 45 minute
*eminem has left the chat*
RoadtripXWdw Hollie
RoadtripXWdw Hollie Acum 46 minute
70 mill views!?
amelie miriam
amelie miriam Acum 47 minute
69 million views lmao
amelie miriam
amelie miriam Acum 35 minute
Iqbal Mala ya! more likes then youtube rewind😂
Iqbal Mala
Iqbal Mala Acum 37 minute
Almost 4m likes too! That will be a 5.7% view/like ratio :DDDDD
Iqbal Mala
Iqbal Mala Acum 38 minute
You werent that late
amelie miriam
amelie miriam Acum 41 minut
Iqbal Mala awww man i was too late but still wow
Iqbal Mala
Iqbal Mala Acum 43 minute
70m now :DDDDD
MrGeorgel2connie Acum 47 minute
Better than the ROvids rewind
Emily Weston
Emily Weston Acum 48 minute
1:31 all kids on my school ._.
Like if Pewdiepie is better that Eminem 👌👌
Safia khan
Safia khan Acum 48 minute
hope tseries in a car crash and suffers from ligma
yeet asian
yeet asian Acum 48 minute
Nice to here pewds curse again
Heisenberg Acum 50 minute
Now he grows faster than T-Series...thank you Mr.Beast
dono da verdade
dono da verdade Acum 51 minut
Que eu to fazendo aqui cara'-'
Amy Ly
Amy Ly Acum 51 minut
bitch lasagna..basagna? Lasagnitch?
PhrostByte Acum 51 minut
Pretty sure Pewds won the fight
alfred Acum 52 minute
boss has arrived
Hannah_ Banana
Hannah_ Banana Acum 52 minute
It just hit 70M views!!!! WOOOOOOo
Mikel Myer
Mikel Myer Acum 52 minute
i clicked in and the views turn to 70m he‘s honored
GoldenSap Acum 52 minute
how to get demonetized
XxLeGaCY x1
XxLeGaCY x1 Acum 53 minute
It’s attractive
rodcombos Acum 53 minute
bic lackana
LokTok Gaming
LokTok Gaming Acum 53 minute
"I'm blue eyes while you are dark magician" Maan that is to far even for those who got no clue what he means
ChilleX _
ChilleX _ Acum 54 minute
*_Pewdiepie has gone from a distance of 200k to 1.3 million, LET’S GO!_*
Andreact02 Acum 54 minute
Fabian Varona
Fabian Varona Acum 54 minute
WUS POPPIN JIMBO Acum 53 minute
Fabian Varona sorry we don’t speak bobs and vegana
Gaara Acum 54 minute
that hype thoe XD
3Xtreme 91
3Xtreme 91 Acum 55 minute
*This is better than ROvids Rewind :)*
Frans Snyman
Frans Snyman Acum 55 minute
70 million views bois.
Nickykuz Acum 55 minute
70 millionth view!! Eat shit
Adriana Chow
Adriana Chow Acum 55 minute
I agree
ThatOneGuyKaboom Acum 56 minute
BiTcH LasAgNa
Kennedy Waye
Kennedy Waye Acum 56 minute
setting this as my morning alarm
David Briones Loyola
David Briones Loyola Acum 56 minute
Fucking t-series
jiyeonriri qri
jiyeonriri qri Acum 57 minute
quikae Acum 59 minute
let's get this platinum
Elemenist Acum 59 minute
who would dislike this maybe people who missed the like button i mean it could be a possibility
Ashish Goyal
Ashish Goyal Acum 59 minute
Two parties/ companies in the entertainment industry are competing againest each other. Sounds fair and is great !! But why drag countries in! Or nationalities. How about show some maturity? You are smart and reached where you are today with your own efforts and hard work.
ChadBejito Chad
ChadBejito Chad Acum 59 minute
Sparkasaurus My Mann
Sparkasaurus My Mann Acum 59 minute
This is fire 🔥
Kittyz Gaming
Kittyz Gaming Acum 59 minute
Who things that TSeries buys sub bots? Literally I’ve never heard of them till this music video lmao and plus all they post is music
XX Ristoforos
XX Ristoforos Acum 59 minute
382k dislikes from people who are allergic to lasagna
Zaid Saki
Zaid Saki Acum oră
17th December anyone??
PotatoToaster {xxxYoloxxx999}
*Pewdiepie and T-series drama in a nutshell.*
Eliezer Porto
Eliezer Porto Acum oră
Se inscrevecam no meu canal
gagabusulică GG
Your glasses look like the glasses from matrix
BitMo JammiGame
BitMo JammiGame Acum oră
Those 382k dislikes are T-Series bots
CAPRIUSSS120 Acum oră
When i was hearing this song i was watching witch lasagna
Random Entertainer
69 Million Views! Wohoo Baby!
Elias Robles
Elias Robles Acum oră
T_serid is best
Ryan Leung
Ryan Leung Acum oră
1.25x is doublin up the roast🔥
Foxy Gaming
Foxy Gaming Acum oră
Funny thing is, it’s actually fucking good 😂😂😂
Foxy Gaming
Foxy Gaming Acum oră
I like found it on soundcloud and put it on my playlist 😂
Georgia Sandford
I don’t think I got the name of the song, could you repeat it once more?
Johnny Johnny
Acum lună