Witnesses on "utter chaos" and escape from California bar shooting

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Thirteen people, including a sheriff's sergeant and a suspected gunman, were killed in a shooting at a crowded Southern California bar Wednesday night. Cole Knapp and Matt Wennerstrom were inside the Borderline Bar & Grill when the gunfire started.
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8 nov. 2018

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Comentarii 1 388
Vernon Jacobs
Vernon Jacobs Acum 2 Zile
no red or blue lights hitting the actors, green screen!
not sure
not sure Acum 29 Zile
Your hard earned taxdollars at work America
Marty McSuperFly!
Peppermill University is where they grind young people´s brains and integrity into a fine, dark dust!
Tim Blue
Tim Blue Acum 2 luni
I’m amazed that there is no blood splatter, nobody has any blood on them.
Joni Matthews
Joni Matthews Acum 2 luni
True Hero's! Thank you!
George Taylor
George Taylor Acum 2 luni
Has anyone else seen the Wolf Blitzer video of it, a completely empty dance floor and then someone bangs a glass on the counter and screams they are shooting. Totally fake.
D Patrick
D Patrick Acum 2 luni
they look like they are on green screen, also they are supposed to be behind a police car with a flashing light, look closely do you see and flashing highlights?
Chris Calo
Chris Calo Acum 2 luni
It's the Zionist Jews are no good people
1Americanatlarge Acum 2 luni
1Americanatlarge Acum 2 luni
1Americanatlarge Acum 2 luni
alienated ?
alienated ? Acum 2 luni
Waking up is hard to do.
Elvijs S
Elvijs S Acum 2 luni
I think the shooting is real, but the interviews with the supposed "victims" are fake!
chiz69 Acum lună
no it's all a hoax. why the fuq would they need to hire fake eyewitnesses if it really happened? why not interview the real ones?
Robby Esbrandt
Robby Esbrandt Acum 2 luni
So fake
gtbarnes11 Acum 2 luni
:39 cued them to say "no". He was almost in panic to know what he was supposed to say! lol 2 of the "better actors" though
rusty cole
rusty cole Acum 2 luni
202 dude flashes his shirt, he's telling you.
Sean Hofsommer
Sean Hofsommer Acum 2 luni
Why dose Cole have an ear piece in? Lol
Stormi Night
Stormi Night Acum 2 luni
Never forget who these traitor sheep are!! keep selling your soul for money scumbags!
Stormi Night
Stormi Night Acum 2 luni
Fake again give it up already traitors
Christina Pankey
Christina Pankey Acum 2 luni
All of them are bad at acting and as many videos that I've seen it's gross, I don't believe none of it it's all lies
WestCoast Thuggin
WestCoast Thuggin Acum 2 luni
Usually when theres a shooting in my neighborhood and someone is killed. They always show evidence. They show the body the blood bullet holes etc. I dont see any of that here. Hmm not saying this is fake but it just makes you wonder and question.
Giant Scale
Giant Scale Acum 2 luni
another acting couple
Nicole Chmura
Nicole Chmura Acum 2 luni
What does she mean by THAT evening at 44 seconds? Where where they "this" evening? What was going down that they were being questioned In front of cop cars that were apparently pulling other ppl over that had nothing to do with THAT night? And why were they being questioned on such a busy crazy street where ppl are being pulled over? Were these victims of mass shootings tracked down?
10 194ebf23
10 194ebf23 Acum 2 luni
green screen
Brett Acum 2 luni
how many times can there be NO CAMERAS......... absolutely hilarious they think we should believe that. Then when there is footage is looks like 90's quality footage. they are getting lazier
A D Acum 2 luni
We are truly living in Critical Times Hard To Deal With. It feels like every week there's another mass shooting. My wife told me the other day she feels uncomfortable now to go almost anywhere, she's afraid of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. How sad that is to hear & to see the level of hatred people have today is so strong & widespread, that some 2nd guess going to a concert, the movies, the mall, school or even work. My heart goes out to all the victims of all these horrific tragedies that have occurred, please take comfort in knowing a change is soon to come. Not a temporary bandage change, but a lasting change that will resolve all the wrongs we see today. Keep hope alive we are almost there (Psa 37:9-11&29).
catlady RN
catlady RN Acum 2 luni
They need better actors if they want the masses.to keep buying this bs. Scripted
June Porter
June Porter Acum 2 luni
They are not even there!! They are in front of a green screen
June Porter
June Porter Acum 2 luni
What a pair of rubbish actors! They don’t even look like they are really there, more like against a green screen
Melenkurion Abatha
Melenkurion Abatha Acum 2 luni
20 year olds know bar friends for 15 years? Wow! Bad crisis actor. No money for you
Melenkurion Abatha
Melenkurion Abatha Acum 2 luni
Finally people are waking up to these false flags!! Shame on the paid off chief of police in all these false flags. Same crisis actors at different fals flags.
Melenkurion Abatha
Melenkurion Abatha Acum 2 luni
Wow! Really bad crisis actors. "A couple that are still missing"? Gee, youre not followig up on that? Bahahhaha! False flag psyop.
Ant B
Ant B Acum 2 luni
Follow the body of the gunman Prolly still alive and living well
Matt Olesen
Matt Olesen Acum 2 luni
rovids.com/video/video-JrdguDIGnM0.html CRISIS ACTING Fake AF!!!!!!!
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan Acum 2 luni
Matt:dude what are you gonna buy with that money Cole:dude look at this coat.
Tony S.
Tony S. Acum 2 luni
Don't quit your day jobs. Your acting is horrible.
awesomemusic Acum 2 luni
Fake news..again
mw10259 Acum 3 luni
Terry Janssen
Terry Janssen Acum 3 luni
Love the comments. People are waking up. The replies are obvious trolls from government agents. Sounds like the 2 guys talking are repeating what is said in there ear.
Terry Janssen
Terry Janssen Acum 3 luni
I just joined the CIA and this is my first assignment.
Terry Janssen
Terry Janssen Acum 3 luni
F F F FAKE!!!!
ebaylistentomusic Acum 3 luni
Those crisis actors look green screened.
drsest Acum 3 luni
How much do you think these actors get paid each event? The things people will do to pay off their students loans.
Hélios Soleil
Hélios Soleil Acum 3 luni
Just read this : mileswmathis.com/border.pdf
Raphael Moraczewski
I am reading it right now. I was going to post a link good job. mileswmathis.com/border.pdf
Henry Black
Henry Black Acum 3 luni
200 patrons, 200 mobiles,100 plus filming, only one clip shows up...no voices of anyone next to cellphone user, nor as he ''magical'' exits the alleged broken windows with no one in front. Invisible people therefore smashed the glass to get out.
Curtis Ellsworth
Curtis Ellsworth Acum 3 luni
Utter horseshit lies...
Pisces S
Pisces S Acum 3 luni
Wait are these Witnesses or are they newscasters? Hmm
nick irion
nick irion Acum 3 luni
so fake it hurts
Nicole H
Nicole H Acum 3 luni
This is so real.
LoneWolfOne Acum 3 luni
THis is the third or fourth person being interviewed who claimed that the people at this bar were "Family", look I can get if this were a small town, or a exclusive community (Unless it is) but seriously? This is why it seems scripted. All the buzz words and similar statements. I mean, to be fair the Borderline looked like a really cool place to go, so maybe you get to know the regulars, but I just keep getting the BS meter going off. I try and try to take this at face value, even after calling BS, but something doesn't seem right.
xryderx24 Acum 3 luni
Now die US Devils get what they desirve from Allah !!!!!!!
Paul W
Paul W Acum 3 luni
B Garland
B Garland Acum 3 luni
Shots fired
Cyndi Holcomb
Cyndi Holcomb Acum 3 luni
Two crisis actors, and bad ones at that...the bar was empty...see outer light for real news
Raphael Moraczewski
I have been looking for that video of the empty bar. I saw it 5-6 days ago.
Revert Medina
Revert Medina Acum 3 luni
Actors for sure👎👎👎👎.just listening to it I'm crying without even knowing the victims...Shame on media
Randy R
Randy R Acum 3 luni
My deepest condolences. I realize that prayers an sympathy isn't enough. I have been fighting against the heartless and greedy gun lobby since 81 an will continue to do so. I have lost loved ones that I looked up to an personally knew. Also not supporting any politician that is taking the dirty money! 😬
Jamie Splawn2
Jamie Splawn2 Acum 3 luni
Yep we lost sum friends but no emotion this is cringy this whole fn psyop is I don't want no more prayers no more guns these ppl are so fake omg my five year old can do better than that
Renew Your Mind
Renew Your Mind Acum 3 luni
Right when he said, "semi auto with extended clip" I was like wow, another lie. Just look at those guys too, they have no emotions when talking about it! I've looked over some of the comments here and I'm interested if anyone can share a link to the vegas shooting where these guys were as well?? Please and thank you!!
Troy  Hooks
Troy Hooks Acum 3 luni
I wonder why he gave him that look? :36
Brynn Walk
Brynn Walk Acum 3 luni
CBS should disable the comments.
Dr. William Pierce
Dr. William Pierce Acum 3 luni
Another day, another "mass shooting" hoax in the Jewnighted States... www.winterwatch.net/2018/11/thousand-oaks-shooting-the-things-we-are-asked-to-believe/
Patrick Morand
Patrick Morand Acum 3 luni
Lying actors. Criminals.
Flash Acum 3 luni
These guys look like someone just rear-ended their car while trying to find a parking space.
Jayy W.
Jayy W. Acum 3 luni
Your legit dumb if you think these shootings are fake until your in a real life mass shooting fighting for your life. #sayyourprayers
Expat In Spain
Expat In Spain Acum 3 luni
@cnn turn off the comments. The victims and their families should never see these comments from the trolls. They're suffering enough
Alexa Grant
Alexa Grant Acum 3 luni
power & control
Natural American XR7
Of course the Fire truck will be moving as they start to speak 🎬 action
Jammzy Acum 3 luni
Ahhh besides calling blacks and everyone else racist, whites have an additional tool to refute the things they do: calling victims crisis actors! Good job guys! No one is as clever as you because you are the supreme ones! Everyone is starting to see you as the true victims of America. That's what you want right? How could we have been so blind?? Hahaha ...please. Your deflection has NEVER worked. Time for plan C. I can't wait. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Mike Bocanegra
Mike Bocanegra Acum 3 luni
There is video and nobody was in the bar at all. The bar was completely empty. Such crap.
Martinez Bro's
Martinez Bro's Acum 3 luni
Nice country outfits! Looks like these guys just left Rhino (Strip-joint) down the street.... They didn't know where they were..... Or who was shooting what ???? ...Bad acting !!! FA-Q CBS!
Mint Visto
Mint Visto Acum 3 luni
Notice it's the TV watching morons on the left and right who believe these obvious hoaxes
R McBride
R McBride Acum 3 luni
These are terrible actors!
Lina K
Lina K Acum 3 luni
These 2 young men, Cole & Matt are Heroes! ❤️👍💖
Eliot M
Eliot M Acum 3 luni
And then he filled the syringe....and....and.....umm....we were trying to.....umm....yeah...and thats what happened! These 2, give acting, a bad name, "Hey"!, theres a couple of "Surfer" dudes! "Dumb and Dumber"!
L Eagle Eye's
L Eagle Eye's Acum 3 luni
Tall Dark Figure so was he a Demon lol Lies!
L Eagle Eye's
L Eagle Eye's Acum 3 luni
I'm not buying this their trying to Distract us
Jesse W
Jesse W Acum 3 luni
lives could have been saved if some these people had guns Cops havnt shot one of these shooters
Kent Johnson
Kent Johnson Acum 3 luni
Yeah RIGHT techies endless cell phones, videos? audio? COUNTRY NIGHT?
frank facts
frank facts Acum 3 luni
looks like another pentagon players community theater production. the most amateurish yet - if that's possible
Sunny Zona
Sunny Zona Acum 3 luni
Why the geek wearing an ear piece?
CNN: Cunts Not News
CBS: We the people will convict you for treason.
Divine Truth1
Divine Truth1 Acum 3 luni
More no tears terror..will this BS ever stop..
Alf Landon
Alf Landon Acum 3 luni
following the bouncing eyeballs on these fakes
Alf Landon
Alf Landon Acum 3 luni
actor with backwards baseball cap always looking to the cue cards or director
Bevvie Bevvie
Bevvie Bevvie Acum 3 luni
teresa moon
teresa moon Acum 3 luni
at 3:05....didn't know the drinking age is 18 in california!
Are you Government
Are you Government Acum 3 luni
Can anyone answer me what will Happen when the government takes all the Guns?😂🤔
roger peet
roger peet Acum 3 luni
It is now 2018 and we 'live' in the Un-United States of Guns. There will be another public shooting tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that. Everyone in this country should EXPECT to be shot at in their life.
Nicole H
Nicole H Acum 3 luni
There both cops
joan reilly
joan reilly Acum 3 luni
Shame on you CBS for perpetuating this act!!! Too bad you’ll never be held accountable
takenbyYah Acum 3 luni
I wud like to see pictures of inside the bar after affect or even the outside broken windows. Why doesn’t the media show any of this anymore?? Back in the day they did blood stains & all.
Annette Funicello
Annette Funicello Acum 3 luni
Why does the guy on the right have a "secret service" type earpiece? Something smells rotten!
Datboinate17 Acum 3 luni
America is not safe at all😭🤒
Henry Black
Henry Black Acum 3 luni
.....from fake news reports.
FU D. Bag
FU D. Bag Acum 3 luni
As soon as he said “line of sight” I was out... Scripted.
steroidsR4losers Acum 3 luni
Looking for-work
Looking for-work Acum 3 luni
Coal and Matt are fukin liars and why does coal have a earpiece
Snow Man
Snow Man Acum 3 luni
Something isn't right here , these two look hand picked to do this interview like a clean shaven one and a scruffy one , no tears, the Cole knapp kid looks like some failed Hollywood model who is desperate for money so is doing crisis acting until his acting /modeling career picks back up. This was just strange
Daniel 89
Daniel 89 Acum 3 luni
Snow Man he’s pretty average looking not model material
spooky1025 Acum 3 luni
Beavis and Butthead...
Gods Eye View
Gods Eye View Acum 3 luni
Looks like a military operation. There is a very military mannerism about these two. What a weird world we have allowed to be created!
johnina Ryan
johnina Ryan Acum 3 luni
You are full of 💩💩💩
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