Unbelievable! Build Swimming Pool Around Secret Underground House

Primitive Survival Tool
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Kimthanh Pham
Kimthanh Pham Acum 34 minute
Manoj Gupta
Manoj Gupta Acum 40 minute
Bahut Mushkil Hai ko Ghar banana raha hai
Manishasourav Singh
Manishasourav Singh Acum 41 minut
Good job
de vera
de vera Acum oră
ang galing impresive
roxie charles
roxie charles Acum oră
I really wanna who’s land/property do these guys build all these pools on🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ngur Siama
Ngur Siama Acum oră
Thedguy 123
Thedguy 123 Acum oră
Play with Us
Play with Us Acum oră
Idioms of ticks and table of 17 minute me kaise Banega
In dave Angelo
In dave Angelo Acum 2 ore
Edgard Wawo
Edgard Wawo Acum 2 ore
nnb o
David Walsh
David Walsh Acum 2 ore
so amazing omg
Assol Gadaybayeva
It’s so cool👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Bettine Mateman
Bettine Mateman Acum 2 ore
Teddy Ancheta
Teddy Ancheta Acum 2 ore
Omkar Joshi
Omkar Joshi Acum 3 ore
Very nice.
i give 2000000 for this
Rakesh Raghavp
Rakesh Raghavp Acum 3 ore
If the water damage what should you do to replacement
IDGAF - addun
IDGAF - addun Acum 4 ore
What sement they use? Pls answer
Adina baby
Adina baby Acum 4 ore
Its magic... Great
Nirmal Kumar Pal
Nirmal Kumar Pal Acum 4 ore
Manzoul 101
Manzoul 101 Acum 4 ore
Their iqs are probably 175
Wipo Qutaiseli
Wipo Qutaiseli Acum 5 ore
Нихуя не понятно для чего но интересно и красиво
Teresa Gerez
Teresa Gerez Acum 5 ore
pobres niños
agus aja
agus aja Acum 5 ore
Siapa yang suka sama video ini like
diana camacho
diana camacho Acum 6 ore
They have gods hands
JoJo 030
JoJo 030 Acum 6 ore
Karen Lukesic
Karen Lukesic Acum 6 ore
And you have MONEY
Sara Jeon
Sara Jeon Acum 6 ore
4.08 satisfatório
Karen Lukesic
Karen Lukesic Acum 6 ore
You could make bissness yo you make pools for people ; )
Unicorn Claire Claire
Awesome I can’t even make a dollhouse out of a milk carton
Pedro Paulo Silva Barreto
7:06Ó a olhadinha pra câmera kkkkkkk
Erick Juarez
Erick Juarez Acum 6 ore
En ncl Jobim va jd ksbkkjdñnbkn kb azud bWo kgf ndjvbenz
Erick Juarez
Erick Juarez Acum 6 ore
No hablan español ja ja ja
Erick Juarez
Erick Juarez Acum 6 ore
Perdón enserio no ablan español
Alondrita Acum 6 ore
Yoo they be the only ones who will survive an apocalypse etc.
Nicolas Calero
Nicolas Calero Acum 7 ore
que bueno para hacer uno a la casa 😙😙😙😙😙
Hary_Putra DWG
Hary_Putra DWG Acum 7 ore
Kreatif,,tapi kurang penggehan
joseph allen
joseph allen Acum 7 ore
👦🏻. I’m jerick
echo shiba
echo shiba Acum 7 ore
My dad tells me all the time about how society is going to crash and we are going to have to live off grid. You guys are definitely prepared..
Raju Yadav
Raju Yadav Acum 7 ore
Lou and Tom
Lou and Tom Acum 8 ore
They are living the wild life
Cleiber Silva
Cleiber Silva Acum 8 ore
Ficou topppp
Xiany Granados
Xiany Granados Acum 8 ore
5 millions Dream
5 millions Dream Acum 8 ore
Are bhai kitna mehnat karte ho
unicorn squad
unicorn squad Acum 8 ore
are you guys houmlis
Trayvion Jones
Trayvion Jones Acum 8 ore
Feel sorry for them that they got to do a lot of work but they are doing a great job who's with me
Camilauma Ale
Camilauma Ale Acum 9 ore
Muy cool😉😉
Camilauma Ale
Camilauma Ale Acum 9 ore
Mucha rason
ayyy its your boy play with toys
Yay now I know how to build a house
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Acum 9 ore
I’m not trying to be mean but I thought they were poor but how would the get a camera also if this is rude or anyone takes affence I will delete this comment
Filemón Ramírez ramos
Excelentes arquitectos 👍
P Xpress
P Xpress Acum 9 ore
That's to much water what gone happen when it rain
Molly Carothers
Molly Carothers Acum 10 ore
roblox in minecraft are in real life brb 7w7
jeampy Kabasele
jeampy Kabasele Acum 10 ore
Audry Esther Mejia Guerrero
Kyrei Mada Rasda
Kyrei Mada Rasda Acum 10 ore
Wow that ia amazing
Kiara Rojas
Kiara Rojas Acum 10 ore
Usan semento no puden pegar con barro se puede pero tiene otro color
Grace Lutete
Grace Lutete Acum 11 ore
O m'y God
Eladio Mananes
Eladio Mananes Acum 11 ore
Iwona Seliga
Iwona Seliga Acum 11 ore
PlutosMom Acum 11 ore
How u guys get a video camera.
Deshunna Pride
Deshunna Pride Acum 11 ore
These people are good
Emilywolf queen
Emilywolf queen Acum 11 ore
My favourite part was when they put the water
ProvingPuppy 955
ProvingPuppy 955 Acum 11 ore
Won’t the house roof be ruined it it rains
Yash Bilkhu
Yash Bilkhu Acum 11 ore
Vera Damas
Vera Damas Acum 11 ore
Martina Velarde
Martina Velarde Acum 11 ore
Esto se merece un like
claudia matilla
claudia matilla Acum 12 ore
Mi canal es simon _ el grande
claudia matilla
claudia matilla Acum 12 ore
Mi canai
claudia matilla
claudia matilla Acum 12 ore
Yo dlo
Νικολέτα Μαστ
They made a swimming pool alone?? Congratulations!
Alex Roche
Alex Roche Acum 12 ore
Oooo que guaiiiiii eeee
JTEXTREME 1 Acum 12 ore
I'm going to do that wish me look
Khaleel Taylor
Khaleel Taylor Acum 12 ore
That's awesome
matias franco
matias franco Acum 13 ore
Alguien abla español:v
CARSON DAVIS Acum 13 ore
OK👏👍👎✌ there you go perfect 😀😁☺😊😂😃😄😇😅 ! - .
CARSON DAVIS Acum 13 ore
OK👏👍👎✌ there you go perfect 😀😁☺😊😂😃😄😇😅 ! - .
CARSON DAVIS Acum 13 ore
OK👏👍👎✌ there you go p
Tatitu Acum 13 ore
Quem fala portuguĕs
Makbul Khan
Makbul Khan Acum 41 minut
Tatitu ytg
Sara Jeon
Sara Jeon Acum 6 ore
Jordane Santos
Jordane Santos Acum 7 ore
Eu falo ingrex kkkk brincadeira! opa suave?
Julia Agata
Julia Agata Acum 8 ore
Iñaki Solaberrieta
En cuanto tiempo????
Tatitu Acum 13 ore
I like
Tatitu Acum 13 ore
Claudia Llanten
Claudia Llanten Acum 13 ore
!no mamen casi todos son ingléses!
paulo diniz
paulo diniz Acum 13 ore
Podia fazer uma canaleta e puxar a água para aí sem precisar carregar no "balde"
maxi Bautista
maxi Bautista Acum 13 ore
El vídeo dura 17 minutos pero esa casa le costo semanas like si también lo crees
Thierry Lagrin
Thierry Lagrin Acum 13 ore
very well done to them
maxi Bautista
maxi Bautista Acum 13 ore
Ow que genial son muy creativos
Matt Taarnby
Matt Taarnby Acum 13 ore
Wow you are so talented
Bruno Siqueira
Bruno Siqueira Acum 14 ore
Coitado deles se chove
Game Fright GF
Game Fright GF Acum 14 ore
If Im stuck on an Island and only 2 others survived I would want them to be stuck with me
Florence Adeyemi
Florence Adeyemi Acum 14 ore
these guys are the hardest workers I have ever seen in my life this is a thing that money can't buy
daniel castro
daniel castro Acum 14 ore
Donde viven?
yahia mazen
yahia mazen Acum 14 ore
ولله في خلقه شؤون
jorge corsino monegro
que envidia me da esa piscina como la hacen wow increible
Valentina Cofre Vargas
Likee a este comentario si eri chileno
Nik Dem
Nik Dem Acum 15 ore
Very Good
maria velazquez
maria velazquez Acum 15 ore
OMG boys good vs Girls no good
dogan çelik
dogan çelik Acum 16 ore
Yureginize saglık helal olsun dayıoglu...
Anna Gomez
Anna Gomez Acum 16 ore
Soy la unica que ama ver estos videos