Vigils Held For Victims Of Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

CBS Los Angeles
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As "Amazing Grace" filled the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, thousands held up candles to honor those lost in the mass shooting at Borderline Bar & Grill less than 24 hours earlier.

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9 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 180
Will Varney
Will Varney Acum 17 Zile
Fake no one died . I hate the media and propaganda... y’all are sick people . You need Jesus in your life
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness
Rivalry Roasters, nice temporary banner printed signs, must have just opened.
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness
Worse crisis actors ever, not a single tear,. Smiles galore and that CNN footage of the actual SHOOTING SHOWED AN EMPTY BAR WHILE THE SHOTS WERE FIRED, AN EMORY DANCE FLOOR FAJE FAKE FAKE
andre papkov
andre papkov Acum 21 o Zi
how far are they going with this fake shooting vigils wtf everybody who has a brain knows this didnt happen
Apex Predator438
Apex Predator438 Acum 23 Zile
That first chick. Ummm what did you say?????
Ray Idk
Ray Idk Acum 24 Zile
Scene seekers in shooting
Allan Wright
Allan Wright Acum 26 Zile
My condolences
Virtual Asylum
Virtual Asylum Acum lună
XCGLADY Acum lună
Even tho if this is planned by the country , state or whatever.. They are killing people, innocent people, son's, daughters, father's, young girl's, that is what it makes it sad.
Plantator Dibble
Plantator Dibble Acum lună
Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled, either by a power within them, or by a power without them; either by the word of God, or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible, or by the bayonet. Robert Charles Winthrop
The Troll Lady
The Troll Lady Acum lună
From my cold dead hands
DID SUSAN ORFANOS aka PULSE MOM - show up? She doesn't want prayer just gun control!!!
Rick H
Rick H Acum lună
Another LA crime- from past. See my YT channel for a decryption of the Riverside Confession letter hidden message. Appears to give a nickname for the Zodiac Killer. Conventional coding methodology applied. My suspect is still alive so it IS relevant even during this very sad time for California! Have told police in my jurisdiction 2+ months ago. Fell on deaf ears/blind eyes I think! Click on the abstract round humanoid icon for my short video. Thanks, and stay safe!
Bevvie Bevvie
Bevvie Bevvie Acum lună
beertop41beer Acum lună
Its funny you go to both Jake Dunham and Blake Dingmans facebook and they have a nice memorium but my good friend Dan Goodall has been died for 4 years and his page is still up with no memorium
Brother Carlton
Brother Carlton Acum lună
FAKE NEWS once again to brain wash the masses. The real purpose is for the liberal media to help persuade people to get rid of guns to make us all more safe. Sounds like the old Communist agenda doesn't it? Study some history and you'll see millions were murdered when the Communist dictators made guns illegal. Sorry but gun confiscation is NOT the answer. If anything we need more guns in the hands of rational educated citizens where there are no "gun free zones." Gun free zones is where the criminals will go to perpetrate their crime.
Syndrum Acum lună
+Brother Carlton no answer huh? Denigrate any incident for political ends because holding on to our gun rights is much more important. I'll stick with supporting gun ownership under the heavy truth that sometimes it's to our detriment, crazies do exist and tragedies do happen because if it.
Brother Carlton
Brother Carlton Acum lună
+Stephen Varga You are beyond enlightenment.
Stephen Varga
Stephen Varga Acum lună
Pro-gunners would love to make this another conspiracy. I'm usually game, but in this case it's my neighborhood and I know the people personally. There are literally over 150(!) eye witnesses saying the same thing and 12 people dead who were their friends. Most people know each other, and the shooter was also from the neighborhood. Unless someone can explain to me how they were able to convince, pay-off, bribe, or brainwash all these people to fabricate the entire incident, lie to their neighbors and family, deceive the community, and accept a few friends dying for the sake of gun control or whatever grand conspiracy, I'm not buying it. What's fake about this news? Enlighten us. Enlighten us instead of dismissing a tragedy just to protect your precious 2nd Amendment.
hiro okuda
hiro okuda Acum lună
Where s next?ev I singin amazin g never figure it out u Wu b.Again few months af forgetting . due 2 nakayama
hiro okuda
hiro okuda Acum lună
Looks WAR u habit over there th heard b it thousands o thousands w as kind o fun 2 say on cheapest media as target as m us upset as well.
DIGIVOXJ23 Acum lună
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Acum lună
Thousand Hoax!
Lavon Denson
Lavon Denson Acum lună
Awful....may God's love be with the victim's families...😔💞
Richard Nebens
Richard Nebens Acum lună
All of you making fun of this, you are a special kind of sick. This is my hometown, I’ve been spending the majority of the last 2 days texting everybody I know making sure they either weren’t at Borderline and are safe from the wildfires covering the area. Imagine if this was your hometown, would you be saying the same things? Praying for all of the victims, their families, and everybody down there.
Jason Cravens
Jason Cravens Acum 23 Zile
You never got a single text back did ya. Cause this bullshit is about as real as that guys coffee business. Rivalry Roasters. They didn't tell you what it was though. But that website is massive!!! The vinyl sign above the door just screams success. I'm sure they have 2 owners, with that work load. Look at the grass at that vigils little memorial flag; that 2000 people were just at... It took a total of 3 minutes to do this investigate work. You fuckers have reached a scary level of blind complacency. I mean.... I was born at night man, but it wasn't last night. :/
Marla Carroll
Marla Carroll Acum lună
🙏🏾's going up !!!
Bonnie Plastino
Bonnie Plastino Acum lună
Clinton Noell
Clinton Noell Acum lună
LMFAO! Our Father Who Art Thou In Heaven will condem every instigater in this story to a lake of fire. And just down the street from this Bar Paradise, California is burned down to the ground by a Satellite Laser. Fire tornadoes appear only when a Laser cutter is being used. Forest fires do not burn at 2200 degrees Fahrenheit and FireTornadoes are not a natural phenomenon.
pass your drug test
13 "killed" what a shocker love how they drive cop around in hears to go to med examiners ? wake up folks another deep state communist pyop . patsy was regular yet no one noticed him and described as tall man with trench coat and sun glasses ? yeah ok
Codxxglitches Acum lună
So sorry to all these victim's and their family's may God be with you all 😢😢🙏🙏
sergio hurtado
sergio hurtado Acum lună
False flag
TheTruthIsRacist Acum lună
NPC Adam, I went to the moon and back in a balloon,where's your proof I didn't?
Adam Acum lună
sergio hurtado oh so you’re just guessing, you have no factual proof to your claim
sergio hurtado
sergio hurtado Acum lună
+Adam Go watch a couple different interviews with the supposed "Witnesses". Really listen and tune in to them and there story's. You'll find no tears, no glassy eyes from alcohol, no blood, some people actually joke and smile, some were also at the Vegas shooting as well, there accounts are amazingly detailed, no blood, and there all so willing to give accounts of there friends who got "Murdered" only hours or less after it happened. And they hold there composer. You can tell there Crisis actors pushing the gun control agenda. Come on man. Wake up. Unless you are working for the very ones who stage these False Flag events.... Or just dumbed down. God bless
Adam Acum lună
sergio hurtado prove it
Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens Acum lună
RIP to all the victims.
Solita.A323 Acum lună
Much love and prayers to all the families affected by this tragedy. I understand the pain and shock. I had friends and a family member that experienced the route 91 tragedy in vegas. These events are just incomprehensible.
doot doot
doot doot Acum lună
Duping delight
69LOLIN Acum lună
hi person
hi person Acum lună
These comments are so sad- innocent people lost their lives and half of these comments read like "Trump trash". Think if one of those victims was your son, daughter, brother or sister. We have no true solutions to end these mass killings but the hate and disrespect is just ignorance and evil.
Richard Nebens
Richard Nebens Acum lună
hi person can’t even express how much I agree with you. I’m from Thousand Oaks and I spent the entire day after the shooting texting all my family and friends to see if they were safe, doing the same thing now with the wildfires covering the area. Nice to see someone with a heart and some sympathy.
john smith
john smith Acum lună
lets make it look real lol
Vince Dubbed
Vince Dubbed Acum lună
They're square dancing in heaven now. ..... or hell..... but they're square dancing.
So very sad! Smh Rest in Peace. 😢
Michol Akinola
Michol Akinola Acum lună
Bs why few pictures
Adam Acum lună
Michol Akinola huh
frank facts
frank facts Acum lună
psychological warfare starring u.s. commanders and personnel - courtesy of the u.s. taxpayer
Time to get huge!
Yeah at least they could give a free hotdog away, but nooo, just the pys-op diet for you....
Adela Manzo
Adela Manzo Acum lună
sorry for everyone loss God be with you all guide you and be your strength this is why God should be allowed in all our schools our work and there be praying classes but instead our kids are not allowed to talk about God nor adults at our job places our young people need a lot of prayer and people need to say something when people like this have all the sign of depression and get help right away soo sad God be with every victim who died and they be now in the presence of the Lord in his glory and God be with everyone who has read this amen peace of God amen
Night Jazz
Night Jazz Acum lună
We love our beer we love our guns we love our rock and roll....So someone must have got their signals crossed when they heard someone ordering a shot of gin rummy, the shooter must've thought they meant a shot of bullets on the house.
Lori Bridgeford
Lori Bridgeford Acum lună
who leaves LIT candles in a ring with a cloth flag next to it? in a breeze? seriously a set staged "news" report. C'mon -and now 75K evac from Thousand (hoax ) mess. So sick of false flag /Ps Op mess. ALL the vids on this smell of crisis acting-just watch a couple vids - read comments > and so obvious not making any sense. Gun grab! Scripted it seems to me. Nothing feels legit - sound bites needed for real agenda.
Michol Akinola
Michol Akinola Acum lună
Frfr fake asf
Lifen Time
Lifen Time Acum lună
what a stupid people!morons same saga another story!act !start no more guns movement...candles flowers is it a joke...stop it now do what has to be done before another incident.....
HumbleWolf Acum lună
For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Matthew 24:24
David Alvarez
David Alvarez Acum lună
Probably just a bunch of liberals.........boo hoo
keith lamont
keith lamont Acum lună
Fake shooting fake vigil fake funerals fake news & dumb ppl who believe this garbage wow sleeping sheep never wake up!
Adam Acum lună
keith lamont prove what you say
Dusty Grady
Dusty Grady Acum lună
They were just Trump hating liberal college students. So who cares?
Richard Nebens
Richard Nebens Acum lună
Would you be saying the same thing if this happened in your hometown, potentially with people you care about in the line of fire?
Ruth Bertrand
Ruth Bertrand Acum lună
Dusty Grady we can't wait for someone to put a bullet in your head
Remembering 1992
Remembering 1992 Acum lună
And what meaning has death? Death is really nothing different than life. Existence is just a biochemical illusion. Atoms and elements. Earth, sky, dust and wind. The summer heat is as meaningless as the winter snow. Death is also an illusion.
vato locos forever
Thats Donald Cerrone from the UFC
west wood
west wood Acum lună
Another hoax people,wake up!
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Acum 26 Zile
+Numix a coarse he a white boy
Gee Speller
Gee Speller Acum 26 Zile
No when one of your white boys kill people it's a hoax but anybody else it's real Give me a break
Jan Ross
Jan Ross Acum 28 Zile
Numix Acum lună
I mean damn, they never host a vigil so suddenly in other communities of gun violent incidences...and also, Cody's name doesn't come up in the Obituary... I smelled false flag as soon as the report first aired.
m.n Acum lună
Did That black guy have a nipple next to his eye
Pranove Prasad
Pranove Prasad Acum lună
PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! Gun control is not the answer, for prospective terrorists aged between 15 - 63 years, in western countries, Russia, UK, America, covert death squads should be set up and at the first inkling, at the first slightest suspicion their names should be sent to these death squads specialized in eliminating them and making it look like an accident, personal enmity, robbery etc. the local police can investigate and put the case into the ‘unsolved’ file, no gathering of evidence, no trial, directly - ‘case closed’. Casualty is immaterial, There is no other solution. No more innocent wonder lives of fine fine young men and women can be endangered to provide constitutional rights to sick people infected with terrorist virus.
acajudi100 Acum lună
Security should not be easily seen but should be hidden to take out evil demons.
Louis Woodard jr
Louis Woodard jr Acum lună
That Marine Is No Joke, He A Marine He Know’s How To Shoot
Sunnyys Kim
Sunnyys Kim Acum lună
We need more compassionate workers to advocate gun safety for our kids. Richard Martinez , Lucy McBath... “Mandatory 8 Hour Continuing Education per month to all gun possessors not to get triggered to pull the trigger at innocent people” could reduce subhuman’s evil deeds with weapons?
Octavius Galleon
Octavius Galleon Acum lună
LP Frisco
LP Frisco Acum lună
it is so sad..
Adam Acum lună
Gracie Wolfie prove it
Gracie Wolfie
Gracie Wolfie Acum lună
LP Frisco No one dies! Fake mass shooting!
TheTruthIsRacist Acum lună
Carey Hall
Carey Hall Acum lună
such a pretty news person, who would NOT believe what she is saying?? The deception is vile.
johnnyB Good
johnnyB Good Acum 27 Zile
Brother Carlton yes just look at what the nut job said before he killed all those ppl. Quote”your prayers don’t work and you wonder why these keep on happening “ Something evil is behind all these mass shootings. I believe it is just a mass satanic ritual....
Brother Carlton
Brother Carlton Acum lună
Carey Hall- And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Many in the media and government are his ministers AND in the local churches. Sad but true.
martin solano
martin solano Acum lună
Hang yourself.
Veronica Anguiano
Cathy T
Cathy T Acum lună
Absolutely heartbreaking. Remembering these victims, families and friends in my prayers 🙏😪
Illuminati President
Neve Jung
Neve Jung Acum lună
illuminati president: you mean total hoax, no one died, completely fake just like all the rest
Arturo Ortiz
Arturo Ortiz Acum lună
Illuminati President i know what do you mean ..same thing happened 9/11..
Jazz Vechayiem
Jazz Vechayiem Acum lună
great job marine!!!! RIP brother.. you did an amazing job with these civilian sheep
LiSa MaRiE
LiSa MaRiE Acum lună
America The Land Of The Free and The Home of Mass Daily Shootings, I think I’ll stay in Canada!
Rudy Jimenez
Rudy Jimenez Acum 3 Zile
LiSa MaRiE Yes please stay..
Michol Akinola
Michol Akinola Acum lună
Might be going
ßlàçk Kîñg Sölø
+LiSa MaRiE 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 lmao or just don't go anywhere around white people never relax.
Steve G
Steve G Acum lună
Exaggerate much! Stay in Canada no one wants you stupid Canadians here anyway!
LiSa MaRiE
LiSa MaRiE Acum lună
Louis Woodard jr Right Brother, it’s not safe anywhere in amerikka
DEKMAN99 Acum lună
If you going to secure and protect a place in this country. You need a gun.
DEKMAN99 Acum lună
trifulquita15 If I am going to be a bouncer or security guard , I need a concealed weapons.
trifulquita15 Acum lună
DEKMAN99 A police officer was killed. He saved some lifes but the shooter killed more
White Devil
White Devil Acum lună
Thousand oaks strong?...oh please come up with a new theme for the next psycological operation.
rick hanson
rick hanson Acum lună
Several dead victims show up at their own vigils........Crisis actors claim that they were used as "mules" to carry hoax victims around in circles.......stating "Why can't they just call an ambulance?" Multiple crisis actors fired for not showing enough phony emotions during fake interviews........some even smiling and laughing........Sheriffs Office just confirmed that the shooter committed suicide......prior to the shootings......more on that later.....all security videos were all mysteriously missing.......some say it was just simple misplacement due to the confusion generated by all the systems not being turned on during the event....... crisis actors go on strike......claiming lack of security and hostile working environment..........in other news......Sheriff misidentifies himself as the shooter......claiming...."It's what showed up in the computerized script from the network..."
aiden hugg
aiden hugg Acum 22 Zile
Time to get huge!
Get back to work! And CRY this time!
Michol Akinola
Michol Akinola Acum lună
Alphonso Gomez
Alphonso Gomez Acum lună
Singing amazing grace lol 😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Michol Akinola
Michol Akinola Acum lună
White Devil
White Devil Acum lună
Psycological operation Persuade....change....influence
Carey Hall
Carey Hall Acum lună
who believes this Propaganda Mass media lying bs? Many will be deceived in the last days. Media and corporate owned media are the REAL TERRORISTS.
tazago Acum 28 Zile
Carey Hall no USA government is the terrorists.
Oliver Holzfild
Oliver Holzfild Acum lună
Neve Jung
Neve Jung Acum lună
+Most Hated Hey, there were a couple of fake shootings from San Bernardino, one was an elementary school and the other the married "terrorists"...do you mean Cassidy Stay from the Texas hoax? Her whole family of 5 was murdered in front of her and she hired a limo and had a parade for herself while quoting Harry Potter? Her magic finger deflected the bullet intended for her - that one?
Most Hated
Most Hated Acum lună
+Neve Jung Remember the girl from San Bernardino who was elated to be on television right after her mother allegedly got murdered? 😆
Neve Jung
Neve Jung Acum lună
carey: absolutely. 100% fake, staged theatrical performances. ALL of them since Sandy Hook
TU nguyen
TU nguyen Acum lună
What is up with people working two jobs
Time to get huge!
They don't pay crisis actors like they used too?
Gracie Wolfie
Gracie Wolfie Acum lună
TU nguyen No one dies. Fake mass shooting!
James Ricker
James Ricker Acum lună
Welcome to 21st century America
Christine Gray
Christine Gray Acum lună
It's amazing how damn there everyone at the bar was military or going to the army in some way
Steve G
Steve G Acum lună
Alphonso Gomez STFU! GTFOH! KYS! Do us all a favor and go see your imaginary friend!
Alphonso Gomez
Alphonso Gomez Acum lună
Christine Gray revelation 13:10 he that killed with the sword shall die by the sword says the LORD GOD 😁😁😁
White Devil
White Devil Acum lună
And all those country singer names...cody, cole, taylor...who knew thousand oaks california was like nashville tn. Psyop
Mohanakrishnan Chelverajan
But why was a few days after veterans day like why?😕
Kukiss Garcia
Kukiss Garcia Acum lună
My prayers for the families of the victims. Feel very sad for this. I cant imagine the pain the families are feeling. So many innocent lives, The sergeant did not even get to retire after so many years of hard work. :( Shootings like these are increasing. The President is focusing in a caravan of immigrants claiming they may be terrorists, instead of finding solutions to stop these tragedies perpetrated by Americans not immigrants. The present American society has very serious problems: Guns, drug addictions, mental illness, and poverty. Children and youngsters are not safe at schools, Religious people not safe while attending church, Citizens not safe at recreational places. THIS IS TERROR !!!! So sad that this Administration is so eager to distract us from the real problems just to gain political votes!
Steve G
Steve G Acum lună
Kukiss Garcia your prayers are worthless! Stop blaming the president! You didn’t blame the president when it was Clinton or Obumer! Gun free zone and “common sense gun laws” are the problem! When the State takes away a citizens right to defend themselves with a firearm this is what happens! When COWARD killers have no fear that they will come up against someone who can defend themselves it emboldens them to do evil!
T Girl
T Girl Acum lună
My heart is so heavy for all the people who lost their lives and families who lost their love ones. I’ll pray for y’all.
Kat Acum lună
Girl, cut the clownery please!!
Time to get huge!
Pray for them to find their acting skills. I want my money back. This show sucks.
Most Hated
Most Hated Acum lună
Don't worry, no one died.
Black and Irish Crazy Chick Biracial goddess.
Horrible horrible Mass killing has to stop pls we need va safety manager on weapons all weapons in 🇺🇸
Time to get huge!
+Turner James - kinda dramatic for just another fake shooting....Relax. There will be another one tomorrow.
Black and Irish Crazy Chick Biracial goddess.
+Remembering 1992 and reported and blocked troller's haha 😂😘🙋
Black and Irish Crazy Chick Biracial goddess.
+Steve G I agree we have Free gun zones in major cities like My home town Boston has the same laws 🤔 omg really wooooow they never work in dangerous issue why?
Steve G
Steve G Acum lună
Really a VA safety manager for weapons? WTF! Gun Free Zones are unconstitutional and extremely dangerous!
Steve G
Steve G Acum lună
Roger Waters
Roger Waters Acum lună
2:32 he'd take a bullet 4 ya well duh
Edward Lee Sydney Australia California USA
I will pray for these victims their names Sean Adlin your good personal man you'll miss your family as well and they will forgive you God bless you and God bless your family as well and God bless the United states of America California 🙂🙂🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸
Rich Life
Rich Life Acum lună
So fucking sick of hearing an seeing the heart breaks of family's that have lost their loved ones to this mass shooting
Most Hated
Most Hated Acum lună
Once again, no tears. And why is Suzie in front of a green screen? Weird.
Most Hated
Most Hated Acum lună
+Rose Bush Because tears would prove that they actually give a damn. Instead of the weird smiling and shifty-eyed performances these interviewees always give.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
That's because they are in scared and in shock.
Denniss7420 Acum lună
Crysis Actors can't cry
Rose Bush
Rose Bush Acum lună
Why do you need tears? Go to your pillow and have a good cry if you need one.
Melvin Rubio
Melvin Rubio Acum lună
I am so sorry for these people , and their families.😢.
Clinton Noell
Clinton Noell Acum lună
These people are still alive. I'll see them singing at a Superbowl at halftime. Or maybe they will show up as Crisis Actors' at the Next Mass Mind Control Shooting.
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Acum lună
It's funny how there are never vigils for the thousands of people murdered by illegal aliens every year.
Alphonso Gomez
Alphonso Gomez Acum lună
Melvin Rubio of course you won't know that because this is not for you to know heathen 👈 GOD is SPIRIT 👈 but his tabernacle is black 👈✌
Alphonso Gomez
Alphonso Gomez Acum lună
Melvin Rubio haha the real Pentecostal 👈😂😂 GOD is a black man and HE'S the GOD that hates white people 👈 Malachi 1:2 & Romans 9:13 Jacob the blacks Israelites have I loved and Esau the red devils the so called white people have I hated says the Lord. GOD is melanated GOD 👈😁😁revelation 1:13-14 the tabernacle is black 👈
Melvin Rubio
Melvin Rubio Acum lună
+Alphonso Gomez , who is the black God ? I never hered such ridiculous way by refering to God in the way you are expressing , I have the impression you are using the bible to blame God for what is happening , a real pentecostal Christian does not comment such thing .I think you heart is black .
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson Acum lună
They will have to do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Evil
The Evil Acum lună
This shit hurts so much.