Wehrmannsgewehr - German Shooting Competition After WW1

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Introduced by a Dutchman in 1897, the Wehrmannsgewehr was a type of 3-position shooting competition using military pattern rifles in a sporting caliber (the 8x46R, firing roughly a 150 grain lead bullet at 1800 fps). It was pretty limited in popularity in Germany until the end of World War One, when the Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germans from owning military arms. At that point, the sporting-caliber Wehrmannsgewehr became a very handy loophole in the law as a way for men to practice shooting skills with military style rifles. It would become quite widespread especially in northern Germany until the 1930s, when rimfire shooting began to eclipse it (the .22 rimfire ammunition was a lot cheaper, the guns were promoted by the government, and the 50m rimfire ranges were much more common than the 300m ranges required for Wehrmannsgewehr matches. Examples of these rifles were both made brand new and also converted from existing Gewehr 98s; this is an example of a conversion made by Haenel. As is typical, it is a single-shot rifle, with the magazine left filled with wood and a new stock covering the magazine area.
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19 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 304
hal 2000
hal 2000 Acum 22 Zile
That was a pile of horses sh@rt - Fake News Liberal Propaganda ! MAGA !!! STop lying forgotten weapon - you should change the name of the channel to forgotten balls !
VTPSTTU Acum 2 luni
Even though the magazine wasn't necessary for this competition, I would want a magazine option if I were buying one. The magazine wouldn't matter much for competition, but for practice, loading each round individually would be tedious.
Jedibike Acum 2 luni
I learn something on every episode Ian. Proud Patreon Supporter since day one. 👍😎
Forgotten Weapons
Forgotten Weapons Acum 2 luni
416loren Acum 2 luni
There are a lot of gun channels that do a lot of different things. But no one does what you do. Sir, you are your own genre.
oscar klemmedsson
oscar klemmedsson Acum 2 luni
they ar still doing this ewents, issf sport shooting
Ray Theron
Ray Theron Acum 2 luni
Lovely looking rifle.
Xpoison CZ
Xpoison CZ Acum 2 luni
Oh my god I love the G98 design !
Patrick Wipf
Patrick Wipf Acum 2 luni
What's up with the weird extractor?
Rick McLightning
Rick McLightning Acum 2 luni
8x46? Can I get that at Walmart or am I gonna have to drive down to Cabelas?
selvacin Acum 2 luni
Hay Ian i noticed an interesting gun on the RIA website, an eddestone pattern-14 303 rifle, due for the december auction Lot 2630, could you do a video on this one?
Cheese Noodles
Cheese Noodles Acum 2 luni
German....rifle.. weapony sounding.....mmm...like a none callory desert. Thanks....really liked it.
Cheese Noodles
Cheese Noodles Acum 2 luni
+Bladsmith ...maybe
Bladsmith Acum 2 luni
Are you having a stroke
Chris Crowther
Chris Crowther Acum 2 luni
I instantly want one, for some reason.
Jeremy Rosenblum
Jeremy Rosenblum Acum 2 luni
How did the extractor pickup a round without the magazine? It should have trouble snapping over the rim.
Gungeek Acum 2 luni
Looks like the wood is low enough if you drop a round in the action the rim would be under the extractor.
Andrew Waterman
Andrew Waterman Acum 2 luni
For whatever reason, I've never found Mauser rifles very interesting, although I've owned a couple over the years. However, after watching some of your recent Mauser videos, along with some from C&Rsenal, I now find the variety of Mausers absolutely fascinating. How's that for a testimonial to the quality of your videos? ("Before discovering Forgotten Weapons I couldn't get girls to pay any attention to me at all. Now that I watch Forgotten Weapons videos I can't get them to keep their hands off me! Thanks, Ian!")
AP1 S2K Acum 2 luni
I have a schuetzen martini Henry in 8.15x46R, is this the same cartridge or are they distinct calibers?
SurvivalComms Acum 2 luni
Great video. Thanks for sharing !
Saccorhytus coronarius
Respekt wehrmann
Ignacio Ortega
Ignacio Ortega Acum 2 luni
A German version of XTC ( Across the Course ) Shooting .
Jerry Johnson II
Jerry Johnson II Acum 2 luni
Very interesting German rifle Sir an have an Happy Thanksgiving
Daylan Andrews
Daylan Andrews Acum 2 luni
Exceptional content Ian. That aside, am I the only one who saw the drop of saliva fall right above the proof marks when they were pointed out?
Shawn R
Shawn R Acum 2 luni
Nice rifle.
koolkitty8989 Acum 2 luni
Wasn't 7x57mm Mauser also exempt from treaty restrictions in Germany? It was a very popular sporting cartridge already, but only saw foreign military use ... and also not with any of the nations who actually fought in WWI. OTOH, with 8mm (like the 8x51mm Mauser used in the short-action 'Kurz' Mauser sporting rifles) might've allowed recycling of some surplus 8mm barrels from decomissioned/disabled/destroyed service rifles. (where 7mm would be easier to use with unmodified surplus actions/receivers missing their barrels ... well, G98s at least, given modified G88s would be less appealing) up.picr.de/32872139da.jpg sportsmansvintagepress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Mauser-Sporter-Caliber-Details.png sportsmansvintagepress.com/read-free/mauser-rifles-pistols-table-of-contents/mauser-sporter/ 8x51 is an interesting intermediate sporting cartridge, close to the .30-30 or .32 Winchester Special.
Anibal Perez
Anibal Perez Acum 2 luni
There's a Democrat in Washington pissed off this blatant killing machine was allowed in the hands of civilians
A Hettinger
A Hettinger Acum 2 luni
it seems like there where so many loopholes in the Treaty of Versailles you could arm an entire army in them (as it appears the Germans did!)
Mark Stedmond
Mark Stedmond Acum 2 luni
Us this ex military rifle still made to accept stripper clips? I know the magazine well is gone but did I see cut outs on the top of the receiver?
Mark Stedmond
Mark Stedmond Acum 2 luni
+Matt Elder true. It was mearly an observation.
Matt Elder
Matt Elder Acum 2 luni
+Mark Stedmond What would be the point of doing the machining to remove the stripper clip guide when there is nowhere for the clip to feed into?
Mark Stedmond
Mark Stedmond Acum 2 luni
+Matt Elder I realise that but if they went to the trouble of redoing the stock and trigger guard they could have removed the feed lips for stripper clips if the weapon was to be truely demilitarized.
Matt Elder
Matt Elder Acum 2 luni
The action is simply converted from the military rifle. This isn't a newly manufactured rifle, so of course the stripper clip guide is still there.
l wilton
l wilton Acum 2 luni
Boy, I wonder what the short and long term effects would be of a law like that in the US. "You must demonstrate annually that you can accurately shoot and properly maintain a rifle."
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
Another requirement: prove you can store your rifle where stupid show-off kids and thugs can't steal it! Most firearm related crimes are committed by thugs with STOLEN guns, not by people with legally purchased guns. Mass murders committed with legally acquired weapons (as in legally acquired by the perpetrator) are VERY rare.
LadyAnuB Acum 2 luni
+l wilton You are forgetting the large population we have here in California so we also encourage deer thinning through human encroachment via habitation loss. See: Camp Fire and Paradise, CA and lots of other recent fires here in the state
l wilton
l wilton Acum 2 luni
That seems to vary by state. Onelonelyfarmer in NJ says that the F&G commission there basically prevents deer dying from anything other than car hits and starvation due to overpopulation. In California I think even knowingly typing the word "deer" violates the Wetlands Act.
mrb692 Acum 2 luni
Given the absolute war waged against deer every fall, I’d imagine probably not a whole lot would change. Heck, I read something to the effect of Wisconsin alone issued enough hunting permits to be the 5th largest standing army or some ludicrously high number like that.
Charles Cosimano
Charles Cosimano Acum 2 luni
So the was this law...And they expected people to obey it?
Philipp Stratmann
Philipp Stratmann Acum 2 luni
interestingly these guns still have some "fans" back here in germany, there still are shooting competitions for these. A friend owns one, brass is hard to get, bullets are a bit easier to obtain apparently, it's fun to shoot but they are about 300€ over here :D
Andrew Hethmon
Andrew Hethmon Acum 2 luni
Long time fan here, in watching many of y’all videos I’ve become Increasingly curious about machining processes, techniques, and such. I can’t find much on the topic on ROvids. You guys seem the best people to put out a video on it. Any change that could be in the future?
Joe App
Joe App Acum 2 luni
I'd love to know the reasoning behind the seven dislikes this video has received so far. Is it just anti-gun wackos? People who don't like the cut of Ian's jib? What?
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
Oops. Well, at least we can appreciate the artistic (and functional) value of this target rifle.
edbo10 Acum 2 luni
uhh I don't think that came out right
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
+edbo10 Up to 14 dislikes already, must be a bunch of nitwits who want to make a "picture perfect world where nothing bad ever happens."
edbo10 Acum 2 luni
Severe? Just gotta wait a day or two. It's now 2743 to 10, hardly a lightsaber
Funny Farmer
Funny Farmer Acum 2 luni
You might add that 8,15x46R was a common sporting cartridge. In southern Germany so-called "Feuerstutzen" were popular, fancy rifles typically in this caliber.
JP Stone
JP Stone Acum 2 luni
California approved.
Million Dollar Extreme
Whoever that Ian guy is, what a colossal poser
Million Dollar Extreme
+bon15914 First off, it's called a confessional, and second, nice try with the pedo shit. All good Catholics know that the Church needs a reformation. Our problems go back to the middle ages if we're going down that rabbit hole. To pinpoint a couple of examples there was shift from a Roman style of rule to a then more modern medieval style of ruling that included much degeneracy and the fall of the then papacy, which for a while was controlled by the Byzantine Exarch of Ravenna and other various state influences. There's also the Calvinist bullshit with a further departure from orthodoxy. And lastly, there's Martin Luther the heretic. Martin Luther and his ilk should have been rounded up and executed for heresy and the world and modern history as a whole would have been better off. Christ left us one holy Catholic and apostolic church via the first Saint Pope Peter when Christ was on the cross, to which He left us Mary as a mother and guide to us all. Even the heretic Martin Luther and his 37,000 protestant denominations posited that the way to God was through Mary. Process that and rebuke your degenerate and sinful ways. Atheism is intellectually dishonest and disengenuous. Pray for forgiveness and do so through the Sacred Heart of Mary and the communion of Saints.
bon15914 Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme So where did you get molested? In the confession or after Sunday mass?
Million Dollar Extreme
+Panzermeister36 Oh, it's you again? Did my comments about your uncle and the camcorder earlier trigger some PTSD?
Panzermeister36 Acum 2 luni
Have a look at your comments on this video and you'll see who is the colossal poser.
jeff Acum 2 luni
My ex gf just broke up with me. Being sad, i wake up to see a brand new episode of forgotten weapons puts a smile on my face thank you ian for providing this great content. Keep up the good work.
System 3
System 3 Acum 2 luni
Very neat. Thank you for posting this Ian. Take care.
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack Acum 2 luni
Does it accept stripper clips?
Wojtek Dobrowolski
Wojtek Dobrowolski Acum 2 luni
It's got no magazine so it's one shot rifle so what would you need a stripper clip for?
WhitzWolfCrusher Acum 2 luni
It can (sort of). I don't see what advantage that would give, but it is possible (mostly).
nirfz Acum 2 luni
i don't get the name: "Wehrmann" was the german word for a recruit. So why name a loophole sporting rifle "recruit-rifle" which sounds like it has a military purpose?
nirfz Acum 2 luni
+theshinken what i meant was if you want something that the Allies after WW1 don't find suspicious you don't call it something with a military meaning. If they would have called it "Sportgewehr des friedliebenden Einwohners" (sproting rifle for the peace loving citizen) ok, but Wehrmanngewehr...
theshinken Acum 2 luni
Maybe because it's just that (a "fake" military rifle). I bet if you wanted a competition grade sporting rifle, there were better options than refitted G98's even in 1920.
bami2 Acum 2 luni
Das ist mein Wehrmannsgewehr. Es feuert wehrmannen.
hallo soos
hallo soos Acum 2 luni
Wehrmacht denn sowas
Arnold Antilope
Arnold Antilope Acum 2 luni
Germany: "can i have gewehr for shooting sport ? " Versailles treaty: "to do shooting sport ?" Germany: " yeee " Germany: "actually to train for WW2" *BLITZKRIEG TIME*
Dimitri Chirvêches
+Ragnar 33 who sows the wind, reaps the... Katyusha
Ragnar 33
Ragnar 33 Acum 2 luni
Not much Blitzkrieg with a 98 more like protection from enemies ravaging the Rheinland, occupying the Ruhrgebiet, Poles arsoning farms and raiding civilians in the east and bolshevists killing people at night and leaving dead bodies rotting in the street for the children on the way to school to see every morning.
Fogogin Acum 2 luni
@forgottenweapons are you monetized again because I've been seeing a lot of commercials before your videos lately. Just saw a planters peanuts before this video
Fogogin Acum 2 luni
+marvincz now I remember it was the two of them talking about it. Thanks
marvincz Acum 2 luni
Forgotten Weapons has always been monetized (when YT didn't have a fit). Only InRangeTV demonetized, they are two separate channels with separate funding.
Neil O'Brien
Neil O'Brien Acum 2 luni
It's an interesting quirk of this rifle that despite not having a magazine that the feed slot for a stripper clip is still present. It really highlights that these were conversions of military patterns.
tarmaque Acum 2 luni
Now that is some gorgeous wood on that stock. I have a sporterized 1916 Mauser 98 in 8mm Mauser, (Don't judge me. My Grandfather had it done in the late 40's.) It has a great looking stock, but that one even looks like an even nicer piece of wood. Those turn of the century Germans sure knew how to build a rifle.
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
Unlike most cheap manufacturers today who think about copying and pasting without fine-tuning, the gun-makers of the previous generation were artists. Every rifle made for the German armories was given a finish equal to that of a nobleman's hunting rifle. In this, however, lay the weakness of production for the Gewehr 98 family: each weapon was too darn expensive. Later "emergency" versions of the Kar98K from 1943 onwards did away with the sporting finishes, the old-style front barrel band, and even the bayonet lug. The cleaning rod and kit were also left out, so cleaning kits were shared by all men within a single platoon. The rifles still worked fine, but they were quite pitiful in appearance, not unlike the Japanese "last ditch" rifles. And no, the Japanese "last ditch" rifles weren't prone to exploding in your face. I found that the Japanese usually proof-tested their rifles with horrifically overcharged cartridges, loaded hot enough to explode a captured M1903 Springfield.
Steven Moncivais
Steven Moncivais Acum 2 luni
I don't usually comment on your videos but- goddamn, that is a BEAUTY of a rifle! (It's too bad I'm flat broke, or else I might want to bid on that one.)
John A. 311
John A. 311 Acum 2 luni
A typical handload for the 8,15 x 46 mm: cartridge case from RWS, primer CCI LR, bullet 148 grains Haendler &Naetermann lead with copper coating, loaded with 25,5 grains of R903. Muzzle velocity: about 475 m/s. 5 shot circle about 32 mm. Distance 100 m, shot from table. All information without warranty. Source: German weapon magazine: Visier Special No. 28, page 23, ISBN No. 3-9807787-5-4
R6Mute Main
R6Mute Main Acum 2 luni
I only like military guns
Craig Benz
Craig Benz Acum 2 luni
The extractor is odd. What is it's story?
mrb692 Acum 2 luni
Probably modified to allow single feed in Mauser’s controlled feed system
Zoidberg Fluffybutt
I thought FW and InRangeTV were demonetized. Why are there ads at the beginning of FW videos now? Am I missing something here?
john graesser
john graesser Acum 2 luni
Google can still run adds, they just don't pay the video owner anything.
Zoidberg Fluffybutt
Thanks +marvincz
marvincz Acum 2 luni
Just InRangeTV, Forgotten Weapons has its own funding mechanism.
Jakub Narębski
Jakub Narębski Acum 2 luni
Two funny things in this conversion (because it is a conversion): the bayonet lug, and the guide for stripper clips...
Wojtek Dobrowolski
Wojtek Dobrowolski Acum 2 luni
A co ty byś chciał, żeby robili nową komorę zamkową albo zaspawali wycięcie na łódkę nabojową?
noth606 Acum 2 luni
In Finland we still use this 3 stage shooting for marksmanship rating, 50m standing, 150m kneeling and 300m prone. I have to say 150m kneeling with open sights is tougher than the other two
Kyle Schafer
Kyle Schafer Acum 2 luni
Ive always hated kneeling shooting, just for me its awkward and i need to improve my stability. But otherwise id love to do this.
Brian Lence
Brian Lence Acum 2 luni
+noth606 Here in the states its standing ,sitting and prone. standing slow fire, sitting rapid fire, prone rapid fire and prone slow fire. Standing slow fire is the hardest. These are for M1 garand and high power matches. Our matches are shot at 100yrds using 600yrd simulated targets
noth606 Acum 2 luni
Handsome Jack Yes, the stances are quite exact, as is the angle at which you lie prone, but they are hard to explain in text. Standing is with rather how you would naturally hold the rifle, left foot and shoulder forward with straight legs, kneeling at a is similar angle, one knee on the shooting mat but straight back so you can't support your left elbow on the knee, prone again is with your body at about an 7:30 angle, elbows on the ground but rifle raised enough for the mag not to touch the shooting mat.
Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack Acum 2 luni
Do you have to use a specific way of holding the gun?
Jo Quin
Jo Quin Acum 2 luni
Let’s go Ian for 1 million subs!!!
h2odragon1 Acum 2 luni
The notch for a stripper clip was still there!
Alemon '
Alemon ' Acum 2 luni
Beautiful rifle
James W.
James W. Acum 2 luni
Do u have a video on the 22 version? If not I hope you'll have the opportunity to make one in the near future
jjohnston94 Acum 2 luni
150 grain bullet at 1800 fps? So, about like a .357 Mag carbine?
Andy P
Andy P Acum 2 luni
Legal to own one of these in UK without a licence
Andy P
Andy P Acum 2 luni
Steven Moens - yup
Steven Moens
Steven Moens Acum 2 luni
Obsolete caliber exemption I take it ?
Teppo Kuusisto
Teppo Kuusisto Acum 2 luni
Captain Ciph3r
Captain Ciph3r Acum 2 luni
Why do I imagine the 8x46 to be a more fun cartridge to shoot than the usual 8mm Mauser?
Umut Yok
Umut Yok Acum 2 luni
Is that rifle used by "Freikorps" (German war veterans plus nationalist) against communist after WW-1 ?
piRaufasertapete Acum 2 luni
No, they took regular army weapons. There are even pictures of Tanks
Saturnian Pytonwielki
Shooting become Germans national sport short after
PDB Acum 2 luni
This is so... German Wow
Aditya Mishra
Aditya Mishra Acum 2 luni
Can shoot these after the reviews? Like just a few shots to see how they worked ?
James Healy
James Healy Acum 2 luni
He does whenever he can but there are a number of complicating factors such as range access, availability of ammo, local laws, and ultimately that they're not actually his guns, he has to get permission from the owner, often on a case by case basis.
Hosam AA
Hosam AA Acum 2 luni
Always something charming about old wooden guns
unefunge Acum 2 luni
My grand-uncle actually took part in the German Shooting Competition during the WWII. They called it 'Resistance' back then...
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
+James Healy No surprise, but the point is that PEOPLE are to blame, not the guns themselves. And forget 100% disarmament of anywhere unless you're willing to put the ENTIRE WORLD back in the Stone Age!!!
edbo10 Acum 2 luni
@James Healy with all due respect, the US isn't known for terrorists driving trucks into crowds of people
David Loaza
David Loaza Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme No, no-ones being forced out of their culture. Do you have a problem with white culture allowing other cultures to co-exist? Non Whites aren't replacing non whites, they simply also exist as a comparable force. The Earth wasn't destined for only white people.
David Loaza
David Loaza Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme America did though. They used the Axis powers to weaken the Commies so they didn't need to fight them and waste countless good American lives.
ken sin
ken sin Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme Brit here served in to many damn conflicts and 'peacekeeping' more like 5 years or less for you people looks like in UK may have to go old school Marquis because of the EUSSR Taking out infrastructure harms no one but if pushed... I understand the Serb's more now whats with Chechen's and mujahedin Arabs taking heads But apparently Islamic terrorism and trucks of peace that's 'mental illness'
aris spilios
aris spilios Acum 2 luni
But it has a bayonet lug under the barrel
aris spilios
aris spilios Acum 2 luni
+ExodusBF4 ahaha :p
oldesertguy Acum 2 luni
I think they just figured it wouldn't be necessary to remove it, given that this was a converted Gewehr 98.
BigFrakkinOgre Acum 2 luni
xchroszcz Acum 2 luni
Not a military rifle Has a bayonet log
Wojtek Dobrowolski
Wojtek Dobrowolski Acum 2 luni
Ma możliwość zamontowania bagnetu bo to jest przerobiony karabin wojskowy i nie pisze się "log" tylko "lug" i czy według ciebie karabin wojskowy byłby jednostrzałowy (bez magazynka).
BoxBoyProductions Acum 2 luni
1:42 "at ab *oU* t 18 hundred feet per second.."
Issac Kliener
Issac Kliener Acum 2 luni
Germans : Hey treatise of Versailles can we have military rifles that aren't prohibited? Treaty: Non-Prohibited military rifles? Germans : Yeeeessss Treatise : *actually makes exception for sporting rifles like a boss Hitler and Nazi party : Mandated shooting time!!!
ben guthrie
ben guthrie Acum 2 luni
"lamar get out of there"
SPEEDYNOOB Acum 2 luni
Issac Kliener lmao
Amerikwan Panopticon
I regret letting mine go.
ricepicker562 Acum 2 luni
Amerikwan Panopticon damn man I’m sorry to hear that
Amerikwan Panopticon
+Million Dollar Extreme I in fact did inherit one and sold it in a blurry period of grief. Pro tip: don't make any financial decisions when mourning.
Million Dollar Extreme
You never had one
Frying Pan
Frying Pan Acum 2 luni
7:00 can you show us one?
Jonas Acum 2 luni
Interview with Nicole Wiley: German .22 Training Rifles
Jonas Acum 2 luni
there is an interview from ian with a colector of these training rifles cant be to hard to find
Slemke 98
Slemke 98 Acum 2 luni
So this was basically an old fashioned loophole gun like AW ban era Olympic AR15 pistols? Cos you never see sporting rifles with a full stock and cleaning rod like this
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
The point exactly. Many say the pen is mightier than the sword, but of the two, I would have the SWORD! A pen can't save you from people who don't care about the law at all. It is said that the only way to prevent home-crafted firearms from being created is to send EVERYONE back to the stone age.
David Loaza
David Loaza Acum 2 luni
+Stanley Jedrzejczyk Except the only thing "Globo Shlomo" wants is keeping Israel. The Jews never had any agenda against Germany or any other European nation. In fact it was the opposite. Germany needed a scapegoat for fighting Communism, and it just so happened when you have an Anti Jew government like Tsarist Russia the Jews get pissed, which explains Jewish involvment in the Soviet revolution.
Andrew Chern
Andrew Chern Acum 2 luni
Denis, the fact that it is chambered for an "obsolete" cartridge that is not compatible with machine guns should make some sense. Bayonet charges against machine guns and artillery tend to end in disaster. That might be why the Allied occupation authorities permitted the conversions and the sporting rifles with their military style furniture, since they already knew that mass infantry rushes were tactical suicide. If a town armed with sporting rifles rose up against the Allied occupation troops, the Allies would probably respond by massacring the townsfolk with artillery.
Stanley Jedrzejczyk
Yep! Globo-Shlomo had the same Agenda then, as it has today against Germany. Of course, back then, it didn't work out so well for them after 1933, so...
cptreech Acum 2 luni
Don't forget the bayonet fitting!
Chris Chiampo
Chris Chiampo Acum 2 luni
How is Ammo Availability 😳🥺🥺🥺😮 Gun Jesus 😀
Austin Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme wow you know you can debate without trying to offend somebody right thats not exactly the Christian way of thinking
Million Dollar Extreme
+Austin Yes, yes it is. Your parents obviously failed you miserably. Only filthy protestants think like that
Austin Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme its not mockery now go troll some other comment section
K Ber
K Ber Acum 2 luni
cases are still made by RWS in Germany. so no problem if you can load your own
Million Dollar Extreme
Pretty sure you're going to have to answer for your degenerate mockery of the Lord
SubFront Acum 2 luni
Today I learned that Ian helped the developers of battlefield 1 with the weapons. #weaponsjesus
Million Dollar Extreme
+Ian Tharp I'm the worst "neo Nazi" ever then. But hey race realist = Nazi right guys?
Million Dollar Extreme
+Ian Tharp Neo Nazis also aren't trying to help get their Muslim half Arab, half Kurdish interpreter and family a visa to come to the United States.
Million Dollar Extreme
+Ian Tharp When the FBI interviewed me twice after I got back, it's funny that no mention of neo Nazis or anything of that nature came up. I wonder why? Ahh yes, because I'm not one and never have been
Million Dollar Extreme
+Ian Tharp Neo Nazis also don't volunteer with the Kurdish Peshmerga, either. So I can't be that genocidal to go fight alongside Muslims in northern Iraq
Million Dollar Extreme
+Ian Tharp I don't know how you determined I liked NOFX, whom I hardly listen to anymore with the exception of some oldies from my youth. That being said, I'm not a neo Nazi. If those losers can't let the Nazi shit go, that's on them. Being a racial and gender realist does not automatically make someone a LARPing national socialist. Can't I wish for world peace via the realization that whites, blacks, Asians, and many other groups would be better off in our lands? Why does everyone assume I'm all for senseless violence and genocide? I don't hate anyone, but that doesn't mean I should be forced to accept their culture. I used to tolerate it, but now tolerance isn't enough for these people, nowadays if you don't blindly accept every facet of a culture and God forbid you voice disapproval you're labeled something ending in an -ism or - phobic. That's just retarded
giorgio ferrario
giorgio ferrario Acum 2 luni
I wonder how does It work without the magazine. The Mauser controlled feed has gone.
giorgio ferrario
giorgio ferrario Acum 2 luni
Does anybody know what the original military manual said about single rounds loading?
giorgio ferrario
giorgio ferrario Acum 2 luni
+cptreech same for me with a Yugo Mauser....
giorgio ferrario
giorgio ferrario Acum 2 luni
+Kaboomf that's a good solution. But as a collector I would never be able to modify an original gun. It's far beyond my capacity 😁
cptreech Acum 2 luni
+giorgio ferrario Never had an issue with single feeding my 1942 Mauser in 7.92 nor with the 1943 model I had that the Israelis had converted to 7.62 NATO. Either slipping one round in an empty gun or putting one in the chamber above a full magazine worked fine. Wish I'd never got rid of them, can't afford to replace now.
Kaboomf Acum 2 luni
Anders Nyquist this is easily fixed by grinding the front of the extractor at an angle so it will ride up over the rim on going ino battery.
Skint14A Acum 2 luni
inb4 gun jesus comment
Syah Smith
Syah Smith Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme who are you, why do I keep seeing you here complaining about stuff with seemingly no context
Skint14A Acum 2 luni
+Million Dollar Extreme it was funny for like the first 3 comments...
Million Dollar Extreme
Yeah, not funny
Chris Hutchins
Chris Hutchins Acum 2 luni
So the treaty of Versailles prohibited civilians from owning military style firearms? That's frightening
David Förster
David Förster Acum lună
thanks Peter P my unknown mate, u named it so I don't have to.
23GreyFox Acum 2 luni
+Peter P Believe whatever makes you happy. The truth speaks for itself.
Peter P
Peter P Acum 2 luni
+23GreyFox I won't even dignify that uninformed propaganda bs with made up figures with an answer.
23GreyFox Acum 2 luni
+Peter P Is the right wing realy the problem? Or is it the left wing that let millions in and call them "refugees" (which is against the law and propaganda because less then 2% are real refugees). And later loosing the trace of over 600000 of them. Later calling everyone that criticize the government Nazis and right wing. East europe did not make the same mistake and was called evil.
Peter P
Peter P Acum 2 luni
+Chris Hutchins Really, the 'problem' with migrants isn't that big as Trump and his media outlets would have you think. It's actaually quite peaceful here. The real problem we have is the extremist right wing assholes marching in protest every other day and chasing people through the streets because they look like foreigners. These people would be about the only ones arming up if our weapons laws were more lax, which is why the far-right political party we unfortunately have is the only one demanding a loosening of said laws. Noone can be interested in giving gubs to radicals who reject our democratic system and propagate a civil war because of some whackjob notion that 'the German people' is in danger of being extinguished by invading migrants. Most people in Germany don't really care about owning guns, and those who do, like me, put up with the burocratic hurdles we have to obtain them. The system works, and we don't get guns in he wrong hands. But the reason I wish to own firearms is not some obscure need to protect myself (protect myself from whom? I live in one of the safest countries in the world with declining crime stats and zero to none gun violence), but because I'm an avid competition shooter.
Northumbria Bushcraft
And people say hitler took the guns, when I hear that I always laugh. He subsidised them. Lovely rifle btw, would love something like that, legal in the uk too so awesome! I've got a 1930's production German air rifle, a lovely shooting piece, low powered enough to shoot cans in my back garden with (35m) and so much fun at the range.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith Acum 2 luni
Union Which lines up nicely with the Nazis view of who was and wasn’t a subhuman.
Union Acum 2 luni
+Hunter Smith no just people who where degenrates and non Germans
rider6500 Acum 2 luni
+Northumbria Bushcraft I`m pretty sure Stalin and Mao had no problem with the "right" guys having guns. It`s the same with everybody - you want your guys to be armed, and the enemy to be disarmed. Nobody is anti-gun in the sense that he is against the weapons themselves (yes, even Dianne Feinstein :D). Gun policies always stay the same - only friends and enemies change. So the gun policy of a country conveniently reveals who is considered loyal, and who an enemy.
+Northumbria Bushcraft it's the way you phrased it that i had an issue with
Dragonstorm Dipro
Dragonstorm Dipro Acum 2 luni
+Northumbria Bushcraft It's ROvids. You would always create a shitstorm. Don't bother anymore.
Jay Massengill
Jay Massengill Acum 2 luni
Could something like magnetic particle inspection be used to visualize the scrubbed off original military markings on the receiver?
Mark Becht
Mark Becht Acum 2 luni
No. Scrubbing (grinding) the markings off would remove anything MPI would find. In fact you'd have to running some high amperage to get the existing markings to show well. There are some methods used in forensics that might bring them out, but they are destructive - using acids where the old stamping >may< be slightly more resistant
The Ride Never ends
im no expert but it might be feasible if you can see the density of the metal as the original markings where likely stamped in which would compact the steel
FirstDagger Acum 2 luni
Fun fact, it is called "Lange-Visier" because it is a surname, not because it is long (because that would be -Lang Visier- Langvisier).
Romy1063 Kalashnikov
+Ragnar 33 your French is terrible
Ragnar 33
Ragnar 33 Acum 2 luni
Length matters You know.... Schon Wilhelmzwo hat den Zusammenhang zwischen der Anwendung des Achterbahnballistikhinteradjustierungspeilapparatus in Kooperation mit der Peilvorrichtung, vorne, Metall, Gerstenkornform, Standard sowohl in der Individualwirkung als auch in der Postionierung des bestrichenen Bereiches bei der Inspektion des Scharfschützengebirgspanzerabwehrheeresfliegerspähunterführerausbildungsbattaillons 24/7 in einer Anmerkung zum Kommandanten festgestellt. Ist auch im Reibert aufgeführt, ZDv 375/42 Absatz c Anwendung infanteristischer Handwaffen. Good times :D
Stanley Jedrzejczyk
+leberkas7 Die Länge-Vizier!
leberkas7 Acum 2 luni
Damn i always thought Ian just spelled it wrong. Shame on me for having doubted gun jesus.
FirstDagger Acum 2 luni
+no1DdC Yes, sometimes I forget that we do. I corrected my initial comment.
Dylan Latour
Dylan Latour Acum 2 luni
8x46..hmmn. Even more unobtanium than 8x50R Austrian?
Dylan Latour
Dylan Latour Acum 2 luni
And all over gunbroker..ok maybe not that easy to find!
Arrow TT33
Arrow TT33 Acum 2 luni
What about 7.35x31 Carcano?
roteroktober420 Acum 2 luni
+Dylan Latour oh ok my mistake. if you have the money you could get Fiocchi, but those are like 85 bucks for 50 rounds
Dylan Latour
Dylan Latour Acum 2 luni
roteroktober420 Nah, man..PPU doesn't make 8x50R Austrian/Mannlicher. they make 8x56R Austrian..They make 8x50R Lebel..but they do not make 8x50R Austrian..! Theres one box of like 1930s hungarian 8x50RA i believe on gunbroker going for $200+ now
roteroktober420 Acum 2 luni
+Dylan Latour Some bigger gun stores might order PPU 8x50R if you order it in higher quantities, i am sure they make it at an acceptable price. PPU also makes 7,65x53 Argentino and 8x56RS MAnnlicher. If you cant get that you will probably have to order brass and reload yourself or trim and resize similar cartridge brass, but I dont reload personally so I cant really give you any info on that
The Old Bait and Tackle
these things always shoot to nein o clock
Loupis Canis
Loupis Canis Acum 2 luni
Thank you , Ian .
Loupis Canis
Loupis Canis Acum 2 luni
informative and entertaining .
Sinister Thoughts
Sinister Thoughts Acum 2 luni
Hey! I'm here before that annoying guy who always has the inane comments!
Sinister Thoughts
Sinister Thoughts Acum 2 luni
Sorry for the delay "Andrew Dalton Ray" I believe is the fellows handle.
edbo10 Acum 2 luni
would anyone happen to have an excerpt of his comments? I feel like having my jimmies rustled.
EdgarInventor Acum 2 luni
Witch one of those?
S Bryant
S Bryant Acum 2 luni
I don't remember him, but I have a dreadful memory, that's why every video with gun Jesus is more surprising than Christmas morning to me.
Americanball _
Americanball _ Acum 2 luni
What's his name?
Shaun Lee
Shaun Lee Acum 2 luni
Germany: "shooting sports" Versailles treaty: "hrm...."
Pete Giannopoulos
Pete Giannopoulos Acum 2 luni
David Loaza so she isn't a Jewish sympathizer/white apologist??
Pete Giannopoulos
Pete Giannopoulos Acum 2 luni
Titouan Lannuzel *triggered*
David Loaza
David Loaza Acum 2 luni
+Stanley Jedrzejczyk Except Merkel isn't a Jew and a "Jewish Cabal" isn't supported by any hard evidence. It's more of a conspiracy theory than anything.
A Hettinger
A Hettinger Acum 2 luni
+vendomnu Germany and France: "An EU army...for peace!" Si vis pacum, para bellum.
mattorama Acum 2 luni
+William Barnett-Lewis I know, I can't believe Trump sold the Russians uranium and promised them more flexibility. What a traitor. Oh wait, that was the Democrats.
Trevor Kuehn
Trevor Kuehn Acum 2 luni
Hey ian can I have this for free
Cedric Baccay
Cedric Baccay Acum 2 luni
I see forgotten weapons, I clicc....
tim Umbra
tim Umbra Acum 2 luni
Cedric Baccay I dew da samme dood
Mongo63a Acum 3 luni
The cost of manufacture of that rear sight must have been a good portion of the cost for rifle.
Dylan Latour
Dylan Latour Acum 2 luni
@Million Dollar Extreme Care to elaborate? it was a joke about how Germans over engineer things
Million Dollar Extreme
+Dylan Latour You have no idea what you're talking about
Dylan Latour
Dylan Latour Acum 2 luni
Mongo63a lol. have you ever seen the sling swivel on a older Gew 98? you could use it to strap down a big rig load. no less than 40 hours of machining
Japanese 7.65mm Hamada Pistol
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